Craig and Dewolf win in Oregon

Adam Craig (Giant) and Karen Dewolf (Team Dirt) took home wins at the Test of Endurance 50-miler in Oregon on Saturday.

Right from the start, the pace was intense. A group of 15 emerged from the mass start. Then Craig and Barry Wicks (Kona) jumped away together to build a 1:30 lead over Erik Tonkin. By the end of lap one, Sean Babcock (S & M), Ben Thompson (Cannondale), Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru Cycling), and Bret Nichols (Rivercity) were working hard together to try to reel them in.

Craig was onboard his 35 x 16 fully rigid singlespeed, and he let his legs do the talking as he powered up the climbs with Wicks in tow. The two traded places and took their breaks together. Craig took the lead in the final five miles for good - on his way to setting a course record.

In the women's race, Karen Dewolf (Team Dirt) dominated and won with a time of 5:06:01. She was just three minutes off the time of 5:06:01, set by 2008 winner Sue Butler. Dewolf was also just four minutes off the course record logged by Angela Sucich in 2005.

The team competition pitted long-time rivals, S and M verses Capitol Subaru and the rest of the field with Team S & M Sean Spencer Wicks Explosion.Jere taking first place and the US$500 award over Capitol Subaru Cycling by 1:04. Team S & M Speedwagon won the masters 35+ team category by beating Team Award Beating Cyclepath by 19 minutes. Team Dirt "Out for Dirt" finished third.

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1Adam Craig (Giant)3:43:35
2Barry Wicks (Wicks Explosion.Jere/Kona)0:00:58
3Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:11:55
4Erik Tonkin (S & M Speedwagon)0:13:45
5Brett Nichols (River City Bicycles)0:17:12
6Ben Thompson (Cannondale Factory)0:17:31
7Sean Babcock (Wicks Explosion.Jere)0:19:45
8Spencer Paxson (Wicks Explosion.Jere)0:20:17
9Nelson Snyder (Cyclepath Racing)0:23:17
10Jeremiah Swanson (Wicks Explosion.Jere)0:26:51
11Chris Brandt (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")0:30:21
12Shawn Rader (Sunset Cycles)0:31:16
13Perry Roper (Chinook Cycling)0:31:30
14Scotty Carlile (TAI Cycling/GenR8)0:31:42
15Matt Baumann (Paul's Bicycle Way of Life)0:34:37
16Brett Luelling (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:36:51
17Matt Russell (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:39:46
18Jon Myers (S & M Speedwagon)0:42:03
19Brandon Fisher (Wicks Explosion.Jere)0:43:17
20James Cercourlli (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")0:44:01
21Jason Keister (Hammer Nutrition)0:44:18
22Scott Bradway (S & M Speedwagon)0:44:59
23Ian Leitheiser (Cyclepath Racing)0:45:15
24Gant Enderle (Cyclepath Racing)0:45:54
25Mike Lilienthal (Team S & M Mis-Fits)0:48:04
26Kurt Haas (Masters)0:50:06
27Steve Carwile (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:53:28
28James Williams (Cannondale Factory)0:54:01
29Tim Butler (River City Bicycles)0:56:17
30Cary Miller (S & M Speedwagon)0:56:45
31Jeff Browning0:57:17
32Spencer Moersfelder (River City Bicycles)0:58:03
33Rich Cramer (
34David Diviney (Cyclepath Racing)1:03:50
35Roger Wimberly (Pistis)1:06:00
36Martin Baker (
37Bruce Cole-Baker1:07:46
38Ian Eglitis (Capitol Subaru Cycling solo)1:09:00
