Craig and Davison win super D national titles

Adam Craig (Rabobank-Giant) and and Lea Davison (Specialized) raced to victory in the super D at the US Mountain Bike National Championships in Sun Valley, Idaho, very early on Sunday morning.

Craig, a former super D national champion who finished third in the yesterday's cross country race, is back in stars and stripes after defeating his long time friend and rally car racing buddy Carl Decker (Giant) by just one second.

"That climb is hard, but the rest of it was smooth," said Craig after clocking a 19:37. "I didn't blow anything - just keep it smooth and fast. I got lucky and didn't catch anyone but two guys on a climb. It worked out awesome."

Craig has previously won super D nationals in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

"Oh well, if I had to pick somebody to beat me, I guess it'd be that Rabobank guy," said runner-up Decker, who is fresh off winning Downieville last weekend.

"That start climb is hard, but compared to yesterday, it was a bubble bath. We only had to go up it once and the climb was nothing compared to the one in the cross country."

Last year's super D national champion, Mike West (Yeti) was third.

"I brought a super D bike which was a little heavy for the climb, but that's how it goes," said West. "I pushed on the downhills but suffered on the climb." West had a clean run excepting one encounter with an SUV out on course.


Davison flew down the mountain to take victory ahead of Allison Mann and former national champion Kelli Emmett (Giant). Craig's girlfriend Lizzy English (Ride Giant-Ride Northstar) finished fourth.

One day after her best ever national cross country finish (second), Davison won her first super D national title in 23:06.

"It was hard up top on the climb, but it suited me," said Davison. "The descent was super fun."

Davison had just one chance to pre-ride the course: this morning. "I followed (downhiller) Joanna Petterson down the hill and that helped. I saw all the good lines." In contrast, Craig said he had pre-ridden the course four times.

"I ended up together with about three others and we were battling back and forth and passing each other on the fireroads. It was a smooth run and that's what I wanted."

Runner-up Emmett said she had a good, fun run with no mechanicals or crashes. She clocked a 23:27.

"It was hard. I was trying to stay focused the whole time because it's such a long run," said Emmett. "I think I was faster on my hardtail because I was so tapped out when I got down to those switchbacks that we did yesterday."

"I usually prefer to race super D with a group so I can pace myself for the short track which is coming up, but today you had to go as hard as you could because you didn't know how you were doing."

English put in a solid ride for fourth place after Allison Mann, who is back racing after rehabilitating a foot injury. "I started up the climb and it hurt, but I dug as deep as I could and kept going. I passed a few girls and I wrecked. I tried to pass again and wrecked again. We were all balled up and then I gave up trying to pass. We were hooting and hollering and skidding around corners," said English.

Emmett, Mann and English finished fifth, 13th and 12th respectively in yesterday's cross country.

