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McConnell benefits from Taberlay's misfortune

The overall leaderboard at Australia's Wildside MTB took a new look following the misfortunes of four-time winner Sid Taberlay on the second day of racing.

The Tasmanian suffered a series of punctures less than one kilometre after the first of two stages in the state's west coast region. The mishap cost Taberlay the top spot on the overall standings after he lost around 20 minutes to Victorian rival Daniel McConnell, who is the new race leader.

It was a case of history repeating itself for Taberlay who suffered a similar fate at the same location in the last year's four-day classic. "On the same stage earlier last year, I sliced my tyre and couldn't keep the tube in so I knew it was 'race over' and it's all about stages now," he said.

Taberlay is now hoping for a minor miracle if he's to claim a fifth title after sliding down the leaderboard - around 14 minutes in arrears - but realistically his chances have evaporated.

The second day of competition was held over some challenging but breathtaking tracks through Tasmania's rugged wild-west. Such was the toughness of the conditions, the more experienced riders chose to carry their bikes in some places, while others resorted to cooling off in the river crossing that lined the picturesque course.

Hobart's Rowena Fry resumed the overall leadership in the open women's section from master woman's racer Heather Logie in what's developing into a tight contest.

As the 450 competitors negotiated the second race of the day, riding on two wheels became impossible for the suspension bridge crossing at Montezuma Falls.

In the second race stage of the day, Taberlay made up for his earlier disaster and opened up a sizable margin from O'Connell, who wasn't interested in chasing down the four-time Wildside winner.

"I just knew I had to stick with Josh [Carlson]. He's the main man now so as long as I do that I'd be pretty happy," O'Connell explained immediately after finishing.

Taberlay came good on his pledge to concentrate on winning stages and rode solo to the finish, three minutes ahead of the next rider. O'Connell took fifth but will enjoy a 1:33 overall lead from rising under 23 Victorians Steel van Hoff and Paul van der Ploeg.

Logie took over the overall leadership from Fry and has a 1:09 advantage over the Tasmanian in a contest that's expected to go down to the wire before Tuesday's finish in Strahan.

"She's certainly technically so much stronger than me but I guess suffering is something I do well, so this leg probably suited me better; but damn she's close so it's probably going to be tit-for-tat," said Logie.

"It's great fun it's really close but I don't know if it's good thing or a bad thing but it makes for really good racing," said Fry.


Men open Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Carlson0:42:57
2Daniel McConnell0:00:12
3Ben Randall0:02:29
4Ben Mather0:02:41
5Andrew Burford0:02:59
6James Williamson0:03:30
7Tim Chadd0:06:48
8Chris Southwood0:07:38
9Nick Morgan0:07:40
10Dylan Cirulis0:07:50
11Luke Webster0:08:21
12Adrian Jackson0:08:54
13Damian French0:09:18
14Tom Burford0:09:33
15Jason Mennitz0:09:56
16Mick Ross0:11:55
17Aaron Long0:12:06
18Simon French0:12:28
19Ashley Hayat0:13:17
20Phill Miller0:14:07
21Andrew Maynard0:14:36
22Samuel Gadient0:14:38
23Warren Austin0:14:44
24Joe Mullan0:15:06
25Sam Robertson0:15:47
26Dirk Austinat0:16:13
27Nick Miller0:16:29
28Boyd Furmston0:16:32
29Aubrey Clark0:16:40
30Paul Beuchat0:16:57
31Warren Wellbeloved0:17:56
32Bryan Powell0:18:10
33Sid Taberlay0:18:20
34Will Tatchell0:19:06
35Scott Maney0:19:21
36Jeffrey Potter0:19:50
37Brad Fitzgerald0:19:53
38Jonathan Hague0:23:34
39Andrew Blaney0:23:42
40Phil Bickerdike0:23:48
41Joel Thorby0:24:23
42Brendan Murphy0:25:10
43Myk Lozyk0:26:12
44Jesse Ciezki0:26:14
45Brett Cirulis0:27:05
46Chris Kamen0:28:09
47Christopher Crocker0:28:24
48Andrew Forbes0:29:02
49Michael Ker-David0:29:08
50Leigh Fitzgerald0:32:41

Women open Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rowena Fry0:50:23
2Katherine O'Shea0:05:09
3Jody Bush0:09:27
4Sophie Marshall0:09:35
5Selina Stoute0:11:08
6Edwina Hughes0:14:14
7Bronwyn Sax0:19:27
8Shelley Scott0:20:08
9Helen Wray0:21:43
10Melanie Wood0:25:22
11Paula Sutton0:30:23
12Gail Sutton0:38:08

Under 23 men Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steele Von Hoff0:43:08
2Luke Fetch
3Paul van der Ploeg0:01:21
4Matthew Callow0:07:24
5Timothy Doman0:08:06
6Peter Grimble0:33:50
7Benjamin Bromberg0:37:21
8Lindsay Apted0:45:16

Under 23 women Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melinda Jackson1:01:56

