Coustellier wins gold for France

Belaey in second; Hermance in third


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gilles Coustellier (France)14 pts
2Kenny Belaey (Belgium)14 
3Vincent Hermance (France)18 
4Marc Caisso (France)40 
5Ben Slinger (Great Britain)43 
6Aurelien Fontenoy (France)48 
7Benito Ros Charral (Spain)48 
8Joe Brewer (Australia)51 
9Giacomo Coustellier (France)25 
10Hannes Herrmann (Germany)28 
11Ger19890623 (France)28 
12Daniel Butler (Great Britain)29 
13Andrei Burton (Great Britain)29 
14Thomas Mrohs (Germany)29 
15Sebastian Hoffmann (Germany)33 
16Jeff Anderson (Canada)37 
17Wesley Belaey (Belgium)43 
18John Webster (Canada)46 
19Loris Braun (Switzerland)48 
20Wolfgang Wenzel (Germany)59 
21Mikhail Sukhanov (Russian Federation)62 
22Vlastislav Cihacek (Czech Republic)65 
23Andrew Dickey (Australia)70 
24Timur Ibragimov (Russian Federation)73 
25Nathan Mummery (Australia)75 
26Steve Dickin (Canada)76 
27Roman Chvojka (Czech Republic)79 
28Tomasz Kramarczyk (Poland)80 
29Tim Jurgens (New Zealand)80 
30Mike Schiavone (United States Of America)80 
DNFCarles Diaz Codina (Spain)  
DNSRoger Keller (Switzerland)  
DNSSebastian Honegger (Switzerland)  
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