Title goes to Fuglsang as Saxo Bank dominates

Rasmussen runner-up

Saxo Bank was dominate in the Danish Elite Men’s time trial title race, with Jakob Fuglsang taking the title and leading an all Saxo Bank podium. Alex Rasmussen narrowly missed out on the title, just four seconds behind Fuglsang, but had a relatively large buffer to Michael Mørkøv in third place, a further 22 seconds behind.

Fuglsang had the benefit of pacing himself to Rasmussen’s time checks throughout the race. “The sports director gave me Alex' intermediates on the course,” he said. “First I was three seconds ahead of him. Then I was only two seconds ahead and from then on, I was highly motivated to keep moving and keep pushing myself as I knew we were very close.”

A dominate display by his riders pleased Team Saxo Bank owner Bjarne Riis, who praised Mørkøv’s remarkable move onto the podium. The team had five riders inside the top 10, with Frank Høj Christensen and Chris Anker Sørensen taking sixth and 10th places respectively.

“Naturally, I'm happy and proud to be able to fill the podium with our riders,” said Riis. “Alex and Jakob are expectedly going strong and they really deliver a great performance today.

“But it is truly remarkable to see Michael (Mørkøv) is now among the three best riders in the country. He did a great job and it only confirms that our work with the riders pays off,” he added.

Defending champion Lars Yitting Bak (HTC-Columbia) didn’t live up to his title as the man to beat over the 40 kilometre course, finishing 1:50 minutes behind down in ninth place.


