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Amaran takes men's criterium win

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Pic claims women's victory on good day for Colavita

 Luis Alberto Romero Amaran (Colavita Pro Cycling) on his solo attack which lead to a race win.

Luis Alberto Romero Amaran (Colavita Pro Cycling) on his solo attack which lead to a race win.

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Luis Amaran (Colavita-Sutter Home) sealed his victory at the Marion Classic Two-Bridge NRC Criterium through a hard solo breakaway effort. The field wasn’t able to organise quickly enough to chase down the time gap as Amaran sailed through corners.

“It was a very technical course and very difficult to read,” said Amaron, “Team Colavita thought it was very important to be in the front.”

The pace was high from the gun and Karl Menzies (OUCH Pro Cycling) moved to the front with three laps to go and brought back nearly 10 seconds of Amaran’s advantage, eventually winning the field sprint for second place.

“I’m here by myself and couldn’t really go out and chase,” Menzies said, “I had to settle back and make sure I had enough for the sprint at the end.”

The men’s podium was completed by Eric Barlevav (Mountain Khakis). The day was cloudy and cool, but riders stayed dry except for a few sprinkles.

Six time USA criterium champion Tina Pic (Colavita-Sutter Home) outsprinted Tibco team-mates Lauren Tamayo and Brooke Miller to win the women’s race. Pic found herself battling Miller and Tamayo on the final sprint as the three distanced themselves slightly from the peloton. “They did make it rough on me,” said Pic, “I was lucky. My team did a great job of leading out for me.”

The Colavita women negotiated the 10-turn, 0.8-mile downtown course in Marion, IN beautifully, and Pic was able to ride comfortably throughout the criterium, “It was a really cool race, really technical,” she said, “Ordinarily, you expect a course with that many corners to be tight, but these were wide enough where you could sweep through them.”

