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Evans collects another national title for himself, MTN team

Kevin Evans (MTN-Energade) seems to be making a hobby of collecting South African national cycling titles. For him, it is the more the better.

In Sabie, on Saturday, Evans won the MTN South African ultra marathon in impressive style. After dropping Burry Stander (Specialized/Mr Price) on the second big climb, he time trialed the last approximately 30 kilometers on his own to win the 115km race in four hours,32 minutes and 33 seconds. He has now won the South African ultra marathon title four times.

Eight days ago, in Klerksdorp, Evans caused one of the biggest upsets in South African cycling by winning the elite national time trial. It was the first time ever that a mountain biker managed to do that.

Stander finished second on Saturday, and David George (SAFindit) was third.

Yolandé Speedy (MTN/Energade) won the women's marathon. Karien van Jaarsveld (Natro) finished second and Carla Rowley (RBS Biogen) was third.

If the results of the ultra marathon and the road championships are taken into account, it has actually been eight good days for the MTN-Energade squad. The MTN-Energade riders won seven out of the eight titles in the men's and women's pro elite categories, as well as in the under 23 men's category.

According to Evans, things do not always work out in such a positive manner, but it is gratifying when a plan comes together. As far as Saturday's race is concerned, Evans said that he had decided to make the pace hard right from the start.

"I did not want the other riders to dictate the race, therefore I set the pace myself. Burry was happy to help. By the time we reached the top of the first serious climb, we had left all the top contenders behind," said Evans.

"Only Max Knox (DCM) managed to catch up with us again. We could see that he was not looking good, and that it would be only a matter of time before he would succumb. So Burry and I put the hammer down again and dropped Max.

"When we reached the next big climb, with about 40 kilometers to go, I decided to test Burry," said Evans. "I shifted into my stronger gears and opened a slight gap. As everyone knows, once you have managed to create a gap, it serves as extra motivation, so I just kept going."

Stander admits that, when Evans attacked on the last climb, he had nothing left in his legs to counter this move. "Hats off to Kevin. He rode like a true champion today," said Stander. "I already knew at the first climb that Kevin was the stronger rider and that it would be difficult to beat him."

George really had to work hard for his bronze medal. Things started going wrong for him right from the start.
Just after the race had started, somebody rode into him. In this incident, he twisted his foot and the cleat on his cycling shoe tore loose. George had to stop and sit down to take off his shoe in order to fix it.

"I think I lost about five to six minutes, but that was not the end of my troubles. Once I got back onto my bike, I was so intent on catching up with the leaders, that I did not look where I was going. I took the wrong turn and ended up riding on the shorter course. Luckily for me, a marshal noticed that I had made a mistake, and he told me to turn around. This cost me another two minutes, which meant that I was stone last in the ultra marathon race.

"I suppose that to have managed to come back and to finish third was not a bad result at all for an old man like me. But I really came to Sabie with the intention of winning the title. Who knows what would have happened if I were still racing with the leaders in the last 40 kilometers."

Max Knox (DCM), last year's winner of the Sabie race, had a day of hell in the saddle.

"I crashed and punctured, but that is no excuse. I just did not have the legs for a successful race," said Knox. "Nobody will convince me that cycling is an easy sport. This coming week it will be back to the drawing board for me to work out what I have to do to win races."

Ben-Melt Swanepoel (Specialized/MR Price) was fourth and Brandon Stewart (DCM) was fifth.

The MiWay Half-marathon Race was won by James Reid (Specialized/Mr Price) in one hour, 36 minutes and 36 seconds. Travis Walker (DCM) was second and Brendon Davids was third.

Candice Neethling (DCM) was the winner of the women's half marathon race with a winning time of 1:52.06. Emily Clark was second and Sandra-Leigh Prinsloo was third.

