Lukas Flückiger wins in Davos

Despite rainy weather, the debut of Davos in the Swiss BMC Racing Cup was a success. 569 participants from 17 countries used the race as a tune-up before the Swiss national championships next weekend and the Olympic Games in London in August. Lukas Flückiger (Trek World Racing) and Annie Last (Milka-Brentjens) won the elite men's and women's races.

The track was not technical, but with the rain overnight, there were some tricky and slippery sections. It was a good test for the Val d'Isere World Cup because Davos is also close to 1800m in altitude.

Flückiger took a deserved victory in rainy conditions. He dominated the race, and only Nicola Rohrbach (Goldwurst-Power/Trek) could hang until lap four although he went on to finish fifth It was Flückiger first victory since Engelberg last year.

"With the rain, the track was a bit technical. I've raced well and am happy with my performance at this level," said Flückiger.

Swiss Martin Gujan (Cannondale Factory Racing) took second ahead of Australian champion Daniel McConnell (Anytime Fitness/Trek/Shimano).

Alexander Gehbauer (RC Arbö Askö Klagenfurt) of Austria was the best U23 rider ahead of Kenta Gallager of Great Britain and Reto Indergand (BMC) of Switzerland.

In the women's race, Annie Last and Maja Wloszowska (CCC Polkowice) dominated the race from the start. A preliminary decision seemed to be made on the second lap when Wloszowska had a lead of 13 seconds over Last. However, after a fall, Last caught her and went on to victory.

"Annie rode a strong final lap and deserved to win," said Wloszowska.

Sarah Koba (Simplon) was the best Swiss rider in seventh place, just ahead of Kathrin Stirnemann.

Unfortunately, the women's race was missing some of its stars: Esther Süss, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa and Irina Kalentieva all decided not to start on short notice due to the weather conditions.

The junior men's race was filled with tension. Dominic Grab (Team Grab-Cred) earned a maximum lead of 39 seconds, but it was down to six seconds by the end. Grab probably started too fast as he was passed on the final lap by Andri Frischknecht (Scott Swisspower), who celebrated his third win.

Sofia Wiedenroth (TSV Niederstaufen / Stevens Schubert Team) won the junior women's race ahead of Andrea Waldis (VC Gersau/Colnago).

