Guthrie tops Canadian espoirs 'cross titles

Lambert-Lemay, Robinson trail in for podium spots

Full results
1Evan Guthrie (BC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles0:49:53 
2Simon Lambert-Lemay (QC) Ride with Rendall0:00:24 
3Brian Robinson (AB) CMC/ Bow Cycle0:00:30 
4David Larson (AB) Pedalhead Roadworks0:00:50 
5Jared Stafford (ON) Bikesports Racing0:01:03 
6Justin Middleton (AB) Juventus/RVC0:01:53 
7Kyle Fry (ON) MCOR0:02:58 
8Cuylar Conly (SK) Team Sask / Cycledelia0:03:28 
9Matthew Krahn (AB) RedBike0:03:45 
10Stephen Cooley (SK) Team Saskatchewan0:03:52 
11Bailey Mcknight (AB) synergy racing Cycle Club0:04:22 
12Colter Young (BC) ERTC0:04:46 
13Peter Knight (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club0:05:59 
14Jannes Wessels (SK) Sprinter Club de Nice0:07:55 
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