Henao wins Vuelta a Colombia

Teammate Sevilla wins Medellín time trial finale

The sun was shining Sunday in the city of the eternal spring as Sergio Luis Henao hoisted the winner's trophy of the 2010 Vuelta a Colombia over his head, after stage 14's time trial through the streets of Medellín.

Family and friends surrounded Henao, the local favorite, after he won his first Vuelta a Colombia in an impressive fashion, beating second place and Indeportes Antioquia teammate Óscar Sevilla by 1:49 on general classification. Loteria de Boyacá's Jose Rujano finished third, 3:02 back on Henao.

"I've trained very hard for this and hopefully I have a big future in cycling," Henao said.

Not one of the pre-race favorites, Henao claimed the tri-color leader's jersey after stage one's team time trial and again on stage nine when then-race leader Sevilla fell on the day's final climb.

The 23-year-old Henao proved his win was no fluke by taking two stages, including stage 10 that passed over the famed La Linea climb, and fending off attack after attack from his rival Rujano.

The Venezuelan Rujano, who won last year's Vuelta a Colombia, tried time and again to shake Henao in the mountains but had little success. For his efforts Rujano did come away with top spot in the King of the Mountains competition.

"First I'd like to congratulate Sergio Luis and his team," Rujano said. "I tried to fight but I have a big rival in him. I gave it my best effort this year, but Sergio Luis is a great rider."

Going into the Vuelta's final stage, a 34km time trial, Henao's victory was more or less guaranteed, as he sat over three minutes ahead of both Rujano and teammate Sevilla. However at the start of the day only 37 seconds separated second place from fifth place, so the other two podium spots were up for grabs.

As rider's hit the flat course, Colombia es Pasión's premier sprinter Juan Pablo Forero took an early lead in the stage but GW Shimano's Marlon Pérez quickly changed that.

The 34-year-old former U-19 points race World Champion rolled through Medellín's streets and crossed the finish line near the city's Giradot Sports Complex with a time of 42:59.

Pérez's time held as rider after rider crossed the line, with EPM-UNE's Juan Pablo Suarez coming the closest to Pérez at 20 seconds back.

However with the top five positions in the GC so hotly contested, it was almost assured that these riders would be firing on all cylinders and they did not disappoint. The main battle that people were watching was the duel for second place between Sevilla and Rujano, who at the day's start were separated by only nine seconds.

The battle turned out to be very one-sided as Sevilla tore through the course, finishing the stage in 41:56, 1:03 faster then second place Pérez. Rujano did not ride poorly as he finished third on the day and only one second behind Pérez, but Sevilla rode like a man possessed and seemed impossible to beat.

"I'm very happy to win this stage, but I'm more happy for Sergio Luis," Sevilla said. "He's a young, great talent."

Henao was the last rider to leave the start house and even with his cushy lead he didn't rest on his laurels, as he finished the stage with a fist pump and tied for fourth place, 1:23 seconds behind Sevilla.

Henao resumed the Colombian domination in their home tour, after Rujano last year became only the third foreigner to win one of the hardest races in the cycling calendar. His is also only the seventh rider from Colombia's cycling-rich Antioquia department to win the Vuelta a Colombia.

He dedicated the win to his father, who said that he knew his son would be a cyclist when he was in the womb.

"I'm going to give the trophy to my father because he was that one that trained me to be a cyclist," Henao said.

