German 6-day duo dominate in Harlem

Van Gilder victorious in women's event

Germany's Christian Grasmann won the 37th edition of the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic on Sunday ahead of teammate Leif Lampater (TransAlt p/b Rockstar Games) after the pair spent much of the elite men's event off the front in a two-man breakaway. The German duo, best known as track cyclists on the European 6-day circuit, finished 13 seconds ahead of Melito Heredia (Innovation Bike) who won the field sprint for third place.

With damp roads providing a dangerous parcours in the early laps, Grasmann attacked alone to best pick his lines around the circuit. Grasmann was soon joined by his teammate Leif Lampater and the duo built a lead of up to 45 seconds on the peloton. The rest of the field was unable to organize and form an effective chase. The two escapees fended off numerous attacks and they were able to maintain a gap that ranged from 15-30 seconds.

In the women’s race, sprinting sensation Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) bested her peers in a race that was beset by a sudden rainstorm. Laura McCaughey (Salamander) and Kimberly Edwards (CVC/Subaru of New England) rounded out the podium in second and third place respectively.

The event itself was both a celebration of Harlem and a memorial for the race’s founder, the late David J. Walker. Walker was an New York Police Department Community Affairs Officer who founded the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic with the purpose of inspiring children to ride bicycles for exercise. He wanted to introduce kids to a healthy lifestyle, provide a productive outlet to harness their energy, and teach safety, responsibility, and sportsmanship.

The present-day event pays homage to both him and American 6-day racing of the Roaring Twenties that was rich with speed, money, and glamour.