Elite men - 40 km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:49:49.28 
2Alex Rasmussen (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:00:04.54 
3Michael Mørkøv (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:00:26.22 
4Martin Mortensen (Den) Vacansoleil Pro Cycling0:00:55.49 
5Rasmus Christian Quaade (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water0:01:14.20 
6Frank Høj Christensen (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:01:25.36 
7Lasse Bøchman (Den) Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning0:01:27.08 
8Brian Bach Vandborg (Den) Liquigas-Doimo0:01:38.01 
9Lars Ytting Bak (Den) Team HTC Colombia0:01:50.01 
10Chris Anker Sørensen (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:02:01.53 
11Mads Christensen (Den) Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning0:02:17.95 
12Daniel Holm Foder (Den) Team Concordia Forsikring0:02:25.46 
13Jimmi Sørensen (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water0:02:29.72 
14Michael Færk Christensen (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water0:02:30.48 
15Rasmus Guldhammer (Den) Team Columbia - HTC0:02:42.16 
16André Steensen (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:02:48.01 
17Jacob Kollerup (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water0:03:09.58 
18Kristian Haugaard Jensen (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:03:27.65 
19Rasmus Brandstrup Sterobo (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:03:27.68 
20Niki Byrgesen (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water0:03:41.08 
21Søren Pugdahl Pedersen (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:03:59.90 
22Michael Damm Kohberg (Den) Haderslev Starup CK0:04:03.54 
23Mads Lilholm Meyer (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:04:43.91 
24Michael Tronborg (Den) Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning0:04:44.90 
25Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water0:04:56.30 
26Lars Iversen (Den) Viborg Cycling0:04:57.07 
27Mark Sehested Pedersen (Den) Team Reelight - CUBE0:05:02.31 
28Daniel Vestergård Andersen (Den) Team Stenca Trading /M10:05:03.15 
29Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning0:05:07.56 
30Jacob Christiansen (Den) Team ABC0:05:09.57 
31Ricky Enø Jørgensen (Den) Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning0:05:10.09 
32Jesper Hansen (Den) Odder CK0:05:13.08 
33Morten Knudsen (Den) LFCK0:05:43.45 
34Jan Almblad (Den) Team ABC0:05:45.84 
35Heine Hansen (Den) Team Designbrokers - Elite0:05:52.54 
36Kristian Sobota (Den) Team Concordia Forsikring0:05:55.83 
37Rasmus Fjordside Lehrmann (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:05:58.13 
38Rasmus Boje Vendelbo Juliussen (Den) Team ABC0:05:59.55 
39Lars Ejaas (Den) Odder CK0:06:04.31 
40Christian Ranneries (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:06:11.80 
41Nicolai Steensen (Den) Team Concordia Forsikring0:06:14.68 
42Lenni Andersen (Den) Herning CK0:06:31.25 
43Martin Toft Madsen (Den) Lyngby CC0:07:02.32 
44Simon Holm Jacobsen Eiby (Den) Lynby CC0:07:04.21 
45Thomas Guldhammer (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:07:07.35 
46Lasse Lyhne Iversen (Den) Odder CK0:07:09.55 
47Jacob Gye Madsen (Den) Team Stenca Trading /M10:07:39.77 
48Aske Søby (Den) Cykling Odense0:08:00.27 
49Kalle Corneliussen (Den) Team Stenca Trading /M10:08:01.76 
50Martin Hansen (Den) CK Aarhus0:08:13.17 
51Nicolaj Amping (Den) Cykling Odense0:08:18.01 
52Jens Rasmus Knudsen Damgaard (Den) Aalborg CR0:08:57.87 
53Rudi Bredahl Nielsen (Den) Randers CK 19100:09:03.37 
54Jacob Bech Rasmussen (Den) Faaborg Ski og Motionsklub0:09:03.52 
55Morten Myrhøj Monrad Nielsen (Den) CK Aarhus0:09:39.31 
56Kasper Malmkjær (Den) Team EnergiFyn0:09:40.58 
61Michael Ellermann Jæger (Den) Team ABC0:11:47.36 
Junior men - 25 km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lasse Norman Hansen (Den) Team RCR Odense Junior0:33:34.63 
2Michael Valgren Andersen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens0:00:39.20 
3Alexander Mørk (Den) Team Knudsgaard0:01:08.79 
4Jesper Kousgaard (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water Junior0:01:57.25 
5Emil Olsen (Den) Team Designbrokers - Junior0:02:06.46 
6Asbjørn Kragh Andersen (Den) Team Knudsgaard0:02:06.81 
7Daniel Malmros Christiansen (Den) Team RCR Odense Junior0:02:08.73 
8Frederik Thalund Jensen (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water Junior0:02:14.57 
9Peter Mathiesen (Den) Holstebro CC0:02:20.19 
10Rasmus Lenvig Havskov Hansen (Den) DCR Ballerup0:02:22.15 
11Mads Würtz Schmidt (Den) Randers CK 19100:02:28.25 
12Søren Kragh Andersen (Den) Middelfart CC0:02:29.40 
13Casper Folsach (Den) DCR Ballerup0:02:49.94 
14Mads Hardahl (Den) Aalborg CR0:02:59.97 
15Nicolai Brøchner (Den) Team Knudsgaard0:03:09.41 
16Morten Søgaard Madsen (Den) DCR Ballerup0:03:09.47 
17Matias Rosendal Damm (Den) Team Knudsgaard0:03:10.57 
18Anders Damgaard Christiansen (Den) Team RCR Odense Junior0:03:11.61 
19Michel Sandstød (Den) ABC0:03:12.88 
20Alexander Hjortnæs (Den) Hvidovre CK0:03:12.99 
21Magnus Cort Nielsen (Den) Bornholm CC0:03:16.90 
22Dion Jimmy Hansen (Den) Team RCR Odense Junior0:03:18.15 
23Christian Jersild Jensen (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water Junior0:03:21.28 
24Søren Sølvsten Nielsen (Den) Team Knudsgaard0:03:22.82 
25Mathias Dam Westergaard (Den) Aalborg CR0:03:23.90 
26Alexander Kamp (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water Junior0:03:24.28 
27Sebastian Juul (Den) ABC0:03:27.92 
28Martin Grøn (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens0:03:31.37 
29Frederik Bjørke Schwartz (Den) DCR Ballerup0:03:37.05 
30Aske Louring Vorre (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens0:03:41.20 
31Niklas Kjær Runliden (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens0:03:45.27 
32Nicolai Mondrup Jensen (Den) Odder CK0:03:54.51 
33Mads Lillelund Christiansen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens0:03:56.24 
34Mathias Lindberg Mortensen (Den) DCR Ballerup0:04:01.50 
35Casper Degn Larsen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens  
36Mathias Holm Hemmsen (Den) Vejen BC0:04:03.58 
37Ask Nilou Nørgaard (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens0:04:11.26 
38Simon Gaál (Den) Næstved BC0:04:15.46 
39Jimmy Nielsen (Den) Rødekro CC0:04:23.91 
40Steffen Thomsen (Den) DCR Ballerup0:04:24.41 
41Emil Nygaard Vinjebo (Den) Team Cycling Ringsted0:04:30.38 
42Niels Munk Asmussen (Den) Middelfart CC0:04:31.80 
43Niklas Cenholt Østergaard (Den) Holstebro CC0:04:32.94 
44Lucas Udby (Den) Glud & Marstrand Hobro Horsens0:04:34.49 
45Mathias Møller Nielsen (Den) Herning CK0:04:35.58 
46Thomas Nybo Riis (Den) Silkeborg IF Cykling0:04:36.10 
47Jonas Kim Rasmussen (Den) Team Knudsgaard0:04:53.24 
48Kevin Nyberg Simper (Den) ABC0:04:53.54 
49Stefan Linné Jørgensen (Den) Team Designbrokers - Junior0:04:54.25 
50Morten Haugaard Timmermann (Den) Odder CK0:05:00.65 
51Thomas Stenger Føhns (Den) Herning CK0:05:01.65 
52Rasmus Esmann Ginnerup (Den) Thy CR0:05:10.32 
53Mathis Johansson (Den) Nakskov CC0:05:17.41 
54Jannick Berg (Den) DCR Ballerup0:05:17.78 
55Christian Skovlund Christiansen (Den) ABC0:05:31.11 
56Simon Ejebjerg Jensen (Den) Lyngby CC0:05:31.82 
57Oliver Stausholm (Den) Vejle CK0:06:24.75 
58Joachim Heyn (Den) Nakskov CC0:06:26.76 
59Troels Christensen (Den) ABC0:06:27.24 
60Mads Gregersen (Den) Team Knudsgaard0:06:47.51 
61Magnus Hansen (Den) CC Hillerød0:07:09.01 
62Lasse Zink (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water Junior0:07:14.43 
63Rasmus Dalgaard (Den) Team Designa Køkken - Blue Water Junior0:07:14.81 
64Casper Hougaard Jensen (Den) Vejen BC0:07:23.20 
65Jens Hjort Christensen (Den) CK Aarhus0:07:26.83 
66Alexander Engels Ryming (Den) Nr. Søby CK0:08:36.34 
67Rasmus Hestbeck Lund (Den) Team RCR Odense Junior0:11:50.06 
68Dennis Daniel Christensen (Den) ABC0:17:26.90 
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