Keenleside wins overall after completing 100 percent of the race

Slovakia's Cervikova wins women's category

Owing to the Warburton Crossing being impassable, the 2009 Simpson Desert Bike Challenge was shortened by approximately 100km - probably to the relief of the competitors. This year's event was considered one of the most challenging events in the 23-year history in so far as conditions were concerned. However, the spirit of the competitors could not be denied.

The final stage into Birdsville on day five was a 66km ride that combined fine weather, moderate temperatures, sand dunes, spectacular vistas and some hard surfaced gravel roads - a fantastic end to the event.

Ken Schack-Evans won the stage, showing his dominance (and sheer bloody-mindedness) in this type of racing. However, Alan Keenleside (NSW) cruised home for the overall win being the only rider to complete 100 percent of the event. 2008 winner Lynton Stretton was second with Jason Dreggs sharing the overall podium positions.

Slovakian rider Katarina Cervikova won the women's category.

While all concerned with the race were subjected to bleak conditions in the desert, racer experienced a great sense of camaraderie. The final presentation was held at the Birdsville Hotel.


Final general classification (cumulative times for each racer)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alan Keenleside37:01:54 
2Lynton Stretton32:48:18 
3Jason Dreggs33:31:58 
4Andrew Jameson30:29:57 
5Michael Dalton33:20:50 
6Jeff Rooney31:21:34 
7Ken Schack-Evans30:20:14 
8Ben Turner32:24:31 
9Rodney Edwards31:57:11 
10Kane Chandler30:20:42 
11Kerry Richards31:53:02 
12Al Descantes28:18:25 
13Simon Holland29:16:55 
14Roman Petr26:14:53 
15Leon Colbert26:06:59 
16Billy Johnstone27:49:57 
17Freddie Moojen26:04:28 
18Ole Kelderman27:09:01 
19Mark Mclaren26:36:31 
20Katarina Cervikova25:09:32 
21John White23:52:08 
22Mike Brennan23:14:06 
23David Schutz22:59:05 
24Rick Neale22:47:11 
25Elisha Houghton23:08:57 
26Chris Bain21:40:34 
27Andrew Hellier20:46:43 
28Aaron Brandon18:36:30 
29Andrew Armstrong-Taylor17:33:19 
30Wayne Chapman12:31:47 
Percentage completed.  Leader's distance: 465km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alan Keenleside100 percent
2Lynton Stretton95 
3Jason Dreggs91 
4Andrew Jameson88 
5Michael Dalton87 
6Jeff Rooney87 
7Ken Schack-Evans87 
8Ben Turner82 
9Rodney Edwards81 
10Kane Chandler81 
11Kerry Richards80 
12Al Descantes77 
13Simon Holland76 
14Roman Petr71 
15Leon Colbert71 
16Billy Johnstone69 
17Freddie Moojen68 
18Ole Kelderman67 
19Mark Mclaren67 
20Katarina Cervikova67 
21John White60 
22Mike Brennan59 
23David Schutz59 
24Rick Neale59 
25Elisha Houghton57 
26Chris Bain55 
27Andrew Hellier52 
28Aaron Brandon47 
29Andrew Armstrong-Taylor44 
30Wayne Chapman31 
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