Van Steenbergen wins Canadian Cup downhill in Mont Tremblant

Courtney fastest among the women


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bas Van Steenbergen (Can)0:04:19.82 
2Bryden Rigets (Can)0:00:01.90 
3Hugo Langevin (Can)0:00:02.16 
4Jonathan Lefrancois (Can)0:00:03.61 
5Rob Fraser (Can)0:00:04.19 
6Kirk Mcdowall (Can)0:00:04.48 
7Samuel Thibault (Can)0:00:04.84 
8Mckay Vezina (Can)0:00:06.72 
9Forrest Riesco (Can)0:00:08.74 
10Andy Thibodeau (Can)0:00:09.33 
11Mathieu Lagrange (Can)0:00:11.25 
12Philippe Ricard (Can)0:00:14.59 
13Benoit Rioux (Can)0:00:15.24 
14Benjamin Despres-Morin (Can)0:00:18.75 
15Samuel Lagrange (Can)0:00:19.28 
16Taylor Rowlands (Can)0:00:20.75 
17Simon Dallain (Can)0:00:23.06 
18Julien Laramée (Can)0:00:26.06 
19Samuel Vallee (Can)0:00:31.11 
20Jeff Faulds (Can)0:00:31.14 
21Maxime Fortin Faubert (Can)0:00:32.26 
22Simon Chapdelaine (Can)0:00:34.23 
23James Jeannet-Chipman (Can)0:00:37.77 
24Sheldon Smith (Can)0:00:38.13 
25Mitchell O'keefe (Can)0:00:39.26 
26James Frost (Can)0:00:41.44 
27Alexandre Carbonneau (Can)0:00:42.45 
28Josh Toohill (Can)0:00:42.64 
29Etienne Heyburn (Can)0:00:46.52 
30Rob Carmichael (Can)0:00:48.38 
31Dakota Boyer (Can)0:00:56.09 
32Oskar Andersen (Can)0:01:16.95 
33Mark Battiston (Can)0:01:20.14 
34Elliott Watson (Can)0:01:35.38 
35Dylan Morley (Can)0:02:18.83 
36Mark Wallace (Can)0:02:24.84 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristen Courtney (Can)0:05:39.07 
2Danice Uyesugi (Can)0:00:14.88 
3Audrée Vaillancourt (Can)0:00:58.43 
4Jenn Leblanc (Can)0:01:16.94 
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