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Cavendish storms to track win

A sell out crowd at the Manchester velodrome witnessed an action packed evening at Revolution 34, with Mark Cavendish, Rob Hayles and Ed Clancy all topping the bill.

But it was the world road champion, Mark Cavendish, who stole the show, competing in his first track event since the 2009 World Championships.

“It’s good to be back, I’ve missed it! The Revolution was hard; more intense than what I’m used to at this time of year. The reception I had was amazing. It’s packed here again tonight, and it’s great,” Cavendish said.

The HTC-Highroad sprinter was given a noisy standing ovation as he was introduced to the sell-out, 4,000-strong crowd. Although he lacked a little sharpness, he was in the thick of the racing all night, raising the roof every time he hit the front, especially in the final event of the evening, the scratch race, which saw him score a hugely popular win.

At the end of the night though it was Team UK Youth who came away with the biggest rewards, putting in a number of strong performances to take a commanding lead in the Revolution Championship.

The opening event of the night saw Steven Burke of Team UK Youth pull out an impressive win in the Motor Paced Scratch Endurance Race.

Rapha Condor Sharp’s Ed Clancy and Andrew Tennant were victorious in the 1km Madison Time Trial, with the team also taking the spoils in the Team Elimination race.

Team Sky’s Peter Kennaugh won the intriguing Australian Pursuit. But it was the Scratch Race which really got the crowd going; early breaks by Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas and Alex Dowsett looked promising, but World Champion Mark Cavendish positioned himself perfectly to execute a win from the front.

In a poignant moment at the National Cycling Centre, the historic career of Revolution-favourite Rob Hayles was recognised, with the recently-retired British rider receiving a standing ovation from the 4,000-strong crowd. Hayles was joined by the elite riders and friend Mark Cavendish, who showed their appreciation to a fantastic career.

In the DHL Future Stars, Emily Kay further-proved her dominance in the Girls’ event, and maintains her overall lead. In the Boys’ events, Jake Ragen moved up the standings and took the overall lead.

Team UK Youth’s win from Steven Burke and consistent performances throughout the night means that they lead the Revolution Championship with 314 points, ahead of Rouleur with 293.

Those who missed Revolution 34 will be able to watch the hour-long highlights packaged, featuring Mark Cavendish, shown on Monday 21st November on ITV4 at 7pm.

Full Results

Motor Paced Scratch
1Steven Burke (Team UK Youth)30pts
2Luke Rowe (Maxgear Racing)25
3Iljo Keisse (Rouleur)23
4Andy Tennant (Rapha Condor Sharp)22
5Simon Yates (Maxgear Racing)21
6David O'Loughlin (Cunga Bikes)20
7Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth)19
8Adam Yates (Maxgear Racing)18
9Geraint Thomas (Sky Procycling)17
10Mark Christian (Chep UK)16
11Dave McGowan (Team UK Youth)15
12Tom Moses (Chep UK)14
13Joe Kelly (Rouleur)13
14Alistair Slater (Chep UK)12
15Owain Doull (Cunga Bikes)11
16Andy Fenn (Howies)10
17Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor Sharp)9
18Mark Cavendish (Howies)8
19George Atkins (Cunga Bikes)7
20Franco Marvulli (Rapha Condor Sharp)6
21Sam Harrison (Rouleur)5
22Peter Kennaugh (Sky Procycling)4
DNFAlex Dowsett (Sky Procycling)
DNFJon Mould (Howies)

DHL Future Stars Scratch Race
1Jake Ragen (Maxgear Racing)30pts
2Jake Kelly (Rouleur)25
3Jack Hoyle (Rapha Condor Sharp)23
4Matt Cross (Howies)22
5Tristan Robbins (Team UK Youth)21
6Jacob Scott (Chep UK)20
7Luc Hall (Maxgear Racing)19
8Tao Georgehean-Hart (Rapha Condor Sharp)18
9Zac May (Howies)17
10James Shaw (Sky Procycling)16
11Alan Trolove (Rapha Condor Sharp)15
12Christian Braybrooke (Rouleur)14
13Jake Womersley (Chep UK)13
14Chris Lawless (Maxgear Racing)12
15Will Thomas (Rouleur)11
16George Withers (Team UK Youth)10
17Sam Franks (Cunga Bikes)9
DNFPeter Cocker (Sky Procycling)
DNFRyan Whatmough (Sky Procycling)
DNFOwen James (Howies)
DNFOliver Wood (Chep UK)
DNFJason Pitt (Team UK Youth)
DNFAdam Lewis (Cunga Bikes)
DNFCharlie Tanfield (Cunga Bikes)

