Furlan fastest in Tallinn-Tartu

Christina Watches gets a win with Italiain speedster

Italian Angelo Furlan (Christina Watches) has won the Tallinn – Tartu Grand Prix, in a bunch sprint ahead of Jonas Ahlstrand from Sweden (Team Cykelcity.se) and in third Alexandre Blain from France (Endura Racing). The best Estonian rider race was Jaan Kirsipuu (Champion Systems) who was fourth.

Right in the beginning of the race five riders broke away and managed to hold their position until the last quarter of the competition. In the very end the leaders were caught by the main group and the best one was sorted out in the group finish.

"Of course I am very happy about the results today. Our team did a very good job. I believe we have a successful future ahead of us," Furlan said following his win.

"The competition was very strong. I believe I got the best possible place, I did not have strength to compete Angelo Furlan," said Ahlstrand.

Blain confirmed that it was a very high level competition and he is satisfied with the results. "We supposed there will be a group finish. Christina Watches – Onfone did a good job during the whole race," he added.

Both of the intermediate sprints were won by Estonians, the first one in 79.7 km by Martin Puusepp (National Team of Estonia) and the second one in 129.1 km by Erki Pütsep (Alpha Baltics – Unitymarathons.com).

There were 116 riders signed for the competition, out of which 106 finished the race.

Tomorrow the second competition, SEB Tartu Grand Prix 2011 (UCI 1.1), is held in the framework of the Estonian Cycling Weekend. The competition starts at 13.30.


Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Angelo Furlan (Ita) Christina Watches - Ofone4:41:40 
2Jonas Ahlstrand (Swe) Team Cykelcity  
3Alexandre Blain (Fra) Endura Racing  
4Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Champion System  
5Alo Jakin (Est) Estonia  
6Victor Manakov (Rus) Russian Federation  
7Erki Pütsep (Est) Alpha Baltic - Unitymarathons.com  
8Toms Skujinš (Lat) Velo-Club La Pomme Marseille  
9Gert Joeaar (Est) Estonia  
10Vytautas Kaupas (Ltu) Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.de  
11Mateusz Nowak (Pol) Poland  
12Enrico Montanari (Ita) WIT  
13Andris Smirnovs (Lat) Latvia  
14Sander Maasing (Est) Estonia  
15Reijo Puhm (Est) Estonia  
16Nikita Zharoven (Blr) Belarus  
17Viktor Shmalko (Rus) Russian Federation  
18Artis Pujats (Lat) Latvia  
19Emils Liepins (Lat) Alpha Baltic - Unitymarathons.com  
20Mart Ojavee (Est) Champion System  
21Andris Vosekalns (Lat) Alpha Baltic - Unitymarathons.com  
22Roman Kolstov (Rus) Russian Federation  
23Konrad Tomasiak (Pol) Poland  
24Indulis Bekmanis (Lat) Latvia  
25Viesturs Luksevics (Lat) Alpha Baltic - Unitymarathons.com  
26Risto Aaltio (Fin) Finland  
27Michael Reihs (Den) Christina Watches - Ofone  
28Cyrille Heymans (Lux) Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.de  
29Fausto Fognini (Ita) WIT  
30Rein Taaramae (Est) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne  
31Rémi Cusin (Fra) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne  
32Sami Tiainen (Fin) Finland  
33Silver Schultz (Est) Estonia  
34Armands Becis (Lat) Latvia  
35Raivis Skujinš (Lat) Velo-Club La Pomme Marseille  
36Jimmy Ronn (Swe) Team Cykelcity  
37Frank Dressler-Lehnhof (Ger) Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.de  
38Lars Andersson (Swe) Sweden  
39Bartusevics Rihards (Lat) Velo-Club La Pomme Marseille  
40Ingus Eislers (Lat) Alpha Baltic - Unitymarathons.com  
41Jean-Eudes Demaret (Fra) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne  
42Paavo Paajanen (Fin) Finland  
43Andrzej Pawlaczyk (Pol) Poland  
44Philip Lindau (Swe) Team Cykelcity  
45Diego Alejandro Tamayo Martinez (Col) WIT  
46Ivars Prokofjevs (Lat) Latvia  
47Jonas Ljungblad (Swe) Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.de  
48Toms Flaksis (Lat) Velo-Club La Pomme Marseille  
49Aleksejs Saramotins (Lat) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne  
50Daniel Lundvall (Swe) Sweden  
51Alexander Wetterhall (Swe) Endura Racing  
52Jesper Dahlström (Swe) Sweden  
53Mikhail Besaha (Blr) Belarus  
54Petter Persson (Swe) Sweden  
55Gabriel Leppik (Est) Estonia  
56Sergei Sakavets (Blr) Belarus  
57Aleksey Velikanov (Rus) Russian Federation  
58Jaroslaw Kowalczyk (Pol) Poland  
59Kaspars Kupriss (Lat) Velo-Club La Pomme Marseille  
60Michael Rasmussen (Den) Christina Watches - Ofone  
61Iker Camano Ortuzar (Spa) Endura Racing  
62Radoslaw Syrojc (Pol) Poland  
63Mikko Paajanen (Fin) Finland  
64Pavel Podoliak (Blr) Belarus  
65Rudy Lesschaeve (Fra) Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.de  
66Gediminas Kaupas (Ltu) Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.de  
67Lucas Persson (Swe) Sweden  
68Marc Hester (Den) Christina Watches - Ofone  
69Matti Manninen (Fin) Finland  
70Eugeny Bakhin (Rus) Russian Federation  
71Dawid Glowacki (Pol) Poland  
72Joel Zangerle (Lux) Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.de  
73Aliaksandr Ananich (Blr) Belarus  
74Steven Wong (HKg) Champion System  
75Vladzislu Patskevich (Blr) Belarus  
76Dmitrijs Sorokins (Lat) Latvia  
77Kimmo Kananen (Fin) Finland  
78Alexander Gingsjö (Swe) Sweden  
79Roger Beuchat (Swi) Champion System  
80Rene Mandri (Est) Endura Racing  
81Vadim Maslennikov (Rus) Russian Federation  
82Kristian Sobota (Den) Christina Watches - Ofone  
83Jonas Bjelkmark (Swe) Team Cykelcity  
84René Joergensen (Den) Christina Watches - Ofone  
85Jukka Heinikainen (Fin) Finland  
86Rigo Räim (Est) Estonia  
87Man Chau Wai (HKg) Champion System  
88Mats Andersson (Swe) Sweden  
89Andzs Flaksis (Lat) Latvia  
90Guillaume Bourgeois (Swi) Champion System  
91Jack Bauer (NZl) Endura Racing  
92Juan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez (Col) WIT  
93Victor Sudeykin (Rus) Russian Federation  
94Evgeny Reshetko (Rus) Russian Federation  
95Martti Alesmaa (Est) Alpha Baltic - Unitymarathons.com0:00:24 
96Martin Puusepp (Est) Estonia  
97Clemens Fankhauser (Aut) Champion System0:00:36 
98Alexei Tsikhanau (Blr) Belarus0:00:41 
99Linus Dahlberg (Swe) Sweden0:00:46 
100Kornel Sojka (Pol) Poland  
101Jesper Odgaard Nielsen (Den) Christina Watches - Ofone  
102Guytan Lilholt (Den) Christina Watches - Ofone  
103Yohan Bagot (Fra) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne  
104Jack Anderson (Aus) Endura Racing  
105Robert Pölder (Swe) Team Cykelcity  
106Pawel Kister (Pol) Poland  


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