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Johnson, Annis take home day 1 wins

Day One of the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival presented by Interbike surprised more than one racer as the unseasonably nice weather lulled more than one racer into thinking the technical course would be easier dry. Instead, the women’s race shattered with a commanding performance by the newly found ‘cross power, Sally Annis of p/b JRA Cycles, while the men’s race turned into a nail biter between Cannondale p/b teammates Tim Johnson and Jamey Driscoll.

Breakout for Annis

The women’s race was expected to be a pitched battle as there was no particular favorite. From the gun the race turned into a 3 women ordeal as Meredith Miller (California Giant-Specialized), Sally Annis and Andrea Smith (LadiesFirst Racing) emerged from the first lap with a small gap to the rest of the field. However, the group quickly broke apart as Miller flatted at the top of the course, gapping Smith and giving Annis the chance she needed, which she seized and never looked back on.

“I heard some crunch, crunch, crunchin’ and then [Meredith] started running,” explained a surprisingly relaxed Annis, “I just decided that was the time to go and just tried to go as fast I could for the entire race.”

Smith made a valiant effort to pull back the rider but was never able to close the gap completely. Behind her Luna Pro Team rider Amy Dombroski moved her way through the field after a weak start to take the final podium spot as a small going away present before she leaves for a spell of racing in Europe.

Johnson takes a close one

At the start of the men’s race it was clear everyone was waiting to watch National champion Tim Johnson ride away from the field. True to expectations, after a fast start, Johnson shed Luca Damiani (Kenda p/b Geargrinder) and Jamey Driscoll, and by the second lap he looked to be on his way to yet another victory in Providence. His teammate Driscoll had other plans. Not content to simply let Johnson ride away, Driscoll had the crowds scurrying about the course as they watched the young Vermonter pull by Johnson second by second, lap by lap.

“We were both just racing as hard as we could out there and at the end Jamey was picking it up,” explained Johnson. “Going into the last lap my gap was falling down a little bit faster than I was thinking.”

Driscoll stunned all as he caught his teammate on the final lap in the technical back section. The two went to the line in a surprising photo finish, with Johnson winning by half a wheel after all was said and done.

Behind the two Cannondale p/b riders, Damiani continued his strong season comfortably holding onto third while making a show of it as he bunny hopped the barriers in front of the Harpoon beer garden and its cheering crowds.

Full Results

UCI Elite/U23 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Timothy Johnson (USA) UnitedHealthcare pb Maxxis1:04:57
2Jamey Driscoll (USA)
3Luca Damiani (Ita) Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:00:49
4Valentin Scherz (Swi) Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks0:01:40
5Nicholas Weighall (USA) California Giant Cycling0:02:21
6Luke Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross0:02:23
7Philip Wong (USA) Seaside Cycle - Antero Resources
8Anthony Grand (Swi) Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks
9Adam Myerson (USA) Cycle-Smart0:02:57
10Jerome Townsend (USA)
11Justin Lindine (USA) / Joe's Garage / Scott
12Steve Fisher (USA) Rad Racing NW / Hagens Berman LLP0:03:55
13Manny Goguen (USA) BikeReg,com/Joe's Garage/Scott0:04:20
15David Wilcox (USA) PEDROS0:04:39
16John Hanson (USA) Silver Bull/Central Wheel0:05:04
17Peter Bradshaw (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal0:05:18
18John Burns (USA) Bikeman.com0:05:37
19Joshua Lehmann (USA) PEDROS
20Greg Whitney (USA) B2C2 p/b Boloco
21Shawn Milne (USA) Antero Resources/Seaside Cycles
23Adam Sullivan (USA) Wheelhouse / NCC
24Tom Sampson (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing
26Evan Huff (USA)
27Jesse Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
28Stephen Pierce (USA) Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames
29Collin Huston (USA) Moots
30Pierre Vanden Borre (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy
31Christian Parrett (USA) Team Sprocket Pro Cycling
32Peter Rubijono (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal
33Cort Cramer (USA) Svelte Cycles
34Nicholas Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
35Ryan Kelly (USA)
36Kevin Wolfson (USA) Independent Fabrication
37Michael Jenks (USA) Highland Park Hermes p/b Kim's Bike Shop
38Adam Snyder (USA) Team Jamis
39Mark Babcock (USA) DePaula Racing
40Tyler Wertenbruch (USA) SLO Nexus - Gym One
41Rodrigo Moraes (USA) Edgartown Bicycles
42Jeff Gelt (USA) Silver Bull/Central Wheel of Farmington CT

