Schurter victorious in Méribel cross country World Cup

Absalon and Fumic round out podium

The men's cross country World Cup has been dominated by two riders all season - Julien Absalon (BMC) and Nino Schurter (Scott-Odlo), each with three wins apiece. Absalon was virtually assured the overall title, since Schurter had missed the second round, but it did not affect his desire to win the final round before his compatriots in Méribel, France.

Schurter is always a fast starter, and had a 20-second lead by the end of the first lap on a chase group initially containing Absalon, Mathias Fluckiger (Stockli), Lukas Fluckiger (BMC), Emil Lindgren (Giant Pro XC), Dan McConnell (Trek Factory Racing) and Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory).

While Absalon was driving the chase on the climbs, with only Fumic able to match him, Schurter was clearly faster on the descents, maintaining a 30-second gap at the start of each lap after final long descent. On the final lap, Absalon finally managed to drop Fumic on the climb to solo in 13 seconds behind Schurter, as he took the 14th World Cup win of his career.

"It's an awesome feeling to win my third [World Cup] in a row, I feel super lucky," said Schurter. "I felt pretty confident on this tricky track. It was a really technical downhill and I chose the full suspension bike, which I think was the right decision, since I think I gained a lot of time on the downhill. I'm really looking forward to the Worlds next, I want to defend my title there."

Absalon won the World Cup title, the sixth of his career but first since 2009, with 1490 points, followed by Schurter at 1330. McConnell finished third with 970 points, while Fumic jumped from fifth to fourth with 856 points after finishing third in the final round.

"I'm really happy to win the title," said Absalon. "I have had it five times, but the last time was a long time ago [2009], so I'm happy to have such a good season. It was really good to have the final here in France with lots of spectators and the ambiance all around the track. It was difficult to fight and still do a safe race."

