Bro show: Pearson brothers go one-two

Sulzberger protects lead on damp day downunder

Victorian born brothers Joel and Mitchell Pearson became only the second set of siblings in Scody Cup history to run a quinella. Joel triumphing in West Mooreville on Tuesday afternoon.

The Pearsons finished one-two in today’s fourth stage, a wet and tough 75.4km climb from Burnie’s West Park to the inland region of West Mooreville. The stage finished at the testing yard of the tour’s major sponsor, Caterpillar Underground Mining.

The only other recorded circumstances of brothers filling the top-two placings Scody Cup stage occurred in the 2007 Tour of Tasmania, when West Australians Cameron and Travis Meyer dominated the Devonport to Sheffield stage.

Pearson’s victory also kept him touch with the leader of the Scody Cup, Jonothan Cantwell. He started the week in third place, 51 points behind Richard Lang (NSW), and is now just 43 points behind new leader Jonathon Cantwell (Qld).

The fourth stage gave riders a taste of all aspects of Tasmania's weather.

There was a glimpse of sun at the start line, but that was quickly replaced by drizzle as the riders headed inland. That rain became heavier as the peloton began the first of five hill climbs.

With the five climbs and five intermediate sprints all offering time bonuses, the pace was once again high. The profile of the course also ensured that a selection took place. As a bunch of approximately 40 riders approached the finish it was the Pearson brothers who were in the perfect position to grab stage honours.

Flashing home for third was former world junior track champion Zakkari Dempster. While none of the main contenders for the general classification featured in the stage podium, they were tucked safely inside the main bunch and held their positions overall.