UCI Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Annis (USA) p/b JRA Cycles0:41:07
2Andrea Smith (USA) LadiesFirst Racing0:00:23
3Amy Dombroski (USA) Luna Pro Team0:00:37
4Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (USA)
5Ann d'Ambruoso (USA) LadiesFirst Racing0:00:54
6Meredith Miller (USA) Cal Giant/Specialized
7Nicole Thiemann (USA) Team CF0:01:43
8Christina Tamilio (USA) LadiesFirst Racing
9Rebecca Wellons (USA) PEDRO'S0:02:09
10Anna Barensfeld (USA) LadiesFirst Racing0:02:26
11Katrina Dowidchuk (USA) Team TBB/Deep Blue0:02:48
12Rebecca Blatt (USA) silver bull/central wheel0:02:56
13Crystal Anthony (USA) LadiesFirst Racing0:03:10
14Lara Kroepsch (USA) Hudz Subaru0:03:26
15Sarah Krzysiak (USA) / CBRC0:03:40
16Melissa Ross (USA) Team MMWR/Landry's Bicycles0:03:49
17Laura Ralston (USA) MIT0:04:39
18Catherine Sterling (USA)
19Allison Snooks (USA) LadiesFirst Racing0:05:29
20Jocelyn Mauldin (USA) Mock Orange Bikes0:05:50
21Andrea Myers (USA) Bethel Cycle0:06:34
22Jessica Hayes Conroy (USA) North American Velo0:06:40
23Giulia Righi (USA) Silver Bull/Central Wheel of Farmington CT
24Jan Tanner (USA) Benidorm Bikes /Eastern Bloc C.C.0:06:59
25Laura Summers (USA) Silver Bull/Central Wheel of Farmington CT0:08:24
26Margaret Thompson (USA) Team Hammer Nutrition
DNFLinnea Koons (USA) PVD
DNFJena Greaser (USA) Colavita Racing
DNFPaulin Frascone (USA) Bicycle concept
DNFFrances Morrison (USA) Wheelhouse / NCC

U23 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Valentin Scherz (Swi) Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks1:06:37
2Luke Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross0:00:43
3Anthony Grand (Swi) Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks
4Jerome Townsend (USA)0:01:17
5Steve Fisher (USA) Rad Racing NW / Hagens Berman LLP0:02:15
6Manny Goguen (USA) BikeReg,com/Joe's Garage/Scott0:02:40
7Joshua Lehmann (USA) PEDROS
8Tom Sampson (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing
9Jesse Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
10Collin Huston (USA) Moots
11Christian Parrett (USA) Team Sprocket Pro Cycling
12Nicholas Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross

Juniors 10-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Victoria Gates (BLUE STEEL CYCLERY)0:31:18
2Kevin Goguen (TEAM CF)0:01:50
3Donnie Seib (BIKEMAN.COM)0:02:07
4Max Durham (ccb racing)0:04:18
5Harrison White (CBRC)0:05:46
6Ry Brodsky (Corner Cycle)0:07:03
7Mac Barnes
8Jaalen Pottle (Hyper Force BMX/JRA Cycles)
9Greg Gunsalus (Team FUJI)
10Raffaele Bauer (Minuteman road Club)
11Zoe Brodsky (MBRC/ Bicycle Link)

