Gagne wins Subaru Cup super D

Canadian makes it two podiums in one day

Fresh of a second place in short track this morning, Raphael Gagne (Equipe du Quebec) won the Subaru Cup's super D in the afternoon by 14.5 seconds ahead of Jeremy Martin (Equipe du Quebec/Rocky Mountain) and Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized).

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Raphael Gagne (Equipe du Quebec/ Rocky Mountain)0:07:24.1 
2Jeremy Martin (Equipe du Quebec/ Rocky Mountain)0:00:14.5 
3Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:00:20.9 
4Nathan Guerra (Vision/Wheel & Sprocket)0:00:28.0 
5Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:00:30.5 
6Seamus Powell (Giant Mid Alantic Off Road Team)0:00:31.8 
7Vincent Belhumeur (Equipe du Quebec/ Specialized)0:00:32.9 
8Isaac Neff (Williamson Bicycle Works)0:00:34.1 
9Alexandre Vialle (Equipe du Quebec/ Scott Pure)0:00:36.6 
10Pete Karinen (Culver's Racing)0:00:40.2 
11Silas Blunk (Whole Athlete - Specialized)0:00:40.8 
12Corey Stelljes (The Bike Hub/Specialized Cycling)0:00:41.2 
13Jeff Melcher (Team Pedal Moraine)0:00:41.6 
14Jean-Philippe Thibault(CVM 2 Vals)0:00:43.9 
15Michael Hemme (Half Acre)0:00:44.6 
16Rick Mezo ( 
17Justin Piontek (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:00:45.8 
18Paul Mumford (Kinky Llama Racing)0:00:48.6 
19Leandre Bouchard (Equipe du Quebec/ Devinci)0:00:50.3 
20Ryan Krayer (Adventure212/Specialized)0:00:54.5 
21Luke Allen (Matrix/RBM)0:00:58.0 
22Carlos Haeckel (Alterra Coffee/W85)0:00:59.9 
23Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel and Sprocket)0:01:02.1 
24Bill Street (Kuhl/Rocky Mountain)0:01:04.3 
25Brett Poulton (Expo)0:01:07.0 
26Fletcher Arlen (Safe Wheels MTB Racing)0:01:07.9 
27Michael Dutczak (South Chicago Wheelman)0:01:11.4 
28Landen Beckner (Montana Velo)0:01:13.2 
29Matt Silvia (Carborocket)0:01:14.7 
30Myles Beach (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:01:16.0 
31John Shull (EXPO)0:01:16.4 
32Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:01:18.7 
33Tim Racette (KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin)0:01:19.0 
34Nicholas Holzem (Sprocketz)0:01:20.6 
35Parker McColl ( /)0:01:23.7 
36Ben Senkerik (Vision / Wheel & Sprocket)0:01:27.5 
37Daniel Henderson (Cross Country Sports Racing)0:01:28.3 
38Jerrod Collier (Muddy Cup)0:01:37.6 
39Mark Cole (Adventure212/Specialized)0:01:39.9 
40Karl Tillman (Team 360 / LAX Velo)0:01:42.2 
41Scott Neperud (Magnus)0:01:43.7 
42Jan Warren (Safe Wheels MTB Racing)0:02:03.2 
43Eric Fossell (JVC/Michaels Cycles)0:02:35.4 
44Steve Schafer0:02:47.7 
DNSJason Gosse (Team WORS)  
DNSBrian Matter (Gear Grinder)  
DNSMike Phillips (Adventure212/Specialized)  
DNSChris Renshaw (  
DNSThomas Sulentic  
DNSTyson Wagler (Scott-3RoxRacing)  
Junior men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Vincent Belhumeur (Equipe du Quebec/ Specialized)0:07:57.0 
2Alexandre Vialle (Equipe du Quebec/ Scott Pure)0:00:03.7 
3Pete Karinen (Culver's Racing)0:00:07.3 
4Silas Blunk (Whole Athlete - Specialized)0:00:07.9 
5Luke Allen (Matrix/RBM)0:00:25.1 
6Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel and Sprocket)0:00:29.2 
7Brett Poulton (Expo)0:00:34.1 
8Fletcher Arlen (Safe Wheels MTB Racing)0:00:35.0 
9Landen Beckner (Montana Velo)0:00:40.3 
10Myles Beach (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:00:43.1 
11Parker McColl0:00:50.8 
12Daniel Henderson (Cross Country Sports Racing)0:00:55.4 
13Jan Warren (Safe Wheels MTB Racing)0:01:30.3 
Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul Mumford (Kinky Llama Racing)0:08:12.7 
2Carlos Haeckel (Alterra Coffee/W85)0:00:11.3 
3Bill Street (Kuhl/Rocky Mountain)0:00:15.7 
4Michael Dutczak (South Chicago Wheelman)0:00:22.8 
5Tim Racette (KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin)0:00:30.4 
6Ben Senkerik (Vision / Wheel & Sprocket)0:00:38.9 
7Scott Neperud (Magnus)0:00:55.1 
Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Hemme (Half Acre)0:08:08.7 
2Rick Mezo ( 
3Matt Silvia (Carborocket)0:00:30.1 
4Nicholas Holzem (Sprocketz)0:00:36.0 
5Karl Tillman (Team 360 / LAX Velo)0:00:57.6 
6Eric Fossell (JVC/Michaels Cycles)0:01:50.8 
DNSJason Gosse (Team WORS)  
Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:07:54.6 
2Jeff Melcher (Team Pedal Moraine)0:00:11.1 
3Ryan Krayer (Adventure212/Specialized)0:00:24.0 
4John Shull (EXPO)0:00:45.9 
5Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:00:48.2 
6Jerrod Collier (Muddy Cup)0:01:07.1 
7Mark Cole (Adventure212/Specialized)0:01:09.4 
8Steve Schafer0:02:17.2 
DNSChris Renshaw (  
DNSThomas Sulentic  

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