Full Results

Men 110 km Ultra Marathon
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Evans4:32:33
2Burry Stander0:02:37
3David George0:13:46
4Ben Melt Swanepoel0:15:31
5Brandon Stewart0:20:27
6Jacques Janse Van Rensburg0:22:49
7Peter Smith0:24:25
8Oliver Munnik0:25:09
9Paul Cordes0:25:39
10Mannie Heymans0:27:07
11Philip Buys0:27:20
12Francois Theron0:27:35
13Mattys Beukes0:28:28
14Paul Victor0:28:43
15Hennie Schoeman0:28:45
16Rourke Croeser0:31:18
17Adrien Niyonshuti0:42:07
18Jock Green0:42:17
19Hendrik Kruger0:44:25
20Tinus Buys0:45:27
21Carl Calverley0:46:06
22Nico Bell0:46:46
23Marius Van Wyk0:48:23
24Andrew Steytler0:48:38
25Wesley Botha0:48:40
26Marc Bassingthwaighte0:53:30
27Herman Els1:00:31
28Christo Viljoen1:00:32
29Justice Makhale1:01:11
30Ruan Louw1:01:16
31Cornelius M Muller1:02:06
32Wiebo Van Der Meulen1:06:12
33Grant Usher1:06:36
34De Villiers Groenewald1:12:32
35Max Pelser1:12:33
36Shaunnick Bester1:14:02
37Kobus Schalekamp1:20:57
38Jean Du Randt1:23:18
39Dwayne Klingbiel1:25:24
40Dave Morison1:30:42
41Chris Cronje1:46:44
42Manny De Caires1:49:11
43Nicholas Mallandain1:52:06
44Jaco Jonker1:54:21
45Wayne Mc Duling1:57:27
46Pieter Venter2:00:30
48Drew Murphy2:01:36
47Anton Maybery
49Neel Breitenbach2:03:41
50Coillard Ford2:03:47
51Francois Botha2:04:07
52Jonathan Ralph2:05:18
53Naude Pretorius2:06:41
54Nicolouis Minnie2:06:42
55Paul Shearer2:10:22
56Glen Colby2:14:09
57Ronnie Scheepers2:15:01
58Ian Cloete2:16:09
59Mike Venables
60Marc Wiederkehr2:20:16
61Craig A Bothma2:29:08
62Etienne Roux2:32:05
63Andre Botha2:32:21
64Nico Botha2:35:12
65Mark Pieterse
66Carl Van Maanen2:37:22
67Greg Davis2:38:06
68Nicholas Jackson2:38:08
69Andrew Bowker2:39:51
70Roux Coetzee2:39:54
71Riaan Pieterse2:40:45
72Stephen Smit2:43:12
73Craig Du Plessis2:43:13
74Johan Malan2:44:41
75Joshua O Connell Maritz2:48:11
76Fourie Rossouw2:48:38
77Marais Steyn
78Merak Greaves2:53:17
79David Ives2:53:18
80Jeremy Shaw3:03:25
81Richard Tasker
82Peet Schutte3:03:27
83Neville Rosenstein3:03:28
84Pieter Prinsloo3:03:30
85Craig Cothill3:04:45
86Fred Van Der Colff3:06:26
87Steven Andrews3:08:59
88Argiris Vlastos3:15:40
89Robert Hayes3:15:51
90Jacques Booysen3:18:58
91Gavin Richardson3:25:01
92Paul Burger3:25:52
93Ruan Swanepoel3:26:39
94Gerrit Faling3:27:22
95Franz Frank
96Hendrik Petrus Van Huyssteen3:30:34
97Hendrik Van Huyssteen3:30:36
98Dean Badenhorst3:32:11
99Sauder Mario3:32:59
100Rian Smit3:52:59
101Stef De Jager4:00:00
102Kabous Coetzee4:01:15
103Christo De Jonge
104Johnny Meyer4:01:38
DNFDeon Kotze
DNFGraham Rogoff
DNFIan Ward
DNFChristof Prinsloo
DNFRobert Scholtz
DNFLouis Pienaar
DNFMichael Prinsloo
DNFMichael Gardiner
DNFRobert Fourie
DNFOwen Howell
DNFJerry Novak
DNFBredell Roux
DNFColin Hendriks
DNFRenay Groustra
DNFGregory Dixon
DNFAndre Britz
DNFHenry Uys
DNFWimpie Rouwenhorst
DNFRyan Fundaro
DNFErik Kleinhans
DNFMax Knox
DNFCraig Paul
DNFJustin Jeffery
DNFTrevor Crowe
DNFGus Klohn
DNFShaun Deschc
DNFWillem Le Roux
DNFTristan Bergh
DNFCharles Keey
DNFDean Mckelvey
DNFAndre Rossouw
DNFPetrus Malherbe
DNFFrancois Du Toit
DNFRoland Booker
DNFJaco Van Staden
DNFPeter Scoufes

