Moore wins opening stage time trial by one second

Rinehart starts women's race with win

The time trial course had been mowed multiple times during the summer with the grass clippings blown to the side so there was no loose grass. On the final mowing two days before the event, the deck on the mower on the final mowing was set at 2 1/4" which is pretty much the lowest setting you can go without hitting any high spots etc.

With the morning dew burning off nicely, ideal conditions were presented for the time trial and fast times were expected for sure. A US$50 bonus in addition to the cash prizes for the top five elite class, was offered to any male rider who could break Doug Swanson's course record and any female rider that could crack the time set by Jenna Rinehart last year.

Elite riders were sent off first. Posting the early fast time was Doug Swanson at 9:39:87, who bested his time by two seconds from last year. Rolling across shortly after was TJ Woodruff who put himself in the hot seat at 9:37:15, but his stay was short-lived as Brendan Moore bested Woodruff's time by barely a second at 9:36:19.

Moore had stuck with a low profile tire which he felt rolled as fast as any tires in his arsenal and had no issue on the two grassy corners. During comments in the post race interview, Woodruff exclaimed, "If I would of gone one pedal stroke harder...". Rounding out the top five were Iowa fast guy Cam Kirkpatrick just over 10 minutes and Eric Oftedahl at 10:06:39.

In women's elite time trial, Jenna Rinehart bested her time by 18 seconds from last year to set a new course record and go home with an extra $50. Rounding out the top five were Kyia Anderson, Jennifer Fisher, Meghan Korol and Corey Coogan.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brendan Moore0:09:36 
2TJ Woodruff0:00:01 
3Doug Swanson0:00:04 
4Cam Kirkpatrick0:00:26 
5Eric Oftedahl0:00:30 
6Jack Hinkens0:00:30 
7Sam Oftedahl0:00:34 
8Jake Richards0:00:34 
9Chris Fisher0:00:42 
10Jay Henderson0:00:54 
11Wallace Alexander0:01:15 
12Kevin Supple0:01:16 
13Heath Weisbrod0:01:19 
14Jan Rybar0:01:23 
15Tim Stone0:01:24 
16Justin Rinehart0:01:24 
17Thomas Thornquest0:01:29 
18Eric Guse0:01:35 
19Matthew Horner0:01:44 
20Shane Kullman0:01:52 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenna Rinehart0:10:53 
2Kyla Anderson0:00:29 
3Jennifer Fisher0:01:24 
4Meghan Korol0:01:27 
5Corey Coogan0:01:47 
6Linda Cooper0:01:59 
7Andrea Horner0:03:45 
Competition men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Sportel0:10:52 
2Kristof Anderson0:00:07 
3Clayton McLagan0:00:08 
4Luke Baker0:00:08 
5John Sandberg0:00:09 
6Drew Wilson0:00:20 
7Peter Schow0:00:21 
8Trent Warner0:00:25 
9Rick Ochs0:00:27 
10Eric Lebow0:00:29 
11Todd Nesvold0:00:35 
12Dan Wheeler0:00:37 
13Nathaniel Swanberg0:00:38 
14John Oman0:00:47 
15Jeffrey Penman0:00:59 
16Tim Williams0:01:04 
17Jason Scherman0:02:19 
Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steve Wenzel0:11:03 
2Matthew Wenzel0:00:25 
3Jeff Bushendorf0:00:33 
4Shea Franken0:00:43 
5Sean Valentine0:00:45 
6Matthew Johnson0:00:45 
7Thomas Rinehart0:00:48 
8Adam Caughey0:00:54 
9Randy Smothers0:01:06 
10Jack Ellefson0:01:07 
11Jim Newton0:01:20 
12Tony Schmitz0:01:37 
13Todd Trembley0:01:39 
14Thomas Gujer0:01:57 
15Norm Busse0:01:58 
16Philip Roadley0:02:06 
17Brent Miller0:02:11 
18Brian Penner0:03:26 
Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kris Brazil0:13:06 
2Julie Vardaman0:00:33 
3Beckie Alexander0:00:39 
4Kristy Henderson0:00:47 
5Jessica Wittwer0:00:50 
6Amy Johnson0:01:08 
Citizen men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Lee0:12:27 
2Michael Cisek0:00:38 
3Chris Horsmann0:01:35 
4Andris Zakis0:02:37 
5Zach Newton0:03:05 
6Bill Hinkens0:05:30 
7Max Smothers0:05:56 
8Kieran Penner0:07:47 
Citizen women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachel Jensen0:13:45 
2Kari Edvenson0:00:16 
3Anne Eleefspn0:01:04 
4Samantha Bushendorf0:01:19 
5Darcy Busse0:02:12 
6Kate Hinkens0:02:50 
7Annie Hinkens0:05:09 
8Jae Pirnie0:07:20 
9Jordan Horner0:11:26 
10Sherri Stastny0:12:20 
Male Kids
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jasper Roadley0:19:33 
2Logan Roadley0:01:45 
3Rowan Penner0:05:50 
Female Kids
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Penner0:22:57 
2Briana McLagan0:02:53 
3Trind Nesvold0:08:45 


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