Elite men
1Christian Grasmann (TransAlt p/b Rockstar Games)1:38:41 
2Leif Lampater (TransAlt p/b Rockstar Games)  
3Melito Heredia (Innovation Bike)0:00:13 
4Guido Palma (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
5Walter Perez (TransAlt p/b Rockstar Games)0:00:16 
6Demis Aleman (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
7Jose Frank Rodriguez (Team Cocos)  
8Emile Abraham (Aerocat)  
9Edwin Bull (Van Dessel Factory Team)  
10Jermaine Burrowes (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
11Stalin Quiterio (james vincent cycling team)  
12Luis Aquino (Innovation Bike)  
13Kurt Fletcher (St. Johns)  
14Gavin Robertson (CRCA/Foundation)  
15Luis Amaury Perez (GS Mengoni USA)  
16Jurgen Beneke (Old World Plaster)  
17Leonardo Martinez (Team Cocos)  
18Paul Chooweenan (Kissena)  
19Raymond Newton (CRCA/Foundation)  
20Geron Williams (Continental Cycle Club)  
21Lanell Rockmore (Ouch/Bahati FND Pro Cycling)  
22Ryan Dewald (MainLine - BiKyle/  
23Chad Butts (Champion System Racing)  
24Christopher Johnson (Rock Racing)  
25Giancarlo Bianchi (GS Mengoni USA)  
26Adam Alexander (CRCA/Foundation)  
27Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/Foundation)  
28Chris Worden (CCB/Wheelworks)  
29Jami Kayin (Breakaway Bikes)  
30Zoltan Tisza (Tecnofilm-Beton)  
31Jose Pineda (Toga)  
32Matt Inconiglios (Stage 1 / fusionTHINK)  
33Bryan Borgia (Rapha Racing)  
34Christopher Chaput (CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing)  
35Rodney Santiago (Champion System Racing)  
36Jeremy Shirock (Chester County Velo - Smedley / Iron Hill)  
37Eric Salzer (Chester County Velo - Smedley/IronHill)  
38Dieter Drake (Farm Team Cycling)  
39Euri Madera (CRCA/Foundation)0:00:41 
40Vladimir Estevez Sanchez (Dominicano)  
41Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/Foundation)0:00:45 
42Tadeusz Marszalek (Kissena)0:00:48 
43Andrew Tinsley (Kuota)  
44Mark Light (Liberty Cycle)  
45Anthony Lowe (Die Hard - Think Racing)  
46Juan Emilio Feliz (Team Cocos)  
47Kyle Peppo (GS Mengoni USA)  
48Sergio Atocha (Champion System Racing)  
49Franco Marvulli (TransAlt p/b Rockstar Games)0:00:58 
50Juan Pablo Dotti (Aerocat)  
51Matthew Howard (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)0:01:04 
52Franklin Burgos (james vincent racing team)  
53Rich Harper (Kenda Pro Cycling Presented by GearGrinder)0:01:10 
54Matt Muney (Young Medalists/ Team Dual Temp)0:01:25 
55David Lee (DeMaine Cycling)0:01:32 
56Roberto Torres-Aguiar (Champion System Racing)0:01:36 
57Myron Simpson (New Zealand National)0:01:52 
58Ron Fantano (ccc Zanes Cycling Team)0:01:58 
59Benjamin Zawacki (Team Ion- United Healthcare)0:02:07 
DNFLisban Quintero (CRCA/Foundation)  
DNFJackie Simes (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)  
DNFDaniel Zmolik (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)  
DNFNeil Bezdek (Team Mountain Khaki's)  
DNFJohn Loehner (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)  
DNFMatt Brooks (Team Type 1 Development)  
DNFKevin Brubaker (CRCA BH/Garneau)  
DNFHorace Burrowes (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFPaul Burrowes (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFFilip Capala (Capala Brothers/Polska)  
DNFJame Carney  
DNFMarcus Dahllof (CRCA BH/Garneau)  
DNFLewis Almonte (CRCA/Foundation)  
DNFAlex Bowden (Team Type 1 Development)  
DNFGlenroy Griffith (Major Taylor Iron Riders Racing)  
DNFColin Jaskiewicz (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)  
DNFDave Jordan (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFVictor Lopez (innovation Bike shop)  
DNFChristopher Loudon (CRCA/DieHard - Think Racing)  
DNFRoselvert Marte (GS Mengoni USA)  
DNFEric Merrill (Zcc-Zanes cycling)  
DNFBarry Miller (Mike Fraysse Sports)  
DNFJorma Mueller (Pinnacle Bike Works)  
DNFClay Murfet (RideClean p/b  
DNFGreg Olsen (CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing)  
DNFJuan Carlos Polanco (New York)  
DNFColin Prensky (CRCA/Houlihan Lokey-Sanchez)  
DNFKarl Rahn (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)  
DNFNik Reinert (Van Dessel)  
DNFChris Romero (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)  
DNFSantiago Santana (West New York)  
DNFRaj Seepersaud (Flying Ace Cycling Team)  
