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Mavic Allroad bib shorts review

The Mavic Allroad bib shorts are tough, with loads of extra padding and bonus cargo features, too, but are they comfortable for long gravel and adventure days?

Mavic Allroad bib shorts
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

Super durable with useful side pocket storage and well-structured bibs. Whether you’ll find them comfy or not depends entirely on whether the fat seat pad works for you


  • Seriously durable
  • Side pockets
  • Great stable fit
  • Massive pad if you like it


  • Massive pad if you don’t like it
  • Pricey

The Mavic Allroad bib shorts are obviously tougher than normal bibs, so with the addition of side pockets and a really good stable bib structure, they have earned a spot in our guide to the best cargo bib shorts, and they could be ideal for your more radical/abrasive rides. 

However, the extra-thick seat pad will be a deal-breaker or a bliss-maker depending on your personal preference.

Mavic Allroad bib shorts

An all-angles view of the Mavic Allroad bib shorts (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


Mavic has clearly thought a lot about the Allroad bib shorts with a multi-panel cut in a tough, light compression fabric that gives a very snug and secure fit without being over tight. We did find it pulled the legs up as we rode though, so despite a theoretically longer-than-average 28cm inner leg, they tended to sit at a conventional thigh point. Together with broad ‘Y base’ bib straps, there’s plenty of support when you’re rattling over rougher sections out of the saddle. 

Mavic Allroad bib shorts

Y-base bib straps help to offer increased support (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

The material has proved very hard-wearing and snag proof when late summer undergrowth has tried to grab a piece of the action. There are reflective details and flatlock seams to reduce rub. The two side pockets are big enough for a smartphone in a protective case or will easily stretch to lumpier items like inner tubes or multiple energy bars if you don’t mind the jodhpur look.

Mavic has also fitted its triple-density Ergo 3D Pro Endurance Ortholite memory foam chamois to provide extra cushioning for extra demanding terrain or just extra miles. Whether more padding actually equals more comfort, that's entirely personal, and dependent on each individual's anatomy. It certainly flies in the face of saddle padding convention - where less is more - and at 15mm thick, the pad is a very obtrusive addition. That much padding inevitably holds more water/sweat for longer which isn’t great for hygiene or comfort on longer wintery rides either.


If Mavic had fitted a more normal pad then we’d probably be raving about these shorts, however, the fat pad might work really well for some riders. There’s no doubt that it’s a noticeable diaper with potentially similar dampness issues though and that didn’t work for most of our testers.

Tech specs: Mavic Allroad bib shorts

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Colours: Navy
  • Price: £145.00 / $176.00