Clementz and Chausson take first victories of the 2014 Enduro World Series

French riders dominate the podium in in Nevados de Chillan, Chile

Riders from 21 nations gathered at the ends of the earth, the Chilean Andes, this weekend, for the stage-setting opening event of the 2014 Enduro World Series.

The Santa Cruz Montenbaik Enduro by MTBLab 2014, in Nevados de Chillan, tested the world's best mountain bikers on six stages over 2 days, against a backdrop of spectacular terrain to kick-start what promises to be another epic season of enduro mountain bike racing.

After two days of to-the-wall racing through the Andes, Anne Caroline Chausson (Ibis Cycles) and Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale Overmountain) emerged victorious.

Chausson dominated the women's field from the outset, winning five of six stages, and staying ahead of rival and EWS World Champion title-holder Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team). Cecile Ravanel (GT Pulse) overtook Anneke Beerten (Specialized Racing Team) on the final stage for the third place spot.

Although reigning EWS World Champion Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale Overmountain) did not win a single stage, he put in an incredible second day of racing to close a 12-second gap passing Jared Graves (Yeti Fox Shox Factory Team) in the last stage to take the win.

The Belgian wunderkind, Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing), more than held his own in the elite category, winning three stages, but losing his spot on the podium to Florian Nicolai (Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team) who put in a blistering final stage behind fellow Frenchman Nico Lau (Cube Action Team), to move into third place overall.

British Moseley's strong performance was matched by fellow Trek Factory Racing Enduro riders, Kiwi Justin Leov (fifth place) and Swiss Rene Wildhaber (ninth place), to put them on top of the team standings, closely followed by the Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team (France's Isabeau Courdurier (fifth), Florian Nicolai (third) and Alexandre Cure (seventh).) Clementz's Cannondale OverMountain team, including Pauline Dieffenthaler and Marco Osborne, were third.

EWS Managing Director Chris Ball said, "It was an amazing race on wild terrain - a true test of everything from high alpine style racing to high-speed volcanic ash and forested singletrack."

First-time Enduro World Series hosts, Montenbaik Enduro got the series off to a powerful start, and showcased the strength and importance of the South American mountain bike community to the global scene. "We are really stoked to have been able to show the real Chilean singletrack and the potential the Andes has for the mountain biking," said Media Director Eduardo de Solminihac.

Ball said, "The community is incredible here and the people and the trails are simply amazing. As far as adventure goes, they don't get better than this."

Riders now have six weeks to recover, refocus and prepare their systems for a weekend of world-class racing and recreational whiskey-drinking when the Enduro World Series moves on to Scotland's Tweed Valley, for the TweedLove World Enduro on May 30 to June 1.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jerome Clementz0:36:41 
2Jared Graves0:00:08 
3Florian Nicolai0:00:12 
4Martin Maes0:00:16 
5Justin Leov0:00:26 
6Nico Lau0:00:29 
7Alexandre Cure0:00:33 
8Remy Absalon0:00:36 
9Rene Wildhaber0:00:47 
10Cedric Gracia0:00:56 
11Damien Oton0:01:07 
12Bryan Regnier0:01:07 
13Ludovic May0:01:09 
14Theo Galy0:01:11 
15Francois Bailly-Maitre0:01:18 
16Yoann Barelli0:01:20 
17Aurelien Giordanengo0:01:22 
18Adam Craig0:01:34 
19Fabien Cousinie0:01:37 
20Iago Garay0:01:50 
21Marco Osborne0:01:51 
22Jamie Nicoll0:02:07 
23Nicolás Prudencio0:02:13 
24Joe Barnes0:02:14 
25Aaron Bradford0:02:18 
26Pedro Ferreira0:02:21 
27Mark Scott0:02:21 
28Benjamin Cruz0:02:23 
29Nico Quere0:02:28 
30Jesse Melamed0:02:30 
31Ross Schnell0:02:36 
32Alex Lupato0:02:51 
33Manuel Ducci0:02:52 
34Richie Rude0:02:52 
35Lukas Anrig0:02:55 
36Dylan Wolsky0:03:00 
37Nick Geddes0:03:05 
38Curtis Keene0:03:06 
39Greg Callaghan0:03:07 
40Scott Laughland0:03:11 
41Michael Schärer0:03:17 
42Jeremy Arnould0:03:18 
43Johnny Magis0:03:20 
44Mason Bond0:03:27 
45Milciades Jaque0:03:49 
46Joe Flanagan0:03:59 
47Macky Franklin0:04:05 
48Lars Sternberg0:04:07 
49Martín Flaño0:04:18 
50Max Schumann0:04:19 
51Milton Sebastian Contreras Barrera0:04:28 
52Enrique Genova0:04:28 
53Jason Moeschler0:04:39 
54Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski0:04:41 
55Antonio Ovalle Vergara0:05:02 
56Felipe Vial0:05:06 
57Roland Jan Spaarwater0:05:11 
58Jorge Monzón Peñailillo0:05:15 
59Walker Shaw0:05:23 
60Sam Flanagan0:05:34 
61Nicolás Palacios0:05:36 
62Thiago Velardi0:05:38 
63Jan Guzmán0:05:40 
64Tom Maes0:05:45 
65Tobias Woggon0:05:47 
66Pablo Flores0:06:05 
67Sergio Antecao0:06:10 
68Pedro Barroso L.0:07:12 
69Michael Gray0:07:17 
70Sean Leader0:07:26 
71Roberto Mieres0:07:38 
72Andres Jaramillo0:08:10 
73Alejandro Amigo Klaassen0:08:24 
74Jorge Acuña Quintana0:08:27 
75Diego Ramirez Garmendia0:08:48 
76Julien Bolota0:09:12 
77Brice Liebrechts0:09:41 
78Javier Melero0:09:43 
79Victor Galvez0:12:21 
80Leonardo Santana0:14:00 
81Ignacio Rojo0:17:22 
82Fabien Barel  
83Carlos Campos  
84Cedric Ravanel  
85Kyle Warner  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anne Caroline Chausson0:40:50 
2Tracy Moseley0:01:11 
3Cecile Ravanel0:01:48 
4Anneke Beerten0:01:53 
5Isabeau Courdurier0:02:58 
6Ines Thoma0:03:59 
7Anita Gehrig0:05:05 
8Anka Martin0:06:05 
9Pauline Dieffenthaler0:06:16 
10Diana Marggraff0:06:50 
11Carolin Gehrig0:06:54 
12Kelli Emmett0:07:11 
13Heather Irmiger0:07:37 
14Julia Hofmann0:08:34 
15Florencia Espineira0:09:19 
16Valentina Macheda0:09:55 
17Verónica Miranda0:10:56 
18Daniela Rojas0:11:28 
19Antonia Sepulveda0:15:07 
20Mariana Ortiz de Zevallos0:19:18 
21Maria Roberta Sbaraglini0:26:43 
22Sofía Abrigo Silva0:29:23 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team1090 pts
2Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team1080 
3Cannondale OverMountain980 
4Canyon Factory Enduro Team790 
5Giant Factory Off Road760 
6Polygon UR740 
9Santa Cruz695 
10Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team575 
11BMC Enduro Racing Team480 
12Cube Action Team475 
13YETI Belgium - Urge bp Team415 
14Specialized Racing Team405 
15GT Factory Racing400 
16Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team360 
17GT Pulse320 
18Norco Enduro World Team230 
19FRM Factory Racing Team135 

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