Sauser dedicates Attakwas marathon victory to Stander

Motivated by the memory of his good friend, the late Burry Stander, Swiss multiple-time former world champion, Christoph Sauser, came back from two punctures to win the Attakwas Extreme Challenge in Oudtshoorn, in South Africa's Western Cape Province on Saturday.

Sauser (36ONE-Songo-Specialized) competed as Stander's teammate for the past four editions the Cape Epic mountain bike stage race, the last two of which they won. On Saturday, the Swiss also broke the Attakwas course record, clocking a time of 4:56:29 for the 121km race, which has an accumulated vertical ascent of 2,900 metres. The previous record was 5:01:50.

A surprise second place finish went to 21-year-old South African racer Lourens Luus (Team RE:CM) who also broke the previous record in a time of 4:58:06. Luus's Team RE:CM teammate Erik Kleinhans secured third place, with the Cannondale Blend Properties pair of Charles Keey and Darren Lill claiming fourth and fifth places respectively.

The women's race was also won by a Swiss rider. Ariane Kleinhans of Team RE:CM, who became the first woman to win the race three times after claiming the coveted title in 2011 and 2012. Kleinhans, who is married to men's race third-place finisher, Erik, and lives in South Africa, clocked a winning time of 5:42:29, which is also a new record.

Finishing second was current British road race champion and former Cape Epic winner Sharon Laws (Momentum Toyota) with former two-time Attakwas winner, Yolande de Villiers (Toyota Supercycling), rounding out the top three.

Sauser's race wasn't as straightforward as he'd have liked. He had two punctures, the first after 30 minutes and the second at around two hours into the race.

"I managed to plug the first one and still felt I was in with a chance of the win. But the plug came out later and then I had no more CO2 bombs, so had to use a pump. Then I thought my chances of winning were gone," said Sauser.

"I just decided to ride a steady tempo because the last half was mostly into a headwind. I passed quite a lot of riders on the technical descent of Attakwas, and then I started to see Max Knox (Specialized) and Lourens up ahead. They were about 15 seconds apart from each other for ages, so I set about catching them. Once I caught them it was great to have a small group for a bit, especially with that headwind. Erik was about a minute ahead in the lead at that stage and I thought then I could still get the win."

Knox was struggling with a leaking tyre after a series of problems earlier in the race and dropped out of contention and then out of the race, while Kleinhans punctured just before the fourth water point, losing his lead to Luus and Sauser. The Swiss then attacked the young South African on the penultimate climb and set off alone to claim the win.

"I thought that was actually the last climb when I attacked and I realised with five kilometres to go that I could actually beat the record, so I went for it," said Sauser.

"I was thinking about Burry a lot today. Max's national marathon champion's jersey is almost the same as Burry's national cross country champion's jersey; and a few times, when Max was up ahead, it felt like I was chasing Burry. It has been a crazy two weeks with Burry's death and I think today it was, more than ever for me, a good feeling to be alive."

In the women's race, Laws set a fast pace from the start and rode with some of the leading men. But she later dropped back and was joined by Kleinhans, who then rode clear of her at the 50km mark just before the king of the mountain ascent.

"I must have been quite a bit quicker than Sharon on the long, quite technical descent, because I had quite a good gap on her by halfway. Every so often I would catch some men, but I spent most of the last 20km on my own riding into that headwind. It was one of those races you just could not wait for the finish to come," said Kleinhans.

The top 10 men and women each received gold medals. There were 33 riders that completed the race in under six hours and they were awarded silver medals.

A total of 608 men and 46 women completed the event within the 11-hour cut-off. Among those were members of the Cape Epic Celebrity Team, including actress and model Vanessa Haywood (8:53:34), TV presenter Dr Michael Mol, (8:53:35) motor rally driver Gugu Zulu (9:09:52) and former Springbok rugby players Joel Stransky (6:54:58), Tiaan Strauss (7:19:54) and Corne Krige (7:19:58).

According to Carel Herholdt of Dryland Events, the organisers, there was an 84 percent finisher rate.