1Joel Pearson (Savings & Loans)2:00:09 
2Mitchell Pearson (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
3Zakkari Dempster (Drapac Porsche)  
4Brett Tivers (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
5Blair Windsor (Budget Forklifts)  
6Jason Rigg (Champion Systems)  
7Joseph Lewis (Drapac Porsche)  
8Dylan Newell (Praties)  
9David Tanner (Jayco - Vis)  
10Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)  
11William Clarke (Praties)  
12David Pell (Savings & Loans)  
13Michael Phelan (  
14Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)  
15Adam Semple (Team Jayco - AIS)  
16Cameron Jennings (Budget Forklifts)  
17Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)  
18Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search 2 Retain)  
19Matt Wilson (Jayco - Vis)  
20Nick Aitken (Jayco - Vis)  
21Sean Sullivan (  
22Angus Morton (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
23Joshua Chugg (Champion Systems)  
24John Cornish (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
25Silas Fisher (Jayco - Vis)  
26Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - AIS)  
27Gene Bates (Caterpillar Underground Minin)  
28Michael England (Budget Forklifts)  
29Kristian House (GHD_Burnie)  
30Jai Crawford (Savings & Loans)  
31Darren Lapthorne (GHD_Burnie)  
32Steven Robb (Search 2 Retain)  
33James Hepburn (Merida Elite Race Team)  
34Eric Sheppard (National Junior Road Team)  
35Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)  
36Peter Herzig (Budget Forklifts)  
37Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)  
38Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)  
39Ben Grenda (Praties)  
40Ben Dyball (Search 2 Retain)  
41Peter Smith (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
42Rhys Pollock (Drapac Porsche)  
43Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
44Peter Mcdonald (Drapac Porsche)  
45Darren Rolfe (Goodstone Group)  
46Benjamin King (Fly V Australia)  
47Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)  
48Nathan Earle (Praties)0:00:11 
49Thomas Palmer (Drapac Porsche)  
50Nathan Hass ( 
51Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)0:00:50 
52Scott Davis (Goodstone Group)0:01:30 
53Bradley Robson (Plan B Racing Team)0:04:30 
54Deon Locke (Budget Forklifts)  
55Harry Rassie (Search 2 Retain)  
56Aaron Jones (GHD_Burnie)  
57Michael Smith (Lawson Homes)  
58Rhys Gillet (Cycle City - Felt)  
59James Langedyk (Jayco - Vis)  
60Johann Esterhuyzen (Champion Systems)  
61James Mcdulling (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
62Danny Pulbrook (Recab Cycling)  
63Lachlan Morton (National Junior Road Team)  
64Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)  
65Matthew Benson (National Junior Road Team)  
66Kane Walker (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
67Stuart Shaw (Drapac Porsche)  
68Ethan Kimmince (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
69Samuel Spokes (National Junior Road Team)  
70Adam Phelan (  
71Sam Moorehouse (Mace-McDonagh Blake)  
72Alexander Ray (Search 2 Retain)  
73Chris Jory (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
74Dean Windsor (Drapac Porsche)  
75Luke Fetch (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
76Aaron Donnelly (GHD_Burnie)  
77Chris Stack (Cycle City - Felt)  
78Clay Murfet (Lawson Homes)  
79David Kemp (Fly V Australia)0:04:36 
80Charles Howlett (Cycle City - Felt)0:11:05 
81Luke Ockerby (  
82Christoper Williams (Merida Elite Race Team)  
83Andrew Margison (Recab Cycling)  
84Joel Stearnes (Lawson Homes)  
85Andrew Simpson (Caterpillar Underground Minin)  
86David Abraham (TAS Gas)  
87Ben Grieve-Johnson (Praties)  
88Samuel Rix (TAS Gas)  
89Ben Greenwood (GHD_Burnie)  
90James Ibrahim (TAS Gas)  
91Adam Hartley (GHD_Burnie)0:12:03 
92David Cripps (Lawson Homes)  
93Steven Brown (Lawson Homes)  
94Nick Morgan (Recab Cycling)  
95Merlin Spranz (Goodstone Group)  
96Timothy Dalgliesh (Merida Elite Race Team)  
97Matthew Murray (Merida Elite Race Team)  
98Logan Calder (Caterpillar Underground Minin)  
99Peter Braunsteins (Apollo Bicycles)0:12:07 
100Alastair Loutit (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
101Kris Johnston (TAS Gas)  
102Thomas Donald (Search 2 Retain)  
103James Mowatt (Cycle City - Felt)  
104Daniel Seagar (Search 2 Retain)  
105Scott Law (National Junior Road Team)  
106Dale Scarfe (Mace-McDonagh Blake)  
107Stuart Grimsey (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
108Sean Finning (Jayco - Vis)  
