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UCI Road World Championships 2015: Elite Men - Individual Time Trial


 Hello and welcome to our live coverage from the men's elite time trial at the World Championships in Richmond, Virginia. 


You join us with about 15 minutes to go until the first rider sets out over the 53.5km between King's Dominion and Richmond. There are a few really strong riders setting off in the first 30 riders but the big guns come towards the end of the day. The final ten riders to start will be:

Michael Hepburn (Aus) is the first rider to start today. He's no slouch against the clock of course, and has a huge track pedigree. The Olympic gold medalist from 2012 has also found some form in recent weeks with a few top ten places in the Tour of Alberta. He could set a decent early pace for the others to chase.

Ilnur Zakarin (Rus) goes off 15 minutes after the Australian and it's hard to predict how the Katusha rider will go. The Worlds TT always throws up the odd surprise and it could be the Russian. Since the doping ban he had earlier in his career, and especially this year, he's really moved into another league and he showed that with the overall win in Romandie and a stage win at the Giro d'Italia. 

Stephen Cummings (GBr) is another one of the early starters. There's is some pressure on his shoulders though as GB need a rider in the top ten in order to secure two spots for the Rio TT in 2016. Dowsett goes off later. We spoke to Cummings last night at the GB hotel and here's what he had to say.

At the start this morning Laura Weislo spoke Brad McGee (Australia) - a fine TT rider back in the day, and now the Australian coach/selector.

Hepburn is now making is way to the start house in his national kit - not too different from the kit he rides in for Orica GreenEdge. He was the 2014 national TT champion. He looks pretty relaxed as he settles on the start ramp.

And here we go, Hepburn quickly settled into his pace along the flat opening sections of this long 53.5km course. He takes the first corner a little slowly but is then back on the aero bars and along another straight section.

Tobias Ludvigsson is off next. He was third in the Swedish national championships this year. He rides for Giant Alpecin. 

In today's podcast we talk to Chris Boardman  - a winner of this event back in 1994 - about the course and the favourites. It's free to download and there are also interviews with Marco Pinotti and Linda Villumsen.

Meanwhile Hepburn is steaming along the course and towards the first time check of the day. Soon he'll turn right along route 301 but the wind appears to have died down ever so slightly. 

Rein Taaramae of Astana but off to Katusha for next year is also out on the course. A hugely talented rider when he's fit and prepared, he could feature today. He won the Arctic race of Norway in August but against the clock he can be hit and miss. 

In other news Team Sky have signed seven new riders for 2016. You can see the full list, right here. Unless you've been living in a cave for the last four months, none of them come as major shocks.

Ryan Roth of Canada is also out on the course too. The 32-year-old has had a consistent season this year.

Ilnur Zakarin, Romain Sicard and Rasmus Christian Quaade are out on the course now too but Hepburn is the only rider to go through the first time check so far.

Lawson Craddock who will ride for Cannondale Garmin next year, is next off. The American has shown some form in the last few week as we hear that Hepburn is still fastest at the first time check.

Craddock will also ride in the road race for the USA team as Vakoc, who led the Tour of Britain before crashing out, starts his effort. The conditions out there are still dry, with some sun. Not too windy either. 

And now Tour stage winner Steve Cummings is off too. He had to alter his bike at the start this morning as it failed the first check by the UCI. He's such an experienced rider and he knows how to pace himself. He was 9th in the long TT at the Vuetla, but it will be interesting to see how he handles today. 

Dillier who won gold with BMC earlier in the week is off now too. He's another rider who has success in the Arctic Tour of Norway, winning the final stage. 

The GPS is telling us that Craddock is 3 seconds down on Hepburn as LL Sanchez starts his TT. He could certainly make the top five today - he has bags of experience and he know how to TT. He's also a former Spanish national TT champion.

And now Durbridge has started his effort. Is Turbo the next Cancellara, we once asked on CN. That's not quite happened yet but the Australian has so much quality. He also has a point to prove after missing out on a medal in the TTT with Orica. We spoke to him at the finish of that race and he was gutted. 

Home favourite Taylor Phinney is off much later. Laura Weislo grabbed him at the start and this is what he had to say: 


Wilco Keldermann is another rider who on paper could do something today. The wind is starting to pick up a bit though as we see Durbridge in full flow. He's really got the perfect position. 

The next batch of riders are:

Zakarin has just gone through the second time check around 25 seconds down on Hepburn. 

Rein Taaramae is moving up the time sheet though. He was 7th at the first time check and now he's up to third. Hepburn still leads, however. 

Quaade goes second at the second time check and continues to ride consistently. He's still not within touching distance of Hepburn, however.

Moser from Italy is 20 seconds down at the first time check but LL Sanchez is on the march and his six seconds down on Hepburn on the first time check. 

Ludvigsson has overtaken two riders out on the course but he's still over a minute down on Hepburn at the third time check. Meanwhile Sanchez is looking relatively comfortable is remains the closest challenger to Hepburn at this early stage. 

