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Danish Road Championships 2010

Date range:
May 28 - June 27, 2010

June 27, Elite men's road race: 199km

Nicki Sørensen tops Bak in Danish championship

Cycling News
June 27, 2010, 17:22 BST,
June 27, 2010, 20:47 BST

Lund a distant third

Nicki Sørensen won the Danish national road championship in Hebro thank to a decisive attack five kilometres from the finish of the 198km race.

Sørensen beat Lars Bak (HTC-Columbia) by 13 seconds, while his teammate Anders Lund was third at 1:41.

The race was decided after 120km when a front group of quality riders formed and took control of the race. Defending champion Matti Breschel was there, as were Sørensen, Lund and Chris Anker Sørensen.

Sørensen and Bak went clear and then Sørensen made his lone move to win alone and take his third Danish title.

"The team worked superbly all way through the race and my teammates made my dream about a third national championship come true," he said.

"I wanted to reach the finish line alone so I kept attacking until I went clear. Even though the course wasn't too tough I knew I was in good shape. I have been giving time to build it up slowly for the Tour de France and now I'm ready. It's always an honour wearing the flag on my back.”

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Nicki Sørensen (Team Saxo Bank) 4:32:53  
2 Lars Bak (Team HTC Colombia) 0:00:13  
3 Anders Lund (Team Saxo Bank) 0:01:41  
4 Martin Mortensen (Vacansoleil Pro Cycling) 0:01:49  
5 Chris Anker Sørensen (Team Saxo Bank)    
6 Mads Christensen (Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning) 0:01:51  
7 Matti Breschel (Team Saxo Bank) 0:02:34  
8 René Jørgensen (Team Designa Køkken Blue Water)    
9 Michael Berling (Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning)    
10 Jakob Bering (Team EnergiFyn) 0:02:04  
11 Michael Mørkøv (Team Saxo Bank) 0:03:08  
12 Frank Høj (Team Saxo Bank)    
13 Daniel Foder (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)    
14 Kaspar Schjønnemann (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)    
15 Niki Østergaard-Nielsen (Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning)    
16 Christopher Juul-Jensen (Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning)    
17 Mathias Lisson (Team Designa Køkken Blue Water) 0:03:14  
18 Jacob Nielsen (Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning)    
19 Marc Hester (Sorø BC) 0:03:21  
20 Jens-Erik Madsen (Team Designa Køkken Blue Water) 0:03:52  
21 Rudi Bredahl Nielsen (Randers CK 1910)    
22 Nicki Rasmussen (Team Stenca Trading /M1)    
23 Niki Byrgesen (Team Designa Køkken Blue Water) 0:04:49  
24 Alex Rasmussen (Team Saxo Bank) 0:04:54  
25 Thomas Vedel Kvist (Quickstep Innergetic)    
26 Martin Pedersen (Footon Servetto Fuji)    
27 Morten Øllegaard (Team Stenca Trading /M1)    
28 Michael Smith Larsen (Team Stenca Trading /M1)    
29 Brian Bach Vandborg (Liquigas)    
30 Peder Jacobsen (CC Hillerød)    
31 Nikola Aistrup (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)    
32 Kristian Haugaard Jensen (Team EnergiFyn)    
33 André Steensen (Team Saxo Bank)    
34 Rasmus Andersen (Team Designbrokers (Elite)    
35 Ricky Enø Jørgensen (Team Glud & Marstrand / LRØ Rådgivning)    
36 Jesper Odgaard Nielsen (Team Stenca Trading /M1)    
37 Thomas Just (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)    
38 Mark Sehested Pedersen (Team Reelight CUBE)    
39 Michael Larsen (CK Århus)    
40 Nicolaj Foulum Olesen (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)    
41 Kasper Klostergaard Larsen (Team Saxo Bank)    
42 Rasmus Guldhammer (Team HTC Colombia)    
43 Morten Knudsen (CCI Differdange)    
44 Jacob Christiansen (Team ABC)    
45 Stig Hemmingsen (Team Designbrokers Elite)    
46 Jesper Hansen (Odder CK)    
47 Mikkel Mortensen (Team Bonnat 91)    
48 Jesper Mørkøv (Team Bonnat 91)    
49 Thomas Riber-Sellebjerg (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)    
50 Mads Lilholm Meyer (Team EnergiFyn)    
51 Heine Hansen (Team Designbrokers (Elite)    
52 Michael Kaiser (Team Designbrokers (Elite)    
53 Philip Nielsen (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)    
54 Jonas Aaen Jørgensen (Team Saxo Bank)    
55 Michael Ellermann Jæger (Team ABC )