Mens Pro/1
1 Luis Alberto Romero Amaran (Colavita Pro Cycling)    
2 Karl Menzies (Team Ouch Presented By Maxxis)    
3 Eric Barlevav (Mountain Kahkis)    
4 Luca Damiani (Colavita Pro Cycling)    
5 Jacob Rytlewski (Kenda Pro Cycling Presented By S)    
6 Andrew Crater (Wheel & Sproket)    
7 Emile Abraham (Team Aerocat)    
8 Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita Pro Cycling)    
9 Isaac Howe (Mountain Khakis)    
10 Rahsaan Bahati (Rock Racing)    
11 Ryan Knapp (Panther/Rgf P/B Felt Bicycles)    
12 Anibal Borrajo (Colavita Pro Cycling)    
13 Will Hoffarth    
14 John Grant (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)    
15 Juan Pablo Dotti (Team Aerocat)    
16 Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita Pro Cycling)    
17 Kirk Albers (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)    
19 Derek Laan (Panther/Rgf Pb Felt Bicycles)    
20 Carlos Alberto Calcerrada (Team Aerocat)    
21 Guy East (Trek Livestrong)    
22 Clay Murfet (Kelly Benefit Stratgies)    
23 Joseph Kukolla (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)    
24 Scott Moro (Ohio Orthopedic-Moro Cycling)    
25 Shane Kline (Kelly Benefit Strategies)    
26 Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)    
27 Charles Crouse (Dogfish Cycling)    
28 James Baldesare (Kenda Pro Cycling Presented By Spinergy)    
29 Alex Wieseler (Iscorp)    
30 Alan Tripp (Team Aerocat)    
31 Christopher Uberti (Panther/Rgf Solutions Pb Felt)    
32 Chad Burdzilauskas (Kenda Pro Cycling Presented By S)    
33 Emilio Asconeguy (Team Aerocat)    
34 Aaron Hubbell (Nuvo Cultural Trail)    
35 Jeremy Grimm (Panther/Rgf Pb Felt Bicycles)    
36 Philip (Alder) Martz (Dlp Racing)    
DNF Jacob Keough (Kelly Benefit Strategies)    
Women - Pro 1/2
1 Tina Pic (Colavita Sutter Home P/B Cooking Light)    
2 Lauren Tamayo (Team Tibco)    
3 Brooke Miller (Team Tibco)    
4 Samantha Schneider (Team Type 1)    
5 Robin Farina (Valueact Capital Cycling Team)    
6 Joanne Kiesanowski (Team Tibco)    
7 Erica Allar (Bmw/Bianchi)    
8 Kelly Benjamin (Colavita Sutter Home P/B Cooking Light)    
9 Shontell Gauthier (Colavita Sutter Home P/B Cooking Light)    
10 Sinead Miller    
11 Catherine Cheatley (Colavita Sutter Home P/B Cooking Light)    
12 Kirsten Davis (Bmw/Bianchi)    
13 Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda)    
14 Jeannie Kuhajek (Team Mack Racing Association)    
15 Sarah Maguire (Priority Health Cycling Team)    
16 Carrie Cash Wootten (Team Revolution)    
17 Leigh Hopkins (Vanderkitten Racing)    
18 Toni Bradshaw (Lipsmaker)    
19 Rachel Heal (Colavita Sutter Home P/B Cooking Light)    
20 Laura Mccaughey (Salamander)    
21 Jenette Williams (Altarum Women's Cycling Team)    
23 Emily Walling (Team Dayton Bicycling)    
24 Emma Rickards (Team Tibco)    
25 Amber Rais (Team Tibco)    
26 Christy Keely (Team Kenda)    
27 Christine Roettger (Team Revolution)    
28 Kate Ross (Lip Smacker)    
29 Rebecca Finley (Vanderkitten Racing)    
30 Terra Kier (Team Dayton Bicycling)    
31 Pamela Loebig (Alderfer Bergen)    
DNF Katie Weber (Alderfer Bergen)    
Men - MR - 40-44
1 Robert Martin (Panther / Rgf P/B Felt)    
2 Paul Wood (Mob Squad)    
3 Damianos Maggos (Heroes Foundation Cycling Team)    
4 Gregg Rokosh (Fetzer Cycling Team)    
5 Tom Saccone (Team Tortuga)    
6 Steven Gaylor (Team Louisville)    
7 Bill Plunkett (Honeywell Cycling)    
8 David Lewis (Kelly/Koeholinger)    
9 Richard Toler (Team Columbus)    
10 Curtis Eldridge (Xxx Racing)    
11 Steven Vorderman (Drt Racing)    
12 Stan Huffman (Team Abundance)    
Men - 4/5
1 Steve Ziemba (Rotten Robbie)    
2 Mike Balco    
3 Robert Sherman (Team Dayton Bicycling)    
4 Samuel Hartman    
5 Cheyenne Mcnutt (Marion Bicycle Club)    
6 Robert Perez (Flabongo)    
7 Gregg Ness    
8 Andrew Shaw (Purdue University)    
9 Jeff Rhodes    
10 Erik Kiser (Morris Trucking)    
11 Kyle Mazellan (Marion Bicycle Club)    