109Elliott Wells (Plan B Racing Team)  
110James Henry (Apollo Bicycles)0:14:09 
111Stephen Handreck (Merida Elite Race Team)0:14:38 
112Lachlan Ambrose (Recab Cycling)  
113Patrick Gill (Plan B Racing Team)0:15:46 
114Anthony Giacoppo (Plan B Racing Team)  
115Kyle Marwood (Praties)0:16:43 
116Ben Mather (Praties)  
117Peter Loft ( 
118Joshua Clark (TAS Gas)  
119Bradeley Hall (Plan B Racing Team)  
120Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
121Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)  
122Brendan Brooks (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
123Mark Isaacs (Cycle City - Felt)  
124Justin Morris (Mace-McDonagh Blake)  
125Brodie Talbot (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
126Rob Doyle (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
127Jeremy Hills (Champion Systems)  
128Timothy White (Goodstone Group)  
DNFShaun Mccarthy (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
DNFNeil Manning (Plan B Racing Team)  
DNFBrendan Jones (Mace-McDonagh Blake)  
DNFScott Cronly-Dillon (Mace-McDonagh Blake)  
General Classification
1Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)5:01:53 
2Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)0:00:15 
3Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)0:00:20 
4Kristian House (GHD_Burnie)0:00:24 
5Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - AIS)0:00:26 
6Gene Bates (Caterpillar Underground Minin)0:00:30 
7Peter Mcdonald (Drapac Porsche)  
8Jai Crawford (Savings & Loans)0:00:36 
9David Tanner (Jayco - Vis)0:00:39 
10Cameron Jennings (Budget Forklifts)0:00:42 
11Matt Wilson (Jayco - Vis)0:00:44 
12Michael England (Budget Forklifts)  
13Adam Semple (Team Jayco - AIS)0:00:45 
14Dylan Newell (Praties)0:00:46 
15Joseph Lewis (Drapac Porsche)0:00:47 
16Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)  
17Nathan Earle (Praties)0:00:58 
18Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)0:01:04 
19Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)0:01:13 
20Ben Dyball (Search 2 Retain)0:01:25 
21Darren Lapthorne (GHD_Burnie)0:01:28 
22Darren Rolfe (Goodstone Group)0:01:37 
23David Pell (Savings & Loans)0:01:38 
24Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)0:05:15 
25Ethan Kimmince (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)0:05:17 
26Lachlan Morton (National Junior Road Team)  
27Steven Robb (Search 2 Retain)0:05:43 
28Peter Herzig (Budget Forklifts)0:06:04 
29Mitchell Pearson (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)0:07:41 
30Jason Rigg (Champion Systems)0:07:45 
31Brett Tivers (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)0:08:37 
32Eric Sheppard (National Junior Road Team)0:08:41 
33Adam Phelan ( 
34Peter Smith (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)0:09:57 
35Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
36Zakkari Dempster (Drapac Porsche)0:10:32 
37Sean Sullivan ( 
38Nick Aitken (Jayco - Vis)0:10:38 
39Nathan Hass ( 
40Rhys Pollock (Drapac Porsche)0:10:50 
41Blair Windsor (Budget Forklifts)  
42William Clarke (Praties)0:10:57 
43Scott Davis (Goodstone Group)0:12:17 
44Michael Smith (Lawson Homes)0:12:20 
45Chris Jory (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
46Ben Greenwood (GHD_Burnie)0:12:28 
47Dean Windsor (Drapac Porsche)0:12:39 
48Peter Braunsteins (Apollo Bicycles)0:12:54 
49Clay Murfet (Lawson Homes)0:13:11 
50Benjamin King (Fly V Australia)0:13:24 
51Silas Fisher (Jayco - Vis)0:13:28 
52John Cornish (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)0:14:03 
53Ben Grenda (Praties)0:14:45 
54Bradley Robson (Plan B Racing Team)0:15:18 
55Rhys Gillet (Cycle City - Felt)0:16:26 
56Samuel Spokes (National Junior Road Team)0:17:15 
57Michael Phelan ( 
58Thomas Palmer (Drapac Porsche)0:17:33 
59Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search 2 Retain)0:17:42 
60Luke Fetch (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)0:18:33 
61Joel Pearson (Savings & Loans)0:19:15 
62Aaron Donnelly (GHD_Burnie)0:19:17 
63Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)0:19:22 
64Angus Morton (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)0:19:27 
65James Hepburn (Merida Elite Race Team)0:19:29 
66Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)  
67Alexander Ray (Search 2 Retain)0:19:45 
68David Cripps (Lawson Homes)0:20:44 
69Johann Esterhuyzen (Champion Systems)0:21:51 
70Joshua Chugg (Champion Systems)0:22:32 
71Brendan Brooks (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)0:22:43 
72Stuart Shaw (Drapac Porsche)0:23:55 