In the Amateurs and masters category, Sylvain Engelmann (Prof-Raiffeisen-CCL) took his first win in the series.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lukas Flückiger (Swi) Trek World Racing Team1:27:29
2Martin Gujan (Swi) Cannondale Factory Racing0:01:03
3Daniel Mcconnell (Aus) Anytime Fitness | Trek | Shimano0:01:28
4Martin Fanger (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour0:01:29
5Nicola Rohrbach (Swi) Goldwurst-Power/Trek0:02:04
6Sepp Freiburghaus (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:02:34
7Marcel Wildhaber (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing0:02:42
8Michele Casagrande (Ita) Italian Cycling Federation0:03:08
9Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn) Specialized Factory Team0:03:10
10Alexander Gehbauer (Aut) RC Arbö Askö Klagenfurt0:03:18
11Kenta Gallagher (Swi) Great Britain Cycling Team0:03:34
12Julien Taramarcaz (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:04:49
13Jürg Graf (Swi) BSKGraf-Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:04:59
14Marcel Bartholet (Swi) VC Eschenbach0:05:11
15Patrik Gallati (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:05:44
16Jérémy Huguenin (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour0:06:21
17Andreas Moser (Swi) Zaunteam Mittelland/VC Buetzberg0:06:28
18Reto Indergand (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:07:09
19Daniel Eymann (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:07:15
20Giancarlo Sax (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:07:28
21Mike Schuler (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz0:07:40
22Claude Koster (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team0:08:04
23Marios Athanasiades (Swi) Cyprus National Team0:08:36
24Roger Walder (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing0:08:43
25Florian Thie (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team0:08:52
26Marco Arnold (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour0:09:02
27Lukas Loretz (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour0:09:17
28Michael Stünzi (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team0:09:28
29Adrien Niyonshuti (Rwa) Team Rwanda0:10:17
30Pascal Schmutz (Swi) Goldwurst-Power / Trek0:10:34
31Bryan Falaschi (Ita) Prof-Raiffeisen-CCL0:10:45
32Kevin Krieg (Swi) Stöckli Pro Team0:10:53
33Dumeni Vincenz (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:11:18
34Rick Reimann (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team0:11:41
35Michael Wildhaber (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach0:12:51
-2lapsFredrik Haraldseth (Nor) Baerum OCKRow 35 - Cell 2
-2lapsPaul Van Der Ploeg (Aus) Felt Öztal X-BionicRow 36 - Cell 2
-2lapsStefan Peter (Swi) MTB Kader ZentralschweizRow 37 - Cell 2
-2lapsMatthias Allenspach (Swi) Tower Sports-VC EschenbachRow 38 - Cell 2
-2lapsSeverin Sägesser (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB TeamRow 39 - Cell 2
-2lapsSebastian Ostertag (Swi) WädenswilRow 40 - Cell 2
-2lapsLars Forster (Swi) Tower Sports-VC EschenbachRow 41 - Cell 2
-2lapsGuillaume Payot (Swi) MACS TeamWork FreneticRow 42 - Cell 2
-2lapsMatteo Spinetti (Ita) Centurion Vaude ItaliaRow 43 - Cell 2
-2lapsLuca Bertelli (Ita) Centurion Vaude ItaliaRow 44 - Cell 2
DNFThomas Litscher (Swi) Felt Öztal X-BionicRow 45 - Cell 2
DNFMichael Hutter (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss RacingteamRow 46 - Cell 2
DNFMirco Widmer (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-SuntourRow 47 - Cell 2
DNFMatthias Rupp (Swi) Team Greenhope-biking against cancerRow 48 - Cell 2
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annie Last (GBr) Brentjens racing team1:15:55
2Maja Wloszczowska (Pol) CCC Polkowice0:00:13
3Sabine Spitz (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:01:32
4Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Pol) CCC Polkowice0:01:53
5Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost Factory Racing0:02:28
6Eva Lechner (Ita) Italian Cycling Federation0:03:20
7Sarah Koba (Swi) Simplon0:04:39
8Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz Haibike Team0:05:01
9Jolanda Neff (Swi) Wheeler iXS Pro Team0:06:04
10Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Team Colnago Südtirol0:06:26
11Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer-BMC0:06:41
12Serena Calvetti (Ita) Italian Cycling Federation0:07:37
13Rebecca Henderson (Aus) Anytime Fitness | Trek | Shimano0:09:07
14Lorraine Truong (Swi) BH SR-Suntour Peisey-Vallandry0:09:59
15Franziska Brun (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team0:09:59
16Virginie Pointet (Swi) JB Felt Team0:10:49
17Sabrina Maurer (Swi) BSKGraf-Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:11:11
18Linda Indergand (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz0:11:41
19Céline Farner (Swi) JB Felt Team0:12:24
20Adelheid Morath (Ger) Felt Öztal X-Bionic0:12:45
21Chiara Eberle (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:13:41
22Marine Groccia (Swi)
23Florence Darbellay (Swi) Club Cycliste du Littoral0:14:52
24Julia Innerhofer (Ita) Colnago Arreghini Südtirol0:15:12
-1lapFranziska Ebinger (Swi) Radsport Lafranchi MadiswilRow 24 - Cell 2
-1lapTanja Starkermann (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB TeamRow 25 - Cell 2
-1lapSabrina Baumgartner (Swi) Raiffeisen Bikeshop Studer RaceteamRow 26 - Cell 2
-1lapCeline Ernst (Swi) TST Troehler Sport TeamRow 27 - Cell 2
DNFVivienne Meyer (Swi) Team Colnago SüdtirolRow 28 - Cell 2
DNFAntria Christophorou (Cyp) Omonoia Cycling Team/National TeamRow 29 - Cell 2
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Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andri Frischknecht (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing1:12:31
2Enea Vetsch (Swi) BSKGraf-Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:00:09
3Martin Frey (Ger) Team Bulls0:00:16
4Dominic Grab (Swi) Team Grab-Credo/ VC Maur0:00:20
5Tom Filmer (NZl) Tasman Wheelers0:00:33
6Dominic Zumstein (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing0:01:36
7Manuel Fasnacht (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team0:01:51
8Raphael Koch (Swi) Team Greenhope-biking against cancer0:02:01
9Romain Bannwart (Swi) Prof-Raiffeisen-CCL0:03:09
10Ulisse Fieschi (Swi) JB Felt Team0:03:37
11Lars Hubacher (Swi) BSKGraf-Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:03:43
12Manuel Boog (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach0:04:04
13Simon Vitzthum (Swi) RV Altenrhein / Team bischibikes/kopierpapier.ch0:04:22
14Max Foidl (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis Team0:04:33
15Timothy Mazzuchelli (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team0:04:39
16Andrin Beeli (Swi) BSKGraf-Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:05:09
17Simon Schilli (Ger) JB Felt Team0:05:30
18Nicolas Fischer (Swi) Tropical Solothurn0:05:52
19Joel Koller (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach0:05:56
20Maurus Dürr (Swi) Merida Liechtenstein RV Buchs VC Ruggell0:06:08
21Sam Weber (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:06:17
22Florian Gruber (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis Team0:07:01
23Andreas Mündle (Lie) Merida Liechtenstein0:07:09
24Bruno Vitali (Swi) VTT Club Jura0:07:09
25Eirik B. Langerud (Nor) Drammen CK0:07:17
26Louis Schreyer (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:07:55
27Paul Schmidt (Ger) Lindi Bike Raceteam VC Vaduz RV Buchs0:08:15
28Sven Strähle (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:08:27
29Oliver Herzig (Ger) Tropical Solothurn0:08:40
30Elias Tranninger (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis Team0:09:51
31Sammy Leumann (Swi) VC Maur0:09:51
32Fabian Strittmatter (Swi) Specialized Racing0:10:07
33Fabian Bucher (Swi) Team Greenhope-biking against cancer0:14:17
34Simon Gessler (Ger) MHW- Cube- Racing0:15:12
35Nicolas Allenspach (Swi) KOBA / RV Buchs0:15:25
-1lapTom Scyboz (Swi) O2 Mountain BikeRow 35 - Cell 2
-1lapJannick Guler (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB TeamRow 36 - Cell 2
-1lapJohann Sansonnens (Swi) Zeta cycling clubRow 37 - Cell 2
-1lapFabio Franz (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB TeamRow 38 - Cell 2
DNFMarcel Guerrini (Swi) Focus MIG TeamRow 39 - Cell 2
DNFIsak Jonsson (Swe) Alingsås SCRow 40 - Cell 2
DNFStefan Vögeli (Swi) Ski-Velo Center Racing Team / Bike Club SpiezRow 41 - Cell 2
DNFSebastian Egger (Swi) Bike Sport SimplonRow 42 - Cell 2
