Gauvin and Miller win in Mont Tremblant

Canadian National Series opens with first round of downhill

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Remi Gauvin (Can)0:03:47.40 
2Kyle Sangers (Can)0:00:03.00 
3Matthew Beer (Can)0:00:03.40 
4Forrest Riesco (Can)0:00:08.30 
5Mckay Vezina (Can)0:00:08.60 
6Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Can)0:00:09.30 
7Matthew Nielsen (Can)0:00:12.90 
8Adriano Digiacinto (Can)0:00:15.50 
9Lee Jackson (Can)0:00:17.20 
10Andy Thibodeau (Can)0:00:18.10 
11Samuel Vallee (Can)0:00:19.70 
12Benoit Rioux (Can)  
13Nick Geddes (Can)0:00:20.10 
14Jeffery Bryson (Can)0:00:20.30 
15Matthew Hardwick (Can)0:00:20.40 
16Jamie Biluk (Can)0:00:20.50 
17Samuel Thibault (Can)0:00:20.70 
18Mathieu Lagrange (Can)0:00:22.40 
19James Frost (Can)0:00:22.70 
20Samuel Lagrange (Can)0:00:23.80 
21Sidney Slotegraaf (Can)0:00:24.30 
22Simon Dallain (Can)0:00:24.80 
23Jayson Giorio (Can)0:00:25.70 
24Benjamin Despres-Morin (Can)0:00:26.30 
25Nicolas Konow (Can)0:00:26.40 
26Jeff Faulds (Can)0:00:26.60 
27Michael Hermanovsky (Can)0:00:27.10 
28Hayden Genoud (Can)0:00:28.00 
29Rob Carmichael (Can)0:00:28.10 
30Hugo Langevin (Can)0:00:28.30 
31William Viens (Can)0:00:28.60 
32Julien Laramée (Can)0:00:28.80 
33Nik Dunn (Can)0:00:28.90 
34Maxime Giguere (Can)0:00:29.30 
35Dan Bruxer (Can)0:00:29.70 
36Vincent Poliseno (Can)0:00:30.30 
37Guillaume Laramée (Can)0:00:30.60 
38James Jeannet-Chipman (Can)0:00:30.90 
39Maxime Fortin Faubert (Can)0:00:31.60 
40David Fontaine (Can)0:00:31.80 
41Joey Jenkins (Can)0:00:32.30 
42Dominick Menard (Can)0:00:33.10 
43Benjamin Yeager (Can)0:00:33.20 
44Jordan Lapointe (Can)0:00:34.00 
45Bastien Major (Can)0:00:35.20 
46Robin Potvin (Can)0:00:36.20 
47Marc Poirier (Can)0:00:36.50 
48Sebastian Lutz (Can)0:00:38.80 
49Mitchell Okeefe (Can)0:00:39.50 
50Simon Chapdelaine (Can)0:00:39.60 
51Brad Zdriluk (Can)0:00:41.10 
52Cedrick Poulson (Can)0:00:43.10 
53Alexandre Carbonneau (Can)0:00:43.20 
54Thomas Doyle (Can)0:00:43.70 
55Nick Hanlon (Can)0:00:47.80 
56Patrick Pare-Martin (Can)0:00:48.80 
57Jacob Berry (Can)0:00:49.50 
58Hans Lambert (Can)0:00:51.90 
59Dakota Boyer (Can)0:00:52.80 
60Arnaud Auger (Can)0:00:53.90 
61Jeff D'oliveira (Can)0:00:55.30 
62Quinn Lanzon (Can)0:00:59.40 
63Raphaël Baril (Can)0:01:01.40 
64Oskar Andersen (Can)0:01:05.30 
65Anton Urtan (Can)0:01:06.60 
66Nick Bernard (Can)0:01:14.10 
67Mark Fagnan (Can)0:01:15.50 
68Elliott Watson (Can)0:01:17.00 
69Mark Battiston (Can)0:01:18.30 
70Arturo Fransolet (Can)0:01:24.10 
71Desmond Jones (Can)0:01:35.40 
72Samuel Cyr (Can)0:01:49.80 
73Yohan Gauthier-Keurentjes (Can)0:03:15.20 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Miranda Miller (Can)0:04:24.70 
2Vaea Verbeeck (Can)0:00:22.00 
3Kristen Courtney (Can)0:00:24.60 
4Anne Laplante (Can)0:00:30.80 
5Kim Huard (Can)0:00:36.30 
6Jaime Hill (Can)0:00:38.70 
7Lindsay Trimble (Can)0:00:44.50 
8Audrée Vaillancourt (Can)0:01:18.00 
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