Full Results
1Oscar Sevilla (Spa) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:41:56 
2Marlon Perez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:01:03 
3Jose Rujano (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca0:01:04 
4Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE0:01:23 
5Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin  
6Victor Hugo Peña (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:01:25 
7Elder Herrera (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:01:33 
8Carlos Alzate (Col) Super Giros0:01:43 
9Fabio Duarte (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:01:45 
10Alex Cano (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:01:52 
11Juan Pablo Villegas (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:01:53 
12Jaime Suaza (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:01:56 
13Mauricio Casas (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:02:04 
14Freddy Montaña (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:02:09 
15Ivan Parra (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:02:10 
16Julian Rodas (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:02:11 
17Luis Felipe Laverde (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:02:17 
18Israel Ochoa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:02:18 
19Gregorio Ladino (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:02:28 
20Victor Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:02:31 
21Mauricio Ortega (Col) EPM-UNE0:02:37 
22Francisco Colorado (Col) EPM-UNE0:02:40 
23John Freddy Parra (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:02:42 
24Rodolfo Torres (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:02:45 
25Stiber Ortiz (Col) EPM-UNE0:02:46 
26Geovanni Chacon (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:02:58 
27Jairo Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:03:04 
28Edwin Parra (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:03:07 
29Jorge Martinez (Col) EPM-UNE0:03:10 
30Jair Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:03:11 
31Juan Pablo Forero (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:03:12 
32Edgar Fonseca (Col) Loteria de Boyaca0:03:14 
33Freddy Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:03:22 
34Jannier Acevedo (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:03:28 
35Javier Gonzalez (Col) EPM-UNE0:03:34 
36Dalivier Ospina (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:03:43 
37Libardo Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:03:44 
38Darwin Atapuma (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:03:46 
39Diego Quintero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:03:48 
40Carlos Betancourt (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:03:54 
41Fredy Piamonte (Col) EPM-UNE0:03:59 
42Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin  
43John Martinez (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:04:04 
44Wilson Marentes (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:04:06 
45Rafael Montiel (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:04:13 
46Hernan Buenahora (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:04:20 
47Remberto Jaramillo (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:04:25 
48Hebert Gutierrez (Col) Super Giros0:04:33 
49Mauricio Neisa (Col) Loteria de Boyaca0:04:34 
50Jorge Duarte (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:04:39 
51Alejandro Serna (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:04:51 
52Fernando Camargo (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:04:56 
53Jaime Castañeda (Col) EPM-UNE  
54Diego Calderon (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:05:10 
55Jaime Vergara (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:05:29 
56Edwin Sandoval (Col) Super Giros0:05:33 
57Graciano Fonseca (Col) Loteria de Boyaca0:06:00 
58Victor Hugo Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler  
59Samuel Cabrera (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo0:06:02 
60Alvaro Gomez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:06:03 
61Edson Calderon (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional0:06:18 
62Wilson Zambrano (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:06:20 
63Emiro Matta (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:06:27 
64Juan Alejandro Garcia (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:06:33 
65Giovanni Balsero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:06:34 
66Oscar Solis (Bol) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:06:36 
67Camilo Gomez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:06:37 
68Aldo Valero (Col) Loteria de Boyaca0:06:42 
69Wilson Lopez (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional0:06:47 
70Yerson Sanchez (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo0:06:57 
71Willinton Bustamante (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional0:06:58 
72Alvaro Montoya (Col) Super Giros0:07:07 
73Robinson Chalapud (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:07:10 
74Jhon Henao (Col) Super Giros0:07:21 
75Julian Atehortua (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:07:26 
76Daniel Rincon (Col) Loteria de Boyaca0:07:31 
77Juan Diego Ramirez (Col) Super Giros0:07:35 
78Alvaro Saiz (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo0:07:44 
79Jonathan Camargo (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca0:07:54 
79Lorenzo Arguello (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander  
81Uberlino Mesa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:08:04 
82Alexander Rojas (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:08:12 
83Richard Velandia (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional0:08:26 
84Alexander Roa (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:08:58 
85Jose Alarcon (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca0:09:28 
86Julian Lopez (Col) Super Giros0:09:29 
87Deivis Rubio (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional0:09:37 
88Manuel Medina (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca0:09:41 
89Michae Rodriguez (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:10:11 
90Fabio Montenegro (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:10:34 
91Santiago Ojeda (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:11:06 
92Jesus David Castaño (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional0:12:25 
1Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin2:09:22 
2GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:01:18 
3Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:01:28 
4Boyaca Orgullo de America0:02:57 
6Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:05:12 
7Loteria de Boyaca0:05:18 
8Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:06:44 
9Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:07:42 
10Super Giros0:08:15 
11Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional0:16:29 
12IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo0:17:09 
Final general classification
1Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin53:48:21 
2Oscar Sevilla (Spa) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:01:49 
3Jose Rujano (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca0:03:02 
4Francisco Colorado (Col) EPM-UNE0:04:52 
5Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE0:05:17 
6Darwin Atapuma (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:06:12 
7Freddy Montaña (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:07:45 
8Alex Cano (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:10:39 
9Javier Gonzalez (Col) EPM-UNE0:12:18 
10Diego Calderon (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:14:51 
11Ivan Parra (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia0:15:01 
12Jair Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:20:55 
13Dalivier Ospina (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:26:56 
14Jannier Acevedo (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin0:33:50 
15Rodolfo Torres (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:37:07 
16Libardo Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:38:37 
17Luis Felipe Laverde (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:39:07 
18John Martinez (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:40:58 
19Jonathan Camargo (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca0:41:30 
20Alvaro Gomez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:43:11 
21Stiber Ortiz (Col) EPM-UNE0:47:55 
22Fernando Camargo (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America0:48:19 
23Fabio Duarte (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:52:25 
24Elder Herrera (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander0:53:48 
25Victor Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa0:54:17 
26Oscar Solis (Bol) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa1:02:01 
27Mauricio Ortega (Col) EPM-UNE1:05:59 
28Edson Calderon (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional1:11:38 
29Edwin Parra (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America1:13:08 
30Rafael Montiel (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin1:15:51 
31Jose Alarcon (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca1:27:00 
32Manuel Medina (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca1:30:08 
33Jorge Duarte (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander1:32:17 
34Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin1:36:34 
35Hernan Buenahora (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander1:38:59 
36Israel Ochoa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America1:43:51 
37Fabio Montenegro (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler1:51:57 
38Freddy Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler1:54:50 
39Jorge Martinez (Col) EPM-UNE1:58:28 
40Diego Quintero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler2:00:07 
41Alejandro Serna (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander2:06:56 
42Jaime Castañeda (Col) EPM-UNE2:10:21 
43Remberto Jaramillo (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander2:16:56 
44Fredy Piamonte (Col) EPM-UNE2:17:54 
45Mauricio Neisa (Col) Loteria de Boyaca2:18:18 
46Edgar Fonseca (Col) Loteria de Boyaca2:19:36 
47Victor Hugo Peña (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4722:23:15 
48Graciano Fonseca (Col) Loteria de Boyaca2:28:33 
49Robinson Chalapud (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4722:35:17 
50Gregorio Ladino (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America2:36:40 
51Michae Rodriguez (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America2:40:58 
52Victor Hugo Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler2:42:44 
53Samuel Cabrera (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo2:50:03 
54Alvaro Montoya (Col) Super Giros2:52:03 
55Julian Atehortua (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin2:53:33 
56Uberlino Mesa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America2:54:08 
57Jaime Vergara (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia2:54:36 
58Wilson Marentes (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler2:57:07 
59Juan Pablo Villegas (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia3:03:24 
60Juan Diego Ramirez (Col) Super Giros3:05:08 
61Geovanni Chacon (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia3:06:53 
62Camilo Gomez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia3:07:47 
63Marlon Perez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia3:07:59 
64Carlos Betancourt (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin3:10:09 
65Julian Rodas (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin3:10:18 
66Willinton Bustamante (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional3:11:58 
67Daniel Rincon (Col) Loteria de Boyaca3:14:09 
68John Freddy Parra (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin3:15:34 
69Richard Velandia (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional3:17:18 
70Julian Lopez (Col) Super Giros3:26:09 
71Emiro Matta (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America3:28:31 
72Mauricio Casas (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America3:32:14 
73Aldo Valero (Col) Loteria de Boyaca3:32:30 
74Jairo Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa3:34:42 
75Alvaro Saiz (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo3:35:51 
76Alexander Roa (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler3:38:40 
77Alexander Rojas (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander3:43:33 
78Jaime Suaza (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia3:49:26 
79Giovanni Balsero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler3:51:10 
79Santiago Ojeda (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa3:52:45 