Cat 3/Juniors 15-18 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nate Campbell (seaside cycle/antero resources)0:47:35
2Gerald Adasavage (Embrocation Cycling Journal)0:00:10
3Matt Mitchell (545 Velo)0:00:29
4Doug Kennedy (Minuteman Road Club)0:00:44
5Synjen Marrocco (CLNoonan/BayHillCapital p/b CornerCycle)0:00:56
6Edward Uhring (Sinister Bikes)0:01:00
7Ryan White (
8Scott Rosenthal (Zanconato Racing)
9Jack Macclarence (CBRC / Proctor Academy)
10Hunter Pronovost (Cheshire Cycle Racing -
11Shawn Mottram (Union Velo / NFG Cycles)0:01:18
12Curtis White (CLIF BAR Development Cyclocross Team)0:01:42
13Peter Hurst (AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA)0:01:49
14Peter Goguen (TEAM CF)0:01:53
15Ian Harris (NYC Velo)0:02:01
16Ned Connelly (Cox Communications Cycling Team)0:02:18
17Chandler Delinks (CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM)0:02:32
18Michael Sampson (Rhino Bike Works)0:02:38
19Sean Kennedy (Competitive Edge Racing)0:02:44
20Adam St. Germain (Circle A Cycles)
21Ian Schon (B2C2/Boloco/BackBayBicycles)0:02:56
22Brian Hayes (Svelte Cycles)
23Oscar Jimenez (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)0:03:12
24Jacob Harris (Norm's Ski & Bike)
25Nixon (Cannondale Factory Racing)
26Andrew Krulewitz (Cambridge Bicycles/Igleheart Frames)0:03:30
27John Gibbons (NEBC / Cycle Loft / Devonshire Dental)
28Mark Romanovsky (Yorktown Cycles)0:03:39
29Anson Ross (U.S. ARMY/Central Wheel- GHCC)
30Cory Johannessen (Threshold Cycling)0:03:47
31Christopher Raymond (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:03:52
32Ben Corbalis (Raleigh All Stars)0:04:09
33Jamie Harris (Philadelphia Ciclismo)
34Ben Gurley (Wheelworks/Budd Bike Works)
35Brendan Mcgrath (Bicycle Therapy)0:04:01
36Nicholas Mashburn (Svelte Cycles)0:04:32
37Thomas Mahan
38Jeffrey Bramhall (Pedro's)
39Peter Abdinoor (Team Psycho)
40Nicholas Quesnel (Northampton Cycling Club)0:04:52
41David Carmona (Battenkill United)
42Joseph Tramontano (Signature Cycles / Rockstar Games)0:04:58
43Jurgen Nebelung (Embrocation Cycling Journal)0:05:04
44Thomas Buttner (Verge Sport / Test Pilot)
45Bob Biese (Team Vortex)
46Bryon Lewis (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:05:15
47Scott Glowa (Svelte Cycles)0:05:30
48Jeffrey Ziegler (Team Wheelworks)
49Forrest Conrad (Pure Energy Racing/ ProAir HFA)0:05:51
50Nate Morse (CLNoonan/BayHillCapital p/b CornerCycle)0:05:57
51Ken Carpenter (Threshold Cycling)
52Jonathan Anderson (ECV)
53Christopher Bailey (Svelte Cycles)
54Steven Hopengarten (Wheelworks Cyclocross)
55Luke Fortini (Cycle-Smart)
56Keith Berkoben (MIT Cycling / FXDD)
57Harry Precourt (Twin Six)
58Oliver Hiller (CLNoonan/BayHillCapital p/b CornerCycle)0:06:30
59Tristan Ostronic (U.S. Army/Central Wheel- GHCC)0:06:42
60David Chiu (Maietta Factory Racing)0:07:04
61Paul Mcmahon (Seaside Cycle - Antero Resources)0:07:18
62David Montes (Cambridge Bicycles/ Igleheart Frames)
63Matt Aumiller (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)0:07:36
64Chris Mckernan (Essex County Velo)0:07:42
65Daniel Kumatz (Geekhouse Bikes)0:07:45
66Mike Mast (Bicycle Therapy)0:08:07
67Harrison Seiler (B2C2)0:08:18
68Aaron Ross (Team MMWR/Landry's Bicycles)
69Julian Meier (Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks)0:08:32
70Seth Davis (Cambridge Bicycle/ Igleheart Frames)0:08:41
71David Patnaude (Minuteman Road Club)0:08:53
72Jeremy Jo (Wheelworks Racing)0:12:41
73Patrick Snoop (Verge Sport Test Pilot)
74Nicolas Catlin (Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump)
75Scott Frison (Devils' Gear Bike Shop / Bacon Lap Racing)
76Shane Mulrooney
77Robert Morgan (Geekhouse Bikes)
78Kevin Boyd (Union Velo / NFG Cycles)
79Jeff Murray (IRSMedic/Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners)
80Kyle Foley (
81Joseph Toth (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
82Tomas Jurgensen (Quad Cycles)