"This is a little lower than the 88 percent finisher rate we got last year, but it could be as a result of 55 percent of the participants being first-timers at Attakwas," he said.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ariane Kleinhans5:42:29
2Sharon Laws0:08:17
3Yolande De Villiers0:26:34
4Hanlie Booyens0:32:46
5Andrea Huser0:32:50
6Ischen Stopforth0:39:35
7Hannele Steyn0:42:10
8Lara Woolley0:49:51
9Esther Lategan0:57:13
10Katerina Slegrova1:18:13
11Diana Carolin1:21:46
12Tanya Rabie1:27:06
13Elda Van Dijk1:27:27
14Liesbet Kristafor1:42:23
15Elna Fourie1:54:15
16MW Colleen Jacobs2:02:37
17Janie Van Rensburg2:12:01
18Thea-Mari Van Der Sandt2:22:10
19Louise Jansen Van Rensburg2:22:53
20Sandra Winter2:33:02
21Junita Kruger2:34:23
22Janet Keet2:34:24
23Megan Dobson2:37:14
24Maritza Terblanche2:38:45
25Eulogy Du Plessis2:38:46
26Wendy Potgieter2:40:40
27Caren Mills2:40:44
28Caren Henschel2:40:45
29Miriam Stronkhorst2:45:42
30Cherise Odendaal2:49:20
31Alisha Wyers2:56:02
32Eva Micklewood2:58:03
33Franci Joubert2:58:05
34Emma Pienaar3:04:18
35Vanessa Haywood3:11:05
36Kim Rew3:29:40
37Helena Ferreira3:35:47
38Estie Du Plessis3:45:20
39Comine Claassen3:47:40
40Letshegom Moshoeu4:07:23
41Caroline Schuermans4:09:48
42Ruth EvansRow 41 - Cell 2
43Ben Vermeulen4:39:48
44Ansa Theron4:51:21
45Amanda Simpson4:55:46
46Anita Beutel5:01:16
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Sauser4:56:29
2Lourens Luus0:01:37
3Erik Kleinhans0:06:20
4Charles Keey0:08:36
5Darren Lill0:12:41
6Renay Groustra0:13:48
7Waylon Woolcock0:14:42
8Matthys Beukes0:15:09
9Dominic Calitz0:17:38
10Timo Cooper0:22:46
11Nico Pfitzenmaier0:32:37
12MM Douglas Brown0:34:56
13Oliver Munnik0:34:57
14Karl Platt0:37:36
15Rene Haselbacher0:37:37
16John-Lee Augustyn0:37:39
17Hannes Hanekom0:43:12
18Gert Heyns0:47:23
19Hudson Chevallier0:49:31
20Stuart Anderson0:51:45
21Carl Pasio0:51:49
22Craig Gerber0:51:50
23Dennis Du Toit0:53:59
24Leendert Lorenzen0:54:03
25Pieter Calitz0:54:04
26Sean Williams0:55:22
27Billy Stelling0:55:23
28Jarryd Haley0:57:20
29Jandri Ferreira0:57:29
30Geddan Ruddock0:58:38
31Mathew Wentworth1:02:52
32Christo Roos1:03:41
33Peter Barber1:05:10
34Russell De Jager1:05:12
35Jacques Van Zyl1:06:02
36MM Joao Mendes1:07:48
37Jason Peach1:07:51
38MM Paul Furbank1:10:47
39Grant Clack1:10:49
40John Swanepoel1:10:50
41Almero Barnard1:11:05
42George Nel1:11:13
43Patrick Griessen1:12:08
44Sipho MadoloRow 43 - Cell 2
45Wesley Procter1:15:05
46Johan Labuschagne1:16:22
47Michael Attenborough1:16:45
48Brian Lennox1:17:11
49Frans Du Preez1:17:47
50MM Andre Viljoen1:18:47
51Andre ViljoenRow 50 - Cell 2
52MM Paul Meinking1:18:52
53Ben Bohm1:18:53
54Hector Ross1:19:52
55Billy Flattery1:23:18
56Brendan Kelly1:23:19
57Kenny Scheepers1:23:20
58Rodney Pedro1:23:21
