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Jonnier dominates women's race

Racing in Saturday's downhill round for of the New Zealand Mountain Bike Cup was held in hot and muggy conditions in Rotorua's Whakarerwarewa Forest.

The course was in perfect condition for the Friday practice day for downhill competitors, and by the time racing started at 1:00 pm on Saturday, the course presented ideal traction conditions to compliment the physically demanding descent.

Levin's Nathan Rankin again set the benchmark in the morning seeding run for the elite men's field, as he did in the previous New Zealand Cup round in Nelson. As fastest and last man down the hill, Rankin had the ideal opportunity to follow through; however, his old team mate, Wanganui's Glenn Haden had other ideas.

Haden has been absent from national-level competiton for over 12 months after injury derailed his 2009 season. His come-back performance at this fourth round showed he has lost none of the fire and determination that he has shown through a long career at the top of the sport in New Zealand and internationally. Haden took the win by a narrow margin over Tauranga's Hayden Lee and Rotorua's Des Curry. All three riders finished on the same second and less than half a second apart.

The women's elite downhill race provided another display of World Cup Champion Sabrina Jonnier's superb power and control. Frenchwoman Jonnier won ahead of New Zealand National Champion Harriet Harper by over 12 seconds. It was a disappointing race for local Gabby Molloy. An over the bars crash during race run ended what had been a promising build-up to posting a quick time.

Several other riders turned heads over the weekend with times that would have placed them in the top 10 of the elite field, no mean feat on this race course. Jay Barrett and Louis Hamilton were first and second in the Under 17 men's category, and were also seventh and eighth overall.

Richard Leacock won the senior men's race, and continued a strong run of form with a sixth fastest overall time from the 156 competitors.

The next round of the New Zealand Mountain Bike Cup will happen this weekend the downhill taking place at Summer Hills MTB Park in Tauranga on Friday and Saturday February 12 and 13 the cross country happening at the Pukete MTB Park in Hamilton on Sunday, February 14.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Glenn Haden0:03:21.56
2Hayden Lee0:00:00.13
3Des Curry0:00:00.29
4Nathan Rankin0:00:00.52
5Wyn Masters0:00:01.37
6Sean McCarroll0:00:07.32
7Matt Scoles0:00:07.35
8Hayden McGregor0:00:08.29
9Matt Walker0:00:08.48
10Thomas Jeandin0:00:09.05
11Tim Eaton0:00:09.56
12George Brannigan0:00:11.08
13Martin Frei0:00:11.22
14Mike Davis0:00:11.76
15Harry Armstrong0:00:12.33
16Edo Franco0:00:15.44
17Robert Venables0:00:19.48
18Ken Faubert0:00:23.50
DNSJames Dodds
DNSBrook Macdonald

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sabrina Jonnier0:03:40.95
2Harriet Harper0:00:12.22
3Gabrielle Molloy0:00:23.87

Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Baker0:03:31.02
2Jimmy Wilson0:00:03.48
3Brandon Ransfield0:00:07.97
4Jonathon Andrew0:00:09.11
5Corey Penney0:00:12.67
6Kirk Fisher0:00:13.71
7Ryan Lewis0:00:18.70
8Matt Silcock0:00:19.28
9Brandon Lumsden0:00:20.56
10Riley Jones0:00:23.42
11Mitch Townsend0:00:24.12
12Tyler Kirk0:00:25.03
13Kyle Weedon0:00:27.46
14Rhys Dunn0:00:28.76
15Oscar Tatom0:00:32.27
16Jourdan Lethbridge0:00:39.83
17Jason Lang0:00:40.36
18Ryan Knell0:00:40.93
19Jason Todd0:00:52.93
20Dayne Scott
21Corey Patel0:00:53.17
22Tyler Caplan0:00:58.46
23Zac Chandler0:00:59.98
24Jack Sharland0:01:09.55
25Kurt McDonald0:02:29.51
26Lucas Jackson0:02:45.81
27Jonathan Campbell0:05:15.16
DNSLuke Wheeler
DNSNathan Sheppard
DNSNick Bygate

Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jay Barrett0:03:27.34
2Louis Hamilton0:00:01.24
3Kurt Summerfield0:00:11.25
4Jacques Vosloo0:00:15.95
5Harrison Redshaw0:00:16.32
6Lawrence Cawte0:00:17.24
7Zach Baker0:00:17.67
8Daniel Matthews0:00:18.87
9Tom Rose0:00:24.92
10Campbell Mercer0:00:32.40
11Russell Grant-How0:00:33.56
12Giulio Laura0:00:35.79
13Mark Werpachowski0:00:36.91
14Joel Turnbridge0:00:38.15
15Jackson Hine0:00:38.94
16Andy Wilson0:00:43.61
17Daniel Lawton0:00:46.42
18Mitch Thomas0:00:47.96
19Jamie Rosier0:00:51.60
20Callum Sprosen0:00:58.37
21Morgan Taylor0:01:00.47
22Jack Dodd0:01:12.51
23James Paling0:01:29.55
24Tom Macdonald0:01:41.99
DNSAled Dunn
DNSRyan Hunt
DNSChris Clift
DNSJake Robinson

Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Richard Leacock0:03:26.54
2Daniel Heads0:00:02.43
3Jamie Lyall0:00:05.34
4David Balderstone0:00:06.28
5Daniel Meilink0:00:06.31
6Ben Tyas0:00:07.15
7Ollie Knight0:00:07.31
8Bryn Dickerson0:00:07.39
9Sam Shucksmith0:00:08.97
10Mathew Mcgovern0:00:11.37
11Joe Flanagan0:00:12.32
12Rob Farmer0:00:14.25
13Evan Thomas0:00:14.73
14Nick Mead0:00:14.91
15Tom Winwood0:00:15.45
16Dominic Stulen0:00:15.55
17Tyler Perrin0:00:19.65
18Asher Ellery0:00:19.84
19Scott Taylor0:00:20.05
20Jarrod Bang0:00:26.63
21Josh Hutchinson0:00:26.89
22Ilya Zharenikov0:00:29.43
23Callum Wilson0:00:31.35
24James Charlesworth0:00:35.39
25Kevin Warner0:00:37.56
26Simon Dibben0:00:38.56
27Joseph Henry0:00:44.22
28Dave Anderson0:00:50.96
29Jono Tonkin0:00:53.60
30Tim Warner0:00:56.73
31Ryan Williamson0:01:01.94
32Nick Hotchin0:01:04.74
33Beau Lowrie0:01:26.75
34Matt Ineson0:05:53.29
DNSRicky Clift
DNSCallum Hunter
DNSTom Mathews

Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil White0:03:36.97
2Cameron Bisset0:00:12.69
3Andrew Martin0:00:23.86
4Eugene Kara0:00:34.02
5Kevin English0:00:39.26
6Vaughan Love0:00:48.69
7Leon Duggan0:00:52.59
8Tony Kiernan0:00:55.01
9Mike Green0:00:56.19
10Stefan Bek0:00:58.95
11Shaun Hodges0:01:02.52
12Boyd Grinstead0:02:08.28
13Rich Seaton0:02:15.96
DNSGlenn Richards

Master 2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dave Hamilton0:03:54.98
2Graeme Hunt0:00:38.30
3Rick Henderson0:01:16.40

Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mathew Hyland0:04:21.04
2Luke Brindle0:00:20.84
3Lachlan Glass0:01:14.33
DNS Joseph Styles

Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charlotte Clouston0:04:17.01
2Sophie Tyas0:00:07.79
3Sarah Atkin0:00:07.98
4Sophiemarie Bethell0:00:15.17
5Kaytee Campbell0:00:33.69
6Megan Maretta0:02:22.18
DNSMadeline Taylor

Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Hamilton0:03:56.06
2Cam Barrett0:00:14.03
3Ben Watkins0:00:24.20
4Gregory Tew0:00:26.24
5Josh Airey0:00:36.75
6Matt Lawton0:00:53.81
7Nick Goodson0:01:10.51
8Mathew Goodson0:02:38.18

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dan Noble0:04:08.02
2Matt Stulen0:00:21.54


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