Women 3/4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emma White (NYCROSS.COM/CBRC)0:27:04
2Elizabeth White (BLUE STEEL CYCLERY)0:00:42
3Elizabeth Winfield (Wilderness Sports)0:00:47
4Kathy Sarvary (Blue Steel Cyclery)0:01:10
5Nancy Labbe-Giguere0:01:21
6Karen Tripp (Revolution Cyclery)
7Kaitlyn Lawrence (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes)0:01:51
8Kathleen Lysakowski (
9Christine Fort (
10Susan Maclean (Gear Works / Spin Arts)0:02:42
11Christina Birch (MIT Cycling/FXDD)
12Becca Schepps (Jimenez Velo Sport)
13Brittlee Bowman (Kissena)0:03:06
14Dana Prey (
15Teri Carilli (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)0:03:27
16Joy Stark (HUP United)0:03:54
17Emily Curley (Gear Works/BLUE STEEL CYCLERY)
18Stacey Moseley (NBX)0:03:58
19Inette Rex (CVC/Subaru of New England)
20Lauren Kling (Unattached)
21Kristi Carver (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)0:04:23
22Rebekah Weiner
23Leah Pappas-Barnes (Cycle-Smart)
24Janet Lorang (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)
25Robin Shea (EECT/Kreb Cycle)
26Ivy Luhrs (Portland Velo Club/CycleMania)0:04:37
27Jennifer Urquhart (HUP United)
28Amanda Bedard (Cycling Concepts)
29Kristen Lukach (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)0:05:25
30Dana Cooreman (mission in Motion)0:05:51
31Anna Milton (LadiesFirst p/b MiltonCat)0:06:01
32Erin Brennan (Portland Velo Club)0:06:22
33Katherine Snell (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)
34Elaine Debitetto (Team Psycho)0:06:39
35Katherine Miller (Portland Velo Club)0:07:04
36Kate Weiler (Minuteman Road Club)0:07:30
37Leigh Boyle (Noreast Cycling)0:08:10
38Marylou Brooks (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)
39Martha Fanning (PBMC)0:08:32
40Alyssa Koomas0:09:13
41Karen Nash (CCB Racing)0:11:17
42Julie Lockhart (NEBC/Devonshire Dental/Cycle Loft)
43Sally Mcinnis (JRA Cycles)
44Susan Arapoff (NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dental)
45Caroline Cardiasmenos (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)
46Linda Shelburne (Cape Cod Racing/C4)
47Natalia Boltulehour