Veteran men 30-39 Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair0:43:37
2Warren Burgess0:02:03
3Mark Fenner0:02:08
4Ross Farrell0:03:08
5David Wood0:03:45
6Ashley Bleeker0:04:16
7Luke Beuchat0:04:19
8Stuart Keep0:04:34
9Scott Needham0:05:04
10Damien Jones0:05:05
11Steven Brown0:05:43
12Julien Wicks0:05:45
13Adrian Flood0:07:17
14Trevor Innes0:07:29
15Mark Padgett0:07:43
16Kim Curtis0:07:44
17Russell Edgar0:08:24
18Con Mavroudakis0:08:28
19Simon Coffin0:08:49
20Mike Murphy0:09:06
21Bruce Turvey0:09:34
22Benjamin Cirulis0:09:47
23Ed Parker0:09:51
24Mark Littlejohn0:09:53
25John Darcey0:10:16
26Erik Bakke0:10:19
27Ian Trayler0:11:10
28Bryce Young0:11:27
29Angus Rodwell0:11:39
30Rodney Bates0:12:00
31Ken Allen0:12:39
32Chris Bradford0:12:51
33Julien Redmond0:12:58
34Scott Lohrey0:13:01
35Marty Krieg0:13:39
36Scott Knighton0:13:54
37Justin Woolford0:13:58
38Ben Davidson0:14:22
39Adam Kelly
40Simon Zabel0:14:45
41Luke Roberts0:14:50
42Adam Harris0:14:51
43Noel Higgs0:14:59
44Todd Stanton0:15:01
45John Atkinson0:15:13
46Andrew Shaw0:15:14
47Conrad Daniels0:15:31
48Martin Stephenson0:15:38
49Winton Mahar0:15:44
50Dave Bingley0:15:55
51Paul Lanham0:16:04
52Trent Hewitt0:16:14
53Justin Whelan0:16:15
54Andrew Ling0:16:43
55Jarrad Needham
56Henry Van Heerden0:17:05
57Nelson Clark0:17:06
58Geff Harper0:17:40
59Julian Porter0:17:51
60Alex Stone0:17:52
61Nick Lancaster0:17:57
62Adam Gourlay0:18:00
63Russell Goslin0:18:42
64David Henderson0:18:44
65Chris Wilson0:18:45
66Steven Scharapow0:18:46
67Duncan Sinclair0:19:20
68Clinton Dean0:19:29
69Douglas Turvey0:19:34
70Phil Leslie0:19:46
71Thomas Hansen0:19:59
72Daniel Beuchat0:20:26
73Brendan Scarborough0:20:32
74Joel Wright0:20:43
75Aldy Stipnieks0:21:10
76Peter Gilbert0:21:14
77Ross Martin0:21:41
78Vaughan Kemsley0:22:23
79Joel Brewer0:22:26
80Michael McMullen0:22:36
81Robert Child0:22:49
82Clive Poulton0:22:55
83Steve Jaffray0:22:58
84Evan Hayes0:22:59
85Kristian Smythe0:23:01
86Andrew Spencer0:23:09
87Ian Fitzpatrick0:23:11
88Scott Bannister0:23:16
89Andrew Bell0:23:20
90Craig Bycroft0:23:22
91Ashley Noble0:23:39
92Michael Norman0:23:51
93Peter Effeney0:23:56
94Darren Harvey0:24:30
95Paul Suter0:24:41
96Darren Saunders0:24:58
97Chad Vowles0:25:00
98Gavin Brown0:25:10
99Douglas Miller
100David Wakefield0:25:27
101Alex Smith0:25:40
102Theo Williams0:25:58
103Ben Strugnell0:26:15
104Marc Campbell0:26:16
105Tom Cieslinski0:26:24
106Anthony Chisholm0:26:28
107Karl Pavey0:26:35
108Nathan James0:26:36
109Brett Chaseling0:26:58
110Robin Harris0:27:30
111Daniel Pountney0:28:08
112Sam Duncan0:28:27
113Josiah Sciascia
114Jon Williamson0:28:37
115Matthew Wood0:28:44
116Adrian Van Loon0:28:48
117Todd Stafford0:29:13
118Matthias Schwerdtle0:29:53
119Greg Wunder0:29:58
120Luke Grainger0:30:40
121Anthony Abbott0:31:05
122Nigel Macquet0:32:17
123Matt Carlson0:33:17
124Stephen Geason0:34:00
125Victor Romagosa0:35:33
126Mark Hindley0:35:36
127Simon Trewin0:35:42
128Brett Childs0:35:50
129David Lacey0:36:15
130Jonas Varcoe0:36:25
131Andrew Tyrrell0:36:45
132Mark Lawler0:36:48
133Scott Steedman0:38:08
134Alexander Bibby0:38:25
135Peter Gill0:38:46
136Nigel Adcock
137Chris Browne
138Anthony Hogan0:39:29
139Michael Andrews0:39:43
140Phillip Murfett0:39:47
141Mathew Murphy0:39:56
142Aliriza Yucel0:40:41
143Jason Richards0:42:51
144Jamie Davis0:43:14
145Declan Brennan0:46:26
146Mike Shaw0:47:21
147Patrick Kinsella0:49:03
148Damien Peel0:51:49
149Ben McDermott1:02:18

Veteran women 30-39 Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heather Logie0:51:23
2Zoe King0:06:33
3Naomi Hansen0:07:50
4Trudy Nicholas0:08:48
5Mel Weber0:09:20
6Su Sprott0:17:54
7Katrina Cathcart0:18:08
8Linda Cappello0:18:34
9Meghan Johnston0:18:35
10Jo Williams0:19:19
11Amanda Sanderson0:19:24
12Jane Thomas0:22:09
13Lana Moy0:26:10
14Toni Van Heerden0:26:23
15Kym Fitzpatrick0:27:15
16Sara Prickett0:28:05
17Tina Ciezki0:30:14
18Helen Green0:30:55
19Megan Farebrother0:31:29
20Li Choong0:31:42
21Rebecca Freeman0:34:37
22Diane Chisholm0:39:20
23Jude Mulhuijsen0:40:03
24Michelle Lindsay0:40:23
25Naomi Wright0:44:18
26Katie Webster0:45:30
27Marina Polita0:47:57

