Bleinkinsop, Jonnier open downhill series with wins

Saturday's downhill race produced some extremely tight racing in the quality elite fields and also across all other age group categories. The elite men's race was won by LaPierre professional Sam Blenkinsop over Trek World Racing's Justin Leov. Christchurch's own Cameron Cole (Maxxis) was nudged into third by 4/10ths of a second after posting a race time that looked like it would stand against all comers. However, Blenkinsop, as second last man down the course, put on a display of superb power and strength to set a time that fastest seed Leov could not match.  Blenkinsop collected the first win of the 2010 New Zealand Mountain Bike Cup.

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Blenkinsop0:03:45.51
2Justin Leov0:00:01.03
3Cameron Cole0:00:01.42
4Brook Macdonald0:00:02.78
5Matt Scoles0:00:04.60
6George Brannigan0:00:04.63
7Wyn Masters0:00:04.90
8Matt Walker0:00:07.48
9Hayden McGregor0:00:09.92
10Fabien Pedemanaud0:00:11.03
11James Dodds0:00:11.20
12Kieran Bennett0:00:11.34
13Joseph Nation0:00:13.82
14Daniel Sims0:00:14.05
15Mike Davis0:00:15.24
16James Rennie0:00:15.62
17David Reinhardt0:00:20.64
18Eolo Fronco0:00:26.43
DNSJoel GebbieRow 18 - Cell 2
DNSTim EatonRow 19 - Cell 2
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sabrina Jonnier0:04:15.91
2Sophie Borderes0:00:27.15
3Rita Langley0:00:53.69
DNSDawn Daley-CoersRow 3 - Cell 2
DNSGabrielle MolloyRow 4 - Cell 2
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Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jed Rooney0:03:55.77
2Daniel Franks0:00:01.03
3Rupert Chapman0:00:01.57
4James Hoggan0:00:09.73
5Leighton Kirk0:00:09.77
6Sam Baker0:00:14.34
7Warrick Trompetiter0:00:14.93
8Jimmy Wilson0:00:16.00
9Corey Penney0:00:16.28
10Nick Bygate0:00:16.64
11Mat Priorr0:00:17.23
12Blake Robinson0:00:19.69
13Reuben Olorenshaw0:00:22.74
14Tobias Handcock0:00:23.40
15Rogan Young0:00:25.75
16Nathan Sheppard0:00:26.62
17Lachlan Cruickshank0:00:29.07
18George Diver0:00:29.23
19Kirk Fisher0:00:30.03
20Oscar Tatom0:00:31.70
21William Parata0:00:33.30
22Jackson Carter-Smith0:00:37.49
23Tom Blakeway0:00:44.49
24Josh Barnard0:00:48.54
25Jono Francis0:00:49.09
26Liam Malone0:00:59.46
27Dan Whearty0:01:00.27
28Hayden Ryan0:01:00.60
29Barry Gilbertson0:01:57.73
DNFRyan LewisRow 29 - Cell 2
DNFBrandon RansfieldRow 30 - Cell 2
DNSBrandon DunnRow 31 - Cell 2
DNSKieran ThompsonRow 32 - Cell 2
DNSNick TaylorRow 33 - Cell 2
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Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Stewart0:04:09.31
2Jake Robinson0:00:01.86
3Kurt Summerfield0:00:07.40
4Reece Potter0:00:07.57
5Harry Chapman0:00:08.57
6Zach Baker0:00:10.64
7Hunter Jenkinson0:00:10.67
8Tom Burns0:00:10.68
9Jacques Vosloo0:00:12.17
10Campbell Mercer0:00:15.05
11Harry Ness0:00:17.30
12Michael Gunter0:00:20.42
13Mitchell Scammell0:00:20.70
14Dan Mccombie0:00:22.61
15Tim Adams0:00:25.58
16Connor Smith0:00:30.89
17Caelab Drummond0:00:32.14
18Andy Wilson0:00:32.16
19Daniel McNab0:00:32.60
20Daniel Lawton0:00:34.02
21Logan Ness0:00:34.57
