More glory for Australia on day 4

New Zealand's Shanks wins women's pursuit

Australia’s domination on the track at the Commonwealth Games continued on day 4, with gold in the men’s team sprint and a Cameron Meyer victory in the men’s scratch race. Indeed, it was a good day all around for the antipodes with New Zealand’s Alison Shanks taking gold in the 3,000m individual pursuit.

In the team sprint, Australia faced off against New Zealand in the final and turned in a dominant performance. The Australian trio of Daniel Ellis, Jason Niblett and Scott Sunderland finished in a time of 43.722 seconds to beat the New Zealand team of Eddie Dawkins, Ethan Mitchell and Sam Webster. Meanwhile Malaysia took a fine bronze.

The team sprint final was marred by a crash involving New Zealand’s Sam Webster just after he pulled off, but his team’s time of 44.233 was still enough for a new national record. The Australians, however, were simply too strong and the result was never in doubt.

It was Scott Sunderland’s third medal of the games after his 1km gold and sprint silver, but his achievements were soon to be bettered by his compatriot Cameron Meyer in the scratch race.

Meyer had already taken gold in the team pursuit and the points race, and his win the scratch event sealed an Australian one-two on the night. It also marked Australia’s 12th gold medal out of 14 events and offered a further demonstration of their dominance at these games. Michael Freiburg took silver for Australia, while Canada’s Zach Bell finished third.

In the women’s pursuit, Alison Shanks (New Zealand) gave an exhibition over the second half of the final to take gold. She covered the 3,000m in 3:30.875 to beat Northern Ireland’s Wendy Houvenaghel into second place. Meanwhile, Tara Whitten (Canada) was a convincing winner of the bronze medal match, beating New Zealand’s Jaime Nielsen into fourth place.

Australia’s Josephine Tomic had been tipped to add to her country’s medal haul in the pursuit, but she could only manage 5th in qualifying and failed to earn a chance to ride for a medal.

Women's 3,000m Individual Pursuit

Women's 3,000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying
1 Alison Shanks (New Zealand) 0:03:32.114  
2 Wendy Houvenaghel (Northern Ireland) 0:03:34.560  
3 Tara Alice Whitten (Canada) 0:03:36.548  
4 Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand) 0:03:37.607  
5 Josephine Tomic (Australia) 0:03:37.961  
6 Sarah Storey (England) 0:03:39.964  
7 Laura Trott (England) 0:03:40.329  
8 Lauren Ellis (New Zealand) 0:03:41.592  
9 Ashlee Ankudinoff (Australia) 0:03:45.656  
10 Anna Blyth (England) 0:03:51.252  
11 Mahitha Mohan (India) 0:04:08.441  
12 P.O.Sayon (India) 0:04:19.630  
DSQ Y. Sunit Devi (India)    
Women's 3,000m Individual Pursuit Bronze Medal Round
3 Tara Alice Whitten (Canada) 0:03:35.810  
4 Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand) 0:03:39.923  
Women's 3,000m Individual Pursuit Gold Medal Round
1 Alison Shanks (New Zealand) 0:03:30.875  
2 Wendy Houvenaghel (Northern Ireland) 0:03:32.137  

Men's Team Sprint

Men's Team Sprint Qualifying
1 Australia 0:00:44.488  
  Daniel Ellis (Australia)    
  Jason Niblett (Australia)    
  Scott Sunderland (Australia)    
2 New Zealand 0:00:44.583  
  Edward James Dawkins (New Zealand)    
  Ethan John Francis Mitchell (New Zealand)    
  Sam Michael Webster (New Zealand)    
3 Malaysia 0:00:45.378  
  Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)    
  Josiah Ng (Malaysia)    
  Mohd Rizal Tisin (Malaysia)    
4 Scotland 0:00:46.724  
  John Paul (Scotland)    
  Chris Pritchard (Scotland)    
  Callum Skinner (Scotland)    
5 Trinidad and Tobago 0:00:47.391  
  Njisane Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago)    
  Christopher Sellier (Trinidad and Tobago)    
  Thireef Smart (Trinidad and Tobago)    
6 India 0:00:50.216  
  Prince Hylem (India)    
  O. Bikra Singh (India)    
  Amrit Singh (India)    
Men's Team Sprint Bronze Medal Round
3 Malaysia 0:00:45.040  
  Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)    
  Josiah Ng (Malaysia)    
  Mohd Rizal Tisin (Malaysia)    
4 Scotland 0:00:46.273  
  John Paul (Scotland)    
  Chris Pritchard (Scotland)    
  Callum Skinner (Scotland)    
Men's Team Sprint Gold Medal Round
1 Australia 0:00:43.772  
  Daniel Ellis (Australia)    
  Jason Niblett (Australia)    
  Scott Sunderland (Australia)    
2 New Zealand 0:00:44.239  
  Edward James Dawkins (New Zealand)    
  Ethan John Francis Mitchell (New Zealand)    
  Sam Michael Webster (New Zealand)    

Men's 20km Scratch Race

Men's 20km Scratch Race Final
1 Cameron Meyer (Australia)    
2 Michael Freiberg (Australia) -1  
3 Zach Bell (Canada) -1  
4 Marc Ryan (New Zealand) -1  
5 Evan Oliphant (Scotland) -1  
DNF Jack Bobridge (Australia)    
DNF Darren David Matthews (Barbados)    
DNF George Atkins (England)    
DNF Simon Yates (England)    
DNF Rajender Bishnoi (India)    
DNF Mark Peter Christian (Isle of Man)    
DNF Christopher Whorrall (Isle of Man)    
DNF Marloe Rodman (Jamaica)    
DNF Mohammad Akmal Amrun (Malaysia)    
DNF Muhamad Adiq Husainie Othman (Malaysia)    
DNF Mohd Harrif Salleh (Malaysia)    
DNF Martyn Irvine (Northern Ireland)    
DNF Shane William Archbold (New Zealand)    
DNF Dean Sean Edwards (South Africa)    
DNF Jay Robert Thomson (South Africa)    
DNF Christoffel Van Heerden (South Africa)    
DNF Emile Magellan Abraham (Trinidad and Tobago)    
DNF Jon Mould (Wales)    
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