81Lorenzo Arguello (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander3:56:03 
82Juan Alejandro Garcia (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia4:05:12 
83Wilson Zambrano (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander4:09:02 
84Jesus David Castaño (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional4:17:21 
85Jhon Henao (Col) Super Giros4:19:08 
86Hebert Gutierrez (Col) Super Giros4:28:06 
87Juan Pablo Forero (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4724:33:53 
88Wilson Lopez (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional4:46:57 
89Deivis Rubio (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional4:54:11 
90Carlos Alzate (Col) Super Giros5:23:41 
91Yerson Sanchez (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo5:26:22 
92Edwin Sandoval (Col) Super Giros5:26:44 
Points classification
1Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin146pts
2Oscar Sevilla (Spa) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin136 
3Jose Rujano (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca83 
4Fabio Duarte (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47282 
5Diego Calderon (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler78 
6Darwin Atapuma (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47271 
7Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE66 
8Javier Gonzalez (Col) EPM-UNE63 
9Francisco Colorado (Col) EPM-UNE60 
10Alex Cano (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47254 
11Freddy Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler48 
12Luis Felipe Laverde (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47247 
13Ivan Parra (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia42 
14Jaime Castañeda (Col) EPM-UNE39 
15Edwin Parra (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America35 
16Jaime Vergara (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia35 
17Fredy Piamonte (Col) EPM-UNE34 
18Jose Alarcon (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca32 
19Freddy Montaña (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America32 
20Libardo Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa30 
21Fernando Camargo (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America27 
22Elder Herrera (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander27 
23Edgar Fonseca (Col) Loteria de Boyaca26 
24Jannier Acevedo (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin26 
25Oscar Solis (Bol) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa26 
26Alejandro Serna (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander26 
27Dalivier Ospina (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47225 
28Jairo Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa25 
29Stiber Ortiz (Col) EPM-UNE24 
30Emiro Matta (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America24 
31Juan Pablo Forero (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47221 
32Juan Pablo Villegas (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia20 
33Wilson Zambrano (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander20 
34Wilson Marentes (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler16 
35Carlos Betancourt (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin16 
36Gregorio Ladino (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America16 
37Marlon Perez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia16 
38Samuel Cabrera (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo16 
39Jair Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa13 
40Victor Hugo Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler12 
41John Martinez (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4729 
42Edson Calderon (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional8 
43Julian Atehortua (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin7 
44Alvaro Gomez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler6 
45Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin5 
46Juan Diego Ramirez (Col) Super Giros5 
47Juan Alejandro Garcia (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia4 
48Jose Alarcon (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca4 
49Jorge Duarte (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander4 
50Manuel Medina (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca3 
51Jonathan Camargo (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca3 
52Robinson Chalapud (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4723 
53Giovanni Balsero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler2 
54Rafael Montiel (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin2 
55Alexander Rojas (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander2 
56Diego Quintero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler1 
57Victor Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa1 
Mountains classification
1Jose Rujano (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca73pts
2Sergio Luis Henao (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin70 
3Oscar Solis (Bol) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa68 
4Fabio Montenegro (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler48 
5Oscar Sevilla (Spa) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin45 
6Jaime Vergara (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia45 
7Diego Calderon (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler41 
8Francisco Colorado (Col) EPM-UNE39 
9Darwin Atapuma (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47237 
10Alex Cano (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47231 
11Diego Quintero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler28 
12Jaime Castañeda (Col) EPM-UNE27 
13Fabio Duarte (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47223 
14Javier Gonzalez (Col) EPM-UNE22 
15Victor Hugo Peña (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 47222 
16Alexander Rojas (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander22 
17Libardo Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa21 
18Julian Atehortua (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin20 
19Jose Alarcon (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca19 
20Freddy Montaña (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America19 
21Fernando Camargo (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America18 
22Alvaro Gomez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler16 
23Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE15 