Master men 40-49 Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rob Eva0:46:14
2Greg Dwyer0:04:06
3Normon Thibault0:04:08
4Willem Van den Bosch0:06:34
5Dean Clark0:07:12
6Jim Robinson
7Duncan Rose0:07:59
8Brian McTaggart0:08:34
9Craig Cummings0:08:58
10John Whittington0:09:04
11Scott Smith0:09:05
12Waco Hamlin0:09:36
13Andrew Cathcart0:10:39
14Craig Chivers0:11:45
15Rod Ascui0:11:58
16Mark Plumb0:11:59
17Scott Murchison0:12:17
18Gavin Wakefield0:13:02
19Neil Ker0:13:24
20Andre Farley0:13:51
21Paul Hutcheon0:14:31
22Marcus Langham0:14:37
23Tim Robertson0:14:58
24Ian Ferrier0:15:00
25Gary Hitches0:15:38
26Robert Matthews0:15:44
27Rodney Mills
28Mike Austin0:15:50
29Brent Ranson0:15:52
30Jay Heather0:15:54
31John Searston0:15:57
32Bill Chilvers0:16:04
33Trent Moore0:16:06
34Marcus Coghlan0:16:14
35Andrew Davison0:16:18
36Paul Hooper
37David Barry0:16:25
38David McCook0:16:44
39Peter Oliver0:16:46
40Martin Lee0:17:17
41Phil Edwards0:17:56
42James Heron
43Michael Symons0:18:29
44Rob King0:19:16
45Gary Aaron0:19:20
46Glenn Matson0:19:41
47William Findlay0:19:55
48Bernard Walker0:19:56
49Glen Higgins0:20:01
50David Storm0:20:11
51David Pollington0:20:24
52Mark Hitchins0:20:26
53Keith Murfet0:20:35
54Simon Foster0:21:03
55Julian Augustini0:21:05
56Peter Millar0:21:10
57Andrew Palmer0:21:15
58Harry Burnett0:21:45
59Richie Burrell0:21:47
60Chris Tate0:21:55
61Malcolm Lindsay0:22:19
62Tom Wass0:22:21
63Shane Kerrison0:22:24
64Darren Fletcher0:22:53
65Steve Campbell0:22:54
66James Down0:23:00
67Robert Medway0:23:16
68Nick Irvine0:23:38
69Simon Vandestadt0:23:39
70Malcolm Barrett0:23:47
71Jim Ansell0:24:31
72Jeff Camp0:24:37
73Anthony Briggs0:24:49
74Stephen Costar0:25:03
75Jonty Barnett0:26:33
76Hamish Deery0:26:39
77Wayne Chapman0:26:43
78Rodney Clark0:26:56
79Jack Birrell0:27:12
80Andrew Christensen0:27:58
81Bruce Perry0:28:24
82Chris Colley0:29:13
83Mark Roberton0:29:46
84Peter Fox0:30:25
85Sean Muir0:30:46
86Leigh Wilson0:31:02
87Rhett Kessler0:31:03
88Gordon Scrim0:31:39
89Phil Kelly0:32:58
90Maurice Williams0:33:06
91Peter Dean0:34:02
92David Dare0:34:11
93Mark Hubbard0:36:46
94Andrew Bird0:37:39
95Edward King0:39:08
96Michael Jamieson0:40:26
97Ian Smith0:43:25
98Craig Blake0:44:42
99Nigel Foss0:46:53
100David Foster0:47:44
101Roger Price0:49:53
102Peter Connor0:51:30
103Anton Du Preez0:52:02
104Erik Westra0:53:02
105Fraser White0:56:26
106Paul Rathbone1:08:15

Master women 40-49 Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Traci Lonergan1:08:26
2Nicole Lancaster0:01:47
3Catherine MacKay0:04:32
4Karen Robertson0:06:21
5Lisa Heazlewood0:06:58
6Juliet Plumb0:10:20
7Vicki Culver0:14:26
8Karen Ward0:27:23
9Kelley Murphy0:31:20
10Heidi Healy0:46:03

Supermaster men 50-59 Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nick Tilbrook0:55:48
2Phillip Dent0:02:23
3Darryl Smith0:03:05
4Grant Dixon0:05:27
5Granton Chugg0:06:22
6John Travers0:08:07
7David Braddick0:08:10
8Tony Heron0:08:14
9John Fisher0:08:54
10Karl Albrecht0:09:07
11Rowan Tatchell0:09:23
12Robert Rhodes0:09:24
13Brian Scarborough0:10:08
14Michael Richmond0:11:50
15Frank Clark0:12:54
16Bernard Murphy0:13:09
17Steve Bence0:13:40
18Mark Scarborough0:14:23
19Robert Tatchell0:14:34
20Dave Sutton0:14:43
21Stuart Lennox0:16:01
22Mordy Bromberg0:16:08
23Roger Butorac0:16:18
24Grant Irving0:18:17
25Robert De la Motte0:19:05
26Clive Strickland0:19:25
27Stephen Williamson0:20:53
28Robert Furmston0:21:39
29Peter Muller0:22:01
30Ian McGuffie0:22:18
31Sean Froude0:22:28
32Robert Kidd0:22:32
33John Pearce0:22:35
34Ian Carter0:24:35
35Peter Goodear0:24:44
36Clyde Sharp0:25:12
37DJ Brooks0:26:17
38Richard Pullinger0:27:15
39John Bonnett0:27:16
40Tim O'Loughlin0:29:32
41Alan McDowell0:30:49
42Bret Gambrill0:35:42
43Pat Murphy0:36:44
44Eric Riegler0:37:38
45Arthur Apted0:39:48
46Wayne Keygan0:43:41
47Peter Crocker0:47:43
48Mark Worrall0:58:40

Super master women 50-59 Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sylvia Outridge1:27:48

Grand master men 60+ Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kerry Ryan1:04:03
2Bruno Wicki0:04:53
3Sandy Logie0:05:55
4Malcolm Lynn0:09:48
5Clive Jackson0:12:19
6Wayne Strong0:14:40
7Neil Kinder0:17:26

Singlespeed men Competition stage 3 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Keith Macqueen0:52:17
2Craig Pullen0:05:12
3Liam O'Dea0:06:24
4Joel Fanning0:07:13
5Jason Johnson0:09:11
6Jonathan Cowan0:11:01
7Michael Davison0:11:30
8Rob Parbery0:13:34
9Tim Calkins0:18:36
10Kim McFadden0:20:42

