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Speedy wins Attakwas Extreme women's race and finishes among top-20 men

Kevin Evans (MTN-Energade) started 2010 in exactly the same way that he had ended 2009, i.e. by winning races on his mountain bike. On Saturday he won the MTN Attakwas Ultra-marathon over 135 km from Oudtshoorn to Groot Brak. in fine style. Teammate Yolande Speedy dominated the women's race over the same distance and finished 19th overall, more than 35 minutes ahead of her nearest rival and leaving nearly 300 male riders in her wake.

"It is always special to win the races which are sponsored by your own sponsors," Evans said afterward.

According to him the word "extreme" acquired new meaning for him when referring to the MTN Attakwas. "It was an extreme distance (137 km), extremely technical, and extremely hard! I reckon this will be rated as the toughest single-day race in the country. I think I had a definitive advantage over everyone else because I had done all previous Attakwas races. I knew the route well and also the conditions of the terrain. I even knew which tyres to use."

As expected, Burry Stander (Specialized) waited for exactly the right moment to make his move. He timed his attack to perfection. The moment he came to the 4x4 jeep trail, Stander accelerated.

It was really tough going, very similar to what one would find in a cross country race, which meant that it was technical. The riders had to get off their bikes and run through certain sections before getting back on again. This suited Stander, the world's third-best cross country rider, to a tee.

Only Evans, David George (Fullimput) and Max Knox (DCM) could stay with him. Unfortunately, Knox punctured early and from then on he had to play catch up.

"As we hit the hardest climb on the trail, Burry and I opened up a gap on David, and then further extended our lead when we hit the technical descent on the other side. Things were looking good, and I was sure that Burry and I could work together once we were on the open roads. Unfortunately for Burry, he had a puncture only about 500 meters from the end of the roughest part of the trail," Evans explained.

"This left me out on my own, with a slight headwind, 60km of rolling roads, a chasing bunch behind me and nobody to talk to. I had timed the gap between me and David George, who was chasing by himself," said Evans. "He was clearly putting in a huge effort to catch me as quickly as he could.

"It did not bother me. I knew what still lay ahead and was not prepared to be caught in a cat and mouse game. I just made sure that I kept as much energy as possible in reserve for the tough final 15km," said Evans. "I don't think David took that into account because he kept on closing in on me all the time. Just before the last two hard climbs, David had me down to a gap of only 40 seconds.

"I used the last of my saved energy and really powered up the climb to see if David had any stamina left. I managed to drop David and to open a gap of close to 5 minutes between ourselves over the final 10 km."

Knox kept his cool to finish third. "I did allow myself to get rattled the first time I punctured," said Knox. "I knew that there was nothing I could do about it. I had some bad luck. Shortly after I had fixed the first puncture, I experienced another one. The third time I punctured I had nothing left with which to do repairs, so I had to wait for another rider to help me.

"Just before we reached the technical zone I had another puncture. That meant that I had to run for about a kilometer before I could get a wheel change. By that time I was about 12 minutes behind Kevin and in the seventh position," said Knox. "I realized that there was nothing left for me to do, so I just rode the rest of the race at my own tempo." During that time Knox managed to pass three riders.

Stander also experienced a bout of bad luck after puncturing. "The third time I punctured I decided this is it. It was race over for me.

"It is not as if I will go away empty-handed from the race. I learned a very important lesson and that is that when you race in the Western Cape, you have to use a slightly heavier tyre, otherwise punctures will make your life hell. Luckily for me, Specialized has developed a new slightly heavier tyre which I will use when racing in the Cape Epic," said Stander.

Speedy speeds to women's win and meets personal goal

When Yolandé Speedy (MTN Energade) finished 19th overall on Saturday, beating more than 400 male riders in the process, she proved that she does not shy away from personal goals. One of Speedy's new year resolutions (or goals) was to achieve a top-20 finish in one the MTN Ultra-marathon events and, in doing so, she made a long-cherished dream come true.