DNFJulio Cruz (Performance Fitness - Delray Center)  
DNFKyle Smith (Embrocation Cycling Journal)  
DNFAnthony Taylor (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFWilson Vasquez (GS Mengoni USA)  
DNFIgor Volshteyn (Champion System Racing)  
DNFKyle Wagner (Chester County Velo - Smedley/Iron Hill)  
DNFJoe Whitman (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)  
DNFDave Wiswell (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFKevin Yarde ( Bicycle/Best Cleaners)  
DNFPaul Ziminski (Team Metra /Cycles 54 p/b Wendys)  
DNFGerard Yeates (Ajax)  
DNFGuy East (Kelly Benefit Strategies)  
Elite women
1Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom)0:25:12 
2Laura McCaughey (Salamander)  
3Kimberly Edwards (CVC/Subaru of New England)0:00:05 
4Maryann Martinez (Onion River Racing)  
5Elke Riedl (oranier-quasar)  
6Deb Killmon (CRCA/Signature Cycles-Rockstar Games)  
7Lenore Imhof (Team EPS/CSS - Riptide Cycling)  
8Colleen Gulick (Team Kenda)  
9Sarah Chubb Sauvayre (CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes)  
10Caroline Savage (CRCA/Dave Jordan Coaching-Zephyr Graffiti)  
11stacey Jensen (Kissena)0:00:23 
12Caryl Gale (Deno's Wonder Wheel)0:00:30 
13Martha Bush (CRCA/ Houlihan-Lokey Sanchez)0:01:00 
14Jacqueline Paull (Watchung Wheelmen)  
15Grace Hunt (Kissena)  
16Andrea Luebbe (Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon)  
17Elspeth Huyett (Verducci/ Breakaway Racing)  
18Frances Morrison (Wheelhouse / NCC)  
19Ellen Moses (CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes)0:01:30 
20Arley Kemmerer (Team CARD)0:02:03 
21Siri Hildonen (Stage 1 / fusionThink)0:02:09 
22Aimee Layton (Columbia University)0:02:13 
23Ivy Luhrs (Portland Velo Club/Cyclemania)  
DNFErica Adelberg (CRCA/Radical Media)  
DNFGabriella Allong (CRCA/jr Development)  
DNFStephanie Busloff (Kissena)  
DNFFrances Chodosh (gotham bikes)  
DNFDana Cuomo (Thru-It-All Body Shop)  
DNFKendall Dwyer (CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes)  
DNFShane Ferro (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFCaroline Gaynor (CRCA/Echappe)  
DNFKathleen Haley (Brooklyn)  
DNFColleen Hayduk (Verducci/Breakaway Racing)  
DNFCorinne Karmiel (CRCA/ Comedy Central)  
DNFKristin Lotito (CRCA/Houlihan-Lokey Sanchez)  
DNFElizabeth Marcello (Columbia University)  
DNFLeah Oppenheimer (Colavita Racing)  
DNFBridget Petrillo (CVC/Subaru of New England)  
DNFMaria Quiroga (CRCA/Radical Media)  
DNFBeth Renaud (CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's)  
DNFHelene Roth (Kissena)  
DNFLily Sargeant (GMBC)  
DNFLauren Shirock (BMW - Bianchi)  
DNFLaura Summers (Central Wheel)  
DNFPeta Takai (Kissena)  
DNFTracy Wargo (CRCA/Chomper Body Racing)  
DNFCheryl Wolf (Team Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles)  
DNFJulia Lonchar (CCV-Smedley/Iron Hill)  
Category 3 Men
1Ramphy Zorrilla (Innovation Bike)0:38:37 
2Jerry Martinez (innovationbikeshop)  
3Daniel Lim (CRCA/Die Hard-ThinkRacing)  
4Willie Payton (WS United/Sheepshead Cycle)  
5Rick Delgado (Strictly Bicycles/Sotheby's)0:00:07 
6Scott Glenney (IRSMedic/Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners)  
7Abraham Soler (CRCA/Foundation)  
8steven Marmo (CRCA/Setanta)  
9Vinicius Tavares (CRCA)  
10Andrew Walsh (CRCA/Foundation)  
11Daniel Schmalz (CRCA BH/Garneau)  
12Ken King (CRCA/Die Hard-ThinkRacing)  
13Marcos Gratereaux (Miya Shoji)  
14Akira Sato (Expo/Superior Energy)  
15Shawn Lightburn  
16Greg Laflura (CRCA)  
17Robert Lombardi (Brooklyn Velo Force)  
18Benjamin Dolva (Farm Team Cycling)  
19Frank Arroyo (brauer-mick management)  
20Anthony Canger (CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale)  
21Michael Prokopec (Miya Shoji)  
22Jonathan Podwil (Brooklyn Velo Force)  
23Samuel Martinez (WS UNITED/G&E)  
24Daniel Mcmahon (CRCA / Foundation)  
25Anthony Diaz (Liberty Cycle)  
26Brandon Milet (Farm Team Cycling)  
27Bryan Zieroff (Stage 1 / fusionTHINK)  
28Alan Buday (Brauer/Mick Management)  
29Brian Wolf (Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles)  
30Robert Mecea (Brooklyn Velo Force/GQ Racing)  
31Alan Kaplan (hudson furniture racing team)  
32Robert L Brown (MajorTaylor Iron Riders Racing)  
33Junior Proverbs (Dannys cycles/ Captain Lawrence Brewing Co)  