Revolution Sprint - 200m time trial
1David Daniell (Great Britain)0:00:10.285
2Matt Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.311
3Peter Mitchell (Great Britain)0:00:10.346
4Callum Skinner (Great Britain)0:00:10.363

DHL Future Stars Points Race
1Emily Kay (Cunga Bikes)11pts
2Ellie Coster (Howies)5
3Melissa Lowther (Chep UK)5
4Abbie-May Parkinson (Chep UK)5
5Amy Hill (Howies)4
6Emily Nelson (Cunga Bikes)3
7Charlotte Broughton (Sky Procycling)2
8Beth Hayward (Rapha Condor Sharp)2
9Megan Boyd (Maxgear Racing)2
10Megan Barker (Rouleur)1
11Victoria Kinrade (Maxgear Racing)1
12Lauren O'Brien (Chep UK)
13Keira Mcvitty (Rapha Condor Sharp)
14Rebecca Hunt (Howies)
15Abbie Dentus (Team UK Youth)
16Bethany Taylor (Team UK Youth)
17Kimberley English (Rapha Condor Sharp)
18Danielle Khan (Cunga Bikes)
19Flora Gillies (Rouleur)
20Paige Millward (Rouleur)
21Ellie Dickinson (Maxgear Racing)
22Chloe Evans (Team UK Youth)
23Hannah Blount (Sky Procycling)
DNFGrace Garner (Sky Procycling)

DHL Future Stars Elimination Race
1Oliver Wood (Chep UK)30pts
2Jake Ragen (Maxgear Racing)25
3Jacob Scott (Chep UK)23
4Will Thomas (Rouleur)22
5Tao Georgehean-Hart (Rapha Condor Sharp)21
6Alan Trolove (Rapha Condor Sharp)20
7Jack Hoyle (Rapha Condor Sharp)19
8Christian Braybrooke (Rouleur)18
9Zac May (Howies)17
10Chris Lawless (Maxgear Racing)16
11Adam Lewis (Cunga Bikes)15
12Jake Kelly (Rouleur)14
13Jason Pitt (Team UK Youth)13
14Jake Womersley (Chep UK)12
15James Shaw (Sky Procycling)11
16Matt Cross (Howies)10
17Owen James (Howies)9
18Tristan Robbins (Team UK Youth)8
19Sam Franks (Cunga Bikes)7
20George Withers (Team UK Youth)6
21Ryan Whatmough (Sky Procycling)5
22Luc Hall (Maxgear Racing)4

Revolution Sprint - Round 1
1David Daniell (Great Britain)0:00:10.647
2Callum Skinner (Great Britain)

Revolution Sprint - Round 1
1Matt Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.606
2Peter Mitchell (Great Britain)

Team Elimination
1Rapha Condor Sharp30pts
4Maxgear Racing22
5Cunga Bikes21
6Team UK Youth20
7Chep UK19
8Sky Procycling18

DHL Future Stars Scratch Race
1Emily Kay (Cunga Bikes)30pts
2Ellie Coster (Howies)25
3Rebecca Hunt (Howies)23
4Melissa Lowther (Chep UK)22
5Megan Boyd (Maxgear Racing)21
6Emily Nelson (Cunga Bikes)20
7Paige Millward (Rouleur)19
8Megan Barker (Rouleur)18
9Beth Hayward (Rapha Condor Sharp)17
10Charlotte Broughton (Sky Procycling)16
11Lauren O'Brien (Chep UK)15
12Kimberley English (Rapha Condor Sharp)14
13Grace Garner (Sky Procycling)13
14Ellie Dickinson (Maxgear Racing)12
15Hannah Blount (Sky Procycling)11
16Bethany Taylor (Team UK Youth)10
17Danielle Khan (Cunga Bikes)9
18Abbie-May Parkinson (Chep UK)8
19Flora Gillies (Rouleur)7
20Keira McVitty (Rapha Condor Sharp)6
21Victoria Kinrade (Maxgear Racing)5
22Abbie Dentus (Team UK Youth)4
23Amy Hill (Howies)3
24Chloe Evans (Team UK Youth)2

Revolution Sprint - Round 2
1David Daniell (Great Britain)0:00:10.909
2Peter Mitchell (Great Britain)

Revolution Sprint - Round 2
1Matt Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.716
2Callum Skinner (Great Britain)