Elite women 75km marathon
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yolande Speedy3:27:10
2Karien Van Jaarsveld0:16:58
3Carla Rowley0:16:59
4Mariske Strauss0:19:19
5Samantha Oosthuysen0:22:50
6Claudia Von Tutschek1:13:20
7Genee Steyn1:35:56
8Nicole Murphy1:51:29
Heletje Van Staden
Caitlin De Wet
Laetitia Botha

Master women 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elmarie Steyn6:01:21
2Ilse Fritz0:40:13
3Lynn Kennedy0:55:09

Senior women 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sanet Smal4:19:08
2Nicolene Van Der Sandt0:52:44
3Nicolene Loots1:05:19
4Lourensa Eckard1:30:52
5Candice Arthur1:50:37
6Luandi Smit2:16:59
7Priscilla Garvey2:20:45
8Karen Pepler3:40:03

Sub veteran women 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jozanne Louw4:39:34
2Catherine Roberts0:00:59
3Tanja Oosthyse0:01:07
4Beatrice Hogan0:16:05
5Robyn Assad0:17:26
6Ezanda Grobler0:22:07
7Leentie Mouton0:24:24
8Michelle Garden0:25:26
9Sandra Colby0:35:00
10Ronel Ferreira0:47:07
11Helen Squirrell0:50:36
12Claire Neuhoff1:00:36
13Dorette Crous1:12:54
14Nolene Saunders1:12:55
15Kelly Jane Mccallum1:15:12
16Ricolette Von Wielligh1:16:09
17Dawn Bell1:22:16
18Hester Vermeulen1:23:17
19Theresa Ralph1:28:17
20Nataly Barbosa1:36:07
21Lisa Steingold1:52:48
22Dorothy Maartens2:00:03
23Nelina Brand2:57:43
24Marilda Kotze3:19:58
25Linda Wood3:24:58
DNFSuzanne Assenmacher
DNFChristi Pienaar
DNFMichelle Harris
DNFJanine Jacobs

Veteran men 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Woudie Saaiman4:02:03
2Mene Olivier0:11:14
3Alma Bester0:26:42
4Cindy Rebello0:41:16
5Naomi Visser0:49:26
6Elizabeth Theron1:09:52
7Hermien Sinclair1:45:43
8Alison Lingard1:48:50
9Karin Mortimer2:03:54
10Vanessa Record2:03:57
11Mel Hirse2:35:02
12Maryna Slabbert2:38:51
DNFPetruschka Constancon
DNFElsa Karsten
DNFGerda Van Rensburg

Veteran elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andre Hugo4:47:18
2Neal Mandy0:20:57

Grand master men 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Danny Bornais5:56:29
2Desmond Young0:08:13

Master men 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Brand3:34:12
2Charles Nienaber0:00:18
3Paul Furbank0:09:16
4Neville Ackermann0:09:37
5Tim James0:14:45
6Greg Anderson0:23:00
7Henry Hayes0:26:00
8Pierre Nel0:26:30
9Marinus Bekker0:31:10
10Greeff Moolman0:37:00
11Jose De Sousa0:37:32
12Barend Bester0:40:02
13Sieg Hamman0:40:15
14Rob Hamlyn0:40:17
15George Bell0:45:47
16Malcolm Dods0:46:22
17David Cochran0:46:58
18Cobus Slabbert0:48:32
19Robert Mcintosh0:50:53
20Kevin Record0:53:19
21George Oertel0:57:45
22Earle Wakeford0:59:13
23Jan Van Der Berg1:01:01
24Lynn Jackson1:06:17
25Waldie Le Grange1:07:09
26Johan Malherbe1:12:47
27Brian Meacher1:20:38
28Danny Hitge1:23:19
29Gerhard Pretoruis1:24:51
30Tim Blewett1:28:10
31Marius Strydom1:28:36
32Charles Nieuwenhuis1:30:23
33Ian Campbell1:31:07
34Mike Thomson1:37:08
35Alwyn Hamman1:41:46
36Bertus Van Rensburg1:47:20
37Daniel Costaz1:54:07
38Johan Jacobs1:55:35
39Tommie Potgieter
40Marcel Keyser1:58:43
41Christian Naegele2:00:25
42Pierre Durandt2:01:22
43Alastair Hubbard2:06:47
44Arthur Eckard2:15:49
45Slang Viljoen2:22:47
46Mc Wessels2:29:48
47Andre Janse Van Rensburg2:35:27
48Johan Mare2:35:28
49Leonard Sutton2:37:31
50Garth Bolton2:37:47
51Phillipus Gouws2:40:06
52Stanley Dunn2:42:54
53John Huisamen2:44:23
54Lourens Van Zyl2:45:04
55Andre Van Heerden2:55:25
56Maurits Hagg2:58:35
57Andre Moller3:03:31
58Daf Abrahams3:26:34
59Ernie Smith4:01:12
DNFKevin Jacobs
DNFDenis Ogrady
DNFSteve Lang
DNFDoc Oertel
DNFJaco Strydom
DNFJannie Kruger
DNFJan Frylink
DNFIan Greig

