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Mata wins Firecracker 50

Pua Mata (Sho-Air/Specialized) and Colin Cares (Kenda/Felt) won the Firecracker 50 marathon in Breckenridge, Colorado, on the US Fourth of July holiday. The Firecracker 50, run as the US marathon national championships last year, served as round 2 of the USA Cycling US Pro Ultraendurance (UET) series.

Fresh off an eighth place finish at marathon worlds in Italy, where she was top North American finisher, Mata cruised to a solid victory. For Mata, it was her second straight win of the five-round series, and she now pads her series points heading into round number three of the series, the Galena Grinder slated for July 23 in Idaho.

Although her nearly 20-minute win over second place finisher Jenny Smith looked impressive, the Sho-Air/Specialized rider admitted she wasn't feeling in peak form after a long travel back to the States from Italy. The 10,000ft+ elevation added the challenge for all.

"I didn't feel really good out there, revealed Pua after her win. I think the wear and tear of the trip and preparation for Worlds caught up with me, plus the elevation up here is really high. I'm just really happy to get another win and pad my series points lead," said Mata. "Jenny and the girls rode strong today."

Mata finished the 52-mile race with nearly 10,000 feet of vertical climbing in a time of 4:29:58, which would have been good enough for the top 15 of the men's division. Kelly Boniface was the third woman.

"I just tried to be patient and ride smart this year," said Mata, who started to ride away mid-race. "I wanted to make sure I had enough in the tank for that second lap."

In the men's race, Cares finished in a time of 3:57:55. Jay Henry followed just 1:04 back while Kelly Magelky was third at 6:54.

Full Results

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pua Mata4:29:59
2Jennifer Smith0:19:02
3Kelly Boniface0:22:07
4Jennifer Gersbach0:25:15
5Sonya Bugbee1:00:19
6Jennifer Tilley1:12:44
7Sarah Rawley1:21:05

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Colin Cares3:57:55
2Jay Henry0:01:04
3Kelly Magelky0:06:54
4Jennifer Smith0:08:03
5Christian Tanguy0:10:23
6Taylor Shelden0:13:02
7Travis Scheefer0:15:41
8Tim Allen0:18:04
9Greg Krause0:18:53
10Colby Pearce0:19:15
11Jesse Jakomait0:21:55
12Ezekiel Hersh0:22:35
13Daniel Matheny0:23:53
14Nick Truitt0:27:21
15Ken Benesh0:27:54
16Jake Pantone0:32:47
17Jason Holbrook0:34:11
18Jonathan Schottler0:40:33
19Josh Whitney0:40:58
20Robert Sousa0:45:48
21Joshua Bezecny0:47:21
22Corey Collier0:47:57
23Tim Faia0:50:34
24Scott Tietzel0:51:33
25Miles Venzara0:52:35
26Nathan Brown0:54:17
27Mitchell Peterson1:01:35
28Brian Lehman1:13:52

Singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Holly Wade5:31:02
2Karen Tremaine0:02:08
3Kara Durland0:38:47
4Amy Owen1:36:06

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Travis Ekenberg4:37:08
2Mark Thompson0:01:03
3Kevin Dixon0:08:18
4Charles Hayes0:13:40
5Dan Durland0:14:57
6Eric Olson0:23:22
7Kelly Leinen0:23:32
8Colin Mckernan0:31:50
9Michael Scott0:32:49
10Anthony Mannina0:33:48
11Jeffrey Rank0:36:34
12Taylor Williams0:38:20
13Daniel Boromisa0:42:56
14Nathan Wyant0:43:00
15Peter Riley0:43:53
16Phillip Brown0:53:39
17Chris Staley1:00:02
18Walter Peters1:02:57
19Chris Echelmeier1:03:00
20Adam Miller1:13:31
21Reeves Maconald1:16:17
22Jay Castleberry1:19:58
23Adam Williams1:21:42
24Brian Porzel1:34:18
25James Bleakley1:45:12
26Jordan Radin1:46:22
27Timothy Schultz1:54:40
28Oleg Shikverg1:57:04
29David Rahbany2:02:15
30Paul Knowles2:06:38