59Grey Van Tonder1:23:23
60Willie Roux1:23:24
61Nico Van Zyl1:23:31
62MM Deon Wilkins1:23:37
63Charl Du Plessis1:23:50
64Christiaan Nel1:23:51
65Wim Botha1:24:02
66Richard Gordge1:24:05
67Chris Maughan1:24:07
68Graeme Van Der Nest1:24:45
69Aaron Adler1:25:59
70Corne Swart1:26:10
71Pieter Carstens1:28:16
72Michael Charlewood1:28:38
73Paul Micklewood1:28:58
74MM Rudi De Wet1:29:00
75Charl Du Plessis1:29:04
76Dirk Muller Jnr1:30:46
77Simon Adler1:33:04
78Omri Kleynhans1:33:06
79Chris De Wet1:33:21
80Christopher Esch1:33:36
81Jason Deane1:35:42
82Andries Duminy1:36:33
83George De Kock1:37:33
84Johann Le Roux1:37:34
85Giuseppe Lorusso1:37:44
86Marsel Roos1:39:20
87Adriaan Jansen Van Vuuren1:40:23
88MM Andrewe Procter1:41:07
89Nico Vreken1:41:35
90Morne Nell1:42:55
91Craig Fussell1:43:03
92Henri Meyer1:43:06
93Ryal De Waal1:43:07
94Avram Levy1:44:19
95Livio Tronchin1:46:08
96Waleed Baker1:46:09
97Dawie Van Rensburg1:46:33
98MM Peter StopforthRow 97 - Cell 2
99MM James Stopforth1:46:34
100MM Ernst Jordaan1:46:54
101MM Donald Christy1:47:36
102Henk Blom1:47:47
103Hannes KotzeRow 102 - Cell 2
104Michael Potton1:48:12
105Pieter De Vos1:48:17
106Sean Parker1:48:21
107Pieter Van Der Merwe1:49:20
108Pax Mosterd1:50:00
109MM Erik Knoetze1:50:11
110Chris Muller1:50:17
111Barto Van Der Merwe1:50:18
112Alex Kruger1:50:19
113Henry Fagan1:50:21
114MM Tony Conlon1:50:59
115Marcel Deacon1:51:08
116Matthew Osborne1:51:47
117Jacobus Le Roux1:51:55
118J P Stofberg1:51:56
119Hasie Lourens1:51:59
120Karl KielblockRow 119 - Cell 2
121Philip Dicey1:52:05
122Grant Flattery1:52:45
123S F Du Toit1:53:05
124Gideon Joubert1:53:43
125Jan-Hendrik Stander1:54:32
126Nicholas Hops1:54:53
127MM Pierre De Jager1:55:00
128Paul Winter1:55:24
129Richard Damant1:55:26
130Nico Verhoef1:56:50
131MM C D Du Toit1:56:58
132Charles Mansfield1:57:04
133William Keith1:57:12
134Graeme Brien1:57:59
135Owen Hannie1:58:28
136Joel Stransky1:58:29
137Noel Droomer1:58:44
138Steven Cronje1:59:52
139Malcolm Isaacs2:00:23
140MM Liam Somers2:00:34
141Lukas Janse Van Vuuren2:02:47
142Eugene Botha2:02:55
143MM Willem Vegter2:05:31
144Marais Steyn2:06:05
145Matthew Miller2:06:48
146Dirk Oberholzer2:06:54
147MM Julian Conrad2:07:06
148Hans Hendriks2:07:21
149John Gale2:08:13
150Robert Sim2:08:29
151Bennie Pretorius2:08:34
152Andrew Le Cordeur2:09:30
153Peter Liebenberg2:09:50
154Jacques Zietsman2:09:51
155Frans Bouwer2:10:18
156Willem Coetzee2:10:19
157Aldre Geldenhuys2:11:12
158Vaughn RouxRow 157 - Cell 2
159Danie Leonard2:11:54
160Mike Fisher2:12:00
161Pieter Theron2:12:03
162Charl Cooper2:12:04
163Johan Gelderblom2:12:36
164Hein De Villiers2:12:56
165Dean Hieckmann2:12:59
166Aubrey Symington2:13:04
167Phillip Erasmus2:13:13
168Kotie Terblanche2:13:24
169Niel Neethling2:13:27
170Vernon Visser2:13:32