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Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sofia Wiedenroth (Ger) TSV Niederstaufen / Stevens Schubert Team0:53:46
2Andrea Waldis (Swi) VC Gersau / Colnago0:00:02
3Ramona Forchini (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz0:02:31
4Eliane Müggler (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racingteam0:02:44
5Mallory Barth (Swi) / VC Jurassia0:02:57
6Deborah Inauen (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racingteam0:03:15
7Chantal Eheim (Swi) Tropical Pro Team0:05:01
8Veronika Brüchle (Ger) Stevens Schubert Racing Team0:06:06
9Chrystelle Baumann (Swi) MACS Teamwork Frenetic0:07:19
10Maéva Berset (Swi) Pédale Bulloise0:07:33
11Sonja Schmid (Swi) Küttel Radsport Team / VMC Hägglingen0:13:40
-1lapJennifer Kupferschmied (Swi) Bike Club Spiez / Velo Schneiter ThunRow 11 - Cell 2
DNFSabrina Sägesser (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB TeamRow 12 - Cell 2
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Amateurs & Masters
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sylvain Engelmann (Swi) Prof-Raiffeisen-CCL1:12:03
2Marcus Nicolai (Ger) Team Bulls0:00:18
3Christophe Geiser (Swi) Prof-Raiffeisen-CCL0:00:25
4Florian Chenaux (Swi) VC Fribourg/ Cycles Pache0:00:58
5Philipp Hediger (Swi) Fischer-BMC0:01:34
6Ronny Koller (Swi) Team bischibikes / kopierpapier.ch0:01:40
7Roger Jenny (Swi) Bike4Fun0:01:44
8Bryan Allemann (Swi) CCMoutier / L'AlexMoos0:02:06
9Dylan Page (Swi) Dom cycle Merida0:02:16
10Fabian Paumann (Swi) Team Greenhope-biking against cancer0:02:32
11Roli Mischler (Swi) Team Fischli Bike0:02:44
12Yannik Brischle (Ger) JB Felt Team0:02:57
13Florian Meyer (Swi) FreeMoutain Scott0:03:18
14Patrick Lüthi (Swi) Prof-Raiffeisen-CCL0:03:19
15Thomas Holtkamp (Ger) Metz Team Davos0:03:19
16Severin Nowak (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team0:03:36
17Jonas Loretz (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:03:53
18Rico Von Burg (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:03:58
19Marcus Derungs (Swi) Imholz bike racing0:04:10
20Fabian Obrist (Swi) Stevens/ Hittnau0:04:24
21Michael Moelbaek (Den) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour0:04:29
22Roland Abächerli (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour0:04:37
23Nick Albrecht (Swi) dapp-putzi-team.ch0:05:16
24Andreas Zünd (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racingteam0:05:17
25Ueli Schädler (Swi) Energie MTB-Team0:05:20
26Thomas Weber (Swi) biketeam.gr0:05:38
27Silvan Kälin (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz0:05:51
28Mathias Alig (Swi) mtb Team Valser/VC Surselva0:06:09
29Michael Feinauer (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:07:00
30Nicolas Chopard (Swi) Tropical solothurn0:07:14
31Joel Graf (Swi) team bischibikes/kopierpapier.ch0:07:34
32Kilian Oertli (Swi) Team Gätzi / RMC Gossau0:07:41
33Jan Gafner (Swi) Prof-Raiffeisen/BC Spiez0:08:02
34Jeremias Marti (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz0:08:27
35Jan-Eric Müller (Ger) MHW-Cube-Racing-Team0:08:28
36Dominik Risi (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz0:08:35
37Michael Frei (Swi) BH-Biketeam0:08:36
38Samuel Reichen (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team0:08:46
39Marcel Bader (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team0:08:53
40Tobias Schraner (Swi) Fischer-BMC0:09:11
41Claudio Andenmatten (Swi) Team Greenhope-biking against cancer0:10:23
42Yves Albrecht (Swi) dapp-putzi-team.ch0:10:50
43Benno Heussi (Swi) GU - Plus / thomyk Team0:11:37
44Pascal Nay (Swi) Thömus Bike Team GR / RMV-Chur0:12:16
45Brian Brog (Swi) Free-Mountain Team0:12:42
46Luca Formoso (Swi) dapp-putzi-team.ch0:14:06
47Ralph Federer (Swi) Bike Team Rmc Gossau0:15:32
-1lapBruno Schertenleib (Swi) VMC Liestal Radsport WyserRow 47 - Cell 2
DNFAdrian Muri (Swi) VC sursee-creabetonRow 48 - Cell 2
DNFThomas Schmid (Swi) BSK-Graf Rollmat MTB TeamRow 49 - Cell 2
DNFValentin Berset (Swi) Team Dom cycle - MeridaRow 50 - Cell 2
DNFElia Omodei (Swi) VC Wohlen / dapp-putzi-team.chRow 51 - Cell 2
DNFSandro Kessler (Swi) biketeam.grRow 52 - Cell 2
DNFNico Tambarikas (Swi) K-BikeRow 53 - Cell 2


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