Men open Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sid Taberlay1:25:32
2James Williamson0:02:50
3Joshua Carlson0:03:17
4Daniel McConnell0:03:22
5Ben Mather0:03:29
6Adrian Jackson0:04:55
7Ben Randall0:07:17
8Andrew Burford0:08:22
9Dylan Cirulis0:12:12
10Luke Webster0:17:44
11Scott Maney0:20:33
12Nick Morgan0:20:58
13Damian French0:21:27
14Ashley Hayat0:21:28
15Tom Burford0:22:17
16Jason Mennitz0:24:59
17Samuel Gadient0:25:44
18Joe Mullan0:26:30
19Aaron Long0:27:26
20Paul Beuchat0:27:30
21Simon French0:28:44
22Boyd Furmston0:29:27
23Phill Miller0:30:00
24Tim Chadd0:30:02
25Warren Wellbeloved0:32:37
26Sam Robertson0:33:31
27Nick Miller0:33:57
28Brad Fitzgerald0:35:05
29Andrew Maynard0:35:16
30Jeffrey Potter0:35:43
31Aubrey Clark0:36:26
32Mick Ross0:37:09
33Phil Bickerdike0:38:03
34Warren Austin0:39:31
35Bryan Powell0:41:38
36Will Tatchell0:41:55
37Chris Southwood0:42:10
38Jonathan Hague0:43:01
39Jesse Ciezki0:44:24
40Chris Kamen0:48:02
41Brett Cirulis0:49:32
42Brendan Murphy0:51:43
43Leigh Fitzgerald0:51:49
44Joel Thorby0:53:51
45Andrew Forbes0:54:24
46Michael Ker-David0:55:51
47Christopher Crocker1:02:17
48Myk Lozyk1:04:39
49Dirk Austinat1:08:42
50Andrew Blaney1:15:11

Women open Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rowena Fry1:38:16
2Katherine O'Shea0:13:43
3Sophie Marshall0:17:14
4Selina Stoute0:22:21
5Jody Bush0:25:33
6Helen Wray0:31:09
7Edwina Hughes0:31:13
8Shelley Scott0:35:05
9Bronwyn Sax0:35:09
10Paula Sutton0:55:25
11Melanie Wood1:00:46
12Gail Sutton1:02:05

Under 23 men Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul van der Ploeg1:28:27
2Steele Von Hoff0:00:20
3Luke Fetch0:02:44
4Matthew Callow0:12:21
5Timothy Doman0:16:10
6Benjamin Bromberg0:52:18
7Lindsay Apted0:54:19
8Peter Grimble1:47:52

Under 23 women Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melinda Jackson2:00:56

Veteran men 30-39 Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair1:29:05
2Mark Fenner0:02:07
3Damien Jones0:05:57
4Ross Farrell0:05:58
5Warren Burgess0:07:14
6Ashley Bleeker0:08:00
7David Wood0:08:42
8Luke Beuchat0:09:21
9Scott Needham0:09:51
10Steven Brown0:10:24
11Andrew Bell0:12:44
12Bruce Turvey0:12:53
13Stuart Keep0:13:20
14Kim Curtis0:13:34
15Adrian Flood0:13:59
16Trevor Innes0:14:40
17Ken Allen0:14:56
18Russell Edgar0:15:01
19Julien Wicks0:15:46
20Simon Coffin0:16:56
21Simon Zabel0:17:13
22Mark Padgett0:17:57
23Justin Woolford0:18:13
24Phil Leslie0:19:36
25Ian Trayler0:19:45
26Erik Bakke0:20:44
27Benjamin Cirulis0:21:25
28Julien Redmond0:21:36
29Mike Murphy0:21:44
30Todd Stanton0:22:11
31Con Mavroudakis0:22:46
32Marty Krieg0:23:00
33Luke Roberts0:23:11
34Dave Bingley0:23:15
35Robert Child0:23:55
36Rodney Bates0:24:14
37Angus Rodwell0:25:49
38Andrew Ling0:26:10
39John Atkinson0:26:58
40Andrew Shaw0:27:35
41Henry Van Heerden0:27:40
42Scott Lohrey0:28:04
43Noel Higgs
44Bryce Young0:28:40
45Trent Hewitt0:28:45
46Michael McMullen0:28:55
47Conrad Daniels0:29:14
48Ben Davidson0:29:17
49Chris Bradford0:30:09
50Martin Stephenson0:30:30
51Ashley Noble0:30:58
52Julian Porter0:31:02
53Justin Whelan0:31:04
54Adam Harris0:32:26
55Marc Campbell0:32:30
56Russell Goslin0:32:43
57Jarrad Needham0:32:46
58Scott Knighton0:32:56
59Geff Harper0:33:12
60Peter Gilbert0:33:29
61Nelson Clark0:34:18
62Paul Lanham0:34:24
63Clinton Dean0:35:13
64Adam Gourlay0:35:28
65Steven Scharapow0:35:40
66Thomas Hansen0:35:58
67Duncan Sinclair0:36:01
68Sam Duncan0:36:10
69Andrew Spencer0:36:21
70Nick Lancaster0:36:36
71Joel Wright0:36:47
72Ed Parker0:37:07
73Daniel Beuchat0:37:37
74Adam Kelly0:37:54
75Tom Cieslinski0:38:08
76Alex Stone0:38:28
77Ian Fitzpatrick0:38:39
78John Darcey0:38:59
79Steve Jaffray0:39:26
80Mark Littlejohn0:39:43
81Karl Pavey0:39:56
82Nathan James0:40:07
83Douglas Turvey0:40:09
84Peter Effeney0:40:32
85Matt Carlson0:40:42
86David Henderson0:41:00
87Aldy Stipnieks0:41:06
88Jonas Varcoe0:41:35
89Ross Martin0:43:17
90Theo Williams0:43:18
91Robin Harris0:43:20
92Gavin Brown0:44:02
93Darren Harvey0:44:04
94Brendan Scarborough0:45:23
95Josiah Sciascia0:45:42
96Vaughan Kemsley0:46:06
97Chris Wilson0:46:10
98Scott Bannister0:46:21
99Daniel Pountney0:47:39
100Kristian Smythe0:48:27
101Douglas Miller0:49:05
102Anthony Chisholm0:49:16
103Clive Poulton0:49:23
104Peter Gill0:49:25
105Chris Browne
106Nigel Adcock0:49:30
107Evan Hayes0:49:45
108Jon Williamson0:49:59
109Joel Brewer0:50:15
110Darren Saunders0:51:00
111Adrian Van Loon0:51:18
112Winton Mahar0:51:29
113Craig Bycroft0:51:56
114Alex Smith0:52:05
115Matthias Schwerdtle0:52:18
116Chad Vowles0:53:37
117Brett Chaseling0:53:43
118Paul Suter
119Mark Hindley0:54:40
120Aliriza Yucel0:56:51
121Luke Grainger0:58:06
122Greg Wunder0:58:15
123Nigel Macquet0:58:35
124Todd Stafford0:59:23
125Patrick Kinsella0:59:40
126David Wakefield1:03:01
127Brett Childs1:04:07
128Ben Strugnell1:04:22
129Anthony Abbott1:04:30
130Mark Lawler1:05:00
131Michael Norman1:05:04
132Simon Trewin1:07:32
133Phillip Murfett1:08:00
134Matthew Wood1:08:56
135Andrew Tyrrell1:09:40
136David Lacey1:09:58
137Anthony Hogan
138Jason Richards1:11:50
139Alexander Bibby1:12:44
140Jamie Davis1:13:23
141Victor Romagosa1:16:42
142Scott Steedman1:18:11
143Mike Shaw1:20:07
144Ben McDermott1:20:20
145Declan Brennan1:21:43
146Michael Andrews1:25:12
147Damien Peel1:53:47
148Stephen Geason1:57:28
149Mathew Murphy2:05:07