Senior men 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Renier Bellingham3:17:52
2Dana Coetzee0:00:23
3Dominic Calitz0:00:50
4Lourens Luus0:09:49
5Shaun Craig Silver0:13:08
6Andre Cordes0:13:57
7Jan Withaar0:16:55
8John - Michael Du Preez0:21:31
9Jp Jung0:24:41
10Guylin Van Den Berg0:25:36
11Stuart Fitzpatrick0:25:41
12Chris Du Preez0:26:40
13Craig Boyes0:28:11
14Matthys Koekemoer0:32:13
15Donovan Lubbe0:33:31
16Ryan Hodierne0:38:29
17Marius Taljaard0:40:19
18Johannes Steyn0:42:44
19Justin Victor0:45:17
20Patrick Ackerman0:45:55
22Cor Jacques Kat0:47:04
21Taygan Robson
23Millar Nienaber0:47:26
24Raoul Hamman0:53:50
25Juri De Rooster0:59:14
26Kevin Malan1:00:56
27Koos Klopper1:03:19
28Dewald Meyer1:03:31
29Pieter Olivier1:03:54
30Ruan Van Heerden1:04:22
31Louis Hanekom1:09:13
32Krisjan Slabbert1:09:36
33Ben Olivier1:10:03
34Johnny Kritzinger1:10:26
35Jozua De Kock1:14:03
36Robert Malan1:15:56
37Polixie Gautier1:17:52
38Wynand Van Schalkwyk1:17:54
39Martin Van Veelen
40Renier Van Jaarsveld1:19:13
41Jacobus De Kock1:22:39
42Damien Britton1:22:53
43Stiaan Herbst1:25:22
44Gert Janse Van Rensburg1:26:22
45Adrian Labuschange1:28:50
46Ian Walker1:31:00
47Johan Oelofse1:32:19
48Roger Innes1:33:44
49Truan Haskell1:37:41
50Ruan Oberholzer1:40:49
51Michael Jacobs1:42:42
52Waldi Joubert1:42:56
53Jannie Scheepers1:49:01
54Theo Oberholzer1:49:22
55Iwan De Jongh1:50:42
56Carl Toua1:56:39
57Thys Van Der Hout1:56:53
58Bryce Conlon2:00:08
59Andrew Jansen Van Rensburg2:03:18
60Hannes Jacobs2:04:18
61Johann Joubert2:08:03
62Shaun Robertson2:08:34
63Cornelis Van Den Berg2:16:34
64Wiehan Van Der Merwe2:19:38
65Sboniso Ntombela2:29:20
66Tyron Beeker2:33:13
67Christo Cronje2:44:20
68Marius Pratz2:46:51
69Errol Dalton2:50:53
70Steven Honeyborne2:51:12
71Ryan Burger2:57:24
72Stephan De Witt2:59:38
73Caryn Adam3:20:30
74Ryan Fincham3:22:01
75Wynand Potgieter3:25:31
76Duncan Klinkert3:33:59
77Louw John Kruger3:47:14
78Werner Lewies3:49:09
79Jaco Marais4:06:41
80Brian Connan4:09:46
81Alec Simunovic4:11:55
82Deon Serfontein4:14:46
83Charl Kaschula4:17:49
84Selwyn Pearton4:18:55
85Jonathan Sevenoaks4:25:13
86Dean Temlett4:39:23
DNFHeinrich Bakeberg
DNFRyan Forder
DNFManus De Waal
DNFPeter Jackson
DNFGrant Harris
DNFEvan Louwrens
DNFStefan Van Der Heever
DNFWarick Bekker
DNFWynand Potgieter
DNFStephan Grobler
DNFAnton Smal

