Gillow takes Oceania title

O'Donnell and McConville chase home in second and third

The small township of Dookie, just outside Shepparton in Victoria, is playing host to the 2011 Oceania Road Championships and it today provided a perfect day for racing. Combine the ideal conditions with the line up of riders including Rochelle Gilmore, Chloe Hosking and the current Australia Champion Alexis Rhodes, the Oceania Championship road race was always going to be a cracking event.

A strong field of 64 women took to the testing road race course and midway through the 5 lap, 116km race Shara Gillow and Peta Mullens made their intentions clear when they opened up a lead of over a minute. This lead was short lived as the peloton reeled the two back in and the majority of the riders raced together until the dying stages of the event. On the last lap, Gillow, who has only been competing in the sport since 2008, showed all class riding away from Bridie O'Donnell and Chloe McConville finishing in a time of 3:14:47.

After the event Gillow revealed that additional confidence may have spurred her on throughout the race.

"I gained a bit of confidence after taking out the time trial championship on Thursday, and it's great to be both the time trial and road race champion," she said.




#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shara Gillow (Aus)3:14:47 
2Bridie O'Donnell (Aus)0:00:50 
3Chloe McConville (Aus)0:01:00 
4Rochelle Gilmore (Aus)0:01:40 
5Belinda Goss (Aus)  
6Rowena Fry (Aus)  
7Peta Mullens (Aus)  
8Annette Edmondson (Aus)  
9Emma Lawson (Aus)  
10Emma Mackie (Aus)  
11Samantha Hemsley (Aus)  
12Laura Luxford (Aus)  
13Trudy Van Der Straaten (Aus)  
14Jessie Maclean (Aus)  
15Amy Bradley (Aus)  
16Grace Sulzberger (Aus)  
17Rebecca Wiasak (Aus)  
18Patricia Palmer (Aus)  
19Katherine O'shea (Aus)  
20Taryn Heather (Aus)  
21Loren Rowney (Aus)  
22Narelle Hards (Aus)0:01:48 
23Ingrid Trotter (Aus)0:01:49 
24Nikolina Orlic (Aus)  
25Sinead Noonan (Aus)  
26Justyna Lubkowski (Aus)  
27Emma Smith (Aus)  
28Alexandra Carle (Aus)  
29Joanne Hogan (Aus)  
30Alexis Rhodes (Aus)  
31Amanda Spratt (Aus)  
32Laura Meadley (Aus)  
33Lisa Jacobs (Aus)  
34Chloe Hosking (Aus)  
35Gracie Elvin (Aus)  
36Stephanie Ives (Aus)  
37Rebecca Domange (Aus)  
38Clare Dallat (Irl)  
39Nicole Whitburn (Aus)  
40Myfanwy Galloway (Aus)0:02:15 
41Emy Huntsman (Aus)0:02:53 
42Brittany Lindores (Aus)0:02:59 
43Carly Light (Aus)0:03:05 
44Lauren Kitchen (Aus)0:03:29 
45Kate Finegan (Aus)  
46Lenore Pipes (Gum)0:05:14 
47Monica Kelly (Aus)0:11:09 
48Chloe Mcintosh (Aus)0:11:11 
DNFAilie Mcdonald (Aus)  
DNFKendelle Hodges (Aus)  
DNFShanice Nitis (Aus)  
DNFAmy Schramm (Aus)  
DNFHeidi Buntrock (Aus)  
DNFMiranda Griffiths (Aus)  
DNFTanya Matthewson (Aus)  
DNFCarley McKay (Aus)  
DNFSarah Roy (Aus)  
DNSZoe Watters (Aus)  
DNSSkye-Lee Armstrong (Aus)  
DNSRebecca Locke (Aus)  
DNSAnne Van Den Hurk (Aus)  
DNSHannah Vine (Aus)  
DNSNaomi Williams (Aus)  
DNSFelicity Wilson (Aus)  


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