Cat. 1 Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sydney Fox5:36:48

Cat. 1 Women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tammy Sadle5:26:29
2Kristin Schwarck0:09:18
3Becky Sears0:16:09
4Janis Sandlin0:44:35
5Kim Godfrey0:55:03
6Tracy Hankinson1:01:09

Cat. 1 Women 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elizabeth Overstreet Winfield5:48:57
2Roxzanne Feagan0:40:39
3Rachel Couch0:54:25

Cat. 1 Women 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellen Guthrie6:18:19
2Kim Bear0:22:54

Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Petrowski4:43:45
2Kyle Stamp0:25:36
3Brandon Ewers0:51:20
4Richard Buning0:59:33
5Nathan Lustig1:06:57

Cat. 1 Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Michalak4:22:34
2Matthew Perry0:14:54
3Matt Schiff0:15:03
4Paul Gorbold0:21:49
5Michael Schilling0:24:55
6Scott Wilkonson0:40:27
7Joshua Vogt0:46:58
8Barry Croker1:01:45
9Michael Tabasko1:03:56
10Jason Kolar1:11:29
11Ben Truitt1:15:27

Cat. 1 Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chad Edwards4:39:02
2Stephen Oliver0:07:16
3Tom Torrance0:07:42
4Troy Hiatt0:09:13
5Zeppelin Tittensor0:14:17
6Thomas Taylor0:24:16
7Patrick Coady0:28:12
8Stephen Hardy0:29:07
9Jeff Cospolich0:30:09
10Fred Smith0:33:14
11Andrew Jaffe0:41:33
12Randy Aardema0:48:57
13Steven Thompson0:55:59
14Joshua Cullen0:58:44
15Dirk Shaw1:02:46
16Scott Borne1:04:06
17Shane Kullman1:05:27

Cat. 1 Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peter Webber4:25:10
2Brandon Dwight0:00:01
3Michael Hogan0:04:08
4Craig Hofer0:08:24
5Christopher Phenicie0:10:24
6Nico Toutenhoofd0:14:27
7Brandon Eifrid0:21:00
8Ed Tokarski0:23:19
9Joseph Cooper0:23:42
10Kelly Niquette0:27:13
11Dean Hill0:33:05
12Daniel Lewis0:34:27
13Brian Vitulli0:37:30
14Sean Brennan0:40:53
15Chip Stadjuhar0:43:53
16Kevin Shelden0:50:21
17Jamie Kilcoyne0:51:50
18Paul Tanguay0:52:38
19Shawn Harshman0:54:06
20Ron Gruber0:55:57
21Milo Metcalf1:00:19
22Rodrigo Gil Moreno De Mora1:04:45
23Gavin Hayes1:10:58
24Brett Rose1:17:09
25Chris Conroy1:17:11
26Thomas Meiser1:23:45
27Jordan Chaney1:30:48
28Mike Pace1:56:36

Cat. 1 Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Doug Andrews4:35:57
2Russell Kappius0:06:05
3Jeffrey Good0:24:20
4Chris Beaudin0:46:24
5Mark Hogan0:54:57
6Dawes Wilson1:01:32
7Stephen Lebovitz1:08:40
8Jan Bear1:24:18

Cat. 1 Men 60+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Allan Marvin6:06:25
2Gary Peterson0:06:35

Cat. 2 Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carly Grimes6:09:28

Cat. 2 Women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elizabeth Miller6:21:27
2Jessica Damato0:13:06
3Melinda Mccaw0:33:43

Cat. 2 Women 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristin Riley-Lazo6:00:37
2Evan Berning0:26:38
3Sara Wisner0:26:39
4Mary Blomquist0:26:47
5Kim Kreb0:28:38
6Micki Harris0:42:19
7Beverly Smith0:50:59
8Cherie Stadjuhar0:57:50

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charles Parmain4:55:06
2Kelsey Andersen0:36:37
3Jason Harpp0:39:14
4Adam Jeffrey0:42:50
5Jacob Shaffer0:52:33
6Greg Davison0:53:48
7Tanner Culbreath1:01:47
8Daniel Klausmeier1:03:05
9Dave Belmont1:18:11
10Landon Longenecker1:37:54
11Michael Riley1:38:17
12Brian Grimes1:47:17
13Phillip Ball1:59:31