"For sure it is more pressure for me to race in France; it would be easy for me to do a top-30 to win the [overall] trophy, but in France, for me, it would not be possible to ride in 30th position. For the public I have to fight to be in front. I didn't want to flat, I didn't want to crash or have any technical problems, so I lost lots of time in the downhill. It was a little bit like Windham [round 6], where Nino was also fast in the downhill."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nino Schurter (Swi) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team1:33:06 
2Julien Absalon (Fra) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:00:13 
3Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing0:00:37 
4Lukas Flückiger (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:00:46 
5Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Ita) I.Idro Drain Bianchi0:01:12 
6Daniel Mcconnell (Aus) Trek Factory Racing0:01:17 
7Ralph Naef (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:01:48 
8Mathias Flückiger (Swi) Stöckli Pro Team0:02:06 
9Florian Vogel (Swi) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team0:02:07 
10José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spa) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:02:11 
11Emil Lindgren (Swe) Giant Pro XC Team0:02:34 
12Moritz Milatz (Ger) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:02:35 
13Fabian Giger (Swi) Giant Pro XC Team0:02:48 
14Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spa) Trek Factory Racing0:02:51 
15Maxime Marotte (Fra) BH-Suntour-KMC0:03:15 
16Luca Braidot (Ita)0:04:12 
17Martin Fanger (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:04:21 
18Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita) Cannondale Factory Racing  
19Rudi Van Houts (Ned) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:04:40 
20Stephen Ettinger (USA) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:05:06 
21Markus Bauer (Ger)0:05:42 
22Ondrej Cink (Cze) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:05:45 
23Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) Versluys Team0:05:53 
24Daniele Braidot (Ita)0:05:58 
25Henrique Avancini (Bra) Caloi Team0:06:01 
26Stéphane Tempier (Fra) BH-Suntour-KMC0:06:05 
27Andrea Tiberi (Ita) Tropix-Frm0:06:07 
28Martin Gujan (Swi) Orange Monkey Pro Team  
29Hugo Drechou (Fra) Calvisson VTT0:06:08 
30Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Ger) Focus XC Team0:06:10 
31Reto Indergand (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:06:15 
32Matthias Wengelin (Swe)0:06:43 
33Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Sram Rubena Trek0:06:52 
34Nicola Rohrbach (Swi)0:06:59 
35Rourke Croeser (RSA) Kargo Pro MTB Team0:07:01 
36Calle Friberg (Swe)0:07:03 
37Michal Lami (Svk)0:07:17 
38Zsolt Juhasz (Hun) Waberer's Areus Cube MTB Team0:07:24 
39Alexander Gehbauer (Aut) I.Idro Drain Bianchi0:07:35 
40Ismael Ventura Sanchez (Spa)0:07:44 
41Sebastien Carabin (Bel) Team Merida Wallonie MTB0:08:01 
42Miguel Martinez (Fra) Tropix-Frm0:08:08 
43David Valero (Spa)0:08:22 
44Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) Team Bulls0:08:29 
45Marc Stutzmann (Swi) Giant-Swiss-Team0:08:42 
46Frank Beemer (Ned) MPL Specialized MTB Team0:08:49 
47Daniel Eymann (Swi) Giant-Swiss-Team0:08:58 
48Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn) Specialized Racing XC0:09:00 
49Matthias Stirnemann (Swi) Stöckli Pro Team0:09:20 
50Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spa) Mmr Bikes Pro Team0:09:27 
51Anton Gogolev (Rus)0:09:54 
52David Joao Serralheiro Rosa (Por)0:10:01 
53Hans Becking (Ned) Betch.Nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team0:10:15 
54Catriel Andres Soto (Arg) Mmr Bikes Pro Team0:10:32 
55Simon Scheiber (Aut) Ötztal Scott Racing Team0:10:40 
56Christian Helmig (Lux)0:11:22 
57Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet (Fra) Btwin MTB Racing Team0:11:58 
58Anton Sintsov (Rus) Titici Lgl International Team0:12:40 
59Alexis Chenevier (Fra) Scott - La Clusaz0:13:09 
-1lapRotem Ishay (Isr)  
-1lapMarcel Wildhaber (Swi) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team  
-1lapMartino Fruet (Ita)  
-1lapRuben Scheire (Bel) Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team  
-1lapMirko Tabacchi (Ita)  
-1lapAndras Parti (Hun) Waberer's Areus Cube MTB Team  