Men 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Campbell (Newbury Comics / High&Mighty Beer Co.)0:34:33
2Brock Boynton (BH Ultralight Bicycles)0:00:23
3Nathan Turillo (Refunds Now)0:00:26
4David Mccahill (Team Placid Planet)0:00:43
5Shane Buker (Threshold Cycling)0:00:47
6Eric Oishi (Jimenez Velosport)0:01:15
7Nicholas Maggiore (Newbury Comics / High&Mighty Beer Co.)
8Curtis Singmaster (
9Joe Phenix (Bikeworks/hallamore)
10Niall Gengler (NFG Cycles)0:01:32
11Benjamin Pagano (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)0:01:48
12Michael Weiler (Minuteman Road Club)
13Kasper Ludwig-Larsen (Hudson Furniture Racing Team)0:01:59
14P J Mcquade (Minuteman Road Club)
15Deke Andrew (Portland Velo Club / Cyclemania)
16Alejandro Cifuentes-Lorenzen (CLR Racing
17Graham Dimmock (Hup United)
18Jon Conway (
19Michael Brier (Refunds Now)
20Matthew Pierson (Minuteman Road Club)0:02:40
21Kent Hirshberg (dedham bike/ morse lumber)0:02:55
22Nathaniel Brewster (Bethel Cycle)0:03:03
23Christopher Payton (Cycle Loft Velo)0:03:26
24Parke Rhoads (
25Conor Mckenzie (Geekhouse Bikes)
26Marty Walsh (Geekhouse Bikes)
27Scott Decoteau (Competitive Edge Ski & Bike)0:03:38
28Patrick Flaherty (Landry's Bicycles)0:03:44
29Bogert Kisch (Team Town Cycle)
30Sean Madsen (Bikes Not Bombs)
31Keith Cardoza (Pedros)0:03:58
32Torrance Kopfer (Landry's Bicycles)0:04:23
33Andrew Giessel (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)0:04:36
34Tristan Schneiter (Geekhouse Bikes)0:04:50
35Todd Ford
36Dan Barrett (Threshold Cycling)
37Ronald Locke
38Owen Robbins
39Robert Bauer (Minuteman Road Club)
40Matthew Li (Geekhouse Bikes)0:05:04
41Nathaniel Kapinos
42Raymond Cloutier (Geek House)0:05:11
43Kenneth Cheung (MIT Cycling / FXDD)0:05:23
44Jeff Lukauh (Noreast)0:05:38
45Doug Farley
46Christopher Cohen (Brown University Cycling)
47Jared Borowik (Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA)0:05:59
48Alexander Twombly (Bikes Not Bombs)0:06:05
49Ian Hertzler (Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA)0:06:40
50Jeremy Katz (QuadCycles)
51Thomas Estrada (Geekhouse Bikes)
52Jacob Horsey (NFG Cycles)0:06:54
53Marshall Moore (Brown University)
54Dan Durusky0:07:08
55Yi Peng Teoh (Brown University)
56Tristan Beaulieu0:07:37
57Gregory Gibbons (MVCX)0:07:59
58John Rothemich
59Richard Walsh (Grace Bicycles Velo Club)
60Jason Albright
61Matthew Rossi (CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Zephyr Graffiti)
62Michael Mulrooney
63Ronald Gainer Jr. (Independent Fabrication Factory/Team New Beige)

Masters Men 35+ (1-3)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle)0:46:19
2Curtis Boivin (cyclocross racing / ride blue)0:00:10
3Kurt Perham (
4Bill Elliston (Van Dessel Factory Team)0:00:21
5Mark Mccormack (Team FUJI/Clif Bar)0:00:37
6James Tosca (Corner Cycle)0:00:51
7Rob Hult (Gear Works / Spin Arts)0:01:02
8Michael Magur (Verge Sport)0:01:48
9Johannes Huseby (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:01:58
10Pete Smith (Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy)
11Glen Gollrad (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:02:17
12Cliff Kenyon (Expo/Superior Energy)0:02:30
13Stephan Marcoux (
14Harry Stover (
15Andrew Crooks (NYC Velo)
16Donald Snoop Jr. (Verge Sport/Test Pilot)0:03:23
17Scott Brooks (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)0:03:31
18Craig Mattern (Nalgene-R3)0:03:43
19Jason Snow (Cycle Safe)0:04:02
20David Hildebrand (Expo/Superior Energy)0:04:18
21Paul Stanton
22Jeffrey Ferraro (U.S. Army/Central Wheel-GHCC)
23Wade Summers (Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp)
24Gray Eldridge (Corner Cycle)
25Matthew Myette (Zanconato Racing)
26Brant Hornberger (
27Zach Magoon (
28William Palm (MIT Cycling/FXDD)0:05:30
29Eric Wemhoff (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)0:06:13
30Todd Kruger (Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham)0:06:26
31Jerry Chabot (
32Ethan Parsons (Joe's Garage)0:06:48
33Geoff Williams ( / Ride Blue)
34Jeremy Brazeal (CVC/Subaru of New England)
35David Foley (BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop)
36John Buser (Paradise Racing)
37Dominique Desmonts (Team Danbury Audi/Pedal & Pump)
38Murat Altinbasak (
39Drew Davis (Podium Café)
40Bill Shattuck (Corner Cycle)