Full Results

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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lea Davison (Specialized Factory Racing)0:23:06.50
2Allison Mann0:00:09.00
3Kelli Emmett (Giant Bicycles)0:00:20.80
4Elizabeth English (Ride Giant-Ride Northstar)0:00:54.10
5Sarah Tescher0:01:41.50
6Krista Park (Cannondale/NoTubes)0:01:45.20
7Rebekah Rottenberg (Davis Bike Club/Davis Bike Club Race Team)0:01:55.00
9Sarah Kaufmann (Team Roaring Mouse)0:02:23.80
10Joele Guynup0:02:28.70
11Carolynn Romaine0:02:31.70
12Rebecca Rusch (Specialized)0:03:01.90
13Maria Pastore0:04:14.30
14Olivia Harkness (Mafia Racing)0:04:20.50
DNSCorinne PrevotRow 13 - Cell 2
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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adam Craig0:19:37.00
2Carl Decker0:00:01.70
3Mike West (yeti)0:00:16.10
4Aaron Bradford (FamilyCycling/Specialized/SRAM)0:00:23.30
5Macky Franklin0:00:28.10
6Adam Snyder (Jamis Bikes)0:00:34.80
7Gregory Carpenter (Team Edge)0:00:49.00
8Clinton Claassen (Team Mad Cat)0:00:50.50
9Alexander Grant (Cannondale)0:00:53.40
10Chad Cheeney (Durango Devo)0:01:08.10
11Nick Gibson (Shimano)0:01:11.10
12Cody Kaiser (California Giant Strawberries/Specialize)0:01:12.90
13Nate Byrom (Nevada Union High School Mt Bike Team)0:01:14.20
14Logan Wetzel (Noble Bikes)0:01:25.30
15Robert Marion (Carpediem Racing)0:01:38.00
16Peter Ostroski (Wild Things/Rocky Mountain)0:01:38.50
17Spencer Paxson (Kona Bicycles)0:01:40.60
18Joe Schneider0:01:59.20
19Nicholas Weighall (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)0:02:02.10
20William Curtis (Whole Athlete-Specialized)0:02:02.50
21David Harrison (Wild Rockies Inc/Wild Rockies Racing Team)0:02:05.30
22Silas Hesterberg0:02:07.30
23Thomas Sampson0:02:14.50
24L Alexander Gardner0:02:15.60
25Brent Pontius (Roosters/Bikers Edge)0:02:23.00
26Will Patterson (Whole Athlete)0:02:27.70
27Aaron Elwell0:02:33.40
28Derek Hermon0:02:35.50
29Nitish Nag (NRL Racing Development Team)0:02:42.70
30Colby Pastore0:02:56.70
31Casey Coffman (Felt/WTB/X Fusion)0:03:01.90
32Shawn Mitchell0:03:17.10
33Stevie Cullinan (Racelab Cycling Team)0:03:27.50
34Dustin Sweet (Reno Wheelmen)0:03:52.10
35Travis Glysson (AZ Devo)0:03:55.00
36Sam Young0:04:54.80
37Dejay Birtch (Niner Stans Ergon)0:09:31.40
38Miguel Ramos0:21:05.70
DNFNoah Tautfest (Bicycle Express/ Kona)Row 38 - Cell 2
DNSPhil Grove (Sportsman & Ski Haus)Row 39 - Cell 2
DNSAdam Looney (University of Wyoming)Row 40 - Cell 2
DNSZach McdonaldRow 41 - Cell 2
DNSRussell StevensonRow 42 - Cell 2
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Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mason Bond (Nevada Union High School Mt Bike Team/Nevada Union Mt Bike Team)0:20:38.80
2Bobby Zidek (Whole Athlete/Whole Athlete-Specialized)0:00:06.30
3Taylor Smith (Whole Athlete/Whole Athlete-Specialized)0:00:09.70
4Cody Phillips0:00:30.80
5Gino Pastore (Durango Devo)0:00:34.20
6Casey Williams0:00:34.60
7Max Houtzager (Whole Athlete Specialized)0:01:02.00
8Cody Cupp (Methow Valley Cycling)0:01:02.20
9Kolby Preble0:01:18.30
10Peter Karinen0:01:18.70
11Jonathan Kaufman (Whole Athlete/Whole Athlete-Specialized)0:01:34.20
12Sepp Kuss (Durango Devo)0:01:35.20
13Evan Williams0:01:41.20
14Derek Hobden (NRL Racing Development Team)0:01:45.00
15Jake Richards0:02:01.30
16Christopher Blevins (Durango Devo)0:02:27.90
17Conner Smith (Ogden Cycling Education Foundation)0:02:45.20
18Dakota Pittman0:02:45.50
19Justin Noel0:02:48.60