Veteran women 30-39 Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heather Logie1:36:57
2Zoe King0:14:16
3Naomi Hansen0:16:08
4Mel Weber0:18:46
5Trudy Nicholas0:26:21
6Linda Cappello0:34:19
7Jo Williams0:36:40
8Su Sprott0:37:58
9Amanda Sanderson0:38:12
10Meghan Johnston0:38:57
11Lana Moy0:40:50
12Katrina Cathcart0:44:17
13Toni Van Heerden0:49:11
14Helen Green0:57:17
15Kym Fitzpatrick0:57:43
16Jane Thomas0:58:35
17Tina Ciezki1:01:39
18Megan Farebrother1:01:48
19Jude Mulhuijsen1:04:48
20Sara Prickett1:04:49
21Diane Chisholm1:05:44
22Li Choong1:06:06
23Naomi Wright1:06:34
24Rebecca Freeman1:09:37
25Marina Polita1:10:54
26Michelle Lindsay1:18:50
27Katie Webster1:54:07

Master men 40-49 Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rob Eva1:37:10
2Greg Dwyer0:03:32
3Dean Clark0:06:34
4Normon Thibault0:06:57
5Jim Robinson0:09:12
6Andrew Davison0:12:32
7Duncan Rose0:12:34
8Gavin Wakefield0:14:29
9Brian McTaggart0:15:31
10Bill Chilvers0:15:54
11Waco Hamlin0:16:33
12John Whittington0:16:44
13Scott Murchison0:16:48
14Craig Chivers0:18:07
15Craig Cummings0:18:08
16Willem Van den Bosch0:18:31
17Paul Hutcheon0:18:51
18Jay Heather0:19:07
19David McCook0:19:34
20Tim Robertson0:20:44
21Brent Ranson0:21:33
22Mike Austin0:21:47
23Marcus Langham0:22:12
24Rod Ascui0:22:21
25Gary Hitches0:22:37
26Martin Lee0:23:17
27Andrew Cathcart0:23:19
28Neil Ker0:23:28
29Michael Symons0:23:57
30Robert Matthews0:24:24
31Phil Edwards0:25:11
32Glen Higgins0:26:36
33Peter Oliver0:27:05
34Marcus Coghlan0:27:53
35James Heron0:28:21
36Andre Farley0:28:25
37David Barry0:28:42
38Wayne Chapman0:29:26
39Phil Kelly0:29:30
40Simon Vandestadt0:30:30
41Mark Hitchins0:30:50
42Paul Hooper0:30:56
43Bernard Walker0:31:17
44Scott Smith0:31:43
45David Pollington0:32:24
46Trent Moore0:32:38
47Mark Plumb0:32:40
48Malcolm Lindsay0:32:45
49Andrew Palmer0:32:54
50John Searston0:33:19
51William Findlay0:33:55
52Richie Burrell0:33:58
53Harry Burnett0:34:04
54Stephen Costar0:34:05
55Rodney Mills0:34:12
56Rob King0:34:27
57Ian Ferrier0:35:20
58David Storm0:37:53
59Julian Augustini0:38:14
60Chris Tate0:39:09
61Darren Fletcher0:39:55
62Andrew Christensen0:40:31
63Keith Murfet0:41:32
64Jim Ansell0:42:08
65Jeff Camp0:43:11
66Andrew Bird0:43:27
67Tom Wass0:44:15
68Shane Kerrison0:44:35
69Robert Medway0:45:00
70Glenn Matson0:45:28
71Steve Campbell0:46:03
72Jonty Barnett0:46:24
73Paul Rathbone0:47:47
74Chris Colley0:48:08
75Peter Fox
76Hamish Deery0:48:37
77Leigh Wilson0:49:15
78Sean Muir0:51:46
79James Down0:51:55
80Peter Millar0:53:16
81Anthony Briggs0:53:57
82Simon Foster0:55:19
83Nick Irvine0:55:53
84Rodney Clark0:56:42
85Jack Birrell0:59:21
86Michael Jamieson0:59:55
87David Dare1:00:10
88Gordon Scrim1:01:08
89David Foster1:02:01
90Rhett Kessler1:03:07
91Bruce Perry1:03:14
92Edward King1:05:10
93Erik Westra1:10:13
94Gary Aaron1:11:58
95Peter Dean1:14:28
96Ian Smith1:14:31
97Malcolm Barrett1:18:29
98Maurice Williams1:20:36
99Craig Blake1:23:30
100Nigel Foss1:27:04
101Peter Connor1:30:29
102Fraser White1:31:27
103Roger Price1:34:03
104Mark Roberton1:36:28
105Anton Du Preez1:37:14