Masters Men 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Ferguson (Beacon Cycling/Cape Atlantic Racing)0:39:59
2Jeff Molongoski (Joe,s Garage)
3Samuel Morse (Corner Cycle)
4Paul Curley (Gear Works/BLUE STEEL CYCLERY)0:00:19
5David Overstreet (Wilderness Sports)
6Erich Gutbier (CCC Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles)0:00:36
7Eric J. Carlson (BLUE STEEL CYCLERY)0:00:47
8Carl Reglar (Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump)0:00:51
9Paul Richard (CCB/Wheelworks)0:01:07
10Geoffrey House (Housatonic Wheel Club)0:01:18
11Mitchell Medeiros (scottee's westport bicycle)0:01:30
12Mark Suprenant (Team Type 1)0:01:37
13Alec Petro (Team Psycho)
14David Belknap (Cycle Lodge)0:01:57
15Geoff Mcintosh (New Hampshire Cycling Club)0:01:58
16Jonathan Tarbox (Expo/Superior Energy)
17Wayne Cunningham (Wheelworks racing)
18Andrew Durham (CCB Racing)
19Kevin Callahan (Bicycle Link/MBRC)
20Patrick Cunningham (Williams Cycling)0:02:16
21John Grenier (Team Fuji fueled by Clif Bar)
22Richard Brown0:02:33
23Matthew Domnarski (Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.)0:02:39
24William Thompson (CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles)
25Steve Witkus (
26Derek Griggs (Recycled Sports)0:03:03
27John Souza (
28Doug Aspinwall (Joe's Garage)0:03:27
29John Mosher (Wheelworks Racing)0:03:37
30Michael Christy (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)
31Jamison Burt (Unattached)0:03:51
32Michael Bradford (BLUE STEEL CYCLERY)0:04:00
33Brian Mcinnis (JRA Cycles)
34Christopher Burke ( Blue)
35Michael Good (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)
36Alexis Arapoff (BIKEMAN.COM)
37Timothy Shea (BOB-Goodale' s Bike Shop)0:04:22
38Paul Weiss (OA/Cyclemania Masters Cycling Team/Portland Velo Club)0:04:28
39Mark Gunsalus (Team FUJI/Clif Bar)0:04:45
40John Prevost (FELT CANADA)0:05:19
41Gary Dalton (Cox Communications Cycling Team)
42Robert Blinn (Blue Steel Cyclery)
43Eric Marro (BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop)
44John Pescatore0:05:34
45Tom Stevens (Gear Works/Spin Arts)0:06:10
46David Leedberg (GearWorks / Spin Arts /
47Al Curits (Bethel Cycle)0:07:03
48Jay Mongillo (Cycle-Smart)0:07:13
49Jesus Vazquez (
51Dan Coleman (Colavita Racing inc.)0:09:35
52James Sylvia (scottees cycles)
53Louis D'amelio (Pure Energy Cycling - ProAir HFA)

