Haskell, Duke claim masters women's titles

Carey, Howe runners up in Bend

The 30-34 masters women led off the afternoon's action, with Devon Haskell (Bike Station Aptos) taking a 10-second win ahead of endurance mountain bike pro racer Amanda Carey (Kenda).

"I got off to a good start," said Haskell. "It was a back and forth battle with Amanda, but it was a good race to the end." On the final lap, Haskell nearly let victory slip away. "I came into the barriers and had a bit of a stumble, but I was able to regain control and kept going to the win."

The women's 35-39 race saw fewer lead changes. After Sally Annis (Northeast Bicycle Club) shot off at the start and led from pavement to dirt, Nicole Duke (Hudz-Subaru), dubbed "the one to beat" by race announcers during intros, claimed the lead through the end of the first lap and never looked back.

"I just tried to stay with Sally at the front," said Duke. "Usually I try to get the hole shot. Sally had a bobble on an early turn so I took advantage."

Duke established a sizable lead over the field during lap two, but Barbara Howe (Ibis and the Danger Twins) sought to close the gap. Howe pulled within 10 seconds during the third trip over the flyover, but wasn't able to rein Duke in any further."

Duke, a former professional mountain biker, will join Haskell in the women's elite race on Sunday. "Now I know where I can recover, where I can attack, what lines I can take."

Full Results

Master women 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Devon Haskell0:37:14 
2Amanda Carey0:00:10 
3Andrea Smith0:01:10 
4Emily Thurston0:01:14 
5Nicole Thiemann0:01:25 
6Crystal Anthony0:01:43 
7Kristin Gavin  
8Serena Bishop0:01:49 
9Lisa Curry0:02:07 
10Rebecca Blatt0:02:18 
11Kristen Kelsey0:02:49 
12Ann D'Ambruoso0:03:08 
13Marsa Daniel0:03:25 
14Sunny Gilbert0:03:29 
15Megan Taylor0:03:37 
16Corey Coogan Cisek0:03:59 
17Erika Powers0:04:29 
18Karyn Abraham0:05:04 
19Kate Shanahan0:05:06 
20Cara Applegate0:05:15 
21Julianne Zickovich0:05:24 
22Jessica Cutler0:05:26 
23Katie DeClercq0:05:27 
24Kristine Church  
25Haley Juno-Galdes0:05:46 
26Annie Usher0:05:50 
27Ellen Sherrill0:05:54 
28Lindsay Jones0:06:12 
29Katie Melena0:06:23 
30Elizabeth Lukowski0:06:39 
31Heidi Swift0:06:58 
32alyssa severn0:07:01 
33Julie Kuliecza0:07:22 
34Corrie Middleton0:07:49 
35Sarah Barkley0:08:11 
36Naomi Haverlick0:08:30 
37Emily Eggers0:08:36 
38Cooper Ambjorn0:09:14 
39Amber Clark0:11:25 
DNSKari Studley  
DNSJennie Mickelson  
DNSCarolyn Popovic  
DNSMiss Mary Perez  
DNSCamille Jentgen  
DNFWendy Stredwick  
Master women 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicole Duke0:36:11 
2Barbara Howe0:00:18 
3Kerry Barnholt0:00:51 
4Sara Bresnick-Zocchi0:01:08 
5Sally Annis0:01:35 
6Linda Sone0:02:19 
7Lisa Hudson0:02:33 
8Kristal Boni0:02:45 
9Nina Baum0:02:53 
10Renee Scott0:02:58 
11Amy Frykman0:03:16 
12Jennifer Gaertner0:03:29 
13Kimberly Flynn0:03:42 
14Sarah Max0:04:24 
15Evie Edwards0:04:26 
16Megan Lawson0:04:27 
17Kristi Berg0:04:43 
18Allison Snooks0:04:55 
19Hollie McGovern0:05:07 
20Jennifer Jordan0:05:22 
21Deb Sweeney Whitmore0:06:12 
22Jadine Riley0:06:40 
23Anna Vaughn0:06:53 
24Kristi Carver0:07:17 
25Margi Bradway0:08:25 
26Kimberly Thomas0:09:45 
27Camille Terhune0:11:05 
28Amanda McNabb0:12:09 
-1 lapAngelina Salerno  
-1 lapErin Lindheim  
-1 lapMaren Nelson  
DNSSarah Jordan  
DNSCarlie Spence  
DNSBecca Blay  
DNSBeth Burns  
DNSAnn Mitchell  
DNSElizabeth Marzolf  
DNSKatherine Sherwin  

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