2015 USA Pro Challenge stage 7 preview

Golden - Denver, 110km

The final stage of the 2015 USA Pro Challenge will surely bring out the thousands of avid cycling fans that have lined the same streets in previous years, in particular the day's only difficulty, Lookout Mountain. The category 3 climb comes just 24.2km into a very fast 110km stage, and has been the launchpad for the breakaway in the past. The four laps of a 10.3km circuit in downtown Denver will be lightning quick and hard to control on such a short stage.

Mike Creed says:

Last year Garmin took the race by the balls and smashed it on Lookout Mountain. I didn’t think it was possible to ride full gas all the way to Denver and not let the sprinters back in, but they did it. And Alex Howes pulled it off. It was amazing and reinforced my Howes man crush. (call me bro)

Howes isn’t having the year he did last year. But Keil Reijnen is, and it will be interesting to see if his team tries to do the same tactic. I think they’d admit they’re not as deep of a roster as Garmin 2014. So it would be a big ask. And they would need to ask for some help…….from what DS in a blue and yellow car, I don’t know.. But it would be good for us and them. I just need to see if Jure Kocjan or Travis McCabe make it over Lookout.

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