73Deon Locke (Budget Forklifts)0:23:59 
74Danny Pulbrook (Recab Cycling)  
75Kane Walker (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
76Chris Stack (Cycle City - Felt)  
77David Kemp (Fly V Australia)0:24:05 
78Aaron Jones (GHD_Burnie)0:24:28 
79James Mcdulling (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)  
80Harry Rassie (Search 2 Retain)  
81Sam Moorehouse (Mace-McDonagh Blake)  
82James Langedyk (Jayco - Vis)  
83Ben Mather (Praties)0:24:51 
84Matthew Benson (National Junior Road Team)0:25:49 
85Christoper Williams (Merida Elite Race Team)0:25:52 
86Dale Scarfe (Mace-McDonagh Blake)0:26:09 
87Alastair Loutit (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)0:26:10 
88Elliott Wells (Plan B Racing Team)0:26:54 
89Stuart Grimsey (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)0:27:21 
90Anthony Giacoppo (Plan B Racing Team)0:29:14 
91Scott Law (National Junior Road Team)0:29:28 
92Andrew Simpson (Caterpillar Underground Minin)0:30:34 
93Luke Ockerby ( 
94Samuel Rix (TAS Gas)  
95Joel Stearnes (Lawson Homes)  
96David Abraham (TAS Gas)  
97Sean Finning (Jayco - Vis)0:31:36 
98Timothy Dalgliesh (Merida Elite Race Team)0:32:01 
99Matthew Murray (Merida Elite Race Team)  
100James Mowatt (Cycle City - Felt)0:32:05 
101Kris Johnston (TAS Gas)  
102Daniel Seagar (Search 2 Retain)  
103James Ibrahim (TAS Gas)0:32:31 
104Brodie Talbot (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)0:33:03 
105Ben Grieve-Johnson (Praties)0:33:37 
106James Henry (Apollo Bicycles)0:34:07 
107Charles Howlett (Cycle City - Felt)0:35:12 
108Patrick Gill (Plan B Racing Team)0:35:44 
109Merlin Spranz (Goodstone Group)0:35:52 
110Steven Brown (Lawson Homes)  
111Stephen Handreck (Merida Elite Race Team)0:35:53 
112Kyle Marwood (Praties)0:36:41 
113Peter Loft ( 
114Nick Morgan (Recab Cycling)0:37:09 
115Bradeley Hall (Plan B Racing Team)0:39:18 
116Thomas Donald (Search 2 Retain)0:40:17 
117Adam Hartley (GHD_Burnie)0:40:37 
118Lachlan Ambrose (Recab Cycling)0:41:01 
119Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)0:41:25 
120Justin Morris (Mace-McDonagh Blake)0:41:54 
121Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)  
122Rob Doyle (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)  
123Timothy White (Goodstone Group)  
124Mark Isaacs (Cycle City - Felt)0:43:11 
125Andrew Margison (Recab Cycling)0:43:53 
126Logan Calder (Caterpillar Underground Minin)0:45:24 
127Jeremy Hills (Champion Systems)0:48:05 
128Joshua Clark (TAS Gas)0:55:14 
Sprint 1
1Stuart Shaw (Drapac Porsche)3pts
2Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)2 
3Charles Howlett (Cycle City - Felt)1 
Sprint 2
1Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)3pts
2William Clarke (Praties)2 
3Blair Windsor (Budget Forklifts)1 
Sprint 3
1Nick Aitken (Jayco - Vis)3pts
2Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)2 
3Darren Lapthorne (GHD_Burnie)1 
Sprint 4
1Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)3pts
2Nathan Hass ( 
3Mitchell Pearson (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)1 
Sprint 5
1Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)3pts
2Nathan Hass ( 
3Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)1 
Sprint Classification
1Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)17pts
2Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)13 
3Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)11 
4Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)8 
5Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)7 
6Nathan Hass ( 
7Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - AIS)6 
8Kristian House (GHD_Burnie)5 
9Stuart Shaw (Drapac Porsche)4 
10Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)4 
11Dean Windsor (Drapac Porsche)4 
12Rhys Pollock (Drapac Porsche)3 
13Nick Aitken (Jayco - Vis)3 
14Gene Bates (Caterpillar Underground Minin)3 
15Peter Mcdonald (Drapac Porsche)3 
16Jai Crawford (Savings & Loans)2 
17Cameron Jennings (Budget Forklifts)2 
18Ben Grenda (Praties)2 
19William Clarke (Praties)2 
20Blair Windsor (Budget Forklifts)1 
21Darren Rolfe (Goodstone Group)1 
22Mitchell Pearson (Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plu)1 
23Dale Scarfe (Mace-McDonagh Blake)1 
24Matt Wilson (Jayco - Vis)1 
25Darren Lapthorne (GHD_Burnie)1 
26Charles Howlett (Cycle City - Felt)1 
27Scott Davis (Goodstone Group)1 
28Stuart Grimsey (Prime Estate Buyers Agent)1 
1Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)3pts
2Kristian House (GHD_Burnie)2 
3Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)1 
