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Tostado, Horanyi crowned national 24-hour champions

Eleven national champions were crowned at the USA Cycling 24-Hour Mountain Bike National Championships on Sunday after the nation's best ultra-endurance mountain bikers wrapped up 24 grueling hours racing in beautiful Moab, Utah.

Riders set out on Saturday with a LeMans-style start before undertaking as many laps as they could complete on the 15-mile course. After the 24 hours had expired, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) and Eszter Horanyi (Waltworks) recorded more laps than any other solo riders in the male and female divisions to earn their respective solo national titles.

After finishing second to five-time defending champion Chris Eatough (Trek Coop) last year, Tostado assumed the stars-and-stripes in 2009 by logging 17 laps. He rode the first few laps nearly side-by-side with eventual silver medalist Kelly Magelky before getting a small gap on lap three. Tostado never looked back and held the lead for the rest of the race. Magelky finished with 16 total laps.

Horanyi also dethroned the reigning champion in the women's division, Pua Sawicki (Team Mata) who finished fifth in this year's contest. Horanyi logged 13 laps of the Moab course to finish just ahead of Sarah Kaufmann (Roaring Mouse) on her final go around.

Both Eatough and Sawicki were suffering from flu-like symptoms and were unable to defend their solo national titles of 2008.

St. George, Utah, residents Dave Harris (2-Epic) and Linda Wallenfals (LWCoaching) earned the men's and women's singlespeed solo national titles, completing impressive 15 and 11 laps respectively on their one-geared bikes.

One of last year's mixed duo champions Rebecca Tomaszewski teamed up with a new partner to win another stars-and-stripes in that category. She and Dax Massey made up the Niner-Ergon-Bach Builders team that logged 17 laps on their way to the title. The duo held off a strong surge from the Sho-air duo of Mario Correa and Heidi Volpe, who also completed 17 laps, to take the win.

With 18 total laps, the men's duo crown was earned by the Grand Targhee Resort Squad of Troy Barry and Cary Smith. Also logging 18 laps, former USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon National Championship medalist Gretchen Reeves teamed up with long-time ultra-mountain bike racer Rebecca Rusch to earn the women's duo national title in formidable fashion for their Specialized-Tokyo Joe's squad.

The sole women's junior four-person team to enter the contest, The Justice League comprised of Wesley Geer, Ellen Patton, Ellie Atkins and Meghan Kane, turned in an impressive 14 laps to take that title.

In the men's master (35+) division the Washed Up and Faded Away squad of Stephen White, Mike Gibbs, Edward Oliver and Mark Roebke finished their 19th lap just ahead of the Flab Four and Trek Store-Boulder MTB Racing squads to earn the gold.

In its first year hosting the national championship event, the 15th-annual 24-Hours of Moab drew hundreds of athletes who competed in various national championship and non-national championship categories in both 12 and 24-hour divisions. The record number of competitors also shared in a record cash purse of more than $24,000.

A list of newly crowned national champions is below. Due to a lack of entries, there were no national titles awarded to the Women's Four-Person Team and Women's Four-Person Masters (35+) Team divisions.

Male Solo: Josh Tostado (Bach Builders)

Female Solo: Eszter Horanyi (Waltworks)

Male Singlespeed Solo: Dave Harris (2-Epic) Linda Wellenfals (LWCoaching)

Female Singlespeed Solo: Linda Wallenfels (LWCoaching)

Mixed Duo: Rebecca Tomaszewski & Dax Massey (Niner-Ergon-Bach Builders)

Male Duo: Troy Barry &Cary Smith (Grand Targhee Resort)

Female Duo: Gretchen Reeves & Rebecca Rusch (Specialized/Tokyo Joe's)

Men’s Four-Person Team: Kalan Biesel, Russell Finsterwald, J.J. Clark & Rob Sousa (Pro Cycling)

Male Junior Four-Person Team: Ryan Geiger, Kallan Creager, Casey Williams &Daniel Conley (Quaduple Gnar)

Female Junior Four-Person Team: Wesley Geer, Ellen Patten, Ellie Atkins & Meghan Kane (The Justice League)

Male 4-Person Masters (35+) Team: Stephen White, Mike Gibbs, Edward Oliver & Mark Roebke (Washed-Up and Faded Away)


Men's solo national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Tostado17laps
2Kelly Magelky16
3Ben Koenig15
4Ernesto Marenchin15
5Robert Anderson14
6Andrew Carney14
7Jesse Jakomait13
8Ezekiel Hersh13
9Wade Newsome13
10Steve Schwarz12
11James Young12
12Sampson Bruesewitz12
13Matt Woodruff11
14Aaron VanderWaal11
15Joseph Fortin11
16Matt Juth10
17Scott Strode10
18Evan Plews8
19Eddie O'Dea8
20Charly Tri7
21Brandon Draugelis7
22Jody White7
23Chris Strout5
24Ray Rasker5
25Taylor Lideen2
26Jim Simons2