Back at the third time check and Cummings is fourth at the first time check but 30 seconds off the pace. What has he saved for the last part of the race? As see Larsson, who won a medal in the Worlds back in 2009, roll down the start ramp.

Away from the Worlds the war between Landis and Armstrong continues in the courts. Here's the latest

Hepburn comes over the line and 1'04'26. That will take some beating for the next hour or so.

The next batch of riders to set off are:

Tanel Kangert (Est) Estonia 14:06:00
46 Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz) Kazakhstan 14:07:30
47 Mekseb Debesay (Eri) Eritrea 14:09:00
48 Hugo Houle (Can) Canada 14:10:30
49 Andriy Grivko (Ukr) Ukraine 14:12:00
50 Rigoberto Uran Uran (Col) Colombia 14:13:30

Zakarin has now gone through the third time check but he's 39 seconds down on Hepburn. Even Durbridge is 12 seconds down on the his fellow countryman at this point. 

Quaade is on a decent ride at the moment and is holding second place right now at the third time check. Sanchez is perhaps the rider to watch at the moment. Kelderman, meanwhile, isn't on a good day and is consistently losing time. 

Uran is off next. He's a rider Johan Bruyneel once called the most promising rider of his generation. The Colombian will ride for Cannondale Garmin in 2016.

Taaramae comes over the line but he's 56 seconds down on Hepburn's stellar time. Have Australia picked the perfect strategy with an early rider because the wind has picked up - not to take anything away from Hepburn's ride.

A shock: Marcin Bialoblocki is fastest by 12 seconds at the third time check.

And now Taylor Phinney is out on the course. Home favourite but what can he pull out of the bag today? BMC think he can put in a strong ride and he needs at least a top ten in order to help the US claim two spots for Rio. 

Quaade collapses at the line and finishes 19 seconds down on Hepburn. Here comes Craddock, who is sprinting to the finishline, and moves into provisional third. A strong effort for the US rider. 

Remember you can download the latest CN podcast (free) right here. It includes a preview of today's race with Chris Boardman.

Sanchez is fading out there at the moment but Moreno is on a flyer and is currently second on the road. Here comes Cummings to the line and he's in the lead by 0.3 of a second. That's a huge effort from the British rider who needs a top ten today in order to secure GB two slots in the TT for the Rio Olympics. Froome, Thomas will be on their blackberrys sending their thanks.

Marcin Bialoblocki now takes the lead by 36 seconds. 

The next batch of riders to start will be:

In fact it's Brandle who starts now and the former UCI Hour Record holder has the credentials for a top ten place today. 

Sanchez comes over the line in 6th place, and he really faded in the second half.

Now Malori starts his TT as we wait for Phinney to take the first time check.

And Moser comes over the line and moves into second, 9 seconds off the lead as we see Dennis start his time trial. He didn't make the podium last year but he's been flying all season long. He pulled BMC towards the gold last weekend and is in the form of his life. 

1 Marcin Bialoblocki (Poland) 01:03:51
2 Moreno Moser (Italy) 01:04:01
2 Stephen Cummings (Great Britian) 00:00:36
3 Michael Hepburn (Australia) 00:00:36
4 Christian Rasmas Quaade (Denmark) 00:00:56
5 Lawson Craddock (United States) 00:01:04
6 Rein Tarramae (Estonia) 00:01:33
7 Yves Lampaert (Belgium) 00:01:34
8 Ilnue Zakarin (Russia) 00:01:37
9 Daniil Fominykh (Kazakstna) 00:01:44
10 Vegard Stake Laengen (Norway) 00:01:50

Vasil Kiryienka, a medalist here before now starts. He could certainly finish on the podium today. 

1 Marcin Bialoblocki (Poland) 01:03:51
2 Moreno Moser (Italy) 01:04:01
3 Stephen Cummings (Great Britian) 00:00:36
4 Michael Hepburn (Australia) 00:00:36
5 Christian Rasmas Quaade (Denmark) 00:00:56
6 Lawson Craddock (United States) 00:01:04
7 Rein Tarramae (Estonia) 00:01:33
8 Yves Lampaert (Belgium) 00:01:34
9 Ilnue Zakarin (Russia) 00:01:37
10 Daniil Fominykh (Kazakstna) 00:01:44

Durbridge comes over the line but can only manage 5th at this stage, he just didn't quite have it on the day as we see Dumoulin start his TT. He was on the podium last year but comes into the race with fatigue and a minor injury. What does he have left in the tank after the Vuelta? Only Tony Martin is left in the start house.

And Tony Martin, who has been on the podium every year for the last six years, starts his effort. 

Phinney is sixth at the first time check but it's still early doors in this time trial as Kelderman finishes in 8th place today. 

Sergeant is third at the first time check. Decent start for a rider who is still looking for a team for next season, reportedly. 

