Chloe Hosking wins Commonwealth Games road race

Australian beats Georgia Williams and Dani Rowe to the line in sprint finish

Australia continued its domination of the cycling events at the Commonwealth Games on Saturday, with Chloe Hosking winning the women's road race after her team controlled the race from start to finish. Georgia Williams of New Zealand won the silver medal and Danielle Rowe of Wales won bronze.

The women rode six laps of the 18.7 kilometre circuit around Currumbin Beach, south of Gold Coast. The course featured two climbs per lap and a gusty wind discouraged breakaways.

Kimberley Ashton of Jersey was the only rider to attempt a break, gaining approximately a minute and a half before the Australian-led peloton reeled her in after two laps at the front.

From that point on, it was a race of attrition, with the field whittled down on each climb as the Australians set a high tempo. By the final lap it was down to 13 riders at the front, including four Australians, three New Zealanders, two each from England and Wales, and one each from Scotland and Cyprus.

Hosking came up the right side from 150 metres out after a lead-out from teammate Tiffany Cromwell. With Williams on her wheel, and Rowe to her left, she won by a bike length.

"It was just pure relief," said Hosking. "It's so special to have won on home soil. I wish all six of the girls could have 'Commonwealth Games winner' on their CV. I really couldn't have won without them.

"Lots of people say road cycling at the Commonwealth Games is not a big deal, but you know what? I'm Commonwealth champion and it's a big fucking deal."

THE HOLY WEEK - Excerpt from Cyclingnews Films on Vimeo.


#Rider Name (Country) Result
1Chloe Hosking (Australia)3:02:18 
2Georgia Williams (New Zealand)  
3Danielle Rowe (Wales)  
4Sharlotte Lucas (New Zealand)  
5Sarah Roy (Australia)  
6Tiffany Cromwell (Australia)0:00:03 
7Elinor Barker (Wales)0:00:07 
8Neah Evans (Scotland)0:00:08 
9Melissa Lowther (England)  
10Hayley Simmonds (England)0:00:11 
11Antri Christoforou (Cyprus)0:00:13 
12Linda Villumsen (New Zealand)0:00:25 
13Katrin Garfoot (Australia)0:00:29 
14Eleanor Dickinson (England)0:01:14 
15Vera Adrian (Namibia)  
16Abigail Van Twisk (England)  
17Annie Foreman-Mackey (Canada)  
18Elizabeth Holden (Isle of Man)  
19Kate Mcilroy (New Zealand)  
20Kimberley Ashton (Jersey)  
21Michelle Vorster (Namibia)  
22Gracie Elvin (Australia)  
23Katie Archibald (Scotland)0:01:20 
24Shannon Malseed (Australia)0:03:22 
25Stephanie Roorda (Canada)  
26Rushlee Buchanan (New Zealand)  
27Megan Barker (Wales)0:05:58 
28Anna Christian (Isle of Man)  
29Allison Beveridge (Canada)0:08:41 
30Kimberley Le Court De Billot (Mauritius)  
31Helen Ralston (Jersey)0:10:30 
32Lydia Boylan (Northern Ireland)  
33Aurelie Halbwachs (Mauritius)0:10:39 
DNFEileen Roe (Scotland)  
DNFEmily Kay (England)  
DNFJessica Roberts (Wales)  
DNFManon Lloyd (Wales)  
DNFAriane Bonhomme (Canada)  
DNFBryony Botha (New Zealand)  
DNFEileen Burns (Northern Ireland)  
DNFIsla Short (Scotland)  
DNFHayley Jones (Wales)  
DNFEmily Nelson (England)  
DNFKinley Gibson (Canada)  
DNFKarina Jackson (Guernsey)  
DNFMagnifique Manizabayo (Rwanda)  
DNFBeatha Ingabire (Rwanda)  
DNFAlicia Thompson (Belize)  
DNFLouise Haston (Scotland)  

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