-1lapMartin Loo (Est) Merida Italia Team  
-1lapUwe Hochenwarter (Aut) Focus XC Team  
-1lapRamon Sagues Portabella (Spa)  
-1lapCristofer Bosque Ruano (Spa)  
-1lapSteffen Thum (Ger)  
-1lapRobby De Bock (Bel) Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team  
-2lapsKarl Markt (Aut) Ötztal Scott Racing Team  
-2lapsRicardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro (Por)  
-2lapsJonas De Backer (Bel)  
-2lapsJorgen Flion (Bel)  
-2lapsTomas Tvrdik (Cze)  
-2lapsMarek Konwa (Pol) Betch.Nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team  
-2lapsMichele Casagrande (Ita)  
-2lapsGiuseppe Lamastra (Ita)  
-2lapsJason Bouttell (GBr)  
-2lapsMarco Schätzing (Ger)  
-3lapsKornel Osicki (Pol) Kross Racing Team  
-3lapsSimon Gegenheimer (Ger)  
-3lapsCristobal Silva Ibaceta (Chi) Tropix-Frm  
-3lapsJosé Alberto Gonzalez Merchan (Ecu)  
-3lapsMario Luis Miranda Costa (Por)  
-3lapsMarcin Kawalec (Pol) Sante-Bsa Whistle Team  
-3lapsJan Withaar (RSA)  
-3lapsZdenek Vobecky (Cze)  
-3lapsFabian Rabensteiner (Ita) Focus XC Italy Team  
-3lapsMartin Haring (Svk)  
-3lapsTitouan Perrin Ganier (Fra) Focus Rotor Coaching-System  
-3lapsPiotr Kurczab (Pol)  
DNFSergji Rysenko (Ukr) Cycling Club Roma MTB Team  
DNFJaroslav Kulhavy (Cze) Specialized Racing XC  
DNSThomas Litscher (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team  
DNSMartin Gluth (Ger)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1BMC Mountainbike Racing Team89 pts
2Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team62 
3Cannondale Factory Racing45 
4Trek Factory Racing43 
5Multivan Merida Biking Team42 
6Giant Pro Xc Team38 
7I.Idro Drain Bianchi28 
8Stöckli Pro Team23 
10Versluys Team8 
11Caloi Team6 
13Orange Monkey Pro Team3 
14Calvisson Vtt2 
15Focus Xc Team1 
Elite men final World Cup standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julien Absalon (Fra) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team1490 pts
2Nino Schurter (Swi) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team1330 
3Daniel Mcconnell (Aus) Trek Factory Racing970 
4Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing856 
5Stéphane Tempier (Fra) BH-Suntour-KMC785 
6Mathias Flückiger (Swi) Stöckli Pro Team785 
7José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spa) Multivan Merida Biking Team767 
8Lukas Flückiger (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team709 
9Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spa) Trek Factory Racing683 
10Maxime Marotte (Fra) BH-Suntour-KMC668 
11Fabian Giger (Swi) Giant Pro XC Team656 
12Florian Vogel (Swi) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team566 
13Moritz Milatz (Ger) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team545 
14Emil Lindgren (Swe) Giant Pro XC Team512 
15Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Ita) I.Idro Drain Bianchi509 
16Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita) Cannondale Factory Racing496 
17Thomas Litscher (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team464 
18Ralph Naef (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team428 
19Ondrej Cink (Cze) Multivan Merida Biking Team416 
20Andrea Tiberi (Ita) Tropix-Frm381 
21Rudi Van Houts (Ned) Multivan Merida Biking Team364 
22Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) Versluys Team327 
23Alexander Gehbauer (Aut) I.Idro Drain Bianchi326 
24Stephen Ettinger (USA) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team321 
25Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spa) Mmr Bikes Pro Team310 
26Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Ger) Focus XC Team303 
27Martin Gujan (Swi) Orange Monkey Pro Team300 
28Martin Fanger (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team278 
29Michal Lami (Svk)260 
30Jaroslav Kulhavy (Cze) Specialized Racing XC259 
31Raphael Gagne (Can)255 
32Reto Indergand (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team226 
33Nicola Rohrbach (Swi)224 
34Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn) Specialized Racing XC224 
35Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Sram Rubena Trek218 
36Geoff Kabush (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing215 
37Ruben Scheire (Bel) Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team208 
38David Joao Serralheiro Rosa (Por)186 