Subveteran men 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Johan Labuschagne3:27:39
2Geddan Ruddock0:00:30
3Hennie Kriek0:00:31
4Rynard Van Hoven0:08:47
5Eugene Gotz0:15:51
6Jason Whyte0:15:59
7Dion Froneman0:18:05
8Gideon Joubert0:24:44
9Alexander Otto0:27:46
10Carel Le Roux0:28:39
11Carel Bosman0:28:56
12Hein Du Toit
13Rae Kouroupis0:29:53
14Richard Young0:32:42
15Jean Fourie0:32:48
16Christian Van Niekerk0:32:54
17Darryl Fitzell0:32:55
18Cobus Louw0:35:23
19Brian Soderlund0:38:48
20Anthony Pearton0:38:54
21Mike Van Niekerk0:41:24
22Christopher Dutton0:42:11
23Henri Meyer0:43:34
24Mark Talmud0:43:44
25Francois Genis0:44:01
26Brian Mills0:44:07
27Ryan Page0:45:31
28Andre Smith0:45:46
29Vincent Smith0:48:41
30Stephen Baker0:49:48
31Maarten Van Der Horst0:50:23
32Barry Andrews0:51:47
33Lloyd Griffith0:52:30
34Johann Spengler0:53:48
35Adrian Cooney0:54:35
36Andrew Timberlake0:56:10
37Morne Ferreira0:56:21
38Peadar Mitchell0:56:40
39Jannie Prinsloo0:57:57
40Jacques Van Der Merwe0:59:31
41Jon Oosthuyse0:59:44
42Ian Morrison1:01:42
43Francois Lessing1:02:45
44Albie Basson1:04:04
45Herman Raath1:04:49
46Gerhard Ebersohn1:05:14
47Che Mark Lue1:05:17
48Sean Oflynn Madden1:06:34
49Drikus Smit1:07:37
50Cable Neil1:09:52
51Brendan Bosman1:10:36
52Gideon Van Oudtshoorn1:10:38
53Arie Roos1:14:58
54Albert Retief1:17:31
55Bruno Paul1:17:45
56Sean Schlebusch1:17:53
57Johannes Mc De Jager1:21:48
58Hj Nel1:22:13
59Danie Louw1:23:25
60Kestell Barnard1:24:04
61Jan Steenkamp1:24:52
62Sw Jacobsz1:24:53
63Pierre Blignaut1:25:33
64Darren Wilson1:27:09
65Renton Haskell1:27:54
66Geoffrey Anderson1:28:12
67Anton Hart1:29:10
68Riaan Launspach1:30:42
69Norman Bodo Creydt1:32:45
70Ruan Van Der Wouden1:32:47
71David Kretzmann
72Dane Ralfe1:32:59
73Pieter Odendaal1:34:09
74Simon Neuhoff1:34:11
75Martin Ciolkosz1:34:43
76Werner Crous1:36:53
77Ben Vermeulen1:37:40
78Miguel Da Silva1:37:50
79Robert Werner Rostoll1:40:12
80Werner Fourie1:41:17
81Jaco Smit1:42:00
82Adam Wood1:42:42
83Coen Van Tonder1:43:01
84Arjan Lamberts1:43:48
85Scott Griffith1:44:02
86Willie Mouton1:44:09
87Mark Van Antwerp1:44:57
88Morne De Noon1:45:00
89Werner Du Preez1:45:48
90Clinton Halsey1:46:47
91Guillaume Van Niekerk1:47:05
93Graham Cooper1:50:22
92Alistair Schorn
94Mark Cabrita1:51:40
95Simon Grimbeek1:51:42
96Aldert Brink1:52:31
97Francois Cillie1:53:50
98Theuns Le Roux1:54:50
99Barry Spies1:57:08
100William Harris1:57:46
101Konrad Rohrs1:58:36
102Riaan Jordaan2:01:45
103Eugene Mostert2:02:28