20Larsson Johnson (Ogden Cycling Education Foundation/Autoliv Cycling Club)0:03:26.30
21Wyatt Morin (Team Mad Cat)0:03:37.30
22Zachary Skalet (Placer Foothill Mountain Bike Club)0:03:37.60
23Ellis Lindenthal (Velo Club Monterey Inc.)0:03:38.50
24Ian Stowe0:03:49.40
25Parker Eide0:03:51.60
26Kendall Smith0:03:52.10
27Jackson Negri0:04:03.10
28Jan Warren0:04:29.60
29Mitch Stockwell0:04:37.30
30Javier Colton0:05:00.30
31Zachary Sedivy0:05:04.50
32Ross Ellwood0:05:07.50
33John Curtis (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad))0:05:07.70
34Edward Kronfli (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)/PAA/REMAX)0:06:22.20
35Justin Clark0:06:45.00
36Scott Mcgill0:06:51.30
37Jaxon Suttlemyre (Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)/Vertical Earth)0:07:27.20
38Taylor Squillaci0:07:39.80
39Dillen Maurer (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)/PAA/REMAX)0:07:45.80
40Scott Funston (Old Town Bicycle (OTB))0:07:50.00
41Bo Franklin (Team F.I.Taos)0:07:51.10
42Andrew Cunningham0:11:39.10
43Jack Dean0:12:29.20
44Riley Kopesky0:13:31.00
45Lukas Giesen0:24:47.30
DNFChase DickensRow 45 - Cell 2
DNFW Grant EllwoodRow 46 - Cell 2
DNFErik Johnson (NorCal High School Mountain Bike League)Row 47 - Cell 2
DNFJeremiah NewmanRow 48 - Cell 2
DNFSpence Peterson (Above Category Racing)Row 49 - Cell 2
DNFDamon SedivyRow 50 - Cell 2
DNSLuke AllenRow 51 - Cell 2
DNSRyan Geiger (AZ Devo)Row 52 - Cell 2
DNSNigel GrahamRow 53 - Cell 2
DNSBo Knickman (Amgen Cycling Club)Row 54 - Cell 2
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Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Krieger0:21:49.40
2Chris Thibodeau (Sho-Air/SERT/SHO-AIR/ SERT)0:00:01.50
3Andrew Juiliano0:00:10.70
4Nathan Petter (Team Rio Grande/Team Rio Grande Mountain Bike)0:00:14.10
5Taylor Reed0:00:45.40
6Derek Yarra0:00:45.60
7Daniel Stuart0:00:50.70
8James Whitesides0:01:19.00
9Dennis Yuroshek0:01:19.50
10Stephane Roch (SKLZ Cycling Team)0:01:33.90
11Chris Ellis0:01:34.20
12Andrew Duensing0:01:43.30
13Thomas Magrath0:02:00.30
14Tyler Chandler0:02:00.80
15Zane Enders (University of Utah)0:02:03.00
16Sam Chovan (Mafia Racing)0:02:52.60
17Michael Wieser (Wild Rockies Inc/Wild Rockies race team)0:03:00.30
18Dakota Dale0:03:10.20
19Joshua Murdock0:04:11.20
20Corey Bray0:04:18.50
21Gary Nagle (University of Nevada-Reno/Nevada Cycling)0:06:19.00
DNFBrian Jorgensen (Central Oregon Community College)Row 21 - Cell 2
DNSCorey BellingerRow 22 - Cell 2
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Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Billy Damon (Bicycle Emporium)0:21:33.20
2Jon Freckleton (Steamboat Velo p/d MOOTS)0:00:20.80
3Douglas Schuler (Boulder Cycle Sport)0:00:33.30
4Brian Butler0:00:40.50
5Donald Morehouse0:00:49.60
6Scott Morris0:00:50.80
7Matthew Mcneal (Sun Valley Road and Dirt Camps. L.L.C.)0:01:01.30
8Scott Leland0:01:22.80
9Justin Mann (Rock N' Road Cyclery)0:01:27.00
10Justin Stevenson0:01:28.80
11Ben Stein0:01:57.00
12James O'neal (Team Hammer Nutrition)0:02:06.50
13Jonathan Lombardo (Finkraft)0:02:21.80
14Jeff Ward0:02:34.00
15Troy Clark0:02:55.60
16Shea Andersen0:03:38.50
17Kris Lowe0:04:52.10
18David Dornaus (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)0:05:58.70
19Nathan Haslick (International Christian Cycling Club)0:06:08.10
20Kelly Jorschumb0:06:38.80
21Cory Smith0:09:58.80
22Brian Lowe0:13:58.50
DNFRyon Butterfield (Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts (ICE))Row 22 - Cell 2
DNSDustin Phillips (Team Hammer Nutrition)Row 23 - Cell 2
DNSJosh RheaRow 24 - Cell 2