"In the past, I had managed to finish in the top-20, but it was always in one of the smaller races in which some of the top male riders did not compete."

Why is a top-twenty finish so important? "I am a firm believer in setting myself tough, but achievable, goals. You have to do that if you want to continue to improve. If you don't have something to work for, you will lose interest, stagnate and end up just going through the motions."

According to Speedy, she realized half-way through the race that she was on track to achieve her goal. "During the race, spectators along the route kept telling me what my overall position was. When I heard that I was 27th overall I said to myself - 'Yolandé, now you just have seven more riders to pass'.

"The important thing for me was not to lose my cool and to remain focused. It was an awesome feeling when I crossed the finishing line knowing that I was one of the first twenty riders to complete the race."

When asked if she thought she'd dented a few male egos along the way, she replied, "I guess so, but on the whole most of the male riders took their beating in a good spirit and just congratulated me on a good ride. Remember, nothing is certain in mountain biking until you have crossed the finishing line.

"I had a good race on Saturday. Nothing could go wrong for me. In my next race matters might turn out to be different. Many of the male riders whom I had beaten on Saturday might then have a good race."

This is the first year that Speedy is riding for MTN-energade's team. "The main reason why I have decided to change sponsors is because riding for MTN means that I will get more opportunities to compete internationally. One of my other New Year resolutions is to see if I can improve my international ranking in both cross country races and marathons. To be able to do that you have to compete overseas on a regular basis.

"Riding for MTN also means that I will be competing in more of the local marathons. I also want to represent South Africa in both the cross country and marathon World Championships."

Participation in this year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, is another one of Speedy's goals. But she is not so sure that there will be a mountain-bike event at the Games. I have already heard that there will not be a triathlon event because the water is not clean enough for the athletes to swim in."

Speedy's next big challenge is to perform well in the MTN Barberton Event in two weeks' time.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Evans5:43:52
2David George0:03:51
3Max Knox0:04:23
4Ben Swanepoel0:11:39
5Adrien Niyonshuti0:16:21
6Matthys Beukes0:19:16
7Brandon Stewart0:21:14
8Olivier Munnik0:27:42
9Rourke Croeser0:27:45
10Renay Groustra0:27:49

Elite & Sub-veteran women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yolande Speedy6:36:16
2Ischen Stopforth0:30:55
3Hanlie Booyens0:44:43
4Esther Lategan0:56:42
5Ellane Van Wyk1:19:09
6Adele Drake1:41:23
7Tanya Rabie1:49:32
8Kasha Dickie1:56:16
9Louise Van Rooyen2:00:36
10Leanne Brownwaterson2:07:25
11Ingrid Inky Serritslev2:18:54
12Tatum Prins2:42:09
13Jeannette Walder2:42:10
14Wielie Frick2:51:31
15Anka Martin2:53:43
16Tandi Kitching2:57:46
17Liesbet Kristafor3:02:47
18Marike Vreken3:08:42
19Leigh Mccluskey3:40:53
20Baredeen Zietsman4:08:17
21Suretha Kotze4:33:33
22Kim Rew4:36:42
DNFAnneline Trivella
DNFMarliese Van Der Merwe
DNFLiz Ward
DNFElmien Stander
DNFAnna Lucia Steven
DNFTheresa Ralph
DNFSaretha Slabber
DNFCathryn Treasure
DNFChristine Jansen Van Rensburg
DNFYolande De Villiers
DNFColette Coetzee

Grand Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Philip Erasmus8:49:42
2Alewyn Vorster0:20:05
3Johan Van Wyk0:31:50
4Leon Kilian0:53:01
5Fred Van Zyl1:49:55
6Sam Nienaber1:50:22
7Pieter Roux2:14:25
8Cobus Du Plessis2:38:52
9Victor Timkoe3:10:23
DNFAlbert Van Zyl
DNFCharles Megaw
DNFEan Steenkamp
DNFRichard Pickett
DNFLoot Steyn
DNFJohan Francois Botha
DNFEugene Knottenbelt
DNFPierre Claassen

