Peckham honoured on AVC night two

Bay Area's fallen friend remembered with memorial points race

Saturday started early in the morning with flying 200m sprint qualifications. The nine fastest in every field qualified for the sprint tournament.

Men 200m

US National Champion Jimmy Watkins set a new Hellyer Velodrome track record with 10.84 sec.

1 Jimmy Watkins 10.84
2 Giddeon Massie 11.34
3 Karl Erickson 11.39
4 Peter Billington 11.42
5 Daniel Walker 11.5
6 Giovanni Rey 11.57
7 Kelyn Akuna 11.61
8 Stephen McLaughry 11.64
9 Allen Vugrincic 11.84
10 Michal Rohon 11.85
11 Sam Milroy 11.9
12 Nicholas Harter 11.95

Women 200m

Australian Scratch Champion Laura McCaughey set the fastest time for the women. US National Sprint Champion Cari Higgins did not start after her crash on Friday.

1 Laura McCaughey 12.5
2 Jen Featheringill 12.8
3 Elisabeth Williams 12.86
4 Tela Crane 12.95
5 Cristin Walker 13
6 Elizabeth Newell 13.1
7 Annabell Holland 13.2
8 Andrea Fisk 13.4
9 Shelby Reynolds 13.5
10 Kendi Thomas 13.7
11 Heather VanValkenburg 13.8
12 Jane Chateaubriand 14.1
13 Camille Hook 14.3

Master 200m and San Jose Bicycle Club Master Sprint

The master men finalized their sprint tournament before lunch as they had Keirin racing coming up in the afternoon.

1 Stephen McLaughry 11.6
2 Brian Abers 11.9
3 Terry Tenettte 12.2
4 Mark Godfrey 12.3
5 Pekka Jaske 12.5
6 Andreas Vogel 12.5
7 Arden Arindaeng 12.6
8 Mark Rodamaker 12.6
9 John Simmons 12.7
10 Alex Millar 12.8
11 Tim Montagne 12.9
12 Gavin Scholle 13

Portland's men swept the podium:

1 Stephen McLaughry
2 Brian Abers
3 Mark Godfrey
4 Pekka Jaske
5 Arden Arindaeng

The afternoon session started with the men and women sprint finals.

Milroy Construction Men's Sprints

Jimmy Watkins was clearly beating Olympian and Friday night's Keirin winner Giddeon Massie. The race for bronze was much closer, but eventually up-and-coming Daniel Walker won 2:0 over Kelyn Akuna.

1 Jimmy Watkins
2 Giddeon Massie
3 Daniel Walker
4 Kelyn Akuna
5 Peter Billington

Zin Surgical Women's Sprints

The women's sprint was a down-under affair. Australian Laura McCaughey was beating recovering Kiwi sprinter Liz Williams 2:0. Jen Featheringill took third.

1 Laura McCaughey
3 Elisabeth Williams
2 Jen Featheringill
4 Tela Crane
5 Cristin Walker

Sport Velo Women's Miss & Out

As in Friday night's Point race, this was battle between home favorite and world Cup bronze medalist Shelley Olds and Australian Laura McCaughey and Laura prevailed again.

1 Laura McCaughey
2 Shelley Olds
3 Jennifer Triplett
4 Cari Higgins
5 Beth Newell
6 Karla Kingsley
7 Kira Prokopakis
8 Cristin Walker
9 Liz Williams
10 Kendi Thomas

Testarossa Men's Scratch

Local Hellyer track star and World Cup bronze medalist Dan Holloway, escaped from the field early on and managed to gain a lap on the field. Hayden Godfrey won the field sprint for second.

1 Dan Holloway
2 Hayden Godfrey
3 Grant Boursaw
4 Steven Beardsley
5 Steve Pelaez
6 Iggy Silva
7 Ryan Luttrell
8 David McCook
9 Maurice Monge
10 Giovanni Rey
11 Brian Peterson
12 Derek Dixon

Western Athletic Clubs Master Keirin

Hellyer's Brian Peterson attacked right after the motor came off, took the lead and stayed in the front all the way ti the finish line.

1 Brian Peterson
2 Stephen McLaughry
3 Mark Godfrey
4 Brian Abers
5 John Simmons
6 Mark Rodamaker
7 Michael Hernandez

Testarossa Women's Scratch

This race was a great example of team tactics: while everyone was expecting another duel between Shelley Olds and Laura McCaughey, Shelley team mate Hanan Alves-Hyde went off with Julia Manley and Tela Crane, eventually outsprinting her two break-away companions.

1 Hanan Alves-Hyde
2 Julia Manley
3 Tela Crane
4 Laura McCaughey
5 Shelley Olds
6 Jennifer Triplett
7 Cari Higgins
8 Andrea Fisk
9 Jen Featheringill
10 Emily Charbonneau Master Points Race

This was a classic battle between sprinters and enduros. While 8 riders took points in the first two sprints, local pursuiter Michael Hutchison took off winning the other two sprints.

1 Michael Hutchinson
2 Pekka Jaske
3 Daryl Hemenway
4 James Keiser
5 Aaron Hunter
6 John Simmons
7 Michael Hernandez
8 Brandon Correia
9 Andrew Nevitt

John Peckham Memorial Men's Points Race

Before the night's last race was started, NCVA President Brian Peterson remembered friend and team member John Peckham.
James Stangeland won the first sprint and he could score 3 more times which was enough for a decisive win. Dan Holloway and Jame Carney battled out silver and bronze.

1 James Stangeland
2 Dan Holloway
3 Jame Carney
4 Grant Boursaw
5 Steve Pelaez
6 Benjamin Jacques-Maynes
7 Iggy Silva
8 Giddeon Massie
9 Jason Allen
10 Karl Erickson
11 Ryan Luttrell

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