34Junior Ortiz (Dominican Team Usa)  
35Paul Coluccio (East End/Kreb Cycle)  
36Jay Mongillo (CCC/Keltic Construction)  
37Dave Trimble (CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing)  
38Derek Wojtkun (FARM TEAM CYCLING)  
39Bernard Hall (Green Light)  
40Jose Collado (brauer.mick)  
41Ted Neu (CRCA/Die Hard-ThinkRacing)  
42Bob Makofsky (CRCA/Foundation)  
43Jason Taitt (Major Taylor Cycling)  
44steve Hylton (FOUNDATION)  
45Ian Farrar (Uwater Cycling Team)  
46Ashley S Doane (Elite)  
47Adam Duncan (CRCA/FGX Racing)  
48Eric Ragot (Kissena Cycling Club)  
DNFZak Abdullah (CRCA/FGX Racing)  
DNFJoseph Bylund (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFMark Collins (montclair cyclists)  
DNFKeith Hatton (Elite Bicycles Inc.)  
DNFJustin Inglis (CRCA)  
DNFJames Joseph (we united)  
DNFZach Koop (CRCA/Organic Athlete)  
DNFWilliam Lopez (Brooklyn Velo Force/GQ Racing)  
DNFDouglas Mckeon (Cyclonauts Racers)  
DNFJan Micko (kissena cycling club)  
DNFMichael Norton (Cyclonauts Racers)  
DNFScott Savory (crca/Jonathan Adler Racing)  
DNFErrol Walcott (cedar bikes)  
DNFHammean Walker (CRCA Major Taylor Iron Riders)  
DNFEdward Zimmermann (CRCA/Dave Jordan Coaching-Zephyr Graffiti)  
DNFJohnson Burrowes (We Stand United WS)  
Category 4 Men
1Andrew Estevez (inovation bike shop team)0:44:19 
2Evan Murphy (NYC Velo)0:00:02 
3Jamaul Nichols (crca/ foundation)  
4Brian Case (CRCA/Foundation)  
5Christian Venegas (USI)  
6Carl Nelson (Kissena)  
7Lucca Zeray (CRCA/jr Development)  
8Matthew Montesano (Kissena Cycling Club)  
9Nicholas David (Propeller Racing)  
10Christian Forsyth (CRCA/Setanta)  
11Rene Herrera (kissena cycling club)  
12Rich Weinstock (Colavita Racing Inc.)  
13David Casale (Tri-State Velo)  
14Guy Metcalfe (CRCA/Rockstar-Signature Cycles)  
15Jaime Garcia (CRCA / BH-Garneau)  
16Brad Buckley (Velocite)  
17Jacob Sisson (Highland Park Hermes)  
18Gregory Pizarek (Cycles 54)  
19Nicholas Alutin (Westwood Velo)  
20Bryan Fried (CRCA/NYVelocity)  
21Eli Mernit (CRCA/jr Development)  
22Corey Williams (Columbia University)  
23Dan Ipp (Team Marty's)  
24Raymond Jones (Hudson Furniture Racing Team)  
25Kenrick Caesar (kissena cycling club)  
26Calvin Campbell (Westwood Velo)  
27Robert Donovan (Propeller Racing)  
28Hunter Dansin (Farm Team Cycling)  
29Andrew Dettman (Ride Brooklyn)  
30Brad Buckley (Velocite)  
31Maximo Jimenez (Brooklyn Arches)  
32Brian Gatens (CRCA/Kingpin Racing - HJD)  
33Eloy Anzola (Kissena Cycling Club)  
34Miguel Flores (Chelsea Bicycles Team)  
35Guillermo Rincon (Chelsea Bicycles Team)  
36Quoc Vo (Liberty Cycle)  
37Matt Rivera (CRCA/Setanta)  
38Dexter Hypolite, (Monmouth Jct)  
39Leon Lyakovetsky (Signature Cycles/Rockstar Games)  
40Wei Chen (CRCA/jr Development)  
41Jorge Ferrer (Unione Sportiva Italiana)  
42Kasper Ludwig-Larsen (Hudson Furniture Racing Team)  
43Angel Molina (Chelsea Bicycles Team)  
44Celestino Hernandez (méxico new york cycling team)  
45Aaron Finkelstein (University of Arizona)  
46P. Kieran Lynch (Boston Road Club)  
47Jean-Paul Van Den Berg (CRCA/Foundation)  
48Gideon Sorkin (Kissena Cycling Club)  
49Lyle Baron (USI)  
50Barry Weinstein (American University)  
51Douglas Von Bushberger (CRCA/Kingpin Racing-HJD)  
52Jeffrey Baumgardner (CRCA/Kingpin Racing-HJD)  
53Adam Rosenthal (CRCA/Kingpin Racing-HJD)  
54Henry Francisco (innovation bike shop)  
55Reginald Rasch (CRCA/FGX Racing)  
DNFBlake Bedoya (Rockstar Racing / Signature Cycles)  
DNFKeane Brennan (Farm Team Cycling)  
DNFChristopher Clark (CRCA/Kingpin - HJD)  
DNFAkin Dorsett (USI Cycling)  
DNFWyatt Drake (Farm Team Cycling)  
DNFBrad Foster (CRCA/Luzzo's Pizza)  
DNFMarc Gagliano (Rockstar Games)  
DNFJason Gay (CRCA/Signature-Rockstar Games)  
DNFEdward Johnson (GBSC/Carl Hart Bicycles)  
DNFJohn Nesbit (CRCA/jr Development)  
DNFMichael Novich  
DNFStephen Paige (peddalers paradise cycling team)  
DNFErik Pedersen  
DNFLiam Quigley (NYC Velo)  
DNFMichael Shulman (Harvard University)  
DNFJorge Torres (Mexico-New York Cycling Team)  
DNFNoel Johnson  
DNFKevin Yaghoubi  
DNFWojciech Plata (Kissena)  
DNFDavid Correia (We Stand United WS)  
DNFKhary Ward (SUNY Plattsburg)  
DNFChris Samuels  
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