171Johan Fourie2:14:17
172Christopher Droomer2:14:55
173Matthys Laubscher2:14:59
174Marius Mostert2:15:00
175Albert Rust2:15:08
176Malan Wykerd2:15:16
177Craig Tunstead2:15:22
178Bertus Odendaal2:15:29
179Gideon Smit2:16:14
180Noel Wright2:16:58
181MM Henry Swart2:17:01
182MM Juan Van Deventer2:18:01
183Johan Cilliers2:18:03
184Riaan Van Tonder2:18:11
185David Coupar2:18:22
186Etienne Jordaan2:18:29
187Mark Bridges2:18:36
188John Parent2:19:28
189Hermann Voigt2:19:55
190Wayne Keet2:20:16
191Henning Van Wyk2:20:55
192Mark Everdij2:21:21
193Chris Herbst2:21:34
194Uys Kruger2:22:11
195Noel Whitehead2:22:28
196Steven Wolhuter2:22:38
197Serge Franco2:22:47
198Wynand Mulder2:22:57
199Andrew Dewey2:23:20
200Richard Scott2:23:23
201Tiaan Strauss2:23:25
202Corne Krige2:23:29
203MM Henry Bartlett2:23:47
204Nicky Van Blerk2:23:49
205Louis Venter2:24:30
206Casper De Bruin2:24:45
207Philip-Ben Kotze2:24:46
208Paul Lochner2:24:48
209Johannes Botha2:24:53
210Richard Muller2:26:17
211Richard Chesterton2:26:29
212Shaun DunbarRow 211 - Cell 2
213Neal De Graaf2:26:53
214John De Bruyn2:26:59
215Franclo Henning2:27:01
216Derick Hamman2:27:14
217Graeme Johnstone2:27:16
218Etienne Joubert2:27:18
219Sean Kristafor2:28:21
220Jason Pienaar2:28:27
221Nizaam Esa2:28:31
222Roger Kear2:28:33
223Graham Coker2:29:32
224Sholto Douglas2:29:53
225Izak Du Plessis2:30:38
226Pieter Malan2:31:26
227Lester Tait2:31:37
228Halmar Vockins2:32:00
229Emil Hougaard2:32:01
230Leon Jamneck2:32:06
231MM Naas Vermaak2:32:46
232Johan De Klerk2:32:48
233Wynand Du Toit2:33:08
234Philip Erasmus2:33:22
235MM Johan Malherbe2:33:25
236Vickus Boshoff2:33:26
237MM Willie Engelbrecht2:33:28
238MM Gary Holliday2:33:30
239Thorkild Nielsen2:34:29
240Geoff Laughton2:34:31
241Marius Oberholzer2:35:17
242Lawrence Payne2:36:06
243Rens Rezelman2:36:07
244Ryall Daniells2:36:16
245Fanie Bergh2:37:02
246Riaan Derks2:39:19
247Clive Berry2:39:44
248Robbie Breebaart2:39:47
249Tommy Booth2:39:54
250Darren Kelly2:39:55
251Alan Rees2:40:06
252Derick Van Staden2:41:08
253MM Theo Scribante2:41:54
254Angus Mcguffog2:42:03
255Barend Smit2:42:08
256Hannes Neethling2:43:24
257Jampie Vlok2:43:54
258Cornel Botha2:44:05
259Maartin Van Rensburg2:44:50
260Alex Van Rensburg2:44:51
261MM Michael Childes2:44:59
262MM Lawrence Bernard2:45:21
263Louis Jordaan2:45:24
264De Villiers Barry2:46:40
265Matthew Preston2:46:46
266Brandon Els2:46:59
267Chris Viljoen2:47:10
268Niel Du Pisani2:47:19
269Francois Laas2:47:21
270Theo Bezuidenhout2:47:30
271Martin Truscott2:47:50
272Riaan Van Der Sand2:48:11
273Petrus Senekal2:48:28
274Stephen O'Brien2:48:35
275Craig Arenhold2:48:45
276Zaid Harris2:49:46
277Ismail Jappie2:49:49
278Christo Viljoen2:51:00
279Harald Zumpt2:51:04
280Bossau Boshoff2:51:09
281Martin Cilliers2:52:00
282MM Cyril Knottenbelt2:52:01