Cat. 2 Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Berdine5:11:13
2Josh Marceau0:09:12
3Ryan Stranahan0:12:27
4Jeffrey Youngberg0:13:27
5Josh Gray0:23:26
6Joe Drobnitch0:26:22
7Zubeyir Mentese0:30:19
8Doug Mccaw Ii0:33:26
9Matt Perkins0:42:07
10Ben Trukillo0:57:14
11Jon Wohlers0:58:41
12Nate Hines0:59:09
13Bryce Richardson1:07:10
14Jesse Sherwood1:09:59
15David Slovick1:11:38
16Derek Cicchitto1:15:21
17James Bailey1:31:59
17Andrew Dukes
19Zach Vanderkooy1:38:25
20Matthew Barkley1:42:55
21Paul Schreder2:32:21

Cat. 2 Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Crabtree4:59:49
2Luke Duster0:19:16
3Paul Tagley0:21:14
4Scott Eckstrom0:26:56
5Eric Brodis0:35:06
6Adam Haid0:35:46
7Trevor Butler0:35:47
8Mike Bishop0:36:27
9Shane Callahan0:42:48
10Brian Bergeler0:45:30
11Lance Williams0:50:10
12Cody Downard0:50:46
13James Scott0:51:30
14Paul Lara0:53:20
15Dave Derbes0:54:03
16Derek Hamby0:56:36
17Simon Macgibbon0:57:00
18Christian Badger0:59:30
19Lee Mebel0:59:51
20Adam De La Pena1:00:20
21Jason Reynolds1:02:03
22Shawn Evinrude1:02:27
23Bill Dimaio1:03:27
24Todd Eyberg1:04:18
25Joseph Coffey1:05:25
26Adam Miller1:17:57
27Russell Anderson1:23:12
28Adam Johnson1:25:16
29Matt Read1:31:09
30Jason Schuster1:31:10
31Chuck Stewart1:33:30
32Brad Hoagland1:38:00
33David Bailey1:45:51
34Andrew Shawver1:47:56
35Chris Lohman1:51:07
36Scott Grooms2:10:31
36James Gross
38Nathan Reed2:10:59

Cat. 2 Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1M Sutter4:54:46
2Paul Rapinz0:07:56
3Peter Piccolo0:16:54
4Jeff Klem0:18:54
5Sean Raborn0:23:44
6Mike Keffeler0:27:18
7Esteban Lipsher0:28:36
8Steve Caughlin0:37:52
9Karl Krupp0:39:14
10Davey Boy Norris0:39:42
11Dan Busse0:40:39
12John Harness0:47:14
13Russell Loucks0:48:09
14Paul Beresford0:50:07
15Rob Gilliam0:50:37
16Steve Myers0:51:12
17Steve Trahey0:52:10
18James Smith0:52:11
19Douglas Robison0:53:11
20Brad Woodard0:54:06
21Mike Marsh0:55:24
22Jonathan Pulley0:58:31
23Craig Westwood0:59:43
24Todd Croke1:01:26
25Rick Emerson1:04:02
26Ari Melmed1:05:02
27Todd Carlson1:09:41
28Steve Mace1:09:42
29Joseph Butler1:11:35
30David Adzema1:12:08
31Lester Bowen1:12:26
32David Trudell1:12:31
33Walter Knapp1:12:33
34Robert Clark1:13:36
35William Houth1:13:46
36Jay Stasz1:14:42
37Chad Yetka1:17:22
38Erik Carlson1:19:39
39Gus888@Comcast. Thompson1:21:08
40Matthew Farley1:22:31
41Don Fair1:22:52
42David Davis1:23:20
43Brian Martinson1:23:50
43Don Rittenhouse
45Brad Shield1:26:46
46Sam Parsons1:27:15
47Donald Dawson1:27:47
48Mark Krempasky1:27:52
49John Arguello1:28:20
50Michael Kinlein1:28:34
51Zachary Hoh1:28:44
52Todd Maccagnan1:30:04
53Donald Butler1:30:41
54Max Hagan1:31:24
54Ned Rule
56Charles Bybee1:32:31
57Chris Blike1:33:08
58Scott Bierman1:33:41
59Sloane Stricker1:36:41
60Todd Rankin1:40:23
61Jose Delgado1:42:29
62Greg Grossman1:48:05
63John Mehall1:50:53
64Franz Garsombke1:50:54
65Reynald Bodeux1:50:57
66Robert Eck1:51:38
67Ray Vigil1:55:12
68Joel Flom1:56:20
69David Kilmoyer1:57:52
70Dean Gregory1:58:04
71Jason Dal2:00:14
72Wayne Thebeau2:00:58
73David Mcdowell2:05:29
74Mike Gee2:08:22
75Tom Seybold2:09:25
76Robert Montgomery2:11:18
77Phillip Juarros2:11:32
78Brian Bibb2:14:07
79Claude Pumilia2:18:30