Master women 40-49 Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Traci Lonergan2:18:27
2Lisa Heazlewood0:06:44
3Nicole Lancaster0:09:26
4Juliet Plumb0:11:13
5Catherine MacKay0:11:35
6Karen Robertson0:12:31
7Vicki Culver0:14:51
8Karen Ward0:26:14
9Kelley Murphy0:39:19
10Heidi Healy1:02:45

Supermaster men 50-59 Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darryl Smith1:53:10
2John Fisher0:03:40
3Nick Tilbrook0:04:12
4Phillip Dent0:05:47
5Karl Albrecht0:05:51
6Brian Scarborough0:06:00
7Tony Heron0:07:01
8Grant Dixon0:07:34
9Rowan Tatchell0:08:08
10John Travers0:09:48
11David Braddick0:10:35
12Roger Butorac0:12:11
13Robert Rhodes0:14:37
14Michael Richmond0:14:52
15Granton Chugg0:15:43
16Mark Scarborough0:18:49
17Mordy Bromberg0:19:10
18Robert Tatchell0:19:24
19Robert De la Motte0:20:11
20Stuart Lennox0:20:30
21Stephen Williamson0:21:16
22Frank Clark0:21:18
23Dave Sutton0:25:16
24Bernard Murphy0:25:22
25Eric Riegler0:25:44
26Steve Bence0:30:15
27Grant Irving0:30:30
28Robert Kidd0:33:40
29Pat Murphy0:33:47
30Clive Strickland0:34:01
31John Pearce0:37:44
32Ian Carter0:40:30
33Peter Goodear0:41:10
34Robert Furmston0:41:23
35Sean Froude0:41:26
36Peter Muller0:43:30
37DJ Brooks0:44:57
38Arthur Apted0:45:19
39Clyde Sharp0:45:25
40Tim O'Loughlin0:49:53
41Ian McGuffie1:02:53
42Alan McDowell1:03:17
43Peter Crocker1:08:59
44Bret Gambrill1:20:49
45Richard Pullinger1:27:29
46John Bonnett1:27:30
47Mark Worrall1:28:02
48Wayne Keygan1:42:32

Super master women 50-59 Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sylvia Outridge2:49:09

Grand master men 60+ Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kerry Ryan2:00:14
2Malcolm Lynn0:06:57
3Bruno Wicki0:11:04
4Sandy Logie0:16:53
5Clive Jackson0:22:35
6Wayne Strong0:28:39
7Neil Kinder0:31:16

Singlespeed men Competition stage 4 (day 2)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Keith Macqueen1:51:08
2Michael Davison0:06:09
3Tim Calkins0:06:58
4Liam O'Dea0:07:56
5Craig Pullen0:10:26
6Jonathan Cowan0:10:29
7Joel Fanning0:13:16
8Jason Johnson0:14:55
9Rob Parbery0:28:46
10Kim McFadden0:29:19

Men open General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel McConnell3:45:07
2Joshua Carlson0:04:08
3James Williamson0:06:02
4Ben Mather0:07:45
5Adrian Jackson0:13:21
6Sid Taberlay0:14:42
7Ben Randall0:16:34
8Andrew Burford0:16:46
9Dylan Cirulis0:27:04
10Luke Webster0:35:52
11Nick Morgan0:36:02
12Damian French0:41:58
13Tim Chadd0:49:04
14Jason Mennitz0:51:01
15Scott Maney0:52:20
16Samuel Gadient1:00:07
17Ashley Hayat1:00:14
18Aaron Long1:00:51
19Joe Mullan1:01:05
20Tom Burford1:04:31
21Simon French1:04:40
22Phill Miller1:04:54
23Paul Beuchat1:08:05
24Mick Ross1:09:06
25Chris Southwood1:09:32
26Nick Miller1:10:34
27Boyd Furmston1:12:53
28Warren Wellbeloved1:16:40
29Warren Austin1:21:54
30Jeffrey Potter1:22:16
31Sam Robertson1:22:37
32Aubrey Clark1:22:46
33Andrew Maynard1:24:18
34Bryan Powell1:26:37
35Brad Fitzgerald1:29:26
36Will Tatchell1:41:36
37Jonathan Hague1:41:45
38Dirk Austinat1:49:24
39Brett Cirulis1:51:45
40Brendan Murphy1:52:02
41Phil Bickerdike1:53:09
42Jesse Ciezki1:59:10
43Joel Thorby2:02:25
44Chris Kamen2:04:11
45Andrew Forbes2:05:08
46Myk Lozyk2:08:06
47Christopher Crocker2:08:21
48Leigh Fitzgerald2:10:36
49Andrew Blaney2:16:56
50Michael Ker-David2:19:50

Women open General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rowena Fry4:13:46
2Katherine O'Shea0:27:02
3Sophie Marshall0:43:52
4Jody Bush0:54:20
5Selina Stoute0:57:04
6Edwina Hughes1:10:22
7Helen Wray1:21:04
8Bronwyn Sax1:28:10
9Shelley Scott1:31:01
10Paula Sutton2:08:16
11Melanie Wood2:12:15
12Gail Sutton2:30:21

Under 23 men General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steele Von Hoff3:46:39
2Paul van der Ploeg0:01:08
3Luke Fetch0:03:23
4Matthew Callow0:31:53
5Timothy Doman0:48:52
6Benjamin Bromberg2:15:54
7Lindsay Apted2:42:10
8Peter Grimble3:18:51

Under 23 women General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melinda Jackson5:06:34