Masters Men 55+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Sawyer (Gearworks - Spinarts)0:42:59
2Tim Groesbeck (CCB)0:01:19
3Dave Beals ( / CBRC)0:01:34
4David Goodwin (Northampton Cycling Club)0:01:53
6Barry Doubleday (Cycle Lodge)0:02:17
7Peter Crowley (NCC/Northampton Cycle Club)0:02:31
8Watt Moore (BCA/Tosk Chiropractic)0:03:13
9Tim Leonard (NYCROSS/CBRC)
10Steven Abbott (BLUE STEEL CYCLERY)0:03:46
11Craig Walton (Housatonic Wheelclub)0:05:24
12Victor Cillis (Cape Cod Racing Club/ C4)0:06:01
14Jeff Tripp (Revolution Cyclery)
15Bob Ludecke (laurel bike club)
16Jim Quinn (The Bicycle Link/MBRC)
17James Themig (Mystic Velo Club)
18Lawrence Purtill (Cox Communications Cycling Team)
19George Pawle (Cyclonauts Racers)
20Philip Thompson (Dick Sonne's Racing/MVBC)
21Barry Shopnick

Masters Men 35+ Cat 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Smith (Minuteman Road Club)0:34:44
2John Buchheit (QuadCycles)0:00:18
3Matt Donovan (Dedham Bike / Morse Lumber)0:00:30
4Matt Williams (circle69 Racing)
5Brian Medeiros (Scottee's Westport Bicycle)0:00:44
6Matthew Whiteley (Bikeworks/Hallamore)0:01:00
7David Dubos (Expo/Superior Energy)0:01:17
8Wes Deane (Cox Cummunication cyling)0:01:24
9Jeff Underhill (Cannondale Factory Racing)
10Joseph Tindal (Expo/Superior Energy)0:01:27
11Chris Neeb (Merrill Lynch)
12Michael Brier (Refunds Now)
13Kevin Brant (Grace Bicycle Velo Club)
14Thomas Goodman (Team CF)
15Frank Petty (Union Velo)
16Keith Limberg (NorEast Cycling)
17John Witmer (GMBC/Synergy Fitness)0:01:56
18Evan Patten (NorEast Cycling/Slouch Inc.)0:02:03
19Tim Dodd (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)
20John Plump (Minuteman Road Club)
21Todd Prekaski (Minuteman Road Club)
22Kenneth Hamel (cyclonauts racers)
23Benjamin Kjoller (Cape Cod Racing / C4)0:02:26
24Steven Fessenden (seaside cycle)
25Paul Debitetto (Minuteman Road Club)0:02:44
26Scott Bartley (Mass Bay Road Club)
27Humberto Raposo
28Andre Bessette (Quinebaug Valley Velosport)
29Ron Hines (QuadCycles)0:04:02
30Roger Cadman (Newbury Comics /High&Mighty Beer Co.)0:03:10
31Andrew Cooper (FxD Coaching)
32Andrew Rinn
33Bill Maidment
34Jim Dowd (independent)
35Tim Metzger (NorEast Cycling)0:03:39
36James Hoard (NBX/Narragansett Beer Cycling Team p/b Apex Tech)
37Tom Macclarence (CBRC)0:03:58
38James Boyd (Cox Communications)0:04:30
39John Romain (Bethel Cycle)0:04:42
40Miguel Rivera Jr. (Travis Cycle)
41Bruce Thompson (Minuteman Road Club)
42John Torrey (cyclonauts racers)
43Jim Gomez (QuadCycles)0:05:04
44Scott Kirschner (Blue Hills Cycling Club)
45Stanford Smith (Team City Sports)0:05:17
46Doran Abel (minuteman road club)0:05:32
47Art Baril (Minuteman Road Club)0:05:49
48Richard Hislop (QuadCycles)0:06:05
49Clint Lunsford (Independent Fabrication Factory Team)0:06:17
50Richard Tobin (grace bicycles velo club)0:06:32
51Eric Marowitz (Pete's Bike / Century Road Club of America)0:06:55
52John Weaver (Mystic Velo)0:07:42
53Mike Romanovsky0:08:17
54Arnold T. Kalmbach (Grace Bicycles Velo Club)0:08:40
55Peter Ward (North American Velo)0:09:56
56Ed Medina (Chum Mouse Racing)0:10:53
57Fred Delgrosso (Quad Cycle)0:11:05
58Adam Arnold (Independent)
59William Bonin
60Steven Saranga


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