Cat. 2 Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Mason5:19:23
2Chris Shamis0:06:06
3Scott Hirst0:40:16
4J Fetzer0:54:19
5Robert Longenecker0:56:05
6Chris Pace1:01:19
7Greg Youngen1:01:32
8Vernon Smith1:03:51
9Mark Horton1:04:46
10Ed Rowland1:07:13
11Dave Aceto1:08:21
12Russell Peterson1:09:32
13Chas Ryan1:12:20
14Steve Malmberg1:20:02
15Eric Houck1:21:40
16Gary Richter1:33:43
17Lawrence White1:51:43

Cat. 3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tara Vigil2:19:26

Cat. 3 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josiah Humphreys1:26:21
2Haakon George0:02:23
3Connor Hintgen0:03:20
4Wyatt Lafrankie0:03:21
5Cody Rempelos0:07:13
6Will Laidlaw0:14:55

Cat. 3 Junior men 16-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Westerman1:17:54

Cat. 3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan Henning1:39:33
2Bridget Arguello0:01:18
3Anna Gardner0:05:23
4Anna Giovinetto0:07:11
5Heather Donnelly0:10:15
6Christian Purvis-Aldrich0:12:15
7Dawn Reidel0:26:08
8Brenda Malmberg1:22:27

Men - Cat 3 - Senior
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Gielow1:22:20
2Ben Cherry0:01:55
3Mike Besser0:06:57
4Jeff Graves0:06:58
5Philip Snyder0:15:43
6Bob Wieck0:25:18
7Nate Rothman0:27:52

Clydesdame Men open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Mitchell5:18:21
2Ken Kreidl0:02:14
3Jeffrey Lifgren0:06:37
4Matt Hunt0:52:09
5Mike Foote1:06:45
6Lance Graham1:08:37
7Brian Sundberg1:10:57
8John Brodie1:13:28
9Andrew Norkoli1:24:52
10Mark Beresniewicz1:26:32
11Tom Keller1:29:04

Women Maverick open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jill Goudie5:32:22
2Kathy Eckert0:14:16
3Marjorie Tokarski0:17:48
4Julia Kintsch0:18:18
5Colleen Cameron0:24:24
6Eliza Walthers0:28:18
7Lindsey Hinmon0:32:35
8Barbara Schultz1:00:45
9Michelle Zimmerman1:03:17
10Rebecca Bale1:04:14
11Jenn Dice1:20:28
12Ryn Kreidl1:40:26