Veteran men 30-39 General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair3:48:34
2Mark Fenner0:08:30
3Warren Burgess0:13:50
4Ross Farrell0:14:32
5Damien Jones0:18:13
6Ashley Bleeker0:19:47
7David Wood0:21:27
8Luke Beuchat0:23:37
9Scott Needham0:25:38
10Steven Brown0:27:01
11Russell Edgar0:31:42
12Adrian Flood0:32:42
13Julien Wicks0:34:21
14Kim Curtis0:35:23
15Trevor Innes0:36:16
16Bruce Turvey0:37:05
17Stuart Keep0:38:19
18Ken Allen0:39:08
19Simon Coffin0:42:30
20Mark Padgett0:44:18
21Andrew Bell0:45:05
22Ian Trayler0:45:55
23Con Mavroudakis0:46:35
24Benjamin Cirulis0:49:07
25Justin Woolford0:51:06
26Simon Zabel0:52:59
27Chris Bradford0:53:31
28Julien Redmond0:55:37
29Angus Rodwell0:56:06
30Rodney Bates0:56:25
31Mike Murphy0:56:37
32Marty Krieg0:57:27
33John Darcey0:57:51
34Phil Leslie0:57:59
35Bryce Young1:00:17
36Todd Stanton1:00:27
37Luke Roberts1:02:31
38Scott Lohrey1:03:38
39John Atkinson1:05:27
40Mark Littlejohn1:05:30
41Erik Bakke1:05:31
42Dave Bingley1:05:38
43Andrew Shaw1:06:10
44Ed Parker1:06:57
45Noel Higgs1:07:28
46Robert Child1:08:23
47Andrew Ling1:08:46
48Ben Davidson1:08:52
49Henry Van Heerden1:12:22
50Justin Whelan1:12:42
51Conrad Daniels1:13:09
52Michael McMullen1:15:09
53Trent Hewitt1:15:29
54Adam Harris1:15:51
55Martin Stephenson1:17:50
56Jarrad Needham1:17:55
57Julian Porter1:17:57
58Geff Harper1:19:50
59Nelson Clark1:20:13
60Scott Knighton1:20:15
61Russell Goslin1:20:59
62Adam Gourlay1:21:39
63Peter Gilbert1:21:45
64Clinton Dean1:22:12
65Nick Lancaster1:23:23
66Paul Lanham1:23:31
67Ashley Noble1:24:51
68Thomas Hansen1:25:08
69Steven Scharapow1:25:42
70Alex Stone1:27:41
71Douglas Turvey1:28:08
72Adam Kelly1:29:08
73Winton Mahar1:29:11
74Duncan Sinclair1:29:25
75David Henderson1:29:40
76Joel Wright1:32:09
77Andrew Spencer1:32:34
78Aldy Stipnieks1:33:56
79Marc Campbell1:35:03
80Steve Jaffray1:35:57
81Ross Martin1:36:07
82Daniel Beuchat1:36:30
83Tom Cieslinski1:37:13
84Sam Duncan1:37:51
85Brendan Scarborough1:40:18
86Scott Bannister1:40:51
87Chris Wilson1:40:54
88Karl Pavey1:41:13
89Nathan James1:41:29
90Peter Effeney1:44:20
91Darren Harvey1:46:37
92Theo Williams1:46:50
93Vaughan Kemsley1:48:09
94Robin Harris1:48:40
95Matt Carlson1:49:09
96Jonas Varcoe1:49:22
97Kristian Smythe1:49:41
98Clive Poulton1:50:31
99Gavin Brown1:50:39
100Daniel Pountney1:51:26
101Josiah Sciascia1:51:38
102Evan Hayes1:52:58
103Ian Fitzpatrick1:54:33
104Joel Brewer1:55:41
105Douglas Miller1:56:50
106Brett Chaseling1:56:56
107Chad Vowles1:57:19
108Darren Saunders1:58:57
109Anthony Chisholm2:02:19
110Craig Bycroft2:02:21
111Paul Suter2:02:36
112Adrian Van Loon2:04:30
113Jon Williamson2:04:32
114Luke Grainger2:04:56
115Peter Gill2:07:03
116Chris Browne2:07:05
117Mark Hindley2:07:08
118Nigel Adcock2:07:10
119Alex Smith2:08:22
120David Wakefield2:08:26
121Matthias Schwerdtle2:09:02
122Ben Strugnell2:15:30
123Michael Norman2:15:57
124Nigel Macquet2:17:31
125Greg Wunder2:21:24
126Todd Stafford2:21:32
127Anthony Abbott2:24:04
128Aliriza Yucel2:32:34
129Brett Childs2:35:53
130David Lacey2:39:54
131Mark Lawler2:40:42
132Jason Richards2:41:36
133Victor Romagosa2:42:14
134Matthew Wood2:42:55
135Phillip Murfett2:44:45
136Simon Trewin2:45:40
137Andrew Tyrrell2:47:52
138Scott Steedman2:57:49
139Jamie Davis2:59:25
140Anthony Hogan3:02:12
141Alexander Bibby3:05:25
142Patrick Kinsella3:06:17
143Michael Andrews3:07:24
144Mike Shaw3:09:05
145Declan Brennan3:13:57
146Ben McDermott3:15:44
147Stephen Geason3:29:09
148Mathew Murphy3:48:10
149Damien Peel4:10:59

Veteran women 30-39 General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heather Logie4:12:36
2Zoe King0:37:42
3Naomi Hansen0:37:51
4Mel Weber0:48:36
5Trudy Nicholas0:49:12
6Linda Cappello1:21:13
7Jo Williams1:21:37
8Meghan Johnston1:26:01
9Amanda Sanderson1:26:37
10Su Sprott1:28:12
11Katrina Cathcart1:34:48
12Lana Moy1:48:47
13Toni Van Heerden1:56:10
14Jane Thomas1:59:03
15Helen Green2:12:49
16Kym Fitzpatrick2:19:48
17Rebecca Freeman2:20:25
18Megan Farebrother2:22:26
19Sara Prickett2:28:59
20Tina Ciezki2:30:57
21Li Choong2:34:24
22Diane Chisholm2:38:30
23Naomi Wright2:39:13
24Jude Mulhuijsen2:46:45
25Michelle Lindsay3:01:09
26Marina Polita3:07:58
27Katie Webster4:07:11

