Kovac win stage as peloton is shattered

Koev holds on for race win

Maros Kovac (Dukla Trencin Merida) claimed the final stage victory as the peloton was largely wiped out on the final stage. Kovac finished two seconds ahead of team-mate Robert Nagy and Nazar Jumabekov.

The trio were three of just 14 riders to finish the stage, as man were either unable to finish or finished outside the time cut.

One man who did make the finish line was opening stage winner Vladimir Koev (Hemus 1896 – Vivelo) from Bulgaria. Koev finished in fourth place just two seconds behind Kovac, easily ensuring he maintain his overall lead to win the race.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maros Kovac (Svk) Dukla Trencin Merida4:44:11 
2Robert Nagy (Svk) Dukla Trencin Merida0:00:02 
3Nazar Jumabekov (Kaz)  
4Vladimir Koev (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo  
5Ruslan Tleubayev (Kaz) Kazakh National Team0:01:41 
6Rida Cador (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe0:01:45 
7Alexandre Shushemoin (Kaz) Kazakh National Team0:02:03 
8Roman Zhiyentayev (Kaz) Kazakh National Team0:02:43 
9Pavol Polievka (Svk) Dukla Trencin Merida0:02:41 
10Dragan Spasic (Srb) Serbian National Team0:02:43 
11Svetoslav Tchanliev Kirilov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo0:05:59 
12Mats Andersson (Swe)  
13Gabor Fejes (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe0:11:57 
14Krisztian Lovassy (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe0:13:12 
OTLEvgeni Gerganov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo  
OTLGoran Smelcerovic (Srb)  
OTLZoran Vujovic (Mne)  
OTLOla Inge Drøpping (Nor)  
DNFDonas Driton (Mne)  
DNFSergey Kuzmin (Kaz) Kazakh National Team  
DNFRadosav Bezmarevic (Mne)  
DNFVladimir Vulicevic (Srb)  
DNFBoris Marek (Svk) Dukla Trencin Merida  
DNFPatrik Tybor (Svk) Dukla Trencin Merida  
DNFMats Lohne (Nor)  
DNFLaszlo Madaras (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team  
DNFMilanko Petrovic (Srb)  
DNFAbdraimzhan Ishanov (Kaz) Kazakh National Team  
DNFAleksandar Milivojevic (Srb)  
DNFAlbert-Filon Serban (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team  
DNFZoltan Madaras (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe  
DNFDavid Puskas (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe  
DNFPavel Chumanov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo  
DNFRino Zampilli (Ita) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo  
DNFDaniel Petrov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo  
DNFDejan Maric (Srb) Serbian National Team  
DNFAleksandar Dukic (Srb) Serbian National Team  
DNFMarko Stankovic (Srb) Serbian National Team  
DNFAnders Stensaker (Nor)  
DNFMichael Johansen (Den)  
DNFEigil Botten Gjøstøl (Nor)  
DNFTomas Azaltovic (Svk) Dukla Trencin Merida  
DNFBalint Szeghalmi (Hun) Tusnad Cycling Team  
DNFAndrea Pinos (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team  
DSQPredrag Prokic (Srb) Serbian National Team  
DNSNikola Ujkic (Mne)  
DNSGoran Cerovic (Mne)  
Final Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Vladimir Koev (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo5:24:06 
2Robert Nagy (Slo) Dukla Trencin Merida0:01:01 
3Nazar Jumabekov (Kaz)0:01:41 
4Maros Kovac (Slo) Dukla Trencin Merida0:02:09 
5Alexandre Shushemoin (Kaz) Kazakh National Team0:04:15 
6Ruslan Tleubayev (Kaz) Kazakh National Team0:05:10 
7Rida Cador (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe0:05:11 
8Pavol Polievka (Slo) Dukla Trencin Merida0:06:29 
9Roman Zhiyentayev (Kaz) Kazakh National Team0:06:51 
10Dragan Spasic (Srb) Serbian National Team0:07:40 
11Mats Andersson (Swe)0:10:13 
12Gabor Fejes (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe0:14:38 
13Svetoslav Tchanliev Kirilov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo0:19:39 
14Krisztian Lovassy (Hun) Betonexpressz 2000 - Universal Caffe0:21:58 
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