McConnell sprints to Fontana cross country victory

Dan McConnell (Trek Factory Racing) won round 3 of the USA Cycling US Cup Pro Series presented by Sho-Air Cycling Group in Fontana, California, on Saturday afternoon. With three rounds done and one to go, Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) leads the USA Cycling US Cup Pro Series.

Later in the afternoon, Australian national champion McConnell won a three-up final sprint ahead of Manuel Fumic of Germany and Marco Aurelio Fontana of Italy (both Cannondale Factory Racing).

Emil Lindgren (Giant Pro XC), Fontana and Fumic set the pace on the first two laps of the six-lap race as they strung out the field and established a group of favorites that included McConnell, US cross country national champion Stephen Ettinger (BMC), Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Trek Factory Racing). US short track national champion Todd Wells (Specialized Racing) was among the top riders leading the chase.

Mantecon made a move near the end of lap three that only Fontana could follow at first. They were chased by Lindgren and Ettinger with Wells, Fumic and McConnell not far behind.

Going into the second half of the race, all the top riders came back together for a seven-man lead group including Mantecon, Fontana, Lindgren, Ettinger, Wells, McConnell and Fumic. It looked like the winner would come from this group.

Mantecon attacked again on lap four and Fontana went with him. Ettinger seemed to be riding well, too, but suddenly disappeared from the leaders on the downhill.

"We were off the front - Fontana, Gutierrez and me - at the top of the descent on the fourth lap when I blew a valve stem off my wheel. I didn't have anyone in the back tech zone since I'm here by myself. It was a tough call, but I had to walk it in." Ettinger abandoned the race.

Wells drove the chase to bring Mantecon and Fontana back while Lindgren seemed to hang on for dear life at times. McConnell rode steady and sat in.

On the penultimate lap, it was Fontana's turn to surge, and he took Mantecon along with him for a bit of a gap. Wells chased in third ahead of McConnell, Fumic and Lindgren.

Unfortunately for Mantecon, he sprinted with one lap to go, thinking it was the end of the race, and then upon realizing his mistake, he had no choice but suffer through the last lap.

"Today I felt very good. The race was like a little World Cup. I tried to save my energy for the last lap, but I made a big mistake and with two to go, I thought it was the final lap and I sprinted," said Mantecon. "Then I heard the bell, so in the last lap, I was in crisis. But I'm excited to be here with my new team and new teammate [eventual winner McConnell]."

Going into the final lap, Fontana led with a slight advantage. McConnell moved up a few spots to head the chase on the climb, just ahead of Fumic. Fontana started to look visibly tired near the top of the climb although it had at first seemed like he might hold off the chasers, but on an exciting final descent, McConnell and Fumic bridged up to him.

McConnell smartly took over the lead heading toward the last part of the lap, when passing was difficult, and he led out the sprint, holding off Fumic and a tired Fontana. It would not be Fontana's day to win in Fontana.

Wells came across the line as the top American in fourth place, a performance that was good enough to bump him up one place in the series standings, into second overall.

Lindgren completed the podium for fifth while Mantecon limped home for sixth.

Second-year elite rider Anton Cooper (Cannondale Factory Racing), a former junior world champion, finished an impressive seventh.

Defending USA Cycling US Cup series leader Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) could not hold the pace of the top riders on the day, but as other favorites dropped out or fell further back, he rode consistently enough to finish ninth and keep his lead with 94 points to Wells' 79 points.

Previous series runner-up Max Plaxton (Cannondale Factory Racing) did not finish the race.

USA Cycling US Cup presented by Sho-Air Cycling Group series standings

After round three of four in the USA Cycling US Cup presented by Sho-Air Cycling Group series, Kabush leads the series ahead of Wells and Plaxton while Nash continues to lead the series ahead of Pendrel and Batty.

