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Johannson repeats at Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

Emma Johansson (Hitec Products-Uck) netted her second consecutive win in the women's Omloop Het Nieuwsblad as the Swedish champion outkicked her four breakaway companions in Ghent.

"The team worked well for me. I was confident that I could win the sprint and I'm very happy with this win," Johansson said.

Johansson initiated the decisive move, attacking solo with 62km to the finish.

"On the Côte de Trieux I accelerated to make the race hard," Johansson told Cyclingnews. For a while she led the race on her own. "It was much too far to go the distance. I attacked because I didn't want to arrive in Ghent with a big group."

First Elisa Longo Borghini (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo) and Lucinda Brand (AA bridged up to Johansson, followed by Belgian rider Grace Verbeke (Topsport Vlaanderen 2012-Ridley). Eventually a group of three with Chantal Blaak (AA, Loes Gunnewijk (Nederland Bloeit) and Andrea Bosman (SRAM-WV Eemland) bridged up as well, creating a lead group of seven.

Verbeke crashed out of the front group on the cobbles of Mater when her handlebars broke. In the race finale Brand and Bosman were dropped, with Bosman managing to return. Longo Borghini couldn't keep up with the pace, too, and ended up chasing the four remaining leaders at about 50 seconds in the final 10 kilometres.

In front the leaders were looking at each other and the pace slowed dramatically resulting in Longo Borghini re-joining the leaders in the final three kilometres.

A late acceleration from Johannsson on the last cobbles near Ghent created no gaps. Bosman started the sprint from far out and Johansson was the only rider who managed to overtake the Dutch rider, once again grabbing the flowers in Ghent.

"I started the sprint from way too far. Everybody in the group knew that Emma was the strongest but there wasn't much we could do," Bosman told Cyclingnews.

Third-placed Blaak said she was surprised by the early start from Bosman. Gunnewijk was fourth ahead of Longo Borghini who rolled across the line four seconds later.

With a late solo attempt Verbeke tried to solo towards a sixth place finish but eventually she finished at the back of the first chasing group 1:40 behind winner Johansson.

