Bonnet, Jansson claim Junior XC world titles

France, Sweden take gold medals

Swedish was the first national anthem heard when cross-country competition began on Friday at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic. Sweden's Ida Jansson dominated the race from start to finish to take the title.

Riders faced a tough, rolling 4.1 kilometre course, with steep climbs and technical rock gardens. The women did a 2.8 kilometre start loop plus three laps of the circuit.

Jansson, who is coming back from a broken wrist that denied her a chance at the European Championship title, led the women's race from start to finish. Martina Berta of Italy led the chase for the first lap of the three lap race, before being caught by Lisa Pasteiner of Austria. Pasteiner pulled to within 15 seconds of Jansson, but couldn't quite close the gap, finishing second at 25 seconds. Berta held on for third, but faded in the second half of the race to finish nearly two minutes back.

For Jansson, it was a strong return to racing. "It is the best day of my life! I had hard luck earlier in the year and wasn't sure of my form, but I felt very good out there today."

Bonnet gives France another gold

France followed up Thursday's world title in the Team Relay with a victory in the cross-country on Friday, as Thomas Bonnet won the Junior Men's title in Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic, at the Mountain Bike World Championships.

The Junior men's race saw five riders break away from the rest of the field on the first lap. The group contained Bonnet, Vital Albin (Switzerland), Chris Blevins (USA), Quinton Disera (Canada) and Axel Zingle (France). Disera was the first to get dropped, then Zingle after his team mate Bonnet attacked as Blevins was joining the group. Albin and Blevins were together entering the final lap, but the American had a mechanical problem, dropping him the fourth and enabling a late surging Tobias Halland Johannessen (Norway) to take the bronze medal behind Albin.

Bonnet came charging through the finish with his head down and had to be flagged down from starting another lap. "I was so focussed on the race that I did not realize it was the last lap," he explained. "I was concerned about Blevins joining us at the front, so I attacked. Then I kept going as hard as I could. It is fantastic to win."

Junior Women Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ida Jansson (Sweden)1:02:30 
2Lisa Pasteiner (Austria)0:00:25 
3Martina Berta (Italy)0:01:50 
4Sophie Wright (Great Britain)0:02:36 
5Anna Spielmann (Austria)0:03:23 
6Magdalena Duran (Spain)0:04:05 
7Loana Lecomte (France)0:04:38 
8Viktoria Kirsanova (Russian Federation)0:05:05 
9Helene Clauzel (France)0:05:26 
10Pauline Roy (Switzerland)0:05:35 
11Marika Tovo (Italy)0:05:51 
12Lia Schrievers (Germany)0:05:57 
13Caroline Bohe (Denmark)0:05:59 
14Adela Safarova (Czech Republic)0:06:22 
15Magdalena Zielinska (Poland)0:06:41 
16Lena Mettraux (Switzerland)0:07:04 
17Lucie Krupova (Czech Republic)0:07:17 
18Emeline Detilleux (Belgium)0:07:44 
19Denisa Lukesova (Czech Republic)0:08:04 
20Naama Noyman (Israel)0:09:06 
21Sidney Mcgill (Canada)0:09:22 
22Tereza Tvaruzkova (Czech Republic)0:09:43 
23Ramona Laura Kupferschmied (Switzerland)0:10:00 
24Sophianne Samson (Canada)0:10:03 
25Kelsey Urban (United States Of America)0:10:04 
26Guangji He (People's Republic of China)0:10:52 
27Olga Igoshina (Russian Federation)0:10:57 
28Erica Leonard (Canada)0:10:58 
29Rachel Anders (United States Of America)0:11:01 
30Corina Druml (Austria)0:11:26 
31Emily Wadsworth (Great Britain)0:11:32 
32Danielle Strydom (South Africa)0:12:01 
33Haley Batten (United States Of America)0:12:03 
34Vanessa Bandel (Switzerland)0:12:19 
35Monserrath Rodriguez (Mexico)  
36Lara Krahemann (Switzerland)0:13:55 
37Radka Rabatinova (Slovakia)0:15:03 
38Erika Glajzova (Slovakia)0:15:54 
39Emily Handford (Canada)0:16:06 
40Julieta Rocio Sainz (Argentina)0:16:28 
41Regina Schmidel (Hungary)0:16:42 
42Kata Bukovacz (Hungary)0:18:09 
43Sarah I'ons (Australia)0:18:27 
44Estera Siarka (Poland)  
45Ema Filipovic (Croatia)  
DNFLeonie Daubermann (Germany)  
DNSThea Siggerud (Norway)  
DNSJulia Boschker (Netherlands)  