Men Maverick open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Berning4:27:44
2Amar Mannina0:01:43
3Fred Hankinson0:07:41
4Jeffrey Kerkove0:13:46
5Jeff Chmielewski0:17:54
6Peter Hinmon0:23:22
7Brent Anderson0:28:40
8Derik George0:29:20
9Tim Lutz0:29:24
10Aaron Adams0:29:25
11Scott Patterson0:30:27
12Ryan Sole0:32:17
13Lucas Chandler0:35:07
14Kristopher Keller0:36:57
15Larry Johnson0:37:53
16Ciro Zarate0:40:04
17Mike Simpson0:41:56
18Thomas Borch0:43:34
19Bobby Noyes0:47:52
20Antonio Gallegos0:49:01
21Jay Rush0:49:23
22Jake Lueckel0:52:25
23David Wert0:52:49
24Jacob Wood0:54:09
25Robert Gaffney0:56:18
26Steve Peterson0:58:27
27Craig Nelson0:58:52
28Craig Cohn0:58:54
29George Green0:59:01
30Jeff Hoobler0:59:41
31Pete Pierpont1:00:17
32David Elphingstone1:03:29
33John Shippey1:03:48
34Steven Pon1:05:01
35Ron Stein1:07:03
36Darryl Beachy1:07:08
37Jason Henkhaus1:08:57
38Matt Maienza1:11:03
39Richard Digeronimo1:11:25
40Jon Boord1:11:44
41Scott Rolfe1:12:55
42Nathan Collier1:16:55
43John Folsom1:16:56
44Brett Ebben1:18:06
45Scott Radek1:18:59
46Neil Benton1:20:52
47Jack Serra1:20:57
48Jim Hersey1:22:14
49Justin Miller1:22:49
50Bill Herwig1:29:34
51Doug Claxton1:30:26
52Kenny Gotcher1:30:56
53Tim Cameron1:34:43
54Phil Archer1:40:45
55Brice Caldes1:41:28
56Robb Barnitt1:42:58
57Jonathan Rowell1:44:43
58Keith Johnson1:45:12
59Mike Perilli1:45:13
60Robert Fisher1:46:10
61Dave Chase1:47:44
62Bret Siepman1:49:28
63Chris Whittaker1:54:55
64Lee Gelman1:59:52
64Josh Wilderman
66Tibor Mezei2:01:45
67Brad Buikema2:05:40
68Kandler Smith2:07:37
69Clark Johnson2:21:24
70John Reynolds2:24:12
71Eric Distad2:26:53
72Jon Casson2:34:14
73Patrick Black2:34:49
74Nick Watson2:36:13

Women - Maverick Open - Senior
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1X Kendall/Crispel5:45:24
2X Lusk/Moczygemba0:06:14
3X S Irmiger/H Irmiger0:13:26
4X Brockman/Bywaters0:19:01
5X Miller/Orr0:23:05
6X Johns/Weikle0:23:51
7X Friedman/Ludford1:35:55

Men - Maverick Open - Senior
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1X Hilgers/Jay4:26:16
1X Schuler/Tarkington4:30:52
2X Anderson I/S Anderso0:19:47
3X Reid/Vanderschaaff0:10:13
3X Muscianisi/Raemer0:23:02
4X Saletnik/Soderberg0:13:16
4X Ryden/Ward0:29:37
5X Roth/Tanner0:14:14
5X Slingsby M/D Slingsb0:31:05
6X Sprout/Swift0:16:26
6X Arvas/Eaton0:35:33
7X Raemer/Martin0:21:38
7X Torrance/Long0:38:10
8X Coleman/Gregory0:21:48
8X Riendeau/Uhde0:52:15
9X George/Powers0:22:11
9X Taylor/Chalecki1:06:07
10X Mourer/Doody0:22:53
10X Myers/Praski1:17:01
11X Nasky/Riter0:23:11
11X Davis P/W Davis1:18:06
12X Sorensen/Doyle0:24:16
12X Mace/Mace1:25:10
13X Oliver/Wright0:24:47
13X Labier/Newlin1:40:48
14X D'innocenzo/Schaub0:26:34
14X Bissett/Hendrix2:01:52
15X Davis/Bauer0:33:02
15X Grekalski/Monahan2:26:18
16X Walsworth/Wu0:33:07
17X Trowbridge/Howdyshel0:37:33
18X Barill/Cheek0:42:16
19X Graves/Zellner0:42:58
20X Gallup/Hollingsworth0:50:42
21X Burkemo/Tayler0:53:18
22X Cook/Eland1:11:12
23X Clements/Lee1:22:44
24X Updike/Lucken1:32:15
25X Holmes/Hannaford1:32:30
26X Preston/Schwieson1:39:27


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