Riesco and Gatto win at Sun Peaks

Results from latest Canada Cup downhill round

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Forrest Riesco (Can)0:04:23.05 
2Mark Wallace (Can)0:00:00.66 
3Kyle Sangers (Can)0:00:01.51 
4Chris Kovarik (Aus)0:00:03.10 
5Remi Gauvin (Can)0:00:03.61 
6Kirk Mcdowall (Can)0:00:04.37 
7Mckay Vezina (Can)0:00:05.47 
8Daniel Sims (NZl)0:00:06.46 
9Bas Van Steenbergen (Can)0:00:07.37 
10Luke Stevens (Can)0:00:08.28 
11Matt Nielsen (Can)0:00:08.42 
12Adriano Digiacinto (Can)0:00:09.22 
13Jack Iles (Can)0:00:09.26 
14Matthew Beer (Can)0:00:09.42 
15Sidney Slotegrant (Can)0:00:09.48 
16Lee Jackson (Can)0:00:09.81 
17Jordan Hodder (Can)0:00:09.87 
18Rob Fraser (Can)0:00:10.46 
19Hugo Langevin (Can)0:00:11.06 
20Nick Geddes (Can)  
21Alexander Geddes (Can)0:00:11.14 
22Julien Laramée (Can)0:00:11.50 
23Robert Venables (Can)0:00:11.79 
24Stuart Dickson (Can)0:00:11.92 
25Jamie Biluk (Can)0:00:12.66 
26Cameron Porteous (Can)0:00:12.92 
27Shawn Neer (USA)0:00:12.96 
28Nick Grimm (Can)0:00:14.06 
29Dean Tennant (Can)0:00:14.33 
30Samuel Thibault (Can)0:00:14.72 
31Jayson Giorio (Can)0:00:15.79 
32Drew Pautler (Can)0:00:16.16 
33Matthew Hardwick (Can)0:00:16.19 
34Braeden Onciul (Can)0:00:17.09 
35Benoit Rioux (Can)0:00:18.10 
36Regan Hogelie (Can)0:00:18.15 
37Chayse Marshall (Can)0:00:18.16 
38Chris Bennett (Aus)0:00:18.17 
39Philippe Ricard (Can)0:00:18.88 
40Sheldon Smith (Can)  
41Spencer Graf (Can)0:00:19.29 
42Branden Ostoforoff (Can)0:00:19.74 
43Kip Shortreed (Can)0:00:20.29 
44Taylor Rowlands (Can)0:00:20.67 
45Evan Blackwell (Can)0:00:21.66 
46Jeremy Mcdowell (Can)0:00:21.77 
47Ewan Farfard (Can)0:00:22.03 
48Cody Macarthur (Can)0:00:22.58 
49Sebastian Lutz (Can)0:00:22.67 
50Benjamin Yeager (Can)0:00:23.00 
51Thomas Doyle (Can)0:00:23.46 
52Garrett Maclntosh (Can)0:00:23.82 
53James Frost (Can)0:00:24.75 
54Tim Coleman (Can)0:00:25.83 
55Daniel Anderson (Can)0:00:26.04 
56Cody Ratte (Can)0:00:26.90 
57Jay Boysen (Can)0:00:28.32 
58Anthony Evans (Can)0:00:31.02 
59Lsaac Marangoni (Can)0:00:31.82 
60Nik Dunn (Can)0:00:32.03 
61Nik Dunn (Can)0:00:33.11 
62Rob Chapman (Can)0:00:35.09 
63Hayden Genoud (Can)0:00:35.66 
64Wyatt Kelln (Can)0:00:36.27 
65Kyle Quesnel (Can)0:00:36.84 
66Dylan Hoover (Can)0:00:39.35 
67Mitchell Okeefe (Can)0:00:40.38 
68Alexander Macmillan (Can)0:00:43.30 
69Takoda Crawford (Can)0:00:43.81 
70Tyler Gregson (Can)0:00:44.05 
71Eric Smeeton (Can)0:00:45.46 
72Sandy Thompson (Can)0:00:50.79 
73Nick Chappell-Moss (Can)0:00:54.78 
74Benjamin Despres-Morin (Can)0:00:56.57 
75Dakota Boyer (Can)0:00:58.32 
76Cameron Storcheski (Can)0:01:45.07 
77Jeffery Bryson (Can)0:04:31.39 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Micayla Gatto (Can)0:04:50.56 
2Casey Brown (Can)0:00:01.10 
3Miranda Miller (Can)0:00:04.19 
4Claire Buchar (Can)0:00:11.84 
5Vaea Verbeeck (Can)0:00:13.07 
6Jaime Hill (Can)0:00:31.54 
7Bernadine Jacques (Can)0:00:42.11 
8Kristen Courtney (Can)0:00:50.03 
9Lindsay Trimble (Can)0:00:51.64 
10Veronika Voracek (Can)0:00:57.44 
11Kristen Smart (Can)0:01:01.70 
12Kirby Mclean (Can)0:01:09.11 
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