39Patrick Jackson (
40Jake Rosenfeld1:09:09
41James Selman (Hup United)1:09:13
42Gordie Cummings (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")1:14:08
43Trevor Norland1:14:22
44Perrin Smith (Team S & M Mis-Fits)1:17:39
45Ryan Kilgren (Pacific Power Blue Sky)1:17:46
46Mark Rasmussen (Masters)1:17:49
47James Tervo (Artisan Family Racing)1:18:31
47Austin Line1:20:37
48Doug Evans (
50Andrew Reed (Hup United)1:21:07
53Kevin Hasley (PACC)1:21:11
54Karen DeWolfe* (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")1:22:26
55Tom Keller (Pistis)1:23:02
56Scott Barker1:23:07
57Tim Turk1:25:05
58Frank Bretl (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")1:25:12
59Scott Carroll (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")1:29:32
60Tim Plummer (Half Fast Velo)1:29:43
61Travis Stevens1:30:06
62Michael Steiner1:30:59
63Daniel Smoker1:34:33
64Jeff Edes (S & M Speedwagon)1:34:53
65Mike Szwaya (
66Jesse Luckett (Cyclepath Racing)1:37:52
67Evelyn Dong*1:38:29
68Ryan Eisle (Capitol Subaru Cycling solo)1:38:39
69John Petersen (Ruckus Test Team)1:38:48
70John Wilson (Pacific Power Blue Sky)1:38:57
71Dave Bisers (Veloshop)1:40:26
72Kenneth Thorp1:40:33
73Jeffery Brock (Vista Ridge Velo)1:42:16
74Pat Kudzus (
75David Caplan (
76Mike Vanderberg (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")1:43:22
77Kolben Preble (Hammer Velo)1:43:47
78Brent Mattison (The Lazy Tarantulas)1:45:09
79Jeff Struck (Team S & M Mis-Fits)1:45:58
80Tom Jow1:47:01
81Fraser Atknson1:47:14
82Mike Adams (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")1:47:53
83Jake Ruhl (Practical Innovations Group)1:49:59
84Konrad Binder (Great Northern Cycles)1:50:47
85Ryan Weaver (River City Bicycles)1:51:35
86Lizzy English1:52:28
87Megan Faris* (River City Bicycles)1:56:55
88Christopher Sautter (Yakima)1:59:41
89Tim Smith (Tireless Velo)2:00:12
90David Baker (Sunnyside Sports)2:01:46
91David Prause (Super Relax)2:01:50
92Tim Jaynes (Pistis)2:02:15
93Monilee Atkinson* (Norco Atkinson)2:05:24
94Audrey Brown* (Team S & M Mis-Fits)2:06:31
95Michelle Baumann* (Paul's Bicycle Way of Life)2:08:38
96Don Leet (Sunnyside Sports)2:12:38
97Mark Miskowiec (Sunnyside Sports)2:14:49
98Jeremy Warnicke (Capitol Subaru Cycling solo)2:16:25
99Carl Gurney (Team Dirt "Too Dirty")2:17:17
100Charlie Wilcox (Chinook of Yakima)2:20:31
101Scott Toll (DeSalvo Custom Cycles)2:21:28
102Marc Lutz2:23:55
103Heather Westfall* (Vista Ridge Velo)2:23:57
104Nathan Jones2:24:37
105Deiter Hoffman (Team S & M Jurassic Rock)2:25:18
106Abbey Jenkins*2:25:29
107James Odbert (Super Relax)2:25:32
108Jason Beasley (Team S & M Mis-Fits)2:25:35
109Joseph Marek (Team S & M Jurassic Rock)2:29:03
110Travis Matheson2:30:24
111Andy Platt (Columbia Sportswear)2:30:40
112Brian Long2:31:39
113Brian Cripe2:33:10
114Patrick McEnaney (Pacific Power Blue Sky)2:33:45
115Rob Orman (U LLP)2:34:28
116James Westfall (Vista Ridge Velo)2:34:35
117Paul Hurlburt (Pistis)2:36:05
118Brian Fawcett (Pistis)2:36:19
119Ellen Miller* (
120Scott Korn2:36:44
121Ron Strasser (Team S & M Jurassic Rock)2:37:45
122James lais (cheep team)2:38:57
123Christian Martin (River City Bicycles)2:39:37
124Veronica Vega* (Sunnyside Sports)2:47:50
125Wayne Nussbaum2:50:34