1Nick Aitken (Jayco - Vis)7pts
2Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)5 
3Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)3 
1Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)5pts
2Michael England (Budget Forklifts)3 
3Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)2 
1Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)5pts
2Nathan Hass ( 
3Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)2 
1Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)5pts
2Nathan Hass ( 
3Angus Morton (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)2 
KOM General Classification
1Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)28pts
2Kristian House (GHD_Burnie)18 
3Nathan Hass ( 
4Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia)14 
5Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)13 
6Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)10 
7Peter Mcdonald (Drapac Porsche)10 
8Darren Lapthorne (GHD_Burnie)9 
9Jai Crawford (Savings & Loans)8 
10Nick Aitken (Jayco - Vis)7 
11Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - AIS)5 
12Cameron Jennings (Budget Forklifts)3 
13Benjamin King (Fly V Australia)3 
14Michael England (Budget Forklifts)3 
15Ben Greenwood (GHD_Burnie)3 
16Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)2 
17Brodie Talbot (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)2 
18Matt Wilson (Jayco - Vis)2 
19David Tanner (Jayco - Vis)2 
20Angus Morton (BOC Gas - Tall Timbers)2 
21Dylan Newell (Praties)1 
Most Combative
 Nick Aitken (Jayco - Vis)  
Criterium Championship
1Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)20pts
2Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)18 
3David Tanner (Jayco - Vis)8 
4Gene Bates (Caterpillar Underground Minin)8 
5Cameron Jennings (Budget Forklifts)7 
6Peter Mcdonald (Drapac Porsche)7 
7Joel Pearson (Savings & Loans)7 
8Dean Windsor (Drapac Porsche)6 
9Adam Semple (Team Jayco - AIS)6 
10Sean Sullivan ( 
11Jai Crawford (Savings & Loans)5 
12Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco - AIS)4 
13Dale Scarfe (Mace-McDonagh Blake)3 
14Stuart Shaw (Drapac Porsche)2 
15Matt Wilson (Jayco - Vis)2 
16Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)1 
17Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - AIS)1 
Team Classification - Stage 4
1Savings & Loans6:00:27 
2Jayco - Vis  
3Budget Forklifts  
4Drapac Porsche  
6Fly V Australia  
7Prime Estate Buyers Agent  
8Search 2 Retain 
10Team Jayco - AIS6:01:17 
11Champion Systems6:04:57 
13Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plus  
14BOC Gas - Tall Timbers6:09:27 
15Lawson Homes  
16National Junior Road Team  
17Goodstone Group6:14:00 
18Cycle City - Felt6:20:32 
19Caterpillar Underground Mining6:23:35 
20Merida Elite Race Team  
21Recab Cycling6:28:05 
22Plan B Racing Team6:32:50 
23TAS Gas6:33:42 
24Mace-McDonagh Blake6:39:00 
Team General Classification
1Fly V Australia15:08:00 
2Budget Forklifts  
3Team Jayco - AIS15:08:50 
6Drapac Porsche15:15:28 
7Jayco - Vis15:18:01 
8Search 2 Retain15:22:01 
9Shortis Cycle & Tri Avanti Plus15:26:36 
10Savings & Loans15:27:33 
12Prime Estate Buyers Agent15:34:06 
13National Junior Road Team15:34:45 
14Lawson Homes15:39:51 
15BOC Gas - Tall Timbers15:40:09 
16Goodstone Group15:51:36 
17Champion Systems15:55:18 
18Cycle City - Felt16:11:55 
19Plan B Racing Team16:14:58 
20Caterpillar Underground Mining16:22:24 
21Merida Elite Race Team16:23:01 
22TAS Gas16:36:41 
23Mace-McDonagh Blake16:38:11 
24Recab Cycling16:44:15 
Leading Tasmanian Rider
1Bernard Sulzburger (Fly V Australia)5:01:53 
2Jai Crawford (Savings & Loans)5:02:29 
3Nathan Earle (Praties)5:02:51 
4Sean Sullivan ( 
5William Clarke (Praties)5:12:50 
6Michael Smith (Lawson Homes)5:14:13 
7Clay Murfet (Lawson Homes)5:15:04 
8Ben Grenda (Praties)5:16:38 
9Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)5:21:22 
10David Cripps (Lawson Homes)5:22:37 
11Joshua Chugg (Champion Systems)5:24:25 
12Danny Pulbrook (Recab Cycling)5:25:52 
13Aaron Jones (GHD_Burnie)5:26:21 
14Ben Mather (Praties)5:26:44 
15Luke Ockerby ( 
16Joel Stearnes (Lawson Homes)  
17David Abraham (TAS Gas)  
18Ben Grieve-Johnson (Praties)5:35:30 
19Steven Brown (Lawson Homes)5:37:45 
20Peter Loft ( 
21Nick Morgan (Recab Cycling)5:39:02 
22Adam Hartley (GHD_Burnie)5:42:30 
23Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)5:43:18 
24Andrew Margison (Recab Cycling)5:45:46 
25Jeremy Hills (Champion Systems)5:49:58 
26Joshua Clark (TAS Gas)5:57:07 


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