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Owen, Hecht and Jorgenson win Junior men's titles

In the junior 10-12 men's race, Matteo Jorgenson (Boise Young Riders Dev Squad) earned a Stars-and-Stripes after out-riding the rest of the field. "I was second wheel going into the puddlely, muddy section," said Jorgenson. "I decided to make an attack on the grass. On the pavement I just drilled it and tried to get the biggest gap I could."

Gage Hecht (International Christian Cycling Club) edged out runner-up Karch Miller (Davis Bike Club) to win the junior 13-14 race. "It was a very tough race, so slick, and the competition was amazingly hard," said Hecht.

Logan Owen claimed his sixth straight national title after winning the junior 15-16 event. "Got a good start - clean - and after that just rode away," said Owen after the final race of the morning session.

Full Results

Junior Men 10-12
1Matteo Jorgenson (BYRDS)0:19:09
2Scott Funston (Old Town Bicycle Race Team)0:00:46
3Denzel Stephenson0:01:04
4Cassidy Bailey0:01:52
5Henry Geary (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)0:02:06
6Edward Fritzinger (Red Zone Cycling)0:02:35
7Jackson McNear (Red Zone Cycling)0:02:39
8Mitchell Thornton (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)0:03:00
9Jett Ballantyne
10Ryan Madis (Project Velo Racing/One Call Now)0:03:51
11Brayden Buchanan (Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman)0:04:39
13Caleb Swartz (Brazen Dropouts/Junior Dropouts)0:05:01
14Benjamin King (Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman)0:06:15
15Alastair Magun (Marymoor Velodrome Assoc.)0:07:53
16Brian Hart0:09:13
17Owen Szwaya0:11:03
18Aidan Sullivan (20/20 Fuel)0:12:40
19Grayson Szczukowski-1lap
20Holden Berg
DNSJacob Labosky

Junior Men 13-14
1Gage Hecht (International Christian Cycling)0:18:05
2Karch Miller (Davis Bike Club)0:00:05
3Ben Hogan (Justin'S / Titus Mountain Bike)0:00:27
4Ian McShane (Red Zone Cycling)0:00:37
5Lance Haidet0:00:41
6Cooper Willsey (Green Mountain Bicycle Club)0:00:44
7Spencer Petrov (Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts)0:00:48
8Samuel Rosenberg
9Ethan Reynolds (BYRDS)0:00:55
10Gavin Haley (Red Zone Cycling)0:00:57
11Cameron Beard
12Ben Glover (Red Zone Cycling)0:01:08
13Eric Brunner (Boulder Junior Cycling)0:01:16
14Evan Geary (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)0:01:29
15Cade Bickmore (Boulder Junior Cycling)0:01:38
16Massimo Larsen0:02:09
17Zachary Mikkelson0:02:17
18Benedikt Toeldte (BYRDS)0:02:26
19Jedidiah Fritzinger (Red Zone Cycling)0:02:31
20Matthew Wilkinson (Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman)0:03:03
21Robert Prewitt (Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts)0:03:19
22Joshua Anderson (Essex County Velo)0:03:37
23Henry Hayes (20/20 Fuel)0:03:48
24Rubin Field
25Trey Thornton (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)0:04:03
26Jacob Payne0:04:20
27Jarrett Aregger (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)0:04:24
28Mike Jors (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)0:04:53
29Alec Miller (Broken Spoke Cycling)0:05:04
30Andrew Rademacher (Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts)0:05:11
31Jacob Weisgerber (Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts)0:05:25
32Connor Ellison0:05:42
33Keenan Reynolds0:06:47
34Ian Steigerwald-1lap
DNFRobert Wright (Boulder Junior Cycling)

Junior Men 15-16
1Logan Owen (Lake Washington Velo)0:32:42
2Zack Gould (Clif Bar Development Cross Team)0:00:30
3Spence Peterson (Above Category Racing)0:00:33
4Nate Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL Noonan/Bay Hill Capital/Corner Cycle)0:00:42
5Curtis White (Clif Bar Development Cross Team)0:00:51
6Jordan Cullen (Clif Bar Development Cross Team)
7Ian Haupt (Planet Bike)0:01:34
8Michael Dessau (Above Category Racing)0:01:54
9Stephen Bassett (Southern Cycling Operations/Micro Metals/Bike Zoo/Sunspot)0:02:06
10Spencer Downing (Clif Bar Development Cross Team)0:02:09
11Austin Vincent (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL Noonan/Bay Hill Capital/Corner Cycle)0:02:19
12William Barta (BYRDS)0:02:45
13Brandon Pruett0:02:48
14Maxx Chance0:02:57
15Max Toeldte (BYRDS)0:03:12
16Nicolas Catlin (Team Danbury Audi/Pedal And Pump)0:03:32
17Landen Beckner0:03:35
18Lionel Rocheleau (Team Geargrinder)0:03:36
19Colin Dunlap0:03:54
20Jaxon Suttlemyre (Coeur D 'Alene Velo Racers/Vertical Earth)0:04:29
21Jonathan Anderson (Essex County Velo)
22Nolan Brady (Old Town Bicycle Race Team)0:04:45
23Trevor Schauer0:04:56
24David O'Brien (Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman)0:05:12
25Nolan McQueen (Red Zone Cycling)0:05:24
26Avi Mahan (Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman)0:05:39
27Daniel Santos (Red Zone Cycling)0:05:41
28Douglas Hall (Team Velosport Club/Sho-Air)0:05:54
29Liam Earl (BYRDS)0:05:57
30Anders Nystrom (BYRDS)0:06:05
31Richard Rainville (Ann Arbor Velo Club)0:06:16
32Lukas Giesen (Active Knowledge/Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School)0:06:35
33Miles Frank (Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman)0:06:45
34Dawson Stallings0:07:05
35Connor Letendre0:07:19
36Mitchell Stevens0:07:26
37Harrison Devine (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)0:08:15
38Erick Madis (Project Velo Racing/One Call Now)0:08:31
39Cameron MillarGriffin0:09:28
40John Curtis-1lap
41Emerson Webb (Beaverton Bicycle Club)
42Blake Hanson
43Frankie Virgen
44Kyle Denison (Team Mad Cat)
DNSJonathon Schilling (Big Shark Bicycle Company)
DNSDaniel Parks (Gs Tenzing)
DNSBridger Fiore (Northern Rockies Cycling Team/
DNSRobert Sroka (Team Lake Effect)


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