283Donald Powers2:52:09
284Gerhard Van Der Merwe2:53:15
285Malan Jonck2:53:39
286Kevin Goodspeed2:54:11
287Philip Slabber2:54:14
288Jan Van Niekerk2:54:15
289MM Gerard Visser2:54:20
290Devrin Muir2:54:35
291Barry Van Blerk2:54:38
292Peter Marais2:55:44
293MM Walter Weeden2:55:55
294Martin Hendriksen2:55:59
295MM Dirk Muller Snr2:56:28
296Meyer De Villiers2:56:30
297Fanie Hattingh2:56:32
298David Porrill2:56:37
299Ernst Bruwer2:56:45
300Andre Immelman2:56:47
301Leon Van Niekerk2:56:48
302Anton Terblanche2:56:56
303MM Wilhelm Hanekom2:57:01
304Phillo Beukes2:57:03
305Arno Barnard2:57:26
306Chris Fleming2:57:42
307Greg Pickard2:57:44
308Rudolf Van Rensburg2:57:59
309Mark Cryans2:59:00
310Deon Bruwer2:59:02
311MM Gustav Slabber2:59:12
312Herman Nieuwoudt2:59:23
313Nico Kruger2:59:32
314Nico Badenhorst3:00:10
315MM Andrew Koen3:01:01
316Jan Nel3:01:10
317Dean Hahn3:01:12
318Almar Creighton3:01:20
319MM Stefan Hugo3:02:10
320Marco De Freitas3:02:12
321Lance Hamel3:02:50
322Douw Steyn3:03:31
323Erik Van Dijk3:04:01
324Simon Haw3:04:05
325Trevor Bodington3:04:39
326Etienne Roux3:04:54
327Sebastian De Romijn3:04:56
328Jason Courts3:05:35
329MM Michel De Clippel3:06:05
330Martin Jansen Van Rensburg3:06:26
331Serge Foulon3:06:38
332Henk Botes3:06:39
333MM Andy Wright3:07:00
334Johan Neethling3:07:01
335Paul Gleed3:07:45
336Brandon Woolley3:07:47
337Hans Van Der Veen3:08:56
338Shawn Buckley3:08:57
339John Dann3:09:14
340Tim Ziehl3:09:24
341Lucas Mcdowall3:09:38
342Ewan Potgieter3:10:01
343Bernhard Manson-Kullin3:10:20
344Chrisjan Vorster3:10:29
345Frans De Beer3:11:06
346Craig Beech3:11:28
347Jaco Coetzee3:12:03
348MM Anthony Priday3:12:37
349Paul Whitburn3:14:43
350Hennie Visser3:14:59
351Jacques De Villiers3:15:00
352Andre Jansen Van Vuuren3:15:02
353Hoffie Conradie3:15:04
354MM Pieter Du Toit3:15:08
355MM Scip Vernede3:15:30
356Marcus Brain3:15:42
357Nicolaas Van Der Watt3:16:18
358MM Wessel Wentzel3:16:52
359Anru De Wet3:17:00
360Martin Gleeson3:18:50
361Pieter Van Heerden3:19:01
362Fanus Vorster3:19:23
363Jacques Brink3:19:36
364Gareth Gammie3:19:51
365Phillip Grobbelaar3:20:15
366Johann WarnichRow 365 - Cell 2
367Riaan Weideman3:20:26
368David Timms3:20:44
369Bruwer Janse Van Rensburg3:21:04
370Erik RenzenbrinkRow 369 - Cell 2
371Frikkie Visser3:21:05
372Graydon George3:21:19
373Paul Teubes3:23:15
374Mike Brown3:24:22
375Lee De La Rue3:24:38
376Andrew Paterson3:24:57
377Johan Farber3:25:09
378J P Du PlessisRow 377 - Cell 2
379Justin Maltby3:25:11
380MM Dirk Joubert3:25:38
381Alastair HopsRow 380 - Cell 2
382MM Christopher Hops3:25:39
383Branden Scott-Hayward3:25:54
384MM Harold Basson3:25:57
385Fietie Rocher3:26:47
386Ebrahim Levy3:27:43
387Ishmail Essa3:27:44
388Fred Van Zyl3:28:16
389MM Johan Jacobs3:28:43
390MM Johann Loubser3:28:45