24Fredy Piamonte (Col) EPM-UNE14 
25Alejandro Serna (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander14 
26Stiber Ortiz (Col) EPM-UNE12 
27Ivan Parra (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia12 
28Marlon Perez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia12 
29Emiro Matta (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America11 
30Samuel Cabrera (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo11 
31Freddy Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler10 
32Mauricio Casas (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America10 
33Juan Alejandro Garcia (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia10 
34Camilo Gomez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia10 
35Mauricio Neisa (Col) Loteria de Boyaca9 
36Manuel Medina (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca8 
37Mauricio Ortega (Col) EPM-UNE8 
38Edwin Parra (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America8 
39Luis Felipe Laverde (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4728 
40Victor Hugo Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler7 
41Gregorio Ladino (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America7 
42Jorge Duarte (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander6 
43Israel Ochoa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America5 
44Geovanni Chacon (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia5 
45Jaime Suaza (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia5 
46Victor Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa5 
47Jairo Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa5 
48Alvaro Saiz (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo5 
49Jonathan Camargo (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca4 
50Jorge Martinez (Col) EPM-UNE4 
51Wilson Marentes (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler4 
52Robinson Chalapud (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4724 
53Jair Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa4 
54Remberto Jaramillo (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander4 
55Rafael Montiel (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin2 
56Alvaro Montoya (Col) Super Giros2 
57Elder Herrera (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander2 
58Edwin Sandoval (Col) Super Giros1 
Sprints classification
1Juan Alejandro Garcia (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia34pts
2Carlos Alzate (Col) Super Giros25 
3Camilo Gomez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia22 
4Remberto Jaramillo (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander17 
5Julian Lopez (Col) Super Giros14 
6Jaime Suaza (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia14 
7Alvaro Montoya (Col) Super Giros12 
8Fredy Piamonte (Col) EPM-UNE11 
9Alvaro Gomez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler10 
10Wilson Zambrano (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander10 
11Diego Quintero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler10 
12Victor Hugo Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler9 
13Yerson Sanchez (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo9 
14Alexander Rojas (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander9 
15Alejandro Ramirez (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin8 
16Rodolfo Torres (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America7 
17Israel Ochoa (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America7 
18Manuel Medina (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca7 
19Geovanni Chacon (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia7 
20Giovanni Balsero (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler7 
21Wilson Marentes (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler6 
22Jaime Castañeda (Col) EPM-UNE6 
23Jose Rujano (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca5 
24Jannier Acevedo (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin5 
25Libardo Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa5 
26Elder Herrera (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander5 
27Mauricio Ortega (Col) EPM-UNE5 
28Jorge Martinez (Col) EPM-UNE5 
29Mauricio Neisa (Col) Loteria de Boyaca4 
30Mauricio Casas (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America4 
31Oscar Sevilla (Spa) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin3 
32Diego Calderon (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler3 
33Hernan Buenahora (Col) Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander3 
34Victor Hugo Peña (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4723 
35Darwin Atapuma (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4722 
36Jonathan Camargo (Ven) Loteria de Boyaca2 
37Victor Niño (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa2 
38Gregorio Ladino (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America2 
39Julian Rodas (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin2 
40Juan Pablo Forero (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4722 
41Fernando Camargo (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America2 
42Robinson Chalapud (Col) Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4722 
43Alvaro Saiz (Col) IMRD Cota-Flejes Bonelo2 
44Freddy Montaña (Col) Boyaca Orgullo de America1 
45Ivan Parra (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia1 
46Freddy Gonzalez (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler1 
47Jaime Vergara (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia1 
48Marlon Perez (Col) GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia1 
49Carlos Betancourt (Col) Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin1 
50Willinton Bustamante (Col) Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional1 
51Jairo Perez (Col) Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa1 
52Alexander Roa (Col) Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler1 
53Jhon Henao (Col) Super Giros1 
Teams classification
1Ind Ant-Idea-Fla-Lot De Medellin161:42:45 
3Col es Pasion Café De Colombia 4720:02:39 
4Boyaca Orgullo de America0:43:53 
5Nectar de Cundi/Marca-Coldeportes-Pintu Bler0:54:16 
6Loteria de Boyaca1:05:40 
7Empresa de Energia de Boyaca Ebsa1:06:58 
8Formesan-Panachi-Inder Santander2:22:09 
9GW Shimano-Chec-Edec-Envia2:56:06 
10Fuerzas Armadas-Ejercito Nacional6:45:40 
11Super Giros7:57:39 

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