Master men 40-49 General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rob Eva4:05:30
2Greg Dwyer0:12:11
3Normon Thibault0:15:50
4Dean Clark0:23:18
5Jim Robinson0:25:31
6Duncan Rose0:33:48
7Craig Cummings0:37:25
8Brian McTaggart0:37:34
9Willem Van den Bosch0:38:57
10Waco Hamlin0:40:40
11John Whittington0:43:12
12Andrew Davison0:45:16
13Gavin Wakefield0:46:27
14Scott Murchison0:46:48
15Bill Chilvers0:47:01
16Craig Chivers0:49:14
17Andrew Cathcart0:49:17
18Scott Smith0:51:19
19Jay Heather0:51:22
20Rod Ascui0:52:55
21Tim Robertson0:55:08
22David McCook0:57:33
23Neil Ker0:58:35
24Marcus Langham0:59:13
25Mike Austin0:59:15
26Gary Hitches1:01:27
27Paul Hutcheon1:01:39
28Brent Ranson1:02:59
29Robert Matthews1:03:10
30Martin Lee1:03:31
31Peter Oliver1:04:26
32Phil Edwards1:05:04
33Marcus Coghlan1:07:26
34Michael Symons1:07:48
35James Heron1:08:13
36Mark Plumb1:08:42
37Andre Farley1:09:31
38Trent Moore1:11:19
39Rodney Mills1:12:10
40Ian Ferrier1:12:43
41David Barry1:13:02
42John Searston1:14:11
43Glen Higgins1:15:48
44Bernard Walker1:16:09
45Paul Hooper1:16:21
46Phil Kelly1:16:41
47Andrew Palmer1:20:13
48Mark Hitchins1:20:16
49Rob King1:21:13
50David Pollington1:23:12
51Wayne Chapman1:23:47
52William Findlay1:23:49
53Richie Burrell1:24:28
54Simon Vandestadt1:25:00
55Harry Burnett1:25:28
56Malcolm Lindsay1:26:56
57Julian Augustini1:28:59
58Chris Tate1:32:04
59David Storm1:32:56
60Stephen Costar1:34:33
61Keith Murfet1:36:55
62Jim Ansell1:37:29
63Shane Kerrison1:39:09
64Glenn Matson1:39:23
65Tom Wass1:41:30
66Jeff Camp1:42:52
67Jonty Barnett1:43:21
68Steve Campbell1:43:22
69Robert Medway1:43:47
70Andrew Christensen1:47:30
71Darren Fletcher1:49:15
72Andrew Bird1:52:08
73Chris Colley1:52:46
74Peter Millar1:53:46
75Simon Foster1:54:26
76James Down1:56:28
77Nick Irvine1:58:36
78Hamish Deery
79Leigh Wilson2:02:31
80Sean Muir2:02:41
81Peter Fox2:03:32
82Anthony Briggs2:10:01
83Rhett Kessler2:10:26
84Jack Birrell2:11:35
85Gary Aaron2:16:03
86Gordon Scrim2:16:09
87Malcolm Barrett2:16:31
88Bruce Perry2:18:33
89Rodney Clark2:20:11
90Michael Jamieson2:31:38
91Maurice Williams2:41:57
92David Foster2:43:01
93David Dare2:45:36
94Edward King2:45:48
95Peter Dean2:48:45
96Mark Roberton3:01:07
97Craig Blake3:10:18
98Nigel Foss3:16:32
99Ian Smith3:16:57
100Paul Rathbone3:31:13
101Peter Connor3:35:58
102Fraser White3:37:50
103Erik Westra3:38:08
104Roger Price3:39:24
105Anton Du Preez3:47:16

Master women 40-49 General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Traci Lonergan5:41:38
2Nicole Lancaster0:13:54
3Lisa Heazlewood0:23:41
4Catherine MacKay0:27:57
5Juliet Plumb0:33:12
6Karen Robertson0:34:26
7Vicki Culver0:46:21
8Karen Ward1:22:45
9Kelley Murphy1:33:08
10Heidi Healy2:28:16

Supermaster men 50-59 General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darryl Smith4:49:04
2Nick Tilbrook0:01:24
3Brian Scarborough0:15:20
4Phillip Dent0:17:25
5John Fisher0:18:25
6Grant Dixon0:19:36
7Tony Heron0:21:43
8Karl Albrecht0:22:37
9Rowan Tatchell0:26:14
10Robert Rhodes0:31:16
11David Braddick0:31:40
12Granton Chugg0:32:02
13John Travers0:34:01
14Roger Butorac0:38:38
15Michael Richmond0:39:42
16Stuart Lennox0:44:30
17Mordy Bromberg0:45:14
18Mark Scarborough0:45:27
19Frank Clark0:46:22
20Robert De la Motte0:46:26
21Robert Tatchell0:50:41
22Dave Sutton0:56:10
23Stephen Williamson0:58:06
24Bernard Murphy0:59:26
25Steve Bence1:02:11
26Grant Irving1:14:36
27Clive Strickland1:16:48
28Eric Riegler1:20:22
29Robert Furmston1:26:39
30DJ Brooks1:29:47
31Robert Kidd1:32:32
32Peter Muller1:32:45
33Peter Goodear1:33:13
34Pat Murphy1:33:26
35Ian Carter1:33:56
36Sean Froude
37John Pearce1:34:37
38Clyde Sharp1:44:49
39Arthur Apted2:00:07
40Tim O'Loughlin2:06:20
41Ian McGuffie2:18:42
42Alan McDowell2:29:44
43Richard Pullinger2:29:51
44John Bonnett
45Bret Gambrill2:36:38
46Peter Crocker2:52:16
47Mark Worrall3:34:16
48Wayne Keygan3:45:36

Super master women 50-59 General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sylvia Outridge7:06:24

Grand master men 60+ General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kerry Ryan5:07:49
2Malcolm Lynn0:22:10
3Bruno Wicki0:28:07
4Sandy Logie0:35:34
5Clive Jackson1:00:39
6Wayne Strong1:07:36
7Neil Kinder1:20:14

Singlespeed men General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Keith Macqueen4:43:04
2Craig Pullen0:14:33
3Tim Calkins0:15:04
4Michael Davison0:20:24
5Liam O'Dea0:23:23
6Jonathan Cowan0:25:49
7Jason Johnson0:29:02
8Joel Fanning0:35:37
9Rob Parbery0:59:10
10Kim McFadden1:13:33

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