Women's solo national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eszter Horanyi13laps
2Sarah Kaufmann13
3Spring Clegg12
4Kerry White12
5Pua Sawicki11
6Laureen Coffelt11
7Elizabeth Sugar Boese7
8Timari Pruis7
9Monilee Atkinson6
10Teri Walberg2
11Jari Kirkland1

Men's solo singlespeed national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dave Harris15laps
2Greg Martin14
3Barry Davis14
4Shawn Gregory14
5Randy Sooter13
6Tom Diegel12
7Geoffery Lane11
8Art Vandaleigh10
9Doug Smith8
10Ben V. Bradford III7
11Dejay Birtch6
12Neil Adams6
13Sean Sullivan5

Women's solo singlespeed national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lynda Wallenfels11laps
2Chelsea McGowan9
3Jo Schwartz8

Mixed duo national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Tomaszewski / Dax Massey17laps
2Mario Correa / Heidi Volpe17
3Sonya Looney / Yuki Saito12
4Alan Rishel / Karen Rishel7

Men's duo national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Barry / Cary Smith18laps
2Derek Hermon / Benjamin Bostrom16
3Ely Woody / Romolo Forcino12
4Tod Turley / Peter Sullivan11
5Richard Price / Mike Driver9

Women's duo national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Rusch / Gretchen Reeves18laps

Men's 4-person national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pro Cycling20laps
2Hammer Nutrition20
3Honey Stinger/Trek20
4Star Spangled Bangers19

Men's junior national championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Quadruple Gnar19laps
2Rubber Side Up17
3Team Mata16

Women's junior national championhip
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1The Justice League14laps

Men's masters national championships
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Washed Up and Fading Away19laps
2Fab4: flomax, viagra, rogaine & vas19
3Trek Store /Boulder MTB Racing19

Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Tostado17laps
2Kelly Magelky16
3Rib Mountain Cycles15
4Ernesto Marenchin15
5Robert Anderson14
6Nate Ginzton14
7Andrew Carney14
8Jesse Jakomait13
9Ezekiel Hersh13
10Wade Newsome13
11SnapShop LLC13
12Todd Carpenter13
13WBR-Siren Bicycles13
14Steve Schwarz12
15James Young12
16Sampson Bruesewitz12
17Matt Woodruff11
18Mafia Racing11
19Joseph Fortin11
20Matt Juth10
21Jeff Clapp10
22Jesse Parker10
23Lucas Chandler10
24Rob Pierce10
25Dean Vigil10
27Scott Strode10
28Kerry Novak9
29Bill Young9
30Aaron Dallas9
32Evan Plews8
33Eddie O'Dea8
35Don Wiseman8
36Ford Sterling8
37Charly Tri7
38Brandon Draugelis7
39Jody White7
40Nicholas Brummer7
42Dennis Potter7
43Alex Earl6
44Cullen Barker5
45Chris Strout5
46Ray Rasker5
47Robert Payne4
48Taylor Lideen2
49Jim Simons2

Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Waltworks Dream Team13laps
2Roaring Mouse/Titus/elete13
3Spring Clegg12
4Kerry White12
5Pua Sawicki11
6Laureen Coffelt11
7Elizabeth Sugar Boese7
8Pruis, Timari7
9Monilee Atkinson6
10Rachel Warren6
11NiteRider & Intense2
12Jari Kirkland1

Men's Pro Teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pro Cycling20laps
2Hammer Nutrition20
3Honey Stinger/Trek20
4Star Spangled Bangers19
6Beaver Hammer15
7Lowe Down Dirty Dawgs15

Co-ed Pro Am
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
2Brick Oven/CB Builders19
3Devil's Thumb Ranch18
4Midnight Trail Seshi13
5Human-Powered Harleys12
6Four Nuts Racing10

Duo Pro
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Grand Targhee Resort18laps
2Specialized / Tokyo Joes18
3Niner - Ergon - Bach Builders17
4Risen from the Ashes17
6New Mexico Bike N Sport17
7God's Unit16
10Deschutes Brewery14
11The Misery of Brian Taylor14
12Old El Paso13
13Rome n Woody12
15Los Dos Papas12
16Dead Cow Locals11
17Buddha Belly Biker11
18Stevith Materholt11
22Off The Couch8
23Light & Motion - First Endurance7
24Red Bike5
25Alan & Fraser5
27Sisyphus Needed a Muni3

Men's expert
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mad Dog #5/K9s on 29s18laps
2Boa Technology/Honeystinger17
3Frozen Assets17
4Steel Panthers17
5Outdoor Element Sports13

Women's expert
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1The Dusty Booties16laps

5-Person Co-ed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Just Stimulated17laps
2Bike Rox17
3Old School17
4Miracle Racing16
6Pedal Power/Street Swell Open15
7See Boa Race15
9Two Spokes Three Jerks15
10Adventure Cycling15
11Caballos de aluminio iluminados15
12Mojito Racing14
14The Plateau Crushers14
16Peak To Peak Bicycles14
17Bruise Brothers14
18Hermosa Dirt Bags14
19Juneau Jumpers13
20Four Women and Their Female Dog12
21Clam Caravan11
22The Zymotic Guinea Pigs10
23Midnight Express10

