Simes takes home the Capitol Cup

Lea narrowly misses out

 Jackie Simes (Jamis-Sutter Home) outpaced Bobby Lea (Bahati Foundation) in a two-man dash to the line to win the Capitol Cup Criterium, round six of the USA Crits Series held in Washington D.C. on Sunday. His teammate Frank Travieso won the bunch sprint for third place.

“Lea attacked over the last hill and I followed him so it was just the two of us in the last few laps,” Simes said. “Bobby had to take the front and lead it out because I had teammates back in the field. I was able to sit on and come around him with 200 metres to go. I’ve won a few small races this year but this is my first big one.”

Clayton Barrows (AXA Equitable) is currently leading the USA Crits Series.

The professional men’s field was treated to a challenging 1.3-kilometre circuit that included seven corners with the start-finish line located on the famed Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.

“It was a long race today,” Simes said. “The course wasn’t too technical though. It was pretty hot, in the 90s, and everyone was feeling that. The race was really aggressive and there were a lot of breaks. But they were being brought back quickly. At the end riders started to crack.”

After an aggressive race, a breakaway containing six riders snapped off the front with six-laps to go and included both Simes and Lea. Lea attacked over the circuit’s short hill with three laps to go and Simes was the only one able to follow. The pair maintained a slim 10-second margin ahead of the field for the remaining two laps.

“It was a long, hot race today,” Lea said. “I actually thought it might come down to a bunch kick because it was so close. I was happy that Jackie came along with me because I knew he was strong and that his team wasn’t going to chase.”

Lea lead the duo around the final lap, Simes was absolved of having to contribute to the work load because he had a strong Jamis-Sutter Home squad capable of winning the field sprint behind. Simes attacked Lea with 200 meters to go to win the race.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jackie Simes (USA) Jamis Sutter Home1:47:05 
2Bobby Lea (USA) Start Cycling-Bahati Composite-0:00:01 
3Frank Travieso (USA) Jamis Sutter Home0:00:05 
4Yosvany Falcon (USA) Start Cycling-Bahati Composite-  
5Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Jamis Sutter Home  
6Isaac Howe (USA) Mountain Khakis  
7Mauricio Frazer (Arg) Start Cycling-Bahati Composite-  
8Scott Zwizanski (USA) Kelley Benefits Strategies  
9Nick Bennette (USA) Metlife P/B Grosolar0:00:06 
10Diego Garavito (Col) Aerocat  
11Andy Guptill (USA) Jamis Sutter Home  
12Edwin Bull (USA) Vandessel Factory Team  
13Lisan Quintero (USA) Crca/Foundation  
14Mark Hekman (USA) Mountain Khakis  
15Thomas Brown (USA) Mountain Khakis  
16Clayton Barrows (USA) Axa Equitable  
17Roberto Torres Aguiar (PRc) Champion System Racing  
18Brian Toone (USA) Cycle Life Composite  
19Jamie Kimberley (USA) Kbs/Lsv  
20Jacob Mueller (USA) Kbs/Lsv0:00:07 
21Chris Monteleone (USA) Kenda Pb Geargrinder  
22Neil Bezdek (USA) Mountain Khakis  
23Gavriel Epstein (USA) Crca/Foundation  
24Igor Volshteyn (USA) Champion System Racing  
25Jared Nieters (USA) Haymarket Bicycles/Home  
26Jay Moglia (USA) Cycle Life Composite  
27Alexander Bremer (USA) Metlife P/B Grosolar  
28Tony Taylor (USA) Zephyr Cycling Team  
29David Gutterplan (USA) Mountain Khakis  
30Keck Baker (USA) Battley Harley Davidson  
31Todd Hesel (USA) Kbs/Lsv  
32Ryan Dewald (USA) Haymarket Bicycles/Home  
33Daniel Zmolik (USA) Axa Equitable  
34John Delong (USA) Cycle Life Composite0:00:08 
35Nate Wilson (USA) Kbs/Lsv  
36Austin Roach (USA) Metlife P/B Grosolar  
37Scottie Weiss (USA) Kenda Pb Geargrinder  
38Michael Margarite (USA) Axa Equitable  
39Dennis Aleman (Arg) Start Cycling-Bahati Composite-0:00:09 
40Clay Murfet (Aus) Vandessel Factory Team  
41Andrew Armstrong (USA) Metlife P/B Grosolar0:00:10 
42John Loehner (USA) Axa Equitable0:00:11 
43Kevin Gottlieb (USA) Kbs/Lsv0:00:13 
44Gabe Lloyd (USA) Metlife P/B Grosolar  
45Jason Meidhof (USA) Cycle Life Composite0:00:14 
46Reid Mumford (USA) Kelley Benefits Strategies  
47Guy East (USA) Kelley Benefits Strategies  
48Mason Hymes (USA) Battley Harley Davidson0:00:15 
49Nick Bax (USA) Cycle Life Composite0:00:18 
50Tim Rugg (USA) Battley Harley Davidson0:00:33 
51Jake Hollenbach (USA) Axa Equitable0:00:46 
52Ryan Fleming (USA) Metlife P/B Grosolar0:00:47 
53Guido Palma (Arg) Jamis Sutter Home  


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