126Dan Lauterbach (Sunset Cycles)2:52:22
127Gene Wixson2:53:10
128Drew Ross (Medhead)2:53:15
129David English (Vista Ridge Velo)2:53:19
130Chester Artman2:56:24
131Chris Cottingham (
132Michelle Hannaford* (Team Dirt "Too Dirty")3:01:06
133Nicole Strong* (Hutch's Of Bend)3:08:09
134Dave Burnard (Alan)3:08:39
135Scott Hoelscher3:09:03
136Peter Anderson (Peter Anderson)3:12:36
137Jason Saunders (Team Dirt)3:13:54
138Lee Bauck3:14:18
139Justin Price (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")3:16:14
140Varner Seaman (Vista Ridge Velo)3:20:52
141Amber Hilgert* (Team Dirt "Too Dirty")3:27:01
142Brian Ray (Chico Corsa)3:27:11
143Russell Gober (Olson / Hammer)3:31:17
144Sean Lewis3:37:14
145Sam Costello3:41:59
146Don Duval3:42:01
147Peter Lines3:44:40
148Susan Sherman* (Showers Pass)3:46:24
149Joe Davis3:54:30
150Greg Passmore3:57:23
151Greg Meller (life cycle bike shop)3:57:46
152Brian Neyt (Rogue Valley Cycle Sport)4:10:13
153David Szymanski4:43:25
154Paul Stewart4:48:40
155Daryl Alosa (OSTAR)4:54:17
DNFRob English (Capitol Subaru Cycling)Row 153 - Cell 2
DNFRyan TrebonRow 154 - Cell 2
DNFJohn WeathersRow 155 - Cell 2
DNFBruce Cannon (Beer)Row 156 - Cell 2
DNFMico Macri (Sunset Cycles)Row 157 - Cell 2
DNFMike Romasco (Masters)Row 158 - Cell 2
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Elite men
1Adam Craig (Giant)3:43:35
2Barry Wicks (Explosion.Jere)0:00:58
3Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:11:55
4Erik Tonkin (S & M Speedwagon)0:13:45
5Brett Nichols (River City Bicycles)0:17:12
6Ben Thompson (Cannondale Factory)0:17:31
7Sean Babcock (Explosion.Jere)0:19:45
8Spencer Paxson (Explosion.Jere)0:20:17
9Nelson Snyder (Cyclepath Racing)0:23:17
10Jeremiah Swanson (Explosion.Jere)0:26:51
11Chris Brandt (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")0:30:21
12Brett Luelling (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:36:51
13Matt Russell (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:39:46
14Jon Myers (S & M Speedwagon)0:42:03
15Brandon Fisher (Explosion.Jere)0:43:17
16Ian Leitheiser (Cyclepath Racing)0:45:15
17Steve Carwile (Capitol Subaru Cycling)0:53:28
18James Williams (Cannondale Factory)0:54:01
19Cary Miller (S & M Speedwagon)0:56:45
DNFRob English (Capitol Subaru Cycling)Row 19 - Cell 2
DNFRyan TrebonRow 20 - Cell 2
DNSBarret Fishner (Guiness)Row 21 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Elite women
1Karen DeWolfe (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")5:06:01
2Evelyn Dong0:16:03
3Megan Faris (River City Bicycles)0:34:29
4Monilee Atkinson (Norco Atkinson)0:42:58
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Singlespeed open
1Scotty Carlile (TAI Cycling/GenR8)4:15:17
2Matt Baumann (Paul's Bicycle Way of Life)0:02:55
3Kurt Haas (Capitol Subaru Cycling Masters)0:18:24
4Bruce Cole-Baker0:36:04
5Patrick Jackson (
6Jake Rosenfeld0:37:27
7Scott Barker0:51:25
8Dave Bisers (Veloshop)1:08:44
9Kenneth Thorp1:08:51
10Tom Jow1:15:19
11Ryan Weaver (River City Bicycles)1:19:53
12Carl Gurney (Team Dirt "Too Dirty")1:45:35
13Brian Long1:59:57
14Scott Korn2:05:02
15Peter Anderson (Peter Anderson)2:40:54
DNFLuke Demoe (Collins)Row 15 - Cell 2
DNFJohn WeathersRow 16 - Cell 2