5-Peron Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
3Urine Yellow16
4Blood sugar Bike Magic16
5Danish nordic24 Team 3 HMTBK SRAM16
7W.A.D. (Weapons of Ass Destruction)15
8Ass Over Tea Kettle14
9Man Cub 5 (a tribute)14
105 Ironclad Amigos14
11Sweep the Leg14
12Ricky Bobby14
14Flomax Five14
15Krak Munkyz14
16Easy Rider14
18Not Tonight, Honey13
19Chasin Jason12
20Hermanos En Lucha Libre (HELL)12
21Magic Bullets12
22Beer Me12
23Gear Heads10
24Detroit Dirt Bags10
25Grundle Pigs9

5-Person Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rehab Riders11laps

Men's sport
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Danish nordic24 Team 1 HMTBK SRAM19laps
2Danish nordic24 Team 2 HMTBK SRAM18
3Smith Optics17
59's over 6's16
6The Left Over's16
7E.Z. RUBY16
8Sofa Kings16
9The Mustache Riders16
10The Sand People16
11Alpine DaBomb Squad16
12Mountain Men16
13Mystery Men15
14Grimsleys Garage15
15The Atta Boys15
17Wheat Ridge Cyclery15
18Dirt Digglers15
19Obviously you're not a golfer15
20The Insomniacs15
23Hoco Loco15
24Into the Wild15
25Gitchigumi Revenge's Last Chance15
27Mind the Gap14
28Battling Demons14
29Down-to 4, Rollin-on 2, Up-to 8.13
31William Tell and the 3 Bad Apples13
323 Freds and a Roadie13
33Big Sky Bandits13
34See Boa Ride13
35Astro Portamento13
36Cheyenne Fire Ash Holes13
37narsassistic fu's13
39therapy masters12
40Stiff Link12
41beat ted12
42Durango Derailleurs11
44Jimmy Fell11
45El Chupacabras9
46Rum Runners8
47Los Cuatro Perros7

Women's sport
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1The No Pants Party13laps
2Older Than We Look10

Singlespeed / Rigid Open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
3Blind Stab17

Men's veteran
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Washed Up and Fading Away19laps
2Fab4: flomax, viagra, rogaine & vas19
3Trek Store /Boulder MTB Racing19
4Smith Optics - Type A's18
5B List18
6Mad Dog #6/Go Dog Go18
7Married to Milfs17
8IronClad 3 and 117
9Animals Without Backbones17
10Slickrock Conspiracy17
1240 Year Old VIrgins17
13Rich's Bitches17
14Fly'n Naked Apes17
152 Beers Short of a 6 Pack17
16Sleestack Virus16
18The Flippin Heck Fetchers16
19Racers Cycle Service #216
20Golden Belt Bikers16
21Cranky Dads16
22Crazy Ivan and the Soggy Bottom Boys16
233 committers and a FENCE sitter15
24Old War Horses 200915
25Dominquez and his Smelly Finquez15
26Los Mas Chingones15
27three virgins and a whore15
28The Dirty Birds15
29Action Heroes15
30Hazel Valley Rancheros14
31DragonFire Racing14
32Charlie don't surf14
33Lap Dancers14
34Long John's Sons13
35The Traveling Wheelbillys13
36Over The Hill & Waiting To Grey13
37Powder Monkey12
38Winnie Warriors12
39Team Bicycles Plus / Sierra Nevada11
40Crack Monkeys9

Women's veteran
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sofa King Mamas16laps
2Mad Dog #3/Great Dames12

Men's masters
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Uno Testicali Dutch Rudder18laps
2Dusty Boots18
4Pedal Power/StreetSwell18
5Screaming Perineums16
6Ironclad Colorado15
7Pedal Power - Ti Amo15
8Trans-FrontRange Masters Express13
9Old and In the Way12
11Dark Horse Cycles8

Men's Grand Masters
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mad Dog #2/Gray Hounds16laps

Men's Juniors
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Quadruple Gnar19laps
2Rubber Side Up17
3Team Mata16
4Colorado Rocky Mountain School14

Women's Juniors
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1The Justice League14laps

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Muffin Top Brigade16laps
2Too Big to Fail16
3Why Try Again14
4Intermountain Clydesdale13

Solo men singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dave Harris15laps
3Barry Davis14
4Shawn Gregory14
5Randy Sooter13
6Tom Diegel12
7Geoffrey Lane11
8Riding Dirty10
9Levi Borst10
10Art Vandeleigh10
11Doug Smith8
12Team Sissypants8
13Ben V. Bradford III7
14Back of the Pack Racing7
15Tedd Rohwer7
16Niner - Ergon SS6
17Team Monkeyboy6
18Neil Adams6
19Independent Fabrication-Sully5

Women's solo singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lynda Wallenfels11laps
2Dales Pale Ale \ Spot Brand Bikes9
3Jo Schwartz8


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