Master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bridget Omeara9:05:20
2Colleen Jacobs0:02:40
DNFMary De Decker

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lieb Loots6:56:00
2Chris Brand0:13:14
3Neville Ackermann0:23:48
4Nick Bester0:44:56
5Tim James1:14:33
6Hasie Lourens1:14:50
7Colin Donian1:20:02
8Tossie Steyn1:21:41
9Henry Swart1:26:56
10George Oertel1:30:03
11Deon Wilkins1:30:55
12Henry Fagan1:36:33
14Etienne Van Cuyck1:42:58
13Gary Lyttle
15Barend Herbst1:46:43
16Cecil Baker1:47:41
17Danie Erasmus1:59:53
18Theo Johan Bezuidenhout2:13:46
20Sendin William2:13:54
19Malcolm Searle
21John Bailey2:25:32
22Johan Malherbe2:28:08
23Eugene Orton2:30:48
24Steve Van Eck
25Wickaum Smith2:30:52
26Ian Robertson2:30:57
27Priday Anthony2:37:22
28John Croasdale2:41:14
29Johann Loubser2:45:47
30Carlo Marra2:47:29
31Marinus Bekker2:54:12
32Stephen Mills3:00:09
33Marius Louis Lategan3:04:10
34Bruce Dickson3:05:42
35Adrian Vardy3:06:17
36Lawrence Bernard3:06:19
37Frans De Beer3:09:29
38Nicholas Watson3:11:51
39Michael Childes3:14:54
40Vincent Shaw3:19:09
41Keith Scott3:21:52
43Ernst Viljoen3:23:23
42Braam Rust
44Johan Jacobs3:24:26
45George Fourie3:28:21
46Jurg Streicher3:32:15
47Johan Van Heerden3:32:16
48Gerhard Schwarzer3:37:47
49Jan Dirk Van Der Bijl3:53:48
50Pieter Johannes Erasmus3:53:50
51Steve Armstrong3:55:58
52Stephen Drew4:03:26
53Deon Carstens4:09:12
54Marius Strydom4:19:46
55Willem Daffue4:20:40
56Ryno Stander4:22:41
57Gappi Le Roux4:22:44
58Geert De Decker4:36:37
59Frank Lawrence4:41:30
DNFPhilip Van Der Merwe
DNFLeon Van Vrede
DNFDekker Vermeulen
DNFJohn Wolfaardt
DNFWouter Lochner
DNFJoe Lubbe
DNFRoy Michiel Du Toit
DNFAntony Meyer
DNFJan Nel
DNFJohn Parr
DNFCharles Nieuwenhuis
DNFJohn Soper
DNFRalph Tarr
DNFDavid Pienaar
DNFAndre Greyling
DNFGavin Urquart
DNFGavin Bennett
DNFGary Barker
DNFAmos Brunner
DNFFrancois Burger
DNFPetie Viljoen
DNFErrol Derrick
DNFRoland Shawn Hagedorn
DNFPaul Godwin
DNFAllan Kuhnert
DNFJack Kussendrager
DNFPaul Lange
DNFJan Lamberts
DNFDeon Honiball
DNFRay Farrenkothen
DNFCharl Gerhardus Du Plessis

Senior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karien Van Jaarsveld8:07:01
2Leana De Jager0:08:25
3Samantha Oosthuysen0:09:00
4Lise Olivier0:14:20
5Trudi Du Plessis1:29:07
DNFSarita Swart
DNFYolandi Du Toit

Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Willie Brink6:11:44
2Philip Buys0:10:22
3Cornelius Muller0:10:57
4Dave Morison0:12:08
5Petrus Malherbe0:28:14
6Shaunnick Bester0:28:32
7Marc Bassingthwaighte0:30:33
8Nico Bell0:30:49
9Andre Cordes0:30:51
10Hendrick Kruger0:40:17
11Jp Jung0:40:35
12Travis Saunders1:02:55
13Corne Swart1:06:11
14Retief Joubert1:08:08
15Willie Du Toit1:14:11
16Timo Cooper1:14:26
17Niel Van Zyl1:27:06
18Marthinus Esmeyer1:32:11
19Zane De Decker1:36:30
20Stephan Jansen Van Rensburg1:36:51
21Jason Peach1:37:44
22No Data No Data1:38:43
23Warren Michael Robertson1:55:57
24Janpaul Gerber1:59:48
25Lubbe Donovan2:08:05
26Noddis Uys2:12:34
27Jacobus Diener2:12:35
28Neill Marsilio2:15:14
29Ludwig Swanepoel2:30:14
30Matthew Cheney2:39:07
31No Data No Data2:41:53
32Jazz Kuschke
33No Data No Data2:43:21
34Willem Van Niekerk2:50:13
35Pierre Winshaw2:50:14
36Moritz Thilo2:59:34
37Michael Van Niekerk3:00:34
38Morne Klopper3:05:35
39Herman Nieuwoudt3:07:57
40Dirkie Krohn3:17:09
41Deon Carstens3:21:56
42Almero Barnard3:32:11
43Helmi Muller3:35:00
44Frederik Petrus Senekal Dreyer3:50:14
45Alex Van Rensburg3:50:25
46Kurt Fritz Balzun3:57:34
47Garth Shaw4:03:25
48Regardt Lotter4:07:35
49Dewald Meyer4:08:58
50No Data No Data4:11:26
51Brandon Iverach4:12:39
52Stephan Zeelie4:20:32
53Chris Rohwer4:28:27
54Adrian De Jonge4:28:42
55No Data No Data4:28:54
56Francois Le Grange4:50:42
57Michael Jacobs4:53:29
58Petrus Hattingh4:58:25
59Dawid Pienaar5:35:42
DNFHeine Lategan
DNFCharl Pienaar
DNFRafeeq Safodien
DNFAlbertus Schreuder
DNFChris Wolhuter
DNFErik Kleinhans
DNFRoland Booker
DNFRenier Bellingan
DNFBurry Stander
DNFRyan Green
DNFSchalk Fourie
DNFGrant Flattery
DNFJoseph Labuschagne
DNFCharles Keey
DNFChristopher De Wet