391MM Ernst Viljoen3:28:49
392Janez Vermeiren3:28:51
393Steven Torrington3:28:54
394Justin Tomsett3:29:21
395Ian Robertson3:29:36
396MM Adriaan Strauss3:30:13
397Robert Solomon3:30:29
398Leon Boshoff3:30:38
399Mike Powell3:30:54
400Nicol Van Dyk3:31:01
401Robert Vosloo3:32:24
402John Vonofakidis3:33:06
403Francois Esterhuizen3:33:09
404Kevin Taljaard3:33:11
405Jake Crowther3:33:38
406Anton Nel3:34:31
407Jonathan Odendaal3:35:21
408Pieter Malherbe3:35:22
409MM Bryan Sher3:35:30
410Christie Davel3:35:33
411Peet Van Staden3:35:41
412MM Michael Saayman3:35:43
413Werner Busch3:35:56
414Christo Yzel3:35:58
415MM Louis Scholtz3:37:10
416Ashley Marsh3:37:49
417Tom Bishop3:37:51
418MM Chris De Waal3:38:23
419Juan-Pierre Hildebrand3:39:07
420Craig Mchendrie3:39:08
421Paul Hartmann3:40:21
422Thys Botha3:40:22
423MM Chris Charter3:40:25
424Jose RodriguesRow 423 - Cell 2
425Ben Olivier3:41:06
426Willem Jacobs3:41:34
427Marcus Smit3:41:37
428Jean Pierre Pellissier3:41:39
429Ruan Smit3:42:26
430MM Willem Prinsloo3:43:39
431MM Danie Kotze3:44:09
432Roelou Slabbert3:44:44
433Stiaan Van Den Berg3:44:50
434Werner Pienaar3:44:54
435Pieter Groenewald3:45:13
436Zak Barnard3:45:15
437Etienne Venter3:45:23
438Herman Swart3:45:25
439Johan Pentz3:45:31
440Andre Van Wyk3:45:39
441Wayne Parker3:45:41
442Sam Duncan3:48:33
443John Duncan3:48:35
444Bradley Griffiths3:48:37
445Chaz Price3:50:16
446MM Frederick Henning3:50:19
447Johan De Villiers3:50:56
448Antonie Botes3:53:17
449Theunis Goosen3:53:23
450Cor Carelsen3:55:08
451Anthony Dicey3:56:26
452MM Andre Jacques Botha3:56:40
453MM Theunis Smal3:56:58
454Michael Mol3:57:06
455Philip Playdon3:57:52
456Alwyn Gey Van Pittius3:57:57
457Christopher Mcrae3:58:01
458Brendan Williams3:58:19
459Gavin Williams3:58:20
460Wessel Steyn3:58:26
461Nico Van Rensburg3:58:34
462Hugo Tancred3:58:37
463Anton Kruger3:58:39
464Johan Mostert3:59:04
465MM Stephan Volschenk4:00:19
466Gavin Kirk4:00:29
467Peter Dicey4:01:28
468Theuns Visser4:01:40
469D J Bezuidenhout4:03:17
470Dries Kruger4:03:25
471Andrew Mclagan4:03:34
472John Hanekom4:05:35
473Greg Squires4:06:08
474Brian Ganser4:06:12
475MM Simon Nicks4:06:21
476Duan Jonker4:07:14
477MM Christo Diedericks4:07:26
478Gordon Brown4:08:24
479Danie Louw4:08:35
480Murray Reid4:09:17
481Louis Smith4:09:23
482Jeffrey Willcocks4:09:57
483Robby Rodrigues4:10:02
484Johan Conradie4:10:03
485MM Rudolph Geldenhuys4:10:08
486MM Rian Briedenhann4:10:09
487John Gloor4:10:15
488Jacques Fourie4:10:23
489Vincent Durand4:10:57
490Ludwig Swanepoel4:11:03
491MM Edward Knight4:11:23
492Fanie Roux4:11:56
493MM Jeremy Oconnor4:12:08
494MM Arthur K Brown4:12:27
495Stian Van Blerk4:13:21
496Andre Ross4:13:22
497Gugu Zulu4:13:23
498Colin Hendriks4:15:37
499Warren MortonRow 498 - Cell 2
500Pieter Du Plessis4:15:39
