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Taberlay closes US Cup season with final victory at Bonelli Park

Team Sho-Air/Specialized's Sid Taberlay capped of the 2009 season with a bookend wins at Bonelli Park, California. Taberlay, the men's Kenda Cup West Pro Champion, and runner-up in the US ProXCT series, opened the season with a win at the US Cup West Bonelli in March and closed off the year with a victory at Sunday's US Cup Unification shootout.

The men's field blasted off around high noon, under bright sunny skies with temperatures soaring in the high 80s. Immediately a group of six formed off the front including Team Sho-Air's moonlighter Ben Bostrom of A.M.A. street bike fame, Team Turbo's Ignacio Torrez, KHS/Cytomax's Sean Donovan and Team Sho-Air regulars Manny Prado, Sid Taberlay and Dana Weber.

Prado experienced a flat tire less than 15 minutes into the first lap and disappeared from the lead group. He would later claw his way back to a fifth place podium spot, but wouldn't factor with the leaders.

At the front, Bostrom set the early tempo for his team leader Taberlay and had many spectators wondering about him.

Heading into lap two, Bostrom experienced a mechanical and dropped back off the group of five. Shortly after, Torrez made the first acceleration and whittled it down to Taberlay and Donovan, as Weber lost contact.

Donovan was already showing signs of difficulty as he yo-yo'ed off the leaders, but somehow managed to claw his way back to the duo a few times.

Then out on the back section of the course, Taberlay showed his cards and laid down an attacked that only Mexico's Torrez could follow. Donovan was unhitched for good with this latest attack, and gave up ground to the leaders.

From there, Taberlay played cat and mouse with Torrez as they each took pulls testing each other, looking for a chink in the armor.

The heat of the day added to the difficulty, as riders began to deteriorate under the intense racing and sun.

Late into lap three, Taberlay saw an opening and punched it at the top of a climb before a fast, tricky decent. Immediately the Aussie opened up a five-second lead on Torres.

From there Taberlay began putting real estate between himself and the Mexican Torrez on the fourth and final lap.

Eventually the five-time Australian National Champion put in two minutes and twenty seconds into second place Torres and four minutes into eventual third place finisher Donovan. Rounding out the podium in fourth were Weber and Prado.

In the women's race, Allison Mann (Sho-Air/Specialized) won by less than one minute over Krista Park (Incycle/Magura). Joy Duerksen (Pass Physical) was third.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sid Taberlay (Shoair/Specialized)1:54:55
2Ignacio Torrez0:02:19
3Sean Donovan (Cytomax/Khs)0:04:03
4Dana Weber (Trek/World Bicycle)0:06:48
5Manuel Prado (Shoair/Specilaized)0:09:35
6Ben Bostrom (Sho-Air Specialized)0:11:43
7Romolo Forcino (Bear Valley Bikes)0:14:02
8Kevin Smallman (Cannondale Factory)0:17:19
9Tom Koerner (Bear Valley Bikes)0:17:50
10Paul Freiwald (Pivot Cycles)0:19:58
DNFAlex Boone (Helens/Subar)
DNFMatt Freeman (Pass Pt/Gary Fisher)
DNFChris Heinrich
DNFGarnet Vertican (Giant/Odi)
DNFCharles Jenkins (Cytomax/Khs)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Allison Mann (Shoair/Specialized)1:41:16
2Krista Park (Incycle/Magura)0:00:45
3Joy Duerksen (Pass Physical )0:13:48

Elite singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Lee (Oakley)1:39:40

Junior men 10 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cole Avery (Fast Friday)0:38:27
2David Polley (Landis/Trek)0:08:41
3Jag Barton0:19:21
4Nathan Hickey0:25:34

Junior men 11-12
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christian Husband (Nytro)0:37:55
2Evan Williams (Bear Valley Bikes)0:01:30
3Cameron Shirley0:17:34
4Derek Wiese (Bear Valley Bikes)0:33:09
5Derek Flanigan (Team Dnf)0:37:24