Full Results
1Emma Johansson (Swe) Hitec Products - UCK3:38:05
2Andrea Bosman (Ned) SRAM - WV Eemland
3Chantal Blaak (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team
4Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Nederland Bloeit
5Elisa Longo Borghini (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line0:00:04
6Annemiek Van Vleuten (Ned) Nederland Bloeit0:01:39
7Janneke Kanis (Ned) Nederland Bloeit
8Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Lotto Honda Team
9Grace Verbeke (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen Thompson Ladies Team
10Martine Bras (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team
11Lucinda Brand (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team0:02:13
12Emma Silversides (GBr) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team0:04:56
13Gloria Presti (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line0:05:10
14Sophie Creux (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope0:05:16
15Ludivine Henrion (Bel) Lotto Honda Team
16Trine Schmidt (Den) Mix Garmin Cervelo - WV Schijndel
17Kirsten Wild (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team
18Sofie De Vuyst (Bel) Lotto Honda Team
19Annelies Van Doorslaer (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen Thompson Ladies Team
20Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Skil-Koga Cycling Team
21Sarah Düster (Ger) Nederland Bloeit
22Evelyn Arys (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team
23Lucy Martin (GBr) Mix Garmin Cervelo - WV Schijndel
24Mascha Pijnenborg (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team
25Amy Pieters (Ned) Skil-Koga Cycling Team
26Catherine Delfosse (Bel) Lotto Honda Team
27Ann Sophie Duyck (Bel) Wielerclub Steeds Vooraan V.Z.W.
28Kim Schoonbaert (Bel) Lotto Honda Team
29Laure Werner (Bel) Lotto Honda Team
30Martina Thomasson (Swe) Rapha Racing
31Irene Van Den Broek (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team
32Inge Klep (Ned) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team
33Marijn De Vries (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team
34Emilie Aubry (Swi) Nederland Bloeit
35Lieselot Decroix (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen Thompson Ladies Team
36Elena Berlato (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line
37Anisha Vekemans (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen Thompson Ladies Team
38Kimberly Buyl (Bel) Wielerclub Steeds Vooraan V.Z.W.
39Noortje Tabak (Ned) Nederland Bloeit
40Valentina Carretta (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line
41Sjoukje Dufoer (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen Thompson Ladies Team
42Iris Slappendel (Ned) Mix Garmin Cervelo - WV Schijndel
43Liesbet De Vocht (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen Thompson Ladies Team
44Jessie Daams (Bel) Mix Garmin Cervelo - WV Schijndel
45Sara Mustonen (Swe) Hitec Products - UCK
46Natalie Creswick (GBr) Rapha Racing0:06:03
47Annelies Dom (Bel) Wielerclub Steeds Vooraan V.Z.W.0:08:32
48Juliette Wigbold (Ned) SRAM - WV Eemland
49Cecilie S. Johansen (Nor) Hitec Products - UCK
50Claudia Koster (Ned) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team
51Monique Van De Ree (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team
52Sofie Verdonck (Bel) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team
53Suzanne De Goede (Ned) Skil-Koga Cycling Team
54Emma Trott (GBr) Nederland Bloeit
55Anne Arnouts (Bel) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team
56Esra Tromp (Ned) Skil-Koga Cycling Team
57Eline De Roover (Bel) AA Drink - Cycling Team0:10:46
58Emilie Moberg (Nor) Hitec Products - UCK
59Alie Gercama (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team
60Marieke Den Otter (Ned) Jan Van Arckel
61Linda Ringlever (Ned) Moving Ladies
62Anne Eversdijk (Ned) Rabo Lady Force
63Jasmien Geerinckx (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen
64Gabriela Slamova (Cze) Vienne Futuroscope
65Marieke Van Wanroij (Ned) Nederland Bloeit
66Jet Wildeman (Ned) Jan Van Arckel
67Julie Krasniak (Fra) Rapha Racing
68Pascale Jeuland (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope
69Anne De Wildt (Ned) AA Drink - Cycling Team0:12:38
70Sandra Van Veghel (Ned) SRAM - WV Eemland
71Willeke Knol (Ned) Jan Van Arckel
72Marie Voreland (Nor) Hitec Products - UCK
73Giulia Ronchi (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line
74Sarah Reynolds (GBr) Moving Ladies
75Emmanuelle Merlot (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope
76Inge Roggeman (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team0:17:50
77Simona Frapporti (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line
78Tone Hatteland (Nor) Hitec Products - UCK
79Geerike Schreurs (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team
80Baukje Doedee (Ned) Rabo Lady Force
81Karen Verhestraeten (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team
82Jennifer Fiori (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line
83Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line
84Melanie Woering (Ned) SRAM - WV Eemland
85Sanne Bamelis (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team
86Elke Bolangier (Bel) Wielerclub Steeds Vooraan V.Z.W.0:18:38
87Valerie Robert (Bel) Wielerclub Steeds Vooraan V.Z.W.
88Liliano Leenknegi (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen
89Dunja Ceulemans (Bel) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team
90Liesbeth Verbeeck (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen
91Sione Jongstra (Ned) Jan Van Arckel
92Nina Kessler (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team
93Evi Vervoort (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen
94Ingeborg Kreuze (Ned) People's Trust Cycling Team
95Olivia Koster (Ned) Jan Van Arckel
96Inge Alaerts (Bel) Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen
97Kirsten Peetoom (Ned) Moving Ladies
98Julie Wynants (Bel) Rabo Lady Force
99Joukje Braam (Ned) Rabo Lady Force
100Marion Rousse (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope
101Birgit Lavrijssen (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Team
102Joline Goossens (Bel) Lotto Honda Team
103Henriette Woering (Ned) SRAM - WV Eemland
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