Turk dominates Croatian title race

Kirsic takes women's title by over 13 minutes

150 competitors lined up in the village of Saint Martin, near Buzet, for the Croatian National Championship on Sunday. Although the area had been experience high temperatures in the days prior, on race day, a major storm hit Buzet. That mean tough, muddy conditions.

Filip Turk won the combined elite and U23 race although he was also the best U23 racer while Pavao Roset was the best elite rider.

Andrea Kirsic won the elite women's race while Robi Sujevic topped the junior category.

The race was organized by the Cycling Club "Buzet".


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Filip Turk (Cro)2:15:52 
2Pavao Roset (Cro)0:04:15 
3Dani Simcic (Cro)0:08:06 
4Josip Domjancic (Cro)0:09:56 
5Milo Pilski (Cro)0:20:00 
6Saša Pocuca (Cro)0:26:11 
7Goran Magdic (Cro)0:26:37 
8Bojan Miklenic (Cro)0:27:58 
9Dragan Drascic (Cro)0:32:53 
10Tomislav Filipcic (Cro)  
11Ales Hrvatin (Cro)  
12Marin Prodan (Cro)  
13Roman Cotra (Cro)  
14Andrija Sipek (Cro)  
15Adriano Drzic (Cro)  
16Jasmin Alispahic (Cro)  
17Antun Smolica (Cro)  
DNFSanjin Sirotic (Cro)  
DNFBojan Rafaj (Cro)  
DNFVelimir Kokot (Cro)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Kirsic (Cro)2:07:33 
2Antonela Ferencic (Cro)0:13:30 
3Iva Bozac (Cro)0:15:40 
4Ana Turk (Cro)0:27:47 
5Tina Bertetic (Cro)  
6Martina Petretic (Cro)  
7Eva Bane (Cro)  
Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robi Sujevic (Cro)1:53:05 
2Matija Jaušovec (Cro)0:12:22 
3Patrik Koscak (Cro)0:14:28 


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