Sub veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil Macdonald6:28:28
2Tiaan Kannemeyer0:02:01
3Sakkie Hanekom0:02:57
4Nicholas White0:05:50
5Wayne Collin0:11:42
6Geddan Ruddock0:13:23
7Andrew Ross Innes0:13:27
8Franso Steyn0:14:07
9Hannes Hanekom0:15:39
10Paul Cordes0:17:23
11Simon Raubenheimer0:19:23
12Schalk Louw0:20:10
13Staurt Anderson0:21:07
14Marcel Deacon0:23:42
15Christiaan Van Zyl0:31:09
16Rohan Kennedy0:38:53
17Johannes P Scannell0:38:54
18Kobus Barnard0:38:55
19Jason Whyte0:45:04
20Vickus Boshoff0:48:31
21Hennie Kriek0:49:30
22Hendrik De Kock0:51:56
23Gert Coetzee0:55:16
24Nico Van Zyl0:55:35
25Leon Erasmus0:56:09
26Neil Geldenhuys0:57:26
27George Du Toit0:57:27
28Grey Van Tonder0:57:38
29Jason Eldridge0:59:16
30Riaan Meintjes1:02:51
31Gideon Joubert1:03:51
32Jaco De Villiers1:07:01
33Brent Russell1:09:35
34Grant Williams1:12:32
35Simon Van Blerk1:12:46
36Christiaan Bezuidenhout1:12:58
37Henning Van Wyk1:15:31
38Carel Le Roux1:18:36
39Craig Edwards1:18:45
40Cobus Louw1:20:12
41Izak Du Plessis1:22:36
42Justin Bouwer1:25:03
43Jandri Ferreira1:26:54
44Arne Purves1:26:55
45Craig Sales1:27:12
46Wynand Mulder1:32:11
47Lawrence Lindeque1:32:14
48Sean Kristafor1:35:39
49Johann Le Roux1:38:25
50Andrew Robertson1:39:14
51Ferdi Dick1:40:14
52Hein De Villiers1:41:42
53Ian Bester Bester1:42:00
54Michael Talbot1:47:04
55Kevin Taljaard1:50:59
56Richard Chesterton
57Pieter Carstens1:51:08
58Charl Cooper1:51:37
59Christo Viljoen1:52:47
60Sholto Douglas1:54:16
61Paul Hartmann1:54:17
62Bennie Pretorius1:58:11
63Adrian Cooney1:58:28
64Dawie Van Rensburg2:02:51
65Richard Young2:02:53
66Marius Boshoff
67Pieter Van Der Merwe2:03:16
68Johann Raubenheimer2:04:03
69Neel Saayman2:07:07
70Stefan Hofmeyr2:07:59
71Christo Groenewald2:13:30
72Johan Fourie2:14:20
73Bevan Newton Johnson2:18:44
74Michael Petersen2:25:16
75Andries Aucamp2:26:22
76Theuns Visser2:27:22
77Rupert Barnard2:28:43
78Andrew White
79Anton Smal2:30:19
80Wim Botha2:32:31
81Henk Pepler2:36:08
82Willem Groenewald2:37:42
83Ruan Lamprecht2:39:20
84Ivan Marais2:39:21
85Jaco Du Toit2:39:59
86Jacques Andre Botha2:41:55
87Hein Scheffler2:43:36
89Edwin Van Der Vyver2:43:49
88Pieter Conradie
90Natie Ferreira2:45:17
91Andre Immelman2:45:26
92Ryall Daniells2:47:11
93Clayton Prins2:49:59
94Graham Bird2:50:01
95Christiaan Le Roux2:50:02
96Ivor Potgieter2:54:40
97Franco Van Schalkwyk2:58:27
98Rodney Pedro2:59:14
99Nicholas Mulder2:59:17
100Stanley Van Wyk3:00:34
101Martin Ciolkosz3:05:33
102Hannes Grey3:06:15
103Lester Grovers3:06:16
104Werner Engelbrecht
105Dane Walsh3:06:44
106Wynand Andre Basson3:07:19
107Johnny Marais3:09:46
108Martin Jansen Van Rensburg3:15:04