Australian Pursuit
1Peter Kennaugh (Sky Procycling)30pts
2David O'Loughlin (Cunga Bikes)25
3Iljo Keisse (Rouleur)23
4Franco Marvulli (Rapha Condor Sharp)22
5Tom Moses (Chep UK)21
6Jon Mould (Howies)20
7Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth)19
8Luke Rowe (Maxgear Racing)18

Revolution Sprint - Round 3
1Callum Skinner (Great Britain)0:00:10.951
2Peter Mitchell (Great Britain)

Revolution Sprint - Round 3
1Matt Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.831
2David Daniell (Great Britain)

DHL Future Stars Points Race
1Oliver Wood (Chep UK)6pts
2Jake Ragen (Maxgear Racing)6
3Jacob Scott (Chep UK)5
4Adam Lewis (Cunga Bikes)5
5Jake Womersley (Chep UK)5
6Jack Hoyle (Rapha Condor Sharp)5
7Tao Georgehean-Hart (Rapha Condor Sharp)3
8Matt Cross (Howies)2
9Chris Lawless (Maxgear Racing)2
10Zac May (Howies)2
11Tristan Robbins (Team UK Youth)2
12Jake Kelly (Rouleur)1
13Alan Trolove (Rapha Condor Sharp)
14Luc Hall (Maxgear Racing)
15Christian Braybrooke (Rouleur)
16Jason Pitt (Team UK Youth)
17Will Thomas (Rouleur)
18Owen James (Howies)
19James Shaw (Sky Procycling)
20George Withers (Team UK Youth)
21Sam Franks (Cunga Bikes)
22Ryan Whatmough (Sky Procycling)-20

1km Madison Time Trial
1Rapha Condor Sharp0:00:55.351
2Sky Procycling0:00:58.863
4Cunga Bikes0:00:59.599
5Team UK Youth0:00:59.673
6Maxgear Racing0:01:00.425
7Chep UK0:01:00.966

Revolution Sprint - Keirin
1Matt Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.595
2Callum Skinner (Great Britain)
3David Daniell (Great Britain)
4Peter Mitchell (Great Britain)

DHL Future Stars Elimination Race
1Emily Kay (Cunga Bikes)30pts
2Abbie-May Parkinson (Chep UK)25
3Rebecca Hunt (Howies)23
4Beth Hayward (Rapha Condor Sharp)22
5Charlotte Broughton (Sky Procycling)21
6Paige Millward (Rouleur)20
7Victoria Kinrade (Maxgear Racing)19
8Melissa Lowther (Chep UK)18
9Grace Garner (Sky Procycling)17
10Emily Nelson (Cunga Bikes)16
11Ellie Dickinson (Maxgear Racing)15
12Kimberley English (Rapha Condor Sharp)14
13Keira McVitty (Rapha Condor Sharp)13
14Danielle Khan (Cunga Bikes)12
15Abbie Dentus (Team UK Youth)11
16Chloe Evans (Team UK Youth)10
17Lauren O'Brien (Chep UK)9
18Ellie Coster (Howies)8
19Megan Barker (Rouleur)7
20Flora Gillies (Rouleur)6
21Bethany Taylor (Team UK Youth)5
22Hannah Blount (Sky Procycling)4

Scratch Race
1Mark Cavendish (Howies)30pts
2Steven Burke (Team UK Youth)25
3Luke Rowe (Maxgear Racing)23
4Peter Kennaugh (Sky Procycling)22
5Simon Yates (Maxgear Racing)21
6Owain Doull (Cunga Bikes)20
7Adam Yates (Maxgear Racing)19
8Jon Mould (Howies)18
9Andy Fenn (Howies)17
10Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth)16
11Dave McGowan (Team UK Youth)15
12Tom Moses (Chep UK)14
13David O'Loughlin (Cunga Bikes)13
14Mark Christian (Chep UK)12
15Alex Dowsett (Sky Procycling)11
16Alistair Slater (Chep UK)10
17George Atkins (Cunga Bikes)9
18Geraint Thomas (Sky Procycling)8
19Andy Tennant (Rapha Condor Sharp)7
20Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor Sharp)6
21Franco Marvulli (Rapha Condor Sharp)5
22Iljo Keisse (Rouleur)4

Revolution Sprint - 500m time trial
1David Daniell (Great Britain)0:00:32.545
2Peter Mitchell (Great Britain)0:00:33.236
3Matt Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:34.250
4Callum Skinner (Great Britain)0:00:35.580

1Maxgear Racing187pts
2Team UK Youth180
4Cunga Bikes148
5Rapha Condor Sharp137
6Chep UK137
7Sky Procycling135