The USA Cycling US Cup presented by Sho-Air Cycling Group series will continue with the final round, a UCI Category 1 race in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday, June 28.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel McConnell (Aus) Trek Factory Racing Team1:30:25
2Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing0:00:00
3Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita) Cannondale Factory Racing0:00:03
4Todd Wells (USA) Specialized Factory Racing0:00:39
5Emil Lindgren (Swe) Giant Pro XC Team0:00:53
6Sergio Mantecon Gutierre (Spa) Trek Factory Racing Team0:01:36
7Anton Cooper (NZl) Cannondale Factory Racing0:02:05
8Raphael Gagne (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory0:02:30
9Geoff Kabush (Can) Scott 3 Rox Racing0:03:00
10Keegan Swenson (USA) Cannondale Facotry Team0:03:20
11Hector Fernando Riveros (USA)0:03:23
12Russell Finsterwald (USA) Sram/Troy Lee Designs Race0:04:00
13Derek Zandstra (Can) Scott 3 Rox Racing0:04:22
14James Reid (RSA) Trek Racing South Africa0:05:04
15Cameron Jette (Can) Scott-3 Rox Racing0:05:20
16Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona0:05:24
16Connor Barrett (USA) Team Baghouse0:05:24
17Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Stans No Tubes Elite Racing0:05:32
18Alex Grant (USA) Sho-Air/Cannondale0:05:33
19Kerry Werner (USA) Bmc Project Dirt0:05:52
20Adam Morka (Can) Wfp Coaching/Trek Bikes0:06:07
21Jeremy Martin (Can)0:06:48
22Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Sho-Air/Cannondale0:07:04
23Evan Guthrie (Can) Norco Factory Team0:07:10
24Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar0:07:27
25Carl Decker (USA) Giant Factory Team0:07:58
26Barry Wicks (USA)0:07:59
27Patrick Chartrand (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory Team0:08:21
28Casey Williams (USA) Whole Athlete/Specialized0:08:39
29Tom Sampson (USA)0:08:46
30William Melone (USA) Riverside Racing0:09:04
31Sepp Kuss (USA) Bmc Project Dirt0:09:09
32Jason Sager (USA) Backcountry.Com0:09:18
33Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can) Scott 3 Rox Racing0:09:23
34Menso De Jong (USA) Team Clif Bar Cylcing0:09:25
35Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona0:09:29
36Mitchell Hoke (USA) The Pros Closet/Stans No Tubes0:09:58
37Julien Bourdevaire (Fra) Team Blackstar0:10:05
38Chris Baddick (GBr) The Gear Movement/Epic0:10:06
39Miguel Valadez Ortiz (Mex) Bear Valley Bikes0:10:28
40Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada0:10:31
41Mitch Bailey (Can)0:11:30
42Cole Oberman (USA) Rare Disease Cycling.Org0:11:40
43Ryan Woodall (USA) The Pros Closet/Stans No Tubes0:11:48
44Evan Mcneely (Can) Norco Factory Team0:12:03
45Tj Woodruff (USA) Backcountry.Com0:12:20
46Tristan Uhl (USA) 787 Racing0:12:55
47Kalan Beisel (USA) Giant-Tuff Shed0:13:25
48David (Tinker) Juarez (USA) Sho-Air/Cannondale0:13:45
49Michael Hosey (USA) Marin Factory0:14:11
50Alexandre Vialle (Can) Espresso Sport0:14:28
51Bryson Perry (USA) Dna Cycling0:14:43
52Joseph Maloney (USA) Ks Energy Services0:14:52
53Ryan Standish (USA)0:14:55
54Christopher Hamlin (USA)0:15:19
55Drew Edsall (USA) Pros Closet/Stans No Tubes0:15:38
56Bryan Alders (USA) Marin Bikes Factory Team0:16:16
57Elliot Reinecke (USA) Velo Hangar/Focus Bikes0:16:28
58Quinn Moberg (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory Team0:16:30
59Colin Osborn (USA) Honey Stinger/Bontrager0:16:53
60Bryan Horsley (USA)0:17:28
61Braden Kappius (USA) Team Clif Bar0:18:16
62Ryan Geiger (USA) Topix-Frm Factory Race Team0:18:32