DNFBruce Cannon (Beer)Row 17 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 1 Men 19-34
1Shawn Rader (Sunset Cycles)4:14:51
2James Cercourlli (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")0:12:45
3Jason Keister (Hammer Nutrition)0:13:02
4Mike Lilienthal (Team S & M Mis-Fits)0:16:48
5Spencer Moersfelder (River City Bicycles)0:26:47
6Ian Eglitis (Capitol Subaru Cycling solo)0:37:44
7Perrin Smith (Team S & M Mis-Fits)0:46:23
8Ryan Kilgren (Pacific Power Blue Sky)0:46:30
9Tim Plummer (Half Fast Velo)0:58:27
10Michael Steiner0:59:43
11Ryan Eisle (Capitol Subaru Cycling solo)1:07:23
12Mike Vanderberg (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")1:12:06
13Jeff Struck (Team S & M Mis-Fits)1:14:42
14Jeremy Warnicke (Capitol Subaru Cycling solo)1:45:09
15Patrick McEnaney (Pacific Power Blue Sky)2:02:29
16James Westfall (Vista Ridge Velo)2:03:19
DNSMarcus Benton (Pacific Power Blue Sky)Row 16 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 1 Men 35-44
1Scott Bradway (S & M Speedwagon)4:28:34
2Gant Enderle (Cyclepath Racing)0:00:55
3Tim Butler (River City Bicycles)0:11:18
4David Diviney (Cyclepath Racing)0:18:51
5Roger Wimberly (Pistis)0:21:01
6Martin Baker (
7James Selman (Hup United)0:24:14
8Gordie Cummings (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")0:29:09
9Trevor Norland0:29:23
10Mark Rasmussen (Capitol Subaru Cycling Masters)0:32:50
11James Tervo (Artisan Family Racing)0:33:32
12Doug Evans (
13Andrew Reed (Hup United)0:36:08
14Kevin Hasley (PACC)0:36:12
15Frank Bretl (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")0:40:13
16Scott Carroll (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")0:44:33
17Daniel Smoker0:49:34
18Jeff Edes (S & M Speedwagon)0:49:54
19Mike Szwaya (
20Pat Kudzus (
21Mike Adams (Team Dirt " Out For Dirt")1:02:54
22Jake Ruhl (Practical Innovations Group)1:05:00
23Konrad Binder (Great Northern Cycles)1:05:48
24Christopher Sautter (Yakima)1:14:42
25David Baker (Sunnyside Sports)1:16:47
26James Odbert (Super Relax)1:40:33
27Brian Neyt (Rogue Valley Cycle Sport)3:25:14
DNFMico Macri (Sunset Cycles)Row 27 - Cell 2
DNFMike Romasco (Capitol Subaru Cycling Masters)Row 28 - Cell 2
DNSPatrick Wilder (Cyclepath Racing)Row 29 - Cell 2
DNSIvan AnderholmRow 30 - Cell 2
DNSMatt Betts (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")Row 31 - Cell 2
DNSPaul Greenwalt (Sunset Cycles)Row 32 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 1 Men 45+
1Perry Roper (Chinook Cycling)4:15:05
2Rich Cramer (
3John Wilson (Pacific Power Blue Sky)1:07:27
4Scott Toll (DeSalvo Custom Cycles)1:49:58
5Joseph Marek (Team S & M Jurassic Rock)1:57:33
DNFSteve Yenne (Capitol Subaru Cycling Masters)Row 5 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Hill (Capitol Subaru Cycling Masters)Row 6 - Cell 2
DNSScott Taylor (Cascade Cream Puff 100)Row 7 - Cell 2
DNSJim ThorntonRow 8 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 1 Women
1Lizzy English5:36:03
2Heather Westfall (Vista Ridge Velo)0:31:29
3Abbey Jenkins0:33:01
4Ellen Miller (
5Veronica Vega (Sunnyside Sports)0:55:22
6Nicole Strong (Hutch's Of Bend)1:15:41
7Susan Sherman (Showers Pass)1:53:56
DNSJacki SternerRow 7 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2. Junior men 18 & under