Junior men 13-14
#Rider Name (Country) Team
DNFKenny Polley (Landis/Trek)

Cat. 1 Men 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Curtis (Whole Athlete)1:35:09
2Zachary Valdez0:02:15
3Will Patterson (Whole Athlete)0:06:32
4Alex Schoenfelder0:15:30
5Kody Adams (Cannondale)0:22:05
DNFColby Pastore (Whole Athlete)

Cat. 1 Men 15-16
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Casey Williams (Bear Valley Bikes)1:08:02
2Ryan Geiger (Bionicon/Schwalb)0:01:20
3Gene Capinas (Team Mata)0:03:29
DNFSamuel Grove

Cat. 1 Men 19-24
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cory Greenberg (Now Ms)1:34:52
2David Robertson (Coates Cyclery)0:09:40
3Yoshio Garcia (Coates Cyclery)0:11:59
4Vu Le (Helens/Subaru)0:12:17
DNFScott Mcclave (Simi Cycling)

Cat. 1 Men 25-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Vincent Lombardi (Velo Club La Grange)1:30:34
2Ely Woody (V V Cycles)0:06:11
3Sergio Garcia (Sc Velo)0:10:59
4Lucas Wiens (Intense)0:17:06
5Steve Marshall (Bear Valley Bikes)0:31:50
6Ryan Hernandez (Sc Velo)0:32:16
DNFAdam Poytress (Platinum Performance)

Cat. 1 Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Walsh (Celo Pacific)1:30:55
2Marco Arocha (Shoair/Sonance)0:06:05
3Matthew Perry (Chicken Ranch)0:07:18
4Humberto Castro (Backbone Racing/Tomac)0:07:59
5Gary Douville (Shoair/Sonance)0:08:22
6Justin Mann (Rock N Road)0:13:03
7Chuck Hamm (Hamm Team)0:20:20
8Daniel Stevenson (Sc Velo)0:26:19
DNFMatthew Severson
DSQGriffith Vertican (Bear Valley Bikes)
DNFDaniel Perez (Bear Valley Bikes)
DNFRichard Spiegel (Bikeland)

Cat. 1 Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mario Correa (Shoair/Sonance)1:31:57
2Matthew Cochran (Fast Friday)0:02:38
3Ben Capron (Shoair/Specialized)0:08:08
4Daniel Stromborg (Helens/Subaru Fisher)0:08:46
5John Saliamonas (Paa/Remax)0:09:48
6Rene Pulido (Sc Velo)0:11:30
7Timothy Sparks (Shoair/Sonance)0:12:21
8Jermaine Brown (Velo Pro/Kon)0:12:39
9Chris Kasey (Team Cohort)0:16:49
10Todd Branham (Long Cane Trails)0:18:01
DNFMichael Holk (Joselyns)
DNFChuck Ross (Sho-Air)
DNFJeff Dotterweich (Helens/Subaru/Fisher)
DNFJames Renwick (Helens Bikes)

Cat. 1 Men 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Booth (Platinum Performance)1:37:25
2Jay Hammond (Bear Valley Bikes)0:02:26
3Jon Flagg (Simple Green)0:05:39
4Scott Palmer (Covina Valle)0:12:21
5Chris Marsiguerra (Joselyns)0:15:59
6Sean Davidson0:42:39
DNFTerry Crouse (Pasadena Athletic)
DNFCraig Sisino (Shoair/Sonance)

Cat. 1 Men 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Sullivan (Shoair/Sonance)1:34:12
2Brad Stephenson (Shoair/Sonance)0:03:33
3John Biron (Platinum Performance)0:11:35
4David Stowell (Cal-Coast Bi)0:12:07
DNFJohnny Dalton (Velocity)
DNFJohnny Omara (Shoair/Specilaized)
DNFTim Zandbergen (Shoair/Sonance)