12 Curtis Eldridge (Xxx Racing)    
13 Michael Malmer (Team Dayton Cycling)    
14 Dan Hiller    
15 Gregory Cox (Team Nebo Ridge)    
16 Renato Sosa (Cyclesport-Zws)    
17 Chad Kuhn    
18 David Rohrer    
19 Don Demeyer (Honeywell Cycling)    
20 David Poole (Aerocat Cycling)    
21 Pat Herrick    
22 David Duerk (Team Defiance/ Switzer Realty)    
23 Matthew Grate (Unattached)    
24 Justin Forbes (3Rvs - Koehlinger/Kelley)    
25 Ray Gehlhausen (Marion Bike Club)    
26 Gregory Hege    
27 Kristopher Brownlee (Honeywell Cycling)    
28 Bradley Christensen (Mob Squad You Build It)    
29 Joshua Frankum    
Men - 3/4
1 Donald Brew (Artemis)    
2 Ramon Vasquez (Koehlinger Kelley)    
3 James Bird (Iscorp Cycling Team)    
4 Mitch Gabel (Pista Elite)    
5 Jason Mygrant    
6 Stan Huffman (Team Abundance)    
7 Doug Fagan    
8 James Heth (Mob Squad - U Build It)    
9 Andrew Otte    
10 Jason Peterson    
11 Johnathan Freter (Prochain Cycling/ Team Turner)    
12 Chad Hiatt (Unattached)    
13 Robert Sherman (Team Dayton Bicycling)    
14 Paul Rouse (Team Dayton Bicycling)    
15 Brent Vanlandingham (Indiana Hand Center)    
16 Geraint Parry (Team Tortuga)    
17 John Woods (Team Tortuga)    
18 James Kruse (3Rvs - Koehlinger/Kelley)    
19 Brian Richter (Sustainable Cycling)    
20 John Stebbens    
21 Eric Johnson (Sustainable Cycling)    
22 Charles Dell (Sustainable Cycling)    
23 David Fouts (Team Nebo Ridge)    
24 Cody Hardley (Sustainable Cycling)    
25 Renato Sosa (Cyclesport-Zws)    
26 M. Shayne Dillinger (Team Abundance)    
27 Jason Romain (St. Vincent's Heart Center)    
28 John Ryan (Alderfer Bergan)    
29 Brad Mccracken (Drt Racing)    
30 Scott Rosenfield (Nova Cycle Sports Foundation)    
31 Kenton Rekeweg (3Rvs - Koehlinger/Kelley)    
Men - 2/3
1 Matthew Light (Alderfer Bergen)    
2 Donald Brew (Artemis)    
3 Andrew Hague (Echelon Cycling Team)    
4 Daniel Lawrence (Dogfish Racing)    
5 Blake Voges (Sustainable Cycling)    
6 Matt Jones    
7 Paul Wood (Mob Squad)    
8 Vic Emond (Mob Squad - U Build It)    
9 Chad Martel (Effetto Cognilio)    
10 Robert Martin (Panther / Rgf P/B Felt)    
11 Joseph Bosemer (Fetzer Cycling Team)    
12 Justin Maka (Ten Speed Drive/Bh Bikes)    
13 James Bird (Iscorp Cycling Team)    
14 Joey Iuliano    
15 Craig Merritts (Cat Racing)    
16 Brett Lane (Team Mack Racing)    
17 Naveen John (Sustainable Cycling)    
18 James Heth (Mob Squad - U Build It)    
19 Scott Rosenfield (Nova Cycle Sports Foundation)    
20 Gregg Rokosh (Fetzer Cycling Team)    
21 Mitch Gabel (Pista Elite)    
22 Felipe Cardenas (Mob Squad - U Build It)    
23 Richard Dufour (Nuvo Cultural Trail)    
24 Matthew Johnson (Alderfer Bergen)    
25 John Stebbens    
26 Andrew Otte    
27 John Martin (3Rvs - Koehlinger/Kelley)    
28 Geraint Parry (Team Tortuga)    
29 Jason Peterson (Team Abundance)    
30 Chad Salla (Alderfer Bergen)    
31 Sam Stone (Baraboo Sharks)    
32 John Kelly (Kalas Usa/Bike Wave Inc.)    
Men - 05
1 Mike Balco    
2 Jason Carpenter (Olympus Cycling Team)    
3 Robert Bartholmew (Unattached)    
4 Steve Godbey    
5 Todd Strong    
6 Matt Herrmann    
7 Jerry Lee (Team Nebo Ridge)    
8 Gregory Thorpe (Marian College Cycling Team)    
9 Graham Spencer (Unattached)    
10 William Schier (Garch And Frood Cyclery)    
11 Ryan Zook (Marion Bicycle Club)    
12 David Bartholomew    
13 Eric Jackson (Marion Cycling Team)    
14 Alex Meyer (Team Dayton Bicycling)    
15 Michael Waymire    
16 Shane Harmon (Wabash)    
17 Scott Berger    
18 Juan Guerra (Unattached)    
19 Jeff Wass (Unattached)    
Women - 3/4
1 Virginia Lawrence (Dogfish Racing)    
2 Natalie Carroll (Dogfish Racing Team)    
3 Sharla Berger    
4 Anne Young (Hammerhead Racing)    
5 Elaine Ferrell (Marion Bike Club)    
6 Lauren Half    
7 Jenna Johnson (Dogfish Racing)    
8 Terra Kier (Team Dayton Bicycling)    
9 Whitney Kroll (Kanee Creek)    
10 Sarah Rippetoe (Unattached)    
11 Paveena Hudson (Nebo Ridge)