1Kolben Preble (Hammer Velo)5:27:22
2Tim Jaynes (Pistis)0:18:28
3Brian Fawcett (Pistis)0:52:32
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2 Men 19-34
1Austin Line5:04:12
2John Petersen (Ruckus Test Team)0:18:11
3Jeffery Brock (Vista Ridge Velo)0:21:39
4Brent Mattison (The Lazy Tarantulas)0:24:32
5Jason Beasley (Team S & M Mis-Fits)1:04:58
6Christian Martin (River City Bicycles)1:19:00
7Drew Ross (Medhead)1:32:38
8Sean Lewis2:16:37
9Sam Costello2:21:22
10Joe Davis2:33:53
DNFShane Johnson (Trinity Bikes)Row 10 - Cell 2
DNSNikita Filin (Team Dirt "Too Dirty")Row 11 - Cell 2
DNSZachary Roeder (Team S&M)Row 12 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2 Men 35-44
1Jeff Browning4:40:52
2Tom Keller (Pistis)0:25:45
3Tim Turk0:27:48
4Travis Stevens0:32:49
5Jesse Luckett (Cyclepath Racing)0:40:35
6Fraser Atknson0:49:57
7Tim Smith (Tireless Velo)1:02:55
8David Prause (Super Relax)1:04:33
9Mark Miskowiec (Sunnyside Sports)1:17:32
10Charlie Wilcox (Chinook of Yakima)1:23:14
11Marc Lutz1:26:38
12Travis Matheson1:33:07
13Andy Platt (Columbia Sportswear)1:33:23
14David English (Vista Ridge Velo)1:56:02
15Chris Cottingham (
16Scott Hoelscher2:11:46
17Lee Bauck2:17:01
18Justin Price (Team Dirt " Just Dirty")2:18:57
19Brian Ray (Chico Corsa)2:29:54
20Russell Gober (Olson / Hammer)2:34:00
21Peter Lines2:47:23
DNFEmilio CandanozaRow 21 - Cell 2
DNFStan CockeRow 22 - Cell 2
DNSKen Pace (Team S & M Jurassic Rock)Row 23 - Cell 2
DNSMatt Willhite (bike peddler)Row 24 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2 Women 35+
1Michelle Hannaford (Team Dirt "Too Dirty")6:44:41
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2 Men 45-54
1David Caplan (
2Brian Cripe0:50:07
3Wayne Nussbaum1:07:31
4Dave Burnard (Alan)1:25:36
5Greg Passmore2:14:20
6Paul Stewart3:05:37
DNFPete Napolitano (Capital Bicycling Club)Row 6 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2 Men 55+
1Don Leet (Sunnyside Sports)5:56:13
2Deiter Hoffman (Team S & M Jurassic Rock)0:12:40
3Ron Strasser (Team S & M Jurassic Rock)0:25:07
4Don Duval1:29:23
5Daryl Alosa (OSTAR)2:41:39
DNFRick GregoryRow 5 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2 Women
1Audrey Brown (Team S & M Mis-Fits)5:50:06
2Michelle Baumann (Paul's Bicycle Way of Life)0:02:07
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 3 Men 19-34
1Nathan Jones6:08:12
2Gene Wixson0:28:33
3Varner Seaman (Vista Ridge Velo)0:56:15
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 3 Men 35+
1Rob Orman (Lipskio, Faceplants,Pinchflat U LLP)6:18:03
2Paul Hurlburt (Pistis)0:01:37
3James lais (cheep team)0:04:29
4Dan Lauterbach (Sunset Cycles)0:17:54
5Chester Artman0:21:56
6Jason Saunders (Team Dirt)0:39:26
7Greg Meller (life cycle bike shop)1:23:18
8David Szymanski2:08:57
9Cory Fawcett (Pistis)Row 8 - Cell 2
10Justin Heide (Team Dirt "One lap wonder")Row 9 - Cell 2
11Chris BarneyRow 10 - Cell 2
DNSMichael MullaneyRow 11 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 3 Women
1Amber Hilgert (Team Dirt "Too Dirty")7:10:36
2Kristi Rotan (Cyclepath Racing)Row 1 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Other race - 25 mile
1Melissa Norland3:09:38
2Elaine Prause0:40:30

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