109Mike Powell3:15:26
111John Versfeld3:16:46
110Andrew Mclagan
112Anton Lambrechts3:17:16
113Andrew Cherrington3:20:25
114Dewald Van Eyk3:25:29
115Jaco Nieman3:27:29
116Heinrich Richter3:27:30
117Stephen Van Schoor3:27:40
118Maartin Van Rensburg3:33:41
119Morne Bester3:36:40
120Bernard Feinauer3:36:43
121Thomas Naude3:36:44
122Danie Cronje3:42:32
123Jaco Weideman3:46:36
124Hein Janse Van Rensburg3:46:37
125Cobus Van Der Colff3:46:38
126Jody Baumgarten3:49:31
127Jacques Booysen3:50:02
128Carel De Villiers3:56:43
129Roald Brosius3:58:45
130Brandon Woolley4:00:44
131Paul Marais4:03:48
132Chris Lester4:04:53
133Jacques Butler4:06:08
134Philip Ben Kotze4:11:06
135Grant Noble4:11:41
137Jason Lind4:11:57
136Paul Kotze
139Henco Jordaan4:18:53
138Louis Strijdom
140Hector Viljoen4:22:32
141Johan Koekemoer4:22:33
142Anton Sparks4:27:21
143Selwin Young4:30:27
144Henry Van Der Westhuizen4:32:36
145Hannes Zietsman4:34:01
146Sebastian Whelan4:38:18
147Fietie Rocher4:38:20
148Du Toit Louw4:38:35
149Christiaan Nel4:38:36
150Johann Sohnge4:38:38
151Gregory Dixon4:38:42
152Marius Venter4:41:20
153Anton Meyer4:41:56
154Johann Michau
155Danie Kotze4:41:57
156Eric Starke4:41:58
157Niel Gerryts4:53:26
158Pieter Jan Alberts4:57:24
159Dennis Nathrass4:59:45
160Gavin Walsh5:12:32
161Colin Hendriks5:13:22
162Bernhard Beutel5:18:51
DNFJustin Tomsett
DNFMorne Vorster
DNFJacques Visser
DNFPaul Whitburn
DNFQuintin Wentzel
DNFBrendan Williams
DNFNico Verhoef
DNFMatthys Laubsher
DNFMichael Steynberg
DNFPieter Lategan
DNFDavid Louw
DNFPeter Longworth
DNFWynand Lotter
DNFAlexander Nel
DNFJon Paine
DNFDaniel Otto
DNFBerno Stander
DNFWimpie Spangenberg
DNFPaul Teubes
DNFFrancois Theron
DNFPaul Theron
DNFDavid Retief
DNFJonathan Ralph
DNFGavin Rossouw
DNFJean Marc Schmid
DNFFranz Senger
DNFBerned Brewis
DNFDale Preston
DNFJean Fourie
DNFFrancois De Villiers
DNFDavid Harold George
DNFJuan Bester
DNFDe Waal Basson
DNFAntonie Basson
DNFStefan Bester
DNFMichael Baker
DNFJoseph Botes
DNFChristo Botha
DNFCraig Black
DNFNelson Broden
DNFJaco Brand
DNFRoan Exelby
DNFJan Schutte
DNFRichard Tasker
DNFPeter Foster
DNFStefan Hattingh
DNFPaul Gibbings
DNFJohan Geldenhuys
DNFGarth Fletcher
DNFConstantino Kontopirakis
DNFRiaan Koegelenberg
DNFNico Knoetze
DNFLiam Kelly
DNFDes Lambrecht
DNFJohan Labuschagne
DNFLeon Jamneck
DNFChris Hyman
DNFChristopher Ehinger
DNFNico Erasmus
DNFKevin Evans
DNFLouis Ferreira
DNFGavin Devereux
DNFHeine Deysel
DNFJan Du Toit
DNFJeremie Dupont
DNFEverhardus Du Plessis
DNFPieter Du Plessis
DNFNolan Daniel
DNFCoen De Kock
DNFJohan De Kock
DNFJan De Villiers
DNFJan Cronje
DNFMarc Copeland
DNFBrett Chilcott
DNFAndrew Butters
DNFStephan Coetsee