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Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Pastore0:21:31.70
2Stanislaus (Stosh) Bankston (Bicycle Emporium)0:00:00.90
3Scott Robinson (Sun Valley Road and Dirt Camps. L.L.C.)0:00:07.00
4Tj Henshall (WebCyclery Racing/
5John Pitton (Logos Research Systems)0:00:31.20
6Gregg Galletta0:01:10.70
7Todd Byle0:01:35.30
8Mario Correa (Team Velosport Club/Sho-air/Rock 'n Road)0:01:39.90
9Chris Odonnell0:02:08.10
10Daniele Farnedi (Team Roaring Mouse)0:02:22.40
11Alec Petro (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)0:02:23.60
12Stephen Smith (Montrose Cycling Club/Montrose Bike Shop- CW Builders)0:02:25.40
13Douglas Johnson0:02:30.90
14Tim Taylor (Two Wheeler/Specialized)0:02:37.40
15John Vipiana (Olympic Club)0:02:51.60
16Tim Gaertner (Great Northern Cycling Club)0:03:01.10
17Richard Mcchrystal0:03:03.40
18Matthew Engel0:03:28.40
19Brian Price (GS Casella/Look! Save a Life)0:04:03.80
20Howard Skalet0:04:26.90
21Ed Binnie0:04:33.80
22Caleb Baukol0:06:50.20
23Gary Kyle0:07:03.90
24Dodi Nov (Jet City Velo/ByrneInvent)0:08:53.10
25Roger Villmow (Cheyenne Mountain High School/Jr. High)0:09:14.90
26James Lang (Joyride Cycles-ID)0:12:35.90
DNFMike Gile (Jet City Velo/ByrneInvent)Row 26 - Cell 2
DNSBrian MorganRow 27 - Cell 2
DNSCully ToddRow 28 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jordan Swenson (Cole Sport/cole sport)0:22:27.20
2Chris Grove (Absolute Bikes Team)0:00:39.70
3Gary Thacker (Justin's / Titus Mountain Bike Team)0:01:18.90
4Steve Cullinan (Racelab Cycling Team/Racelab Team WM U25)0:02:26.60
5Hal Butler0:03:07.70
6Arthur White0:03:08.80
7Paul Zarubin0:03:22.10
8Whiz Mcneal0:03:40.30
9Chris Kastner0:04:01.20
10Luther Barden0:04:10.50
11Shawn Grossman (Joyride Cycles-ID)0:04:31.00
12Will Fernyhough (Jet City Velo)0:04:49.00
13Donald Goldberg0:05:38.40
20Kelly Jorschumb0:05:44.80
14Russ Fay (Team Velosport Club/Sho-air/Rock 'n Road)0:10:38.30
15Tim Gaffney (Team F.I.Taos)0:12:45.30
DNSNorman GrahamRow 16 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaylee Blevins0:23:31.80
2Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete/Whole Athlete-Specialized)0:00:43.70
3Victoria Yoham (Whole Athlete/Whole Athlete-Specialized)0:02:30.40
4Mackinzie Stanley (Whole Athlete)0:03:39.60
5India Waller (Durango Devo)0:04:17.80
6Elizabeth Shull0:05:24.00
7Avery Morin (Team Mad Cat)0:07:24.80
8Mckenzie Melcher0:07:37.40
9Tiziana Dehorney (Get Out! New Mexico)0:07:38.80
10Madelaine Melcher0:08:08.90
DNSNina KarinenRow 10 - Cell 2
DNSEmily Shull (Alberto's Sport)Row 11 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tara Walhart0:25:26.40
1Helene Drumm0:24:42.30
2Abbie Durkee (Whole Athlete/Whole Athlete-Specialized)0:02:00.10
3Anne Cheeney (Durango Devo)0:05:45.10
4Carrie Edwards (Zeitgeist Racing Cycling Team)0:00:35.80
5Gretchen Flint (Mud Honey/Mud Honey Cycling)0:01:19.30
6Mercedes Quinnblair0:01:26.60
7Darlene Phillips0:01:57.50
8Susan Katsilometes0:03:36.00
9Elaine Bothe0:04:38.30
10Melissa Boyd0:21:02.70
DNSEllen WhiteRow 11 - Cell 2
DNFMarti MerrittRow 12 - Cell 2
DNFJulia Violich (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12)Row 13 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simone Kastner (Mud Honey)0:25:05.70
2Sara Schroeder (Mud Honey)0:01:04.70
3Petra Davis0:03:20.00
4Brianne Spiersch0:04:22.40
5Karina Mahoney0:07:04.00
6Rebecca Zink (Team Nebo Ridge)0:23:24.50
DNFPhilicia MarionRow 6 - Cell 2


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