22Richard Scott0:00:35.65
23Morgan Taylor0:00:38.82
24Jamie Rosier0:00:40.77
25Michael Franks0:00:41.68
26Bradley Dent0:00:49.96
27Alex Faulkner0:00:56.04
DNSCameron FlickRow 27 - Cell 2
DNSMitch ThomasRow 28 - Cell 2
DNSLeo SandlerRow 29 - Cell 2
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Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peter Cooper0:03:55.32
2Richard Laycock0:00:00.30
3Hayden McKay0:00:03.08
4Sam Perry0:00:05.22
5Cameron Kay0:00:06.93
6David Balderstone0:00:07.55
7Jake Boylett0:00:07.83
8Rufus Wenlock0:00:09.43
9Daniel Heads0:00:10.54
10Ollie Knight0:00:12.33
11Kyle Wilson0:00:13.67
12Daniel Meilink0:00:14.76
13Nick Mcconachie0:00:14.95
14Tom Mathews0:00:14.99
15Ethan Helliwell0:00:16.20
16James Mcconachie0:00:17.45
17Eliot Jackson0:00:17.95
18Joel Flanagan0:00:18.22
19Ben Tyas0:00:20.10
20Cam Johnson0:00:20.35
21Alastair Parkin0:00:20.47
22Kevin Fife0:00:23.42
23Heraud Aurelien0:00:24.84
24Matt King0:00:26.10
25Tom Kennedy0:00:26.21
26Matt Burns0:00:26.43
27Steven Pattle0:00:26.85
28Orion Daley-Coers0:00:28.14
29Matt Ineson0:00:28.73
30Oliver Morris0:00:29.28
31Asher Ellery0:00:31.04
32Callum Hunter0:00:34.07
33Jamie Lyall0:00:41.34
34James Allan0:00:47.08
35Chris Mancey0:00:47.16
36Nick Gasson0:00:47.73
37Dylan Shanchez-Pinsent0:00:50.58
38Nick Middleton0:00:51.24
39Trevor Scott0:00:56.76
40Gary Mattson0:00:59.63
41Erik Wardrop0:01:01.54
42Anthony Gunter0:01:05.91
DNSDaryl KingsfordRow 42 - Cell 2
DNSLuke JohnsRow 43 - Cell 2
DNSMark JohnsRow 44 - Cell 2
DNSSean KennedyRow 45 - Cell 2
DNSGraeme AdriaensRow 46 - Cell 2
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Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Winwood0:04:11.25
2Bevan Adlam0:00:02.26
3Scott Couzins0:00:02.64
4Boyd Grinstead0:00:04.87
5Nick Sutcliffe0:00:06.83
6Cameron Bisset0:00:07.14
7Neil White0:00:10.13
8Andy Chapman0:00:20.64
9Shaun Hodges0:00:26.87
10Kevin English0:00:34.63
11Mike Inwood0:00:44.67
12Chris Paassens0:01:08.54
DNSJohn OldaleRow 12 - Cell 2
DNSZach PaulinRow 13 - Cell 2
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Master 2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Murray Stark0:04:38.00
2David Smith0:00:00.62
3John Boylett0:00:10.75
dnsAndrew AllanRow 3 - Cell 2
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Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Petrie0:04:49.39
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Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Madeline Taylor0:04:39.08
2Charlotte Clouston0:00:05.27
3Sophiemariie Bethell0:00:06.35
4Georgia Wight0:00:07.05
5Naoni Wilson0:00:08.40
6Veronique Sandler0:00:16.45
7Amanda Pearce0:00:21.84
8Sophie Tyas0:00:23.61
9Baylee Jackson0:01:29.29
DNSTaj NielsonRow 9 - Cell 2
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Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Mccombie0:04:36.42
2Richard Scandrett0:00:12.16
3Mitchell Barnard0:00:22.49
4Liam Taylor0:00:23.02
5Matt Lawton0:00:44.85
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult

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