Aussie English beats Smith, Fellows

Rusch leads all North American women's podium

The 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships were held in Canada in Canmore, Alberta in 2009. Some 117 solo riders and 247 teams contested the event, with riders from eight countries amongst the 1700 riders taking part. Canmore also hosted the championships in 2008 and riders were hoping the wet weather of 2008 would not repeat.  Jason English and Rebecca Rusch won the solo elite categories.

The race got underway at 11:45 on Saturday and from the start a group of four elite men took off at cross country pace for the first six hours. New Zealand's Tony Hogg was the early leader but Australia's Jason English and Andy Fellows, plus American Cary Smith were always close, with only two minutes separating them after 10 hours.

As the night wore on Hogg suffered from dehydration and collapsed on the course, forcing his withdrawal from the race. English took over the lead, gradually extending it through the early hours of Sunday morning until he was able to cross the finish line as the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo Champion on Sunday with a comfortable margin.

Midnight action on the course.

In the elite women's solo race, American Rebecca Rusch (Specialized Factory Racing) rode relatively unchallenged throughout the race on the way to a third world title, although behind her the placings changed continuously and many of the riders lost time through crashes. Some light rain dampened the course but was not a serious challenge compared to 2008. Australian 24-hour national champion Jessica Douglas hit the wall on Sunday morning and fell back through the placings to finish in fourth place, as Canada’s Carena Dean rode clear into third. American Jari Kirkland took second, nearly a full lap (16km) behind Rusch.

Rusch's boyfriend, Greg Martin, won the singlespeed solo category.