Junior Men Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Bonnet (France)1:08:32 
2Vital Albin (Switzerland)0:00:36 
3Tobias Halland Johannessen (Norway)0:01:00 
4Christopher Blevins (United States Of America)0:01:15 
5Benjamin Le Ny (France)0:01:45 
6Jofre Cullell Estape (Spain)0:02:09 
7Attila Valter (Hungary)0:02:22 
8Sean Fincham (Canada)0:02:28 
9Niklas Schehl (Germany)  
10William Gascoyne (Great Britain)0:02:29 
11David Zadak (Czech Republic)  
12Quinton Disera (Canada)0:02:50 
13Martin Emil Siggerud (Norway)0:02:57 
14Ursin Spescha (Switzerland)0:03:09 
15Nick Burki (Switzerland)0:03:14 
16Gunnar Holmgren (Canada)0:03:20 
17Josef Jelinek (Czech Republic)0:03:29 
18Wilson Pena (Colombia)0:03:40 
19Jaromir Skala (Czech Republic)0:03:45 
20David List (Germany)0:03:46 
21Emil Hedlund (Sweden)0:04:06 
22Joao Rocha (Portugal)0:04:16 
23Kevin Kuhn (Switzerland)0:04:26 
24Nick Baumann (Switzerland)0:04:33 
25Edoardo Xillo (Italy)0:04:40 
26Axel Zingle (France)0:04:41 
27Kian Lerch-Mackinnon (Australia)0:04:45 
28Torben Drach (Germany)0:04:46 
29Francesco Bonetto (Italy)0:04:55 
30Joel Roth (Switzerland)0:05:01 
31Timo Kielich (Belgium)0:05:29 
32Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen (Denmark)0:05:40 
33Victor Verreault (Canada)  
34Cameron Orr (Great Britain)0:05:45 
35Antonio Folcarelli (Italy)0:05:56 
36Tomer Zaltsman (Israel)0:05:59 
37Clement Champoussin (France)0:06:05 
38Xianjing Lyu (People's Republic of China)0:06:13 
39Alex Bregenzer (Germany)0:06:20 
40Christian Storgaard (Denmark)0:06:24 
41Dario Gemperle (Switzerland)0:06:53 
42Victor Lab (France)0:07:02 
43Tomas Martinez Gomez (Colombia)0:07:03 
44Marc Bouwmeester (Netherlands)0:07:28 
45Michael Zetak (Czech Republic)0:07:35 
46Norbert Nowik (Poland)0:07:58 
47Pavel Lunde (Russian Federation)0:08:18 
48Adam Simunek (Czech Republic)0:08:31 
49Ivan Feijoo Alberte (Spain)0:08:41 
50Matteo Cucchi (Italy)0:09:01 
51Juri Zanotti (Italy)0:09:06 
52Bruno Silva (Portugal)0:09:15 
53Herbert Peters (Namibia)0:09:26 
54Luke Pankhurst (Australia)0:09:32 
55Jack Kok (Sweden)0:09:34 
56Juan Jose Albarracin Aucapina (Ecuador)0:09:37 
57Henry Liebenberg (South Africa)0:09:48 
58Marcin Budzinski (Poland)  
59Roman Gavrilov (Russian Federation)0:10:03 
60Tomasz Budzinski (Poland)0:10:11 
61Nicholas Pedler (Australia)0:10:44 
62David Bartek (Czech Republic)0:10:45 
63Marco Augustin Lettari (Argentina)0:10:58 
64Michael Harris (Australia)0:11:08 
65Vladimir Iakimenko (Russian Federation)0:11:24 
66Ren Ueno (Japan)0:11:36 
67Pavlo Lukan (Ukraine)0:11:54 
68Yotam Weisman (Israel)0:12:00 
69Michal Pagac (Slovakia)0:12:02 
70Nikita Derzhavin (Russian Federation)  
71Roberto-Dumitru Burta (Romania)  
72Daniel Kovacs (Hungary)0:12:34 
73Marko Vujevic (Croatia)0:12:35 
74Paul Wright (New Zealand)0:12:54 
75Richard Holec (Czech Republic)0:13:18 
76Matej Baco (Slovakia)0:14:22 
77Zeki Kaygisiz (Turkey)0:15:28 
78Kristofers Bindemanis (Latvia)  
79Jack Feltham (Australia)  
80Serdar Anil Depe (Turkey)  
81Jozsef-Attila Malnasi (Romania)  
82Tom Rego (Ukraine)  
83Shoya Egoshi (Japan)  
84Vlad-Lucian Pacurar (Romania)  
85Alexandr Semenov (Kazakhstan)  
86Federico Sanches (Mexico)  
87Jack Wilson (New Zealand)  
88Ido Ben Hefer (Israel)  
89Anton Bukley (Ukraine)  
90Damir Zhailybay (Kazakhstan)  
91Mario Pescaru (Romania)  
92Oleh Perepelytsia (Ukraine)  
DNFIzzet Sahin Icen (Turkey)  
DNFJens Dekker (Netherlands)  
DNFJosip Mestric (Croatia)  
DNFLevente Bartha (Romania)  
DNFRiki Kitabayashi (Japan)  
DNFDavid Conroy (Ireland)  
DNFAlexandr Gladilin (Kazakhstan)  
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