Teams - Overall series standings
1Team UK Youth370pts
2Maxgear Racing341
4Cunga Bikes306
5Sky Procycling300
6Chep UK297
8Rapha Condor Sharp269

Elite men - Revolution 34
1Steven Burke (Team UK Youth)145pts
2Simon Yates (Maxgear Racing)117
3David O'Loughlin (Cunga Bikes)105
4Sam Harrison (Rouleur)101
5Alex Dowsett (Sky Procycling)94
6Tom Moses (Chep UK)85
7Alistair Slater (Chep UK)80
8Adam Yates (Maxgear Racing)79
9Owain Doull (Cunga Bikes)77
10Jens Mouris (Rapha Condor Sharp)76
11Mark Christian (Chep UK)74
12Jon Mould (Howies)71
13Luke Rowe (Maxgear Racing)66
14Leif Lampeter (Howies)63
15Russell Downing (Sky Procycling)59
16Peter Kennaugh (Sky Procycling)56
17Joe Kelly (Rouleur)54
18Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth)54
19Iljo Keisse (Rouleur)50
20Tom Murray (Rouleur)49
21Charles Prendergast (Cunga Bikes)46
22James Lowsley-Will'ms (Team UK Youth)45
23Mark Cavendish (Howies)38
24Adam Duggleby (Howies)33
25Franco Marvulli (Rapha Condor Sharp)33
26Chris Opie (Team UK Youth)33
27Sam Lowe (Rapha Condor Sharp)31
28Dave McGowan (Team UK Youth)30
29Andy Tennant (Rapha Condor Sharp)29
30Andy Fenn (Howies)27
31Geraint Thomas (Sky Procycling)25
32Chris Latham (Maxgear Racing)16
33George Atkins (Cunga Bikes)16
34Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor Sharp)15

Future Stars - Boys - Revolution 34
1Jake Ragen (Maxgear Racing)143pts
2Oliver Wood (Chep UK)122
3Jacob Scott (Chep UK)121
4Jack Hoyle (Rapha Condor Sharp)117
5Chris Lawless (Maxgear Racing)102
6Adam Lewis (Cunga Bikes)101
7Jake Kelly (Rouleur)100
8Matt Cross (Howies)97
9Tao Georgehean-Hart (Rapha Condor Sharp)95
10Jake Womersley (Chep UK)85
11Zac May (Howies)82
12Alan Trolove (Rapha Condor Sharp)80
13Ryan Whatmough (Sky Procycling)79
14Tristan Robbins (Team UK Youth)79
15James Shaw (Sky Procycling)71
16Will Thomas (Rouleur)69
17Owen James (Howies)66
18Luc Hall (Maxgear Racing)52
19George Withers (Team UK Youth)50
20Christian Braybrooke (Rouleur)43
21Charlie Tanfield (Cunga Bikes)38
22Mark Stewart (Rouleur)37
23Peter Cocker (Sky Procycling)32
24Jason Pitt (Team UK Youth)23
25Sam Franks (Cunga Bikes)21
26Callum Ferguson (Cunga Bikes)16
27Dan Maslin (Team UK Youth)14

Future Stars - Girls - Revolution 34
1Emily Kay (Cunga Bikes)180pts
2Ellie Coster (Howies)128
3Melissa Lowther (Chep UK)117
4Beth Hayward (Rapha Condor Sharp)110
5Megan Boyd (Maxgear Racing)109
6Abbie-May Parkinson (Chep UK)105
7Rebecca Hunt (Howies)100
8Charlotte Broughton (Sky Procycling)99
9Emily Nelson (Cunga Bikes)96
10Kimberley English (Rapha Condor Sharp)85
11Lauren O'Brien (Chep UK)85
12Megan Barker (Rouleur)78
13Amy Hill (Howies)72
14Ellie Dickinson (Maxgear Racing)71
15Abbie Dentus (Team UK Youth)67
16Grace Garner (Sky Procycling)67
17Paige Millward (Rouleur)61
18Bethany Taylor (Team UK Youth)46
19Hannah Blount (Sky Procycling)45
20Danielle Khan (Cunga Bikes)44
21Victoria Kinrade (Maxgear Racing)39
22Alice Barnes (Team UK Youth)34
23Keira McVitty (Rapha Condor Sharp)32
24Imogen Farlie (Rapha Condor Sharp)31
25Flora Gillies (Rouleur)20
26Louise Borthwick (Rouleur)17
27Chloe Evans (Team UK Youth)16
28Zoe Armstrong (Maxgear Racing)10

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