Elite men
1Jason English (Aus)22laps
2Cary Smith (USA)21 
3Andy Fellows (Aus)21 
4Leighton Poidevin (Can)20 
5Dallas Morris (Can)19 
6William Martin (USA)18 
7David Scheer (Can)17 
8Tony Hogg (NZl)14 
9Todd Tanner (USA)14 
10John Merritt (Can)14 
11Jesse Mong (Can)14 
12Mike Rumpel (Can)13 
13Cory Wallace (Can)12 
14Chris Gagnon (USA)11 
15Tim Finkel (USA)10 
16Arran Pearson (Aus)10 
17Brad Tymchuk (Can)9 
Elite women
1Rebecca Rusch (USA)18laps
2Jari Kirkland (USA)17 
3Carena Dean (Can)17 
4Jessica Douglas (Aus)17 
5Monilee Atkinson (USA)15 
6Kris Cannon (USA)15 
7Karen Foat (Aus)13 
8Margie Smith (Can)11 
9Megan Dimozantos (NZl)11 
10Rachel Edwards (Aus)10 
Single speed men
1Greg Martin (USA)19laps
2Brendan Den (Aus)17 
3Dereck Fish (USA)14 
4Matt Koerber (Aus)14 
Single speed women
1Kirstin Honey (Aus)8laps
Under 25 men
1Taylor Lideen (USA)17laps
2Thomas Lindup (NZl)16 
3Chris Smith (Aus)14 
25 - 29 men
1Sean Bekkers (Aus)17laps
2Jeff Smith (Can)15 
3Chris Baker (USA)11 
4Mark Bodnar (Can)10 
5Nick Milette (Can)5 
25 - 29 women
1Pamela Roy (Can)11laps
2Meghans Osborne (Can)5 
30 - 34 men
1Andrew Fairhurst (Can)18laps
2Travis Hauck (Can)18 
3Adam Kelsall (Aus)15 
4Todd Wolansky (Can)15 
5Scott MacDougall (Can)14 
6Grant Fox (Can)13 
7Sean Stuart (Can)10 
8Kevin Wells (Aus)9 
9Brian Ross (Can)9 
10Troy Buchanan (Can)8 
30 - 34 women
1Nadine Mueller (Can)13laps
2Kelly Matheson (Can)13 
35 - 39 men
1Richard Rothwell (GBr)19laps
2Jason McAvoy (Aus)19 
3Michel Tessier (Can)18 
4Damian Gillard (Aus)17 
5Scott Legere (Can)15 
6Lee Lesburg (USA)14 
7Brent Rosvold (Can)12 
8David Burwash (Can)11 
9Garth Ludwig (Can)10 
10Kelly Schell (Can)10 
11Ronald Arias (CRc)10 
12Trevor Pombert (Can)9 
13Trevor Nicholson (Can)8 
14Lark Richardson (Can)8 
15Brad Wilson (Can)6 
16Dave Lee (Can)5 
40 - 44 men
1Craig Bartlett (Can)19laps
2Erick Auger (USA)18 
3Denver Brown (Aus)15 
4Iain Hackett (USA)14 
5Steve Swenson (Can)14 
6Mark Hoddinott (Can)14 
7Wade Larson (Can)12 
8Dave Dacosta (Can)12 
9Miro Micovsky (Can)10 
10Andrew Wiebe (Can)8 
11Tom Schmidt (Can)7 
12Wilco Tymensen (Can)6 
13Damon Ockey (Can)5 
14Ken Chorney (Can)5 
15David Vinluan (Can)4 
40 - 44 women
1Anna Mei (Ita)14laps
2Cyd Fraser (Can)12 
3Julie Urlaub (USA)9 
4Yvette Crockell (USA)8 
5Lisa Kalischuk (Can)6 
45 - 49 men
1Shaun Taylor (Can)16laps
2Dave MacDowell (Can)15 
3Rich Sherwood (USA)15 
4Ron Domier (Can)14 
5Jim Pinter (Can)12 
6Paul LaBissonniere (Can)8 
45 - 49 women
1Maureen Bildfell (Can)5laps
50 - 54 men
1Joey Cowan (Can)15laps
2Tim Crum (USA)14 
3Dennis Smaggus (Can)12 
4Rob Robson (USA)9 
55 - 59 men
1Randy Profeta (USA)8laps
60+ men
1Jeff Linder (USA)12laps
2Andrew Mitchell (Aus)10 
Regional Solos
1Brad Power (Can)7laps
4 Person
1Couloir Racing (Can)21laps
3Ombrophobics (Can)20 
4Trail-Head (Can)19 
5wtf again? (Can)19 
6Behind Bars 1 (Can)18 
7Pain For Pleasure (Can)18 
8All Doubles All The Time (Can)17 
9Team Rainbow Unicorn (Can)17 
10Why Does Everything Taste Like Mud (Can)17 
11Endo (Can)16 
12dusty kamloopers (Can)16 
13The Angry Badgers (Can)16 
14Nirvana (Can)13 
15McLovin (Can)11 
16Masterbanking Moutainbikers (Can)10 
17Los Cinco Amigos (Can)8 