Cat. 1 Men 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dean Swank (Bear Valley Bikes)1:39:43
2Steven Hensler (Possabilitie)0:03:26
3Joe Gallal (Velocity)0:07:34
4Dale Raymond (Sc Velo)0:16:50
5John Langton (Lv Velo/Penta)0:18:46
6Steve Herrera (Coveralls)0:21:45
7Eric Airheart (Santa Clarita Velo)0:25:31
DNFPhil Beckman (Dons Bike Of)
DNFBobby Langin Sr (Platinum Performance)
DNFCurt Morlock (Henderson Bike Shop)

Cat. 1 Men 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Eisley2:10:43
DNFGary Shuey (Bear Valley Bikes)

Cat. 1 Men 60-64
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stan Ford (Cycopath)2:01:32

Cat. 1 Men 65+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Dahlgren (Paa/Remax)1:23:08
2Frederic Schmid (Bicycles Outback)0:01:55
3Russ Fay (Folsom Breakouts)0:04:48
4Gary Foster (Cycopath)0:06:07
5Ron Riley (Scccc)0:10:11
6Brian Kiniry0:13:51
DNFGaro Mooradian (Otbmbc)
DNFDavid Martin (Coates Cyclery)
DNFTerry Dahl (Platinum Performance)

Cat. 1 singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Stephenson (Shoair/Sonance)1:43:06
2Adam Hart (29Er Crew Fisher )0:01:13
3Jeff Sanford0:04:33
4Mark Scheetz (Coates Cyclery)0:05:30

Cat. 1 Women 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Essence Barton (Devo/Nso)1:15:33

Cat. 1 Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lisa Crowe (Dons Bikes)2:01:43
2Claudia Espinoza (Devo)0:31:07
DNFVanessa Humic (Backbone Adventure )
DNFAnna Fortner (Van Dessel Factory )

Cat. 1 Women 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heidi Volpe (Shoair/Sonance)1:14:40
2Vicki Chernoff (Afp/Velo)0:01:34
3Heidi Bowen (Giant Factory Team)0:10:34

Cat. 1 Women 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carol Ruckle (Team Possabilities)1:31:42
2Jodi Martin (Coates Cyclery)0:14:44

Cat. 2 Men 14 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shane Skelton (Montrose Bike Shop)1:10:24
2Nathan Pherigo (Sc Velo)0:10:27
3Cameron Williams (Bear Valley Bikes)0:14:30

Cat. 2 Men 15-16
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Odle1:09:00
2Brady Kiss (Team Mata)0:03:09
3Brandon Dillard (Owens Healthcare)0:04:43

Cat. 2 Men 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tucker Trotter (Mata)1:09:00
2Chris Johnson (Sho-Air)0:02:32
3Brandon Droese (Platinum Performance)0:11:51

Cat. 2 Men 19-24
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Crooks (Pure Power Outhguard)1:11:21
2Ryan Kershek0:03:06

Cat. 2 Men 25-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Mcculloch (Team Possabilities)1:04:03
2Michael Crockoft (Incycle)0:07:17
3Calvin Lefebure (Shoair)0:09:37
4Brett Butler0:10:22
5Ara Movsessian (Backbone)0:11:55
6Omar Santos (Bagel Love)0:13:20

Cat. 2 Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brandon Gritters (Rock N Road)0:59:28
2Dj Claassen0:04:37
3David Ruiz (Sc Velo)0:07:27
4Alfredo Marquez (Mex-America)0:11:03
5Oliver Forger0:14:58
6Nick Gualtieri (Sc Velo)0:17:03

Cat. 2 Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Oliver Hutchinson (Team Helens)1:01:30
2Javier Vega0:05:20
3Paul Chia (Mobil Lube Genie)0:08:55
4John Moisan (Portofino)0:09:14
5Christoph Bautista (Sc Velo)0:10:04
6Richard Contreras0:10:35
7Karl Sneider0:11:22
8Zach Thorp (Tm Redlands)0:12:25
9Paul Donohoe (Chicken Ranc)0:13:14
10Jeff Stanners (Dons Bikes)0:13:33
11Daniel Eitman0:14:12
12Paul Fujisawa0:15:16
13Ruy Lopez (Buena Park Cycling)0:18:26
14Norberto Oropez (Pasadena Athletic)0:20:09
15Jason Miyagishima (Miyagi)0:22:23
DNFJason Broussard
DNFRob Winslow (Shoair/Sonance)
DNFYomen English (Quantico Marines)