Veteran women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Woudie Saaiman7:34:52
2Sarah Van Heerden0:41:48
3Janet Lightley1:18:01
4Erica Green1:40:43
5Lizl Hobson1:40:47
6Elzaan Visser2:03:55
7Caroline Halvorsen2:53:09
8Caren Henschel3:05:56
9Marisu Rocher3:08:45
10Tess De Wet3:17:01
11Caroline Voigts3:36:42
12Kate Le Roux3:59:54
DNFNicky Webb
DNFBelinda Marais
DNFYolande Myburgh
DNFAlana Smit
DNFJacqueline Schwarzer
DNFElizabeth Theron
DNFTheresa Brand
DNFMiriam Stronkhorst

Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Colyn6:39:32
2Dennis Du Toit0:00:29
3Shane Thomson0:10:03
4F.A Meiring0:11:36
5Daniel Paul0:12:39
6Chris Nel0:15:52
7Danie Marais0:32:26
8Andre Kotze0:32:54
9Colin Myers0:35:19
10Arie Olivier0:37:34
11Peter Stopforth0:38:20
12Willie Roux0:38:21
13Robert Van Staden0:46:26
14Charl Du Plessis0:46:29
15Paul Micklewood0:52:57
16Frikkie Hartog0:53:14
17Noel Droomer0:55:19
18Tony Walker0:55:40
19Rouan Van Der Leek0:55:44
20Brian Gelling0:58:34
21Craig Fussell1:01:15
22Rudi De Wet1:01:27
23Riaan Senekal1:04:35
24Alan Cotton1:07:42
25Mike Vomund1:08:56
26Nicky Van Blerk1:10:05
28Riaan Henry Derks1:10:06
27Rex Benson
29Shawn Kirschner1:10:08
30Joe Izeboud1:10:33
31Steve Van Der Merwe1:14:00
32Etienne Joubert1:15:11
33Wayne Booysen1:18:37
34Pieter De Vos1:21:09
35Spiro Yaffes1:21:33
36Kevin Spratley1:22:22
37Ben Herholdt1:27:19
38Renier Van Greunen1:27:46
39Clayton Hindle1:30:57
40Harald Zumpt1:31:13
41Mcduling Wayne1:34:52
42Martin Nel1:35:35
43Colin Bouwer1:36:59
44Martin Epstein1:40:13
45Julius Oosthuizen1:42:26
46Bernie Stopforth1:44:09
47Werner Hartman1:46:57
48Pierre Rocher1:47:30
49Cd Du Toit1:47:34
50Richard Muller1:51:50
51Dean Hahn1:51:51
52Wynand Du Toit1:55:00
53Frans Du Preez1:57:20
54Louis Groenewald2:01:21
55Noel Whitehead2:03:09
56Robert Vosloo2:03:16
57Carl Crous2:03:33
58Gert Muller2:03:36
59Francois Malherbe2:04:08
60Cecil Munch2:08:07
61Jaco Oosthuizen2:08:55
62Jeremy Sanders2:14:17
63Ian Seggie2:17:48
64Colin Du Plessis2:21:10
65Dean Horne2:21:11
66Cornel Botha2:26:48
67Joshua Van Eeden2:27:20
68Chris Odendaal2:29:05
69Pk De Villiers2:30:54
70Grant Clack2:31:44
71Antony Steven2:32:49
72Nelis Venter2:33:08
73Geoff Laughton2:33:09
74Andrew Paterson2:36:06
75Marius Fourie2:36:09
76Hanno Smit2:38:56
77Jacques Coetzer2:41:57
78Richard Edwards2:44:37
79Nicolaas Smit2:47:18
80George Evans2:49:01
81Peter Boardman2:54:34
82Gerhard Le Roux2:55:00
83Wally Fernandes2:56:17
84John Gale2:58:04
85Jean De Villiers2:59:36
86Gavin Wood3:01:12
87Jeremy Shaw3:02:49
88Alan Dawson3:03:57
89Alex Kruger3:04:23
90Pieter Breytenbach3:05:11
91Manus Geyer3:05:16
92Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr3:06:25
93Fanie Roux3:06:27
94Dirk Fyfe3:10:53
95Graham Taylor3:14:50
96Moller Nel3:16:26
98Marchand Van Rooyen3:16:28
97Gerhard De Bruyn
99Niel Oconnel3:17:50
100Petrus Senekal3:20:37
101Gary Stevens3:21:06
102Chris Herbst3:22:37
103Nick Allanson3:22:38
104Izak Bezuidenhout3:22:39
105Kyle Ohaher3:22:46