5 Person Open U150
1Dirt Hurters (Can)21laps
2Sean Fahlman Experience (Can)21 
3The Sofa Kings (Can)20 
4Dirt Devils (Can)20 
5Janet and the Engineers (Can)18 
6Spare Tires 1 (Can)18 
75 Skins (Can)18 
8Elk In Heat More Heat (Can)16 
9Team DudeBro (Can)15 
105 Cranky Forkers (Can)15 
11UofC Outdoor Centre (Can)14 
12Savage Racing (Can)13 
13The Double Ds (Can)13 
14Elk in heat (Can)11 
15Elk in heat (Can)9 
5 Person Open 150 - 199
1Team Jasper Source for Sports (Can)23laps
2Assless Chaps (Can)22 
3freewheel fatties (Can)21 
4Gopher grazers (Can)20 
5Pedal Power (Can)19 
6Grit Hogs (Can)19 
7Columbia Valley Cranks (Can)19 
8Evergreen (Can)19 
9Stadium Dogs (Can)19 
10Blazzing Saddles II (Can)19 
11The Green Haze (Can)18 
12Spongebob Bikepants (Can)18 
13Admittedly Yuppie (Can)18 
14Windpower (Can)18 
15Golder Associates (Can)18 
16Baseline Posse (Can)17 
17Just Ride it (Can)17 
18All Talk (Can)17 
19Yellow Dots (Can)17 
20Tired And Cranky (Can)17 
21A Thousand Pounds of Pudding (Can)17 
22Mud Sweat and Gears Racing 2 (Can)17 
23Team DP (Can)17 
24LJ Welding & Machine (Can)17 
25Pretty much the best team I know (Can)17 
26PGE (Can)17 
27Dozen Egg Knights (Can)16 
29Red-Shox Racing (Can)16 
30The Howlers (Can)16 
31three men and the mamas (Can)16 
32Pretty much the 2nd best team I know (Can)16 
33Behind Bars 2 (Can)16 
34Daddy Sore Legs (Can)16 
35iBike (Can)16 
36Spare Tires 2 (Can)16 
37Flattastic Five (Can)15 
38Java Drips (Can)15 
39DODL - Dibs On Dead Last (Can)15 
40Dirtbags (Can)15 
41Darkside (Can)15 
42the Degenerative Discs (Can)15 
43Dirt Dealers (Can)14 
44Steam Whistle Dos (Can)14 
455 Men and 4 Spleens (Can)14 
46Bandaids and Beer (Can)14 
47Barrbarians (Can)14 
48Mud and guts (Can)14 
49The Pain Cave (Can)14 
50Three Tea Baggers and Two Bow Ties (Can)14 
51Stunt Doubles (Can)14 
52Ride For Five (Can)14 
53Endo Magnet (Can)13 
54Five Guys With Big Cogs (Can)13 
55The Littlest Hobos (Can)13 
56Soggy Bottom Boys (Can)13 
57Daanahhddanahhs (Can)12 
58The Hikeabike Tribe (Can)12 
59chaos (Can)9 
5 Person Open 200+
2Deadgoat Racing 1 (Can)23 
3Pedal Pimps (Can)20 
4The Quivering Quads (Can)20 
5dusty bottoms (Can)20 
6OK GO (Can)20 
7Chamois Royale with Cheese (Can)19 
8Yacko Racing (Can)19 
9Obviously Five Believers (Can)19 
10Brule Oldschool (Can)19 
11Wheelmen (Can)18 
12Team Inukshuk (Can)18 
13Road Apples Gone Bad (Can)17 
14Team Retro (Can)17 
15Chainsmokers (Can)17 
16Lonestars (Can)16 
17Wheels (Can)16 
18Five Believers (Can)16 
19Team ZIPANG (Can)16 
20Go Auto (Can)15 
21United Cycle-3 magnets and 2 chicks (Can)15 
22One more Time - Again (Can)15 
23Cinco Diablos Perdidos (Can)14 
24Big Bad Voodoo Riders (Can)14 
255 Donkeys (Can)14 
26Critical Path (Can)14 
27Lynnwood 2 (Can)14 
28Off Hour Rockers (Can)14 
29Trail Trash (Can)13 
30Giddyup (Can)13 
31lynnwood (Can)13 
32Mr Beans Holiday (Can)11 
33Road Apples Gone Bad (Can)9 
5 Person Female
1Bikers Dozen (Can)18laps
2EVI Angels (Can)17 
3Darkside Violet Femmes (Can)16 
4Freewheel Skinnys (Can)16 
5Seriously Stumped (Can)15 
6Boobs to the Tube (Can)14 
7Sunflower Pedals (Can)14 
8Anyone but Bob (Can)14 
9Free Range Chicks (Can)13 
10Out Spoke'n (Can)12 