104Jacques Nel2:02:35
105Johan Grobbelaar2:02:36
106Reinier Vd Merwe2:03:49
107Stewart Macleod2:05:31
108Darryl Clifford
109Franco Rizza2:06:36
110Hans Liebenberg2:07:33
111Dirk Fouche2:08:11
112Jon Smith2:08:25
113Wallies Olivier2:09:56
114Rudi Rademeyer2:10:59
115Rafal Bryla2:11:29
116Piet Smit2:13:11
117Dawie Griesel
118Shawn Van Der Merwe2:13:12
119Francois Botes2:14:35
120Richard Feher2:15:55
121Douw Gangel2:16:08
122Brett Faure2:16:23
123Petr Havlik2:17:02
124Justin Bredenkamp2:17:55
125Dawie Nel2:19:23
126Danie De Kock2:20:39
127Stephanus Jacobus Daniel Nel2:22:40
128Philip Fourie2:24:36
129Wynand Van Vuuren2:24:46
130Braam Kruger2:27:48
131Hendrik Von Weilligh2:28:05
132Johannes Paul Vermeulen2:30:12
133Shaun Kilfoil2:30:29
134Eugene Fourie2:31:41
135Marius Potgieter2:35:09
136Sam Bladergroen2:36:06
137Jaco Oosthuizen2:37:03
138Andre Truter2:38:13
139Warren Tromp2:38:54
140Heino Gehle2:40:13
141Hjalmar Gehle2:40:15
143James Scheepers2:42:03
142Sean Dahlmann
144Kevin Casewell2:42:04
145Gareth Van Der Zel2:42:06
146Samuel Du Rand2:42:10
147Wimpie Brough2:43:05
148Nick Bedford2:44:18
149Robert Cameron2:46:33
150Jurien Jordaan2:46:57
151Louis Stroebel2:47:03
152Schreiber William2:47:51
153Phillip Benade2:47:52
154Albert Terblanche2:48:02
155Andre Swanepoel2:49:35
156Darrell Van Rooy2:50:33
157Michael Smit2:51:37
158Kevin Crichton2:51:43
159Collen Burrows2:52:50
160Robert Tulloch2:54:31
161Ryan Seaborne2:58:42
162Bernard Ferriman2:59:44
163Mauritz Lewies2:59:54
164Craig Hean3:01:24
165Gary Hayter3:03:44
166Werner Van Aswegen3:06:22
167Guy Butcher
168Helgard Muller3:08:15
169Andrew Brook
170Paul Geier3:12:34
171Andrew Van Der Walt3:12:47
172Paul Counihan3:13:51
173Brett May3:14:43
174Charles Marais3:15:27
175Murray Blair3:18:51
176Willem Cronje3:19:11
177Stephen Somerville3:19:55
178Patrick Lehmann3:27:33
179Jason Garner3:28:50
180Leonard Joubert3:41:08
181Mohammed Nassuirio3:41:54
182Rabasa Jaume3:48:12
183Philip Mostert3:52:24
184Fabio Maraschin3:58:06
185Wynand Schoeman3:59:38
186Werner Strydom4:04:10
187Chris Brand4:04:37
188Hendrik Oosthuizen4:12:12
189Rouan Van Niekerk4:26:42
190Fiorot Denis4:29:36
191Craig Laing4:29:39
192Stephen Mulholland4:31:31
DNFJohan Farber
DNFGerhard Smuts
DNFFrancois Maartens
DNFCraig Randall
DNFFrancois Benade
DNFEvan Lockhart Barker
DNFMarco Gualdi
DNFGerrie Beukes
DNFAdrian Pickles
DNFDewald Booysen
DNFAnton Bekker
DNFBrendon Clarke
DNFDawie Fourie
DNFDean Radbourne
DNFNico Mare
DNFDale Saunders