Jerome Coppel is currently leading at the first time check. A very impressive start from the French rider, but can he keep it together?

Phinney is starting to find his pace and according to the GPS he's leading by 8 seconds at this point in the race.

Barta is now fastest at the first time check. 

Dowsett goes fourth fastest at the first time check but we'll really see an indication of the main contenders and their form by the second time check.

Castroviejo is now second at the first time check, so the Spaniard is on a good day too. Can he pick up his second medal of these championships?

Coppel is still on a flyer though and he's 56 seconds up according to the GPS but the main favourites are only just setting themselves up for the main section of this course. 

Phinney goes through the second time check with the third fastest time but he's 46 seconds down on Coppel at this point, while Maroli is fourth. 

At this point on the GPS Coppel is 30 seconds up on Tony Martin but you can't write the German off as we hear that Dennis is fourth fastest at the first time check. 

Now we see Coppel and he really is flying along at this point. He's one full minute up at this point as he heads towards the finish. He's come out of the Vuelta so strong. 

Now Martin comes to the first time check and he's 10 seconds down on Kiryienka.

Dumoulin has started well too, he was fourth at the first time check.

Kiryienka and Coppel are almost neck and neck at this point in the lead but the main favourites are warming up nicely and starting to come into this battle. Remember it's a time trial. As we hear that Malori is on a flyer and is fastest at the second time check.

Phinney at this point is losing ground and is 8th at the second time check, 40 seconds down on Malori.

Kiryienka is now leading the race at the second time check and he's eating up the road while the likes of Dennis and Martin are a behind. 

We're now just waiting on Martin and Dumoulin to come through the second time check. They were second and fourth at the first time check.

And Dumoulin is seventh at the second time check as Phinney is second at the first time check but a minute down but now we see Dennis has a bike change. It's a quick change but that will have cost him at least 15 seconds. He at least took it in his stride. 

Kiryienka is still leading this race as things stand but he's yet to come through the third time check with Coppel still leading at that point. 

So at the third time check it's Coppel, Barta and then Phinney. 

And now Coppel comes to the line and sets the fastest by 55 seconds. 

That's a huge ride for the Frenchman who has really given himself an excellent chance of a medal. It means that Cummings drops down to fourth. 

Back out on the course and Martin is around 40 seconds off Kiryienka at this point, according to the GPS.

Malori has come through the third time check with the fastest time so far.

Phinney crosses the line with the fourth fastest time, 1:10 behind Coppel.

Kiryienka has blown anyway the best times at the third time check. The rider from Belarus could be putting in a gold medal ride today.

Only Dumoulin and Martin are left to go through the third time check.

Dumoulin has the final time check in sight.

Dumoulin is sixth fastest through the check. He's got some time to make up now.

Martin hist the final time split seventh fastest.

Meanwhile, at the finish, Dowsett finishes with the ninth-fastest time

Just seven riders left on the course.

Castroviejo sets the second fastest time at the finish, just 2.74 seconds off of Coppel's time.

Malori is at the 1km mark.

Malori is flying up the final climb onto the finishing straight.

Malori has taken the lead with 1:02:38.53

Dennis approaching the finish now. The bike change certainly cost him. He's fighting for bronze but just missed it. Fourth place so far.

Kiryienka finishes next, He's got gold so far. 1:02:29.45

Just Martin and Dumoulin left on the course. Kiryienka has got at least bronze.

Dumoulin won't be in the medals. He's fifth.

Just Martin left on course. He's on the final climb now and really looks like he's fighting.

Matin won;t take gold. Kiryienka will get the rainbow stripes.

Martin comes in for seventh.

Today's top 10:
1 Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) 01:02:29
2 Adriano Malori (Italy) 01:02:38
3 Jerome Coppel (France) 01:02:56
4 Jonathan Nicolas Castroviejo (Spain) 01:02:59
5 Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands) 01:03:30
6 Rohan Dennis (Australia) 01:03:37
7 Tony Martin (Germany) 01:03:46
8 Marcin Bialoblocki (Poland) 01:03:51
9 Maciej Bodnar (Poland) 01:03:46
10 Moreno Moser (Italy) 01:04:01

What a race. After 53km, Kiryienka wins by just nine seconds over Malori and 26 seconds over Coppel. Most of the top favourites finished off the podium.

Martin looks very disappointed as he rode in circles just past the finish line.

Kiryienka set the fastest time at each check point on his way to the win, while Malori was eighth fastest at the first, then second at the next two. Coppel was sixth, sixth and third.

Martin faded throughout the race, setting the second-fastest time at the first check, but then fading to sixth and seventh on his way to seventh at the finish.

Kiryienka is all smiles and laughs on the podium. Malori seems OK with the result, but Coppel looks very disappointed.

Kiryienka rides for others most of the season with Sky. Today his hard work paid off with rainbow stripes and a gold medal.

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