11Life Works 1 (Can)11 
5 Person Co-ed
1Deadgoat Gears (Can)22laps
2skijaq (Can)21 
3Life Works 2 (Can)21 
4Hurd of Turtles (Can)21 
5The Curly Beelines (Can)21 
6yogadotcalm (Can)20 
7RED (Can)19 
8Mud Sweat and Gears (Can)19 
9Missing Pieces (Can)18 
10The Invermere Gang (Can)18 
11Along For The Ride (Can)18 
12Privateers (Can)18 
13I Like Sex Racing - Calgary (Can)17 
14velo-tubbies (Can)17 
15Under The Influence (Can)17 
16Head Smashed In (Can)17 
17white lightning (Can)17 
18Fn Riders (Can)17 
19Team Daniel (Can)17 
20Peddlers Cycle Team (Can)17 
21EBA - Viva la Revolution (Can)17 
22Hill Climbers (Can)17 
23SprocketHeads (Can)17 
24got rice (Can)17 
25Santa Cruz Is Coming to Town (Can)17 
26Redneck Posse (Can)16 
27Chicks and Dicks (Can)16 
28Cranked Up (Can)16 
29Granny Granny (Can)16 
30B Girls and the Cranky Old Bastards (Can)16 
31Testrogen (Can)15 
32From Parts Unknown (Can)15 
33EVI Rangers (Can)15 
34AOR Inc (Can)15 
35Monday Night Heroes (Can)15 
36Jacques Whitford AXYS 3 (Can)15 
37The Little Rings (Can)15 
38Why are we doing this (Can)15 
39The Dirty Diapers (Can)14 
40Mud Sweat and Gears Racing (Can)14 
41The Fantastic Fivers Version II (Can)14 
42Adrenalin Junkies (Can)14 
43Its All Good (Can)14 
44All Over Tha Map (Can)13 
45Lung Butter (Can)13 
46Bum Sweat and Gears (Can)13 
47ORB (Can)12 
48KC and the Sunshine Riders (Can)12 
49Crank Addiction (Can)12 
50Team Ososlow (Can)12 
51Grit Grime and Dirt (Can)8 
52The Crashers (Can)2 
Corporate Team
1Rocky Mountain Racers (Can)22laps
2Town of Canmore - Return of the Slack Angles (Can)21 
3GetterDone (Can)21 
4Karo Brand Warriors (Can)20 
5Beer Guts (Can)19 
6Veloplzen Space Cheese Cadets (Can)18 
7FirstEnergy Capital Corp (Can)18 
8Town of Banff - Townie Team Won (Can)18 
9DFCA (USA)18 
10AMEC Road Apples (Can)18 
11Calgary 5-0 (Can)18 
12Astoria Ded Dogs (Can)17 
13The Masters Mayhem (Can)17 
14Raithlin Riders (Can)17 
15golden cycling club (Can)17 
16WorleyParsons - Spin (Can)17 
17The Hurtin Units (Can)17 
18Perpetual Motion (Can)17 
19B3 Athletics (Can)17 
20Pear Shaped Bikers (Can)17 
21Biking Biatches (Can)17 
22GDM Navigators (Can)16 
23Footjax (Can)16 
24Start Slow And Taper Off (Can)16 
25Prescription Riders (Can)16 
26Spin the Black Circle (Can)16 
27B3 Trainers (Can)16 
28SeisWare Rocks (Can)16 
29PCL (Can)16 
30Team Graham (Can)16 
31Fat Tire Fire (Can)15 
32Psyclekillers (Can)15 
33Delta Dashers (Can)15 
34NotRightNow (Can)15 
35IMV Projects (Can)15 
36Spoke-N-Logic (Can)14 
37Donkeys on the Edge (Can)14 
38Weak End Warriors (Can)14 
39anything but last (Can)14 
40Fokkers Racing (Can)14 
41Matrix Solutions (Can)14 
42iPay Taxes 2 (Can)14 
43Cyclepaths (Can)14 
44Cancel Our Wake Up Call Again (Can)14 
45Chariot Sharp Pains (Can)14 
46Stantec One Team (Can)14 
47Stantec Infinite Solutions (Can)13 
48Spin Sisters (Can)13 
49WorleyParsons WheeliePirates (Can)13 
50Town of Banff Rather be Riding a Townie Too (Can)13 
51DBA Riders (Can)12 
52DRSP (Can)12 
53Team Shameless (Can)12 
54drinkers with a biking problem (Can)11 
5524 Hours of Beer-drenalin (Can)9 
56Off on the Trail! (Can)8 


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