-2lapsJoel Titius (USA) Socal Endurance
-2lapsGustavo Pedroza (Mex) Niner/Spy/Lake
-2lapsGareth Feldstein (USA) Muscle Milk
-2lapsCody Kaiser (USA) Muscle Milk/Specialized
-2lapsSean Donovan (USA)
-2lapsJakub Valigura (USA) 92Fifty' Cyclery
-2lapsJett Chandler (USA) Doug Chandler Performance
-2lapsWilliam Curtis (USA) Team Santa Cruz-X Fusion
-2lapsMason Shea (USA)
-2lapsBrodie Stringer (USA) Team Baghouse
-2lapsCharles Jenkins (USA) Khs/Cytomax/Esi
-2lapsAlex Wild (USA) Trail Head Racing
-2lapsEliel Anttila (USA) Uc Berkeley
-2lapsErnest Watenpaugh (USA)
-2lapsChristopher Kelly (USA) Evergreen Cycling
-3lapsJoseph Clemenzi (USA) Sports Garage Cycling
-3lapsStuart Gonzalez (USA) Bear Valley Bikes
-3lapsLevi Kurlander (USA) Fort Lewis College
-3lapsNoah Tautfest (USA) Bicycle Express/Kona
-3lapsStephane Roch (USA) Swami's/Skliz
-3lapsDan Wolf (USA) Old Line Velo
-3lapsMatthew Turner (USA) Summit Utah Devo
-3lapsChristopher Wieczorek (USA) Total Cyclist
-3lapsConnor Bell (USA) Rocktown Racing
-3lapsDavid Flaten (USA) Giant Factory North East Pro
-3lapsRotem Ishay (Isr) Team Jamis Bikes
-3lapsCody Cupp (USA)
-3lapsGarnet Vertican (USA) Bear Valley Bikes
-3lapsRyan Cook (USA)
-3lapsPete Macleod (USA) Barfly
-3lapsRocky Gingg (USA) Momentum Endurance
-3lapsAnibal Valadez (Mex) Ellin Cycling Team
-3lapsMiguel Ramos (USA) Bh/Smith Optics
-3lapsCody Lacosta (USA) High Gear/Cannondale
-3lapsAnthony Stein (USA)
-3lapsHal Helbock (USA)
-4lapsTrey Jarno (USA) Bear Valley Bikes
DNFSam Schultz (USA) Sho-Air/Cannondale
DNFMax Plaxton (Can) Cannodale Factory Team
DNFAntoine Caron (Can) Specialized Racing Canada
DNFPayson Mcelveen (USA) USA U23
DNFStephen Ettinger (USA) BMC Mountain Bike Racing Team
DNFJason Siegle (USA) Sdg/Felt
DNFJohn Nobil (USA) Bear Valley Bikes
DNSRyan Trebon (USA) Sho-Air/Cannondale
DNFCraig Wohlschlaeger (USA) Giant Bicycle
DNFStephan Davoust (USA) San Juan Cycles/Steamworks
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Elite men US Cup standings after three rounds
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Kabush (Scott 3 Rox Racing)94pts
2Todd Wells (Specialized Factory Racing)79
3Max Plaxton (Cannodale Factory Team)69
4Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Trek Factory Racing Team)57
5Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing)53
6Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing)53
7Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale)50
8Derek Zandstra (Scott 3 Rox Racing)50
9Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale)45
10Benjamin Sonntag (Stans No Tubes Elite Racing)42
11Spencer Paxson (Kona)38
12Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory)36
13Hector Fernando River35
14Russell Finsterwald (Sram/Troy Lee Designs Race Tea)35
15Adam Morka (Wfp Coaching/Trek Bikes)31
16Payson Mcelveen (USA U23)30
17Daniel Mcconnell (Trek Factory Racing Team)30
18Stephen Ettinger (BMC Mountain Bike Racing Team)29
19Cameron Jette (Scott-3 Rox Racing)28
20Emil Lindgren (Giant Pro Xc Team)26
21Keegan Swenson (Cannondale Facotry Team)26
22Kris Sneddon (Kona)25
23Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar)23
24Sam Schultz (Sho-Air/Cannondale)21
25Kerry Werner (BMC Project Dirt)20
26Carl Decker (Giant Factory Team)20
27Anton Cooper (Cannondale Factory Racing)19
28Jason Sager (Backcountry.Com)19
29Mitchell Hoke (The Pros Closet/Stans No Tubes)18
30Casey Williams (Whole Athlete/Specialized)18
31Rotem Ishay (Team Jamis Bikes)17
32James Reid (Trek Racing South Africa)17
33David Flaten (Giant Factory North East Pro T)15