39Luca Braidot (Ita)184 
40Derek Zandstra (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing178 
41Hugo Drechou (Fra) Calvisson VTT173 
42Matthias Stirnemann (Swi) Stöckli Pro Team169 
43Miguel Martinez (Fra) Tropix-Frm163 
44Daniele Braidot (Ita)158 
45Henrique Avancini (Bra) Caloi Team152 
46Karl Markt (Aut) Ötztal Scott Racing Team141 
47Sebastien Carabin (Bel) Team Merida Wallonie MTB139 
48Sven Nys (Bel)132 
49Martin Gluth (Ger)130 
50Matiss Preimanis (Lat) Dpa128 
51Marc Stutzmann (Swi) Giant-Swiss-Team124 
52Wolfram Kurschat (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team118 
53Catriel Andres Soto (Arg) Mmr Bikes Pro Team112 
54Anton Sintsov (Rus) Titici Lgl International Team112 
55Jonas De Backer (Bel)106 
56Martin Loo (Est) Merida Italia Team105 
57Russell Finsterwald (USA) Sram/Tld Racing104 
58Matthias Wengelin (Swe)102 
59Shlomi Haimy (Isr) Focus XC Team101 
60Marcel Wildhaber (Swi) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team99 
61Markus Bauer (Ger)85 
62Sergji Rysenko (Ukr) Cycling Club Roma MTB Team82 
63Frank Beemer (Ned) MPL Specialized MTB Team80 
64Ismael Ventura Sanchez (Spa)80 
65Uwe Hochenwarter (Aut) Focus XC Team74 
66Michele Casagrande (Ita)70 
67Andrew Blair (Aus)64 
68Andras Parti (Hun) Waberer's Areus Cube MTB Team63 
69Hector Riveros (Col)60 
70Hans Becking (Ned) Betch.Nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team60 
71Zsolt Juhasz (Hun) Waberer's Areus Cube MTB Team59 
72Kerry Werner (USA)58 
73Evan Guthrie (Can)58 
74Paolo Cesar Montoya Cantillo (CRc)57 
75Christian Helmig (Lux)57 
76Simon Scheiber (Aut) Ötztal Scott Racing Team56 
77Marek Konwa (Pol) Betch.Nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team55 
78Kristian Hynek (Cze) Topeak Ergon Racing Team52 
79Sepp Freiburghaus (Swi)51 
80Robby De Bock (Bel) Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team51 
81Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) Team Bulls49 
82Rourke Croeser (RSA) Kargo Pro MTB Team47 
83Mark Tupalski (Aus)47 
84Carl Jones (NZl)44 
85Jan Nesvadba (Cze)40 
86Paul Oldham (GBr)37 
87David Valero (Spa)37 
88Brendan Johnston (Aus)35 
89Calle Friberg (Swe)34 
90Daniel Eymann (Swi) Giant-Swiss-Team32 
91Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet (Fra) Btwin MTB Racing Team32 
92Tom Meeusen (Bel)32 
93Mario Luis Miranda Costa (Por)31 
94Andrew Watson (Can)31 
95Matous Ulman (Cze)30 
96Philip Buys (RSA)29 
97Dirk Peters (NZl)29 
98Shaun Lewis (Aus)28 
99Steffen Thum (Ger)26 
100Fabian Rabensteiner (Ita) Focus XC Italy Team25 
101Cory Wallace (Can) Kona Factory Team25 
102Ryo Saito (Jpn) Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team24 
103Ivan Seledkov (Rus)23 
104Paul Van Der Ploeg (Aus)23 
105Daniel Federspiel (Aut) Ötztal Scott Racing Team22 
106Filip Eberl (Cze) Remerx-Merida Team Kolin21 
107Simon Gegenheimer (Ger)21 
108Travis Frisby (Aus)19 
109Matthys Beukes (RSA)18 
110Mitchell Hoke (USA)18 
111Anton Gogolev (Rus)17 
112Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Factory Team16 
113Jochen Kass (Ger)16 
114Ola Kjören (Nor)16 
115Ramon Sagues Portabella (Spa)15 
116David Fletcher (GBr) Orange Monkey Pro Team15 
117Cameron Dodge (USA)14 
118Ricardo Pscheidt (Bra)13 
119Oleksandr Gerashchenko (Ukr) Isd MTB Team11 
120Martin Haring (Svk)10 
121Renay Groustra (RSA)10 
122Alexis Chenevier (Fra) Scott - La Clusaz9 
123Hamish Batchelor (GBr) Fluid Fin Race Team9 
124Rotem Ishay (Isr)8 
125Cameron Jette (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing8 
126Jiri Novak (Cze) Betch.Nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team8 
Team final World Cup standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1BMC Mountainbike Racing Team581 pts
2Multivan Merida Biking Team372 
3Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team344 
4Trek Factory Racing334 
6Cannondale Factory Racing252 
7Giant Pro Xc Team234 
8Stöckli Pro Team172 
9I.Idro Drain Bianchi148 
11Scott-3Rox Racing68 
12Specialized Racing Xc61 
13Mmr Bikes Pro Team49 
14Orange Monkey Pro Team26 
15Versluys Team25 
16Focus Xc Team23 
17Sram Rubena Trek23 
18Calvisson Vtt9 
19Titici Lgl International Team7 
20Caloi Team6 
21Feenstra Felt Pb Kenda Bike Team6 
23Topeak Ergon Racing Team5 
24Sram/Tld Racing4 
25Ötztal Scott Racing Team2 

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