Cat. 2 Men 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tony Osburn (Fullerton Bicycles)1:02:09
2Robb Mesecher (Mba/Sho-Air)0:03:01
3John Umale (Padjack Racing)0:03:51
4Adam Austin (Team Mbs)0:05:11
5Doug Farnham0:06:16
6Brian Grimm0:07:24
7Clinton Campbell (Shoair/Sonance)0:07:43
8Darin Tanikawa0:07:43
9Clarke Tanner (Optimal Solutions)0:08:14
10Thomas Kanusky (Privateer)0:08:15
11Jim Spotts (Simi Cycling)0:08:31
12John M Reveles (Platinum Performance)0:10:35
13Mike Henderson (Khs Cycles)0:13:16
14Wade Arnold (Sc Velo)0:15:53
15Omar Almaguer (Sc Velo)0:17:08
16Dave Hauck (Santa Clarita Velo)0:17:41
DNFScott Delameter
DNFDerric Swinfard (Monster Media)

Cat. 2 Men 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Francisco Vidal (Santa Clarita Velo)1:04:52
2Dan Turner0:00:16
3Todd Gottfried (Tm Xterra)0:01:26
4Robert Rodgers (Sho-Air/Sona)0:03:22
5Vincent Sabotin (Santa Clarita Velo)0:04:52
6Charlie Stone (Sc Velo)0:06:44
7Randy Rush (Backbone)0:08:18
8Tom Gabehart (Cal Coast)0:08:50
9Kurt Vine0:14:05
10Ludek Kolesa (Evma)0:17:34
11Andy Somerville (Team Duke)0:20:06
12Brad Bigelow0:21:16
13Guy Hanou0:28:52
14John Flores (Bv Bikes)0:30:32
DNFYoshimi Tsujio

Cat. 2 Men 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ken Germain (Shoair/Sonance)1:10:02
2James Reilly (Triatholan Lab)0:05:34
3Mark Wronski (The Path Bike Shop)0:08:29
4Gary Stewart (Esi Grips)0:09:22
5Jeff Kinney (E Cycling Store)0:12:19
6Steve Ellis (Honda Riding Club)0:12:51
7Gary Bojorquez (Santa Clarita Velo)0:26:08
DNFSteve Bertrand (Platinum Performance)
DNSDon Jackson (Shoair/Sonance)

Cat. 2 Men 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Philippe Minniti (Team Ape)1:27:04
2John Beam0:02:40
3Bob Britton0:06:28
DNFMike Roberts (Judgement Velo)

Cat. 2 Men 60-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nils Hendrix (Stump Grinder Bicycle)1:18:03
2Bruce Ramsey (Santa Clarita Velo)0:08:23
3Roger Sexton (Team Ape)0:10:28
4Dean Ferrandini0:29:24

Cat. 2 Clydesdale 34 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Woodruff (Woodruff Offroad)1:15:31
2Luke Werkhoven (Platinum Performance)0:02:53
3Gary Locken (Tri-Sport Racing)0:07:16

Cat. 2 Clydesdale 35 & over
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Turner (Giant)1:11:28
2Michael Dulin (Back Alley)0:00:16
3Matt Dodd (Sc Velo)0:01:55
4Andrew M Hart (Bear Valley Bikes)0:05:41
5Rod Christiansen (Surf City )0:17:33

Cat. 2 singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul Hubbell (Moto Tabs)1:07:15
2Paul Lorusso (Outer Circle Racing)0:03:43
3Rudy Melendez (Pasadena Athletic )0:19:12
4Cheyne Mckeever (Bv Bikes)0:26:14
DNFJoey Dolowy (Outer Circle)

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