501Hendrik Van Der WaltRow 500 - Cell 2
502MM Andrew Soutar4:15:42
503Tyrone Rawlins4:15:53
504Craig Kolesky4:15:56
505Chris-Philip Van Der Merwe4:16:15
506Gus Pauw4:16:25
507Marchand Van Rooyen4:17:20
508Vincent Hill4:20:07
509Fritz Protiwensky4:20:34
510Shaun Smith4:21:06
511MM Deon Abel Honiball4:21:48
512Freddy Beukes4:23:15
513Gerhard Lourens4:23:51
514Steven Dimond4:24:43
515Marius Pienaar4:24:44
516Martin Nel4:25:00
517Elrich Bouwer4:25:07
518Guy Mckechnie4:26:52
519Morne Zurnamer4:27:12
520Martin Botha4:27:17
521Walter Botes4:28:41
522Ludwig Van Der Merwe4:28:50
523MM Stephen Drew4:29:56
524MM Richard Edwards4:29:59
525Christoff Louw4:30:19
526Eddie Du Toit4:30:35
527Kobus Duminy4:30:50
528J D Malan4:30:54
529MM Willem Daffue4:31:17
530Hanno Smit4:31:45
531Johan Vd Westhuizen4:33:35
532Gert Rousseau4:33:37
533Gerhard Muller4:35:22
534Arthur Joubert4:35:24
535MM Jan Du Plessis4:35:27
536Lourens Erasmus4:35:38
537Okkert Brits4:35:45
538Ian Smit4:35:52
539Leon Lambrechts4:35:53
540Gerhard Cloete4:35:54
541MM Francois Barker4:36:21
542Johan Louw4:37:01
543MM Philip Van Der Merwe4:38:52
544MM Theo Van Wyk4:38:56
545MM Willem Coetzee4:38:57
546Charles Steyn4:39:23
547Fernndo Perdigao4:39:24
548MM Tony Buteux4:39:26
549Jannie Du Plessis4:39:34
550Etienne Du Plessis4:39:55
551Juan Joubert4:40:26
552Heino Smit4:40:36
553Anton Bekker4:41:08
554Garth Harcombe4:45:09
555Robert Du Preez4:45:48
556MM Manfred Oelz4:46:18
557Sean Tickner4:46:24
558Jacques Jacobs4:48:08
559Deon Strydom4:51:17
560Hertzog Lerm4:51:19
561Deon Meyer4:51:22
562MM Niel Louwrens4:52:57
563Clayton Duckworth4:53:23
564Jarek Pawlikowski4:53:26
565Christo Du Preez4:53:41
566Gabri Steyn4:54:49
567Loot Steyn4:59:20
568Andre Viljoen4:59:21
569Jacques Nel5:00:58
570Marne Bronn5:01:41
571Charl Goussard5:04:51
572Jan-Peet Mulder5:09:46
573Helnie Prinsloo Oosthuizen5:11:00
574Wayne Hodgson5:12:32
575Ed Bird5:12:39
576Fanie Coetzee5:14:50
577Andri Eloff5:14:52
578Oeloff Badenhorst5:15:50
579MM Ryno Stander5:15:57
580MM Matthys Benson5:15:59
581Sam Nienaber5:16:05
582Louis Visser5:16:31
583Theunis Botha5:16:32
584MM Bobby Richter5:18:02
585Guillaume Liebenberg5:20:52
586Jannie Dippenaar5:21:20
587Victor Timkoe5:21:32
588Carrick Pittman5:21:34
589Arnold Smith5:21:57
590Craig Thorne5:22:03
591MM Errol Derrick5:23:29
592Elmar Stander5:28:23
593Matthew Evans5:28:32
594MM Barend Stander5:32:47
595Albertyn Smit5:37:42
596Peter Griffiths5:37:44
597Omar Jonker5:37:51
598Wayne Ramsay5:38:58
599Bernhard Beutel5:47:16
600Ernst Engelbrecht5:49:55
601Roelof Botes5:53:33
602Lodewicus Van Noordwyk5:53:36
603Michael Nielsen5:56:36
604Rossouw Du Toit5:57:44
605Shawn Boshoff5:57:49
606Graham Campbell5:58:38
607Niel Jonker5:59:59
608Deon De Jager6:03:10

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