106John Sparks3:25:09
107Michael Nielsen3:31:22
108James Stewart3:32:40
109Leon Havenga3:32:49
110Robert Du Preez3:33:03
111Tony Buteux3:35:04
112Andre Ferreira3:37:38
113Mark Lamb3:37:40
114Thys Botha3:38:19
115Mark Cryans3:39:43
116Sean Mc Carthy3:39:45
117Jan Havenga3:41:08
118Meyer Jordaan3:41:27
119Erhardt Van Reenen Du Toit3:43:41
120Fred Lingenfelder3:44:15
121Pieter Frick3:45:37
122Ernst Jordaan3:45:40
123Chris De Beer3:45:45
124Blaine Robson3:48:02
125Pieter Van Rooyen
126Noel Wright3:49:40
127Chris Snyman3:54:24
128Christoff Marais
129Neil Mckenzie3:55:07
130Graeme Green3:59:53
131Waleed Baker4:00:10
132Louis Strydom4:01:07
133Riaan Muller4:01:08
134Ahmed Zaid Mahomed4:02:10
135Wilhelm Punt4:04:02
136Tony Azevedo
137Gerrie Olivier4:04:03
139Johan Zeelie4:04:11
138Dirk Krohn
140Marius Van Der Sandt4:04:13
141Lourens Van Der Westhuizen4:05:02
142Jacques Vermeulen4:05:24
143Daryl Wilson4:05:25
144Matthew Evans4:05:33
145Peter Allanson4:06:21
146Craig Gerstner4:12:20
147Hein Ehlers4:12:25
148Schalk Burger4:15:56
149David Stuthard4:15:59
150Niel Dercksen4:16:00
151Bennie Rheeder4:18:57
152Pieter Wolmarans4:19:21
153Cor Louw4:21:32
154Kris Van Heerden4:22:02
155Johannes Van Niekerk4:22:33
156Niel Steenekamp
157Hennie Venter4:27:49
158Erik Knoetze4:27:57
159Freddie King4:28:05
160Dean Griffin4:29:24
161Grant Parkes4:30:16
162Johan De Villiers4:33:25
163Thys Benson4:39:08
164Francois Hamman4:39:36
165Simon Hough4:41:01
166Gert Botes4:41:46
167Danie Vd Merwe4:44:59
168Gawie Spies4:49:05
169Timo Le Roux4:54:14
170Dick During4:55:15
171Trevor Versfeld5:03:29
DNFJohann Van Aswegen
DNFHenko Van Den Heever
DNFWentzel Van Der Merwe
DNFBarry Van T Slot
DNFPatrick Van Schoor
DNFJacques Van Zyl
DNFIzak Visagie
DNFThedo Visser
DNFNeil Vn Tonder
DNFRussell White
DNFOliver Williams
DNFChester Williams
DNFMark Mitchell
DNFTim Ziehl
DNFKarel Laubscher
DNFGraeme Lappin
DNFAlex Le Roux
DNFJohn Mcmahon
DNFAndrew Marshall
DNFBertus Nel Kilian
DNFHannes Myburgh
DNFMorney Oconnor
DNFRobert Nicolella
DNFHeinrich Nolan
DNFIgnatius Smit
DNFPeter Stutz
DNFDave Surridge
DNFDerek Sutton
DNFJohn Swanepoel
DNFCraig Strudwick
DNFFrancois Strauss
DNFSean Thistleton
DNFAlan Thomas
DNFJohn Thompson
DNFWayne Roberts
DNFNigel Reynolds
DNFAndrew Ratcliffe
DNFTimothy Price
DNFJacques Potgieter
DNFCrouse Schoeman
DNFChris Viljoen
DNFPaul Gripper
DNFJohann Anderson
DNFRick Afonso
DNFColin Heydenrych
DNFBilly Stelling
DNFJohn Robertson
DNFGavin Attenborough
DNFAndre Botha
DNFAndre Boshoff
DNFAlan Botten
DNFGraeme Brien
DNFTony Wright
DNFGreg Goodwin
DNFColin Van Zyl
DNFMl Carstens
DNFDanie Du Toit
DNFRoss Hobbs
DNFChristo Diedericks
DNFMark Haarhoff
DNFTrevor Crowe
DNFJean De Beer
DNFAndrew Poole
DNFCraig Rankin
DNFScott Hindmarch
DNFGreg Hardham
DNFAllen Goosen
DNFKarel La Cock
DNFJames Jacobs
DNFMark Andre Kapnoudhis Kapnoudhis
DNFSpencer Johnson
DNFJannie Durand
DNFPieter Dykman
DNFMerwe Erasmus
DNFAlbert Coetzee
DNFMarco Coetzee

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