34Menso De Jong (Team Clif Bar Cylcing)15
35Miguel Valadez Ortiz (Bear Valley Bikes)15
36Sepp Kuss (BMC Project Dirt)15
37Tj Woodruff (Backcountry.Com)15
38Ryan Woodall (The Pros Closet/Stans No Tubes)15
39Chris Baddick (The Gear Movement/Epic Pro Cyc)15
40Bryan Alders (Marin Bikes Factory Team)15
41Dan Wolf (Old Line Velo)15
42Kalan Beisel (Giant-Tuff Shed)15
43Braden Kappius (Team Clif Bar)15
44Tom Sampson15
45Alex Wild (Trail Head Racing)15
46Tristan Uhl (787 Racing)15
47Rocky Gingg (Momentum Endurance)15
48Elliot Reinecke (Velo Hangar/Focus Bikes)15
49Craig Wohlschlaeger (Giant Bicycle)15
50Cole Oberman (Rare Disease Cycling.Org)15
51Gareth Feldstein (Muscle Milk)15
52William Melone (Riverside Racing)15
53Joseph Maloney (Ks Energy Services/Team Wisco)15
54Michael Hosey (Marin Factory)15
55Ernest Watenpaugh15
56Ryan Geiger (Topix-Frm Factory Race Team)15
57Ryan Trebon (Sho-Air/Cannondale)14
58Jeremy Martin11
59Peter Glassford (Trek Canada)10
60Anthony Stein10
61Hal Helbock10
62Sean Donovan10
63Brodie Stringer (Team Baghouse)10
64Joel Titius (Socal Endurance)10
65Christopher Hamlin10
66Antoine Caron (Specialized Racing Canada)10
67Trey Jarno (Bear Valley Bikes)10
68Evan Guthrie (Norco Factory Team)10
69Eliel Anttila (Uc Berkeley)10
70Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express/Kona)10
71Gustavo Pedroza (Niner/Spy/Lake)10
72Alexandre Vialle (Espresso Sport)10
73Skyler Taylor (Bear Development Team)10
74Jett Chandler (Doug Chandler Performance)10
75Matthew Turner (Summit Utah Devo)10
76Jakub Valigura (92Fifty' Cyclery)10
77Barry Wicks10
78Christopher Wieczore (Total Cyclist)10
79Patrick Chartrand (Rocky Mountain Factory Team)10
80Madison Matthews (Toasted Head Racing/Gu Energy)10
81Marc-Antoine Nadon (Scott 3 Rox Racing)10
82Charles Jenkins (Khs/Cytomax/Esi)10
83Jason Siegle (Sdg/Felt)10
84Stephane Roch (Swami's/Skliz)10
85Colin Osborn (Honey Stinger/Bontrager)10
86Julien Bourdevaire (Team Blackstar)10
87John Nobil (Bear Valley Bikes)10
88Quinn Moberg (Rocky Mountain Factory Team)10
89David (Tinker) Juarez (Sho-Air/Cannondale)10
90Pete Macleod (Barfly)10
91Drew Edsall (Pros Closet/Stans No Tubes)10
92Marco Antonio Escarc (Alu Bike-Krbo Cycling Team)5
93Jose Escarcega (Alu Bike-Krbo Cycling Team)5
94Miguel Ramos (Bh/Smith Optics)5
95Jarred Jordan5
96Michael Broderick (Kenda/Stans No Tubes)5
97Juan Carlos Nunez Gal5
98David Pinedo (Ellin Cycling Team)5
99Sergio Hernandez (Incyle-Predator Components)5
100Lucas Newcomb (Bear Development Team)5
101Aaron Oakes (Bicycle Express)5
102Andrew Dahlheim5
103Joseph Clemenzi (Sports Garage Cycling)5
104Cody Cupp5
105Brian Barrow5
106Alex Muecci5
107Evan Mcneely (Norco Factory Team)5
108Jordan Kahlenberg (Giant Mid-Atlantic)5
109Levi Kurlander (Fort Lewis College)5
110Ryan Standish5
111Steve Tilford5
112Bryan Horsley5
113Stephan Davoust (San Juan Cycles/Steamworks/Gi)5
114Garet Steinmetz5
115Cody Lacosta (High Gear/Cannondale)5
116Jack Hinkens (BMC Mtb Development Team Us)5
117Stuart Gonzalez (Bear Valley Bikes)5
118Connor Bell (Rocktown Racing)5
119Ignacio Torres (Turbo Bicycles)5
120Garnet Vertican (Bear Valley Bikes)5
121William Curtis (Team Santa Cruz-X Fusion P/B Fro)5
122Martin Cox (Endurancefac)5
123Christopher Kelly (Evergreen Cycling)5
124Keck Baker5
125Cody Kaiser (Muscle Milk/Specialized)5
126Timothy Rugg5
127Bryson Perry (Dna Cycling)5
128David Vaughn5
129Carson Lange5
130Mitch Bailey5
131Anibal Valadez (Ellin Cycling Team)5
132Ryan Cook5
133Brady Stewart5
134Mason Shea5


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