Veteran men 75km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1A Mclean3:20:03
2Mark Colyn0:04:25
3Damian Booth0:06:33
4Daniel Paul0:14:44
5Francois Lourens0:17:26
6Ben Coetzee0:23:12
7Charles Megaw0:26:10
8Dirk Maarsingh0:33:19
9Wayne Booysen0:35:28
10Herman Van Der Westhuizen0:36:26
11David Walsh0:40:32
12Craig Walker0:41:21
13Ben Herholdt0:44:53
14Patrice Gautier0:45:09
15Gary Cooper0:50:22
16Rex Benson0:50:24
17Lance Cooper0:50:53
18Paulo Moco0:51:18
19Richard Marshall0:51:52
20Francois Van Der Leek0:52:32
21Nick Achterberg0:52:37
22Wynand Jordaan0:56:30
23John Wattrus0:57:25
24Martin Hogan0:57:54
25Deon Kruger0:59:13
26Colin Bouwer1:02:56
27Harald Zumpt1:05:03
28Carl Mare1:06:29
29Jacques De Bruin1:06:37
30Hein Botha1:11:45
31Willie Bernhardt1:12:21
32Stanley Lingard1:12:54
33Ben Meyer1:19:43
34Gavin Robinson1:20:52
35Kevin Haward1:23:34
36Bruce Mcqueen1:23:45
37Michael Brennan1:24:39
38Dirk Nel1:29:35
39Dave Przekurat1:32:25
40Jan Roux1:34:13
41Niel Van Der Walt1:35:13
42Roy Brennon1:37:28
43Mark Lamb1:37:31
44Jason Schmidt1:38:03
45Willem Kamstra1:41:27
46Anton Calitz1:43:28
47Gavin Waldeck1:44:19
48Wayne Rebello1:45:14
49Pieter Broere1:45:54
50Pierre Blignaut1:48:04
51Anton Wood1:50:17
52Anton Strydom1:52:08
53Philip Eloff1:53:03
54Chris Davel1:56:22
55Marius Van Der Sandt1:57:57
56Andre Viljoen2:01:00
57Johan Thomas2:01:19
58Dirk Oerlemans2:05:13
59Wikus Du Plessis2:06:03
60Cornel Korff2:06:04
61Francois Heyns2:08:48
62Willem Butler2:09:15
63Holger Ziessler2:10:59
64Paul Lombard2:13:47
65Alwyn Prinsloo2:13:57
66Barry Elliott2:14:17
67Luis Pires2:16:28
68Werner Theron2:16:39
69Colin Lake2:18:04
70Craig Rankin2:18:09
71Raymond Oneill2:18:18
72Richard Meinesz
73Marius De Swardt2:19:15
74Dave Bell2:21:48
75Greg Stroh2:22:17
76Quinton Davis2:23:15
77Danie Joubert2:23:56
78Grant Robertson2:24:10
79Andrew Holt2:24:25
80Peter Dahlmann2:24:30
81Keven Sinclair2:27:42
82Mike Lawson2:28:05
83Wouter Steenkamp2:29:56
84Christo Sutherland2:29:57
85Anthony Shaw2:32:35
86Christo Diedericks2:34:55
87Richard Howard2:36:58
88Etienne De Villiers2:37:38
89Kevin Austin2:38:54
90Craig Thompson2:40:02
91Grant Whitfield2:43:26
92Gert Marx2:49:37
93Anton Bouwer2:50:25
94Eugene Britz2:51:35
95Rob Williams2:51:46
96Declan Jeffery2:51:57
97Louis Rothschild2:53:23
98Roberto Danieli2:54:06
99Douglas Mckay2:54:18
100Crouse Schoeman2:59:19
101Jaco Streicher2:59:29
102Paul Mittermayer3:00:12
103Michael Funke3:02:30
104Remo Lobetti3:02:36
105Johan Steyn3:04:02
106Wilhelm Du Toit3:04:18
107Johannes Van Der Walt3:04:20
108Gerhard Hefer3:09:24
109Grant Kichmann3:13:59
110Pawel Wuzyk3:14:29
111Rolf Eckart Schulz3:17:30
112Leon Coetzee3:20:42
113Renier Snyman3:20:57
114Kevin Mc Namee3:21:28
115Paul Holt3:26:23
116Tommie Nortje3:27:10
117Johan De Jager3:32:20
118Neil Greyling3:35:51
119Craig Du Bruyn3:39:12
120Gerhard Hefek3:45:03
121Brett May3:45:08
122Ian Quinn3:45:42
123Sarel Marais3:51:33
124Timothy Fellows4:05:56
125Sergio Maraschin4:10:42
126Patrick Choung4:15:44
127Craig Moffitt4:54:31
DNFLouis Nel
DNFAndre Brink
DNFDavid Sieff
DNFFred Leygonie
DNFHenk Heymans
DNFJoe Izeboud
DNFDanie Marais
DNFPaul Middleton
DNFSidney De Jongh
DNFPiet Du Toit
DNFMarco Ferreira
DNFWimpie Swanepoel
DNFStephan Du Plessis
DNFMark Werner

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