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Schalk, Barclay net wins in Pennsylvania

Men's Open: Schalk ties it up with three wins

"The NUE Series men's open class has seen more heat than the East coast had last week!" said Race Director Chris Scott. And the heat was on Saturday near State College as the NUE defending champion Jeff Schalk (Trek Racing) duked it out in the hills of Pennsylvania with Christian Tanguy (Team CF), who already has three early season wins this year in his aggressive bid to for his first NUE men's open Championship.

Schalk ultimately prevailed in Pennsylvania, as he finished 3:59 ahead of Tanguy.

Schalk and Tanguy need one more win to close the window of opportunity for all other challengers and perhaps set up a rematch, a final showdown, at Shenandoah, where all ties will be broken.

"It was a really, really good, close battle between Christian and I," said Schalk. "I think there were eight of us or so together on the fire road coming out of aid two. That is the first big climb in the race where the race really starts to blow up.

"Christian was pushing a huge pace and I was suffering. I was struggling to stay on but I was the only one to stay on. The others just dropped off so it was me and Christian at the top of the climb.

"I got in front of him in the singletrack and got a little bit of a gap on the downhill but then he rolled right back onto my wheel on the next climb. It kind of went that way, yo-yoing back and forth until aid four. At that point he started to get away from me because I was having chain issues.

"I dropped my chain and I lost maybe 20 or 30 seconds untangling it so I had to chase him down. And then, when I had chased him down, on another fire road descent on the way to aid five, I dropped the chain again, had to untangle it, and chase him down again. Both times, it was just a huge effort to chase him down.

"However, we were together at aid five and both stopped to get a bottle. I just got my bottle faster and got out of aid station 5 maybe 10 seconds quicker. From there it's rail trail with one more big climb and I just buried myself to get away. I put about four minutes on him at that point." Michael Simonson (RBS Trek MTB Team) took the third spot on the podium, 22:39 off the pace, with Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo) fourth at 39:31 and Kevin Carter fifth at 42:52.

Women's Open: Barclay tastes her first NUE Series victory of the year at the 101

We reported that local Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw/Honey Stinger/Stans No Tubes) looked to have her best shot at taking an overall victory for the Pennsylvania locals and she did not disappoint, finishing in 7:42:31 as the only woman with a sub-eight hour finish.

Former NUE champion and Wilderness 101 winner last year, Cheryl Sornson (Team CF), was forced to drop out of the race with stomach issues, giving Barclay the unexpected opportunity she needed to go for the victory on her home course.

"It went really good," said Barclay. "I felt really strong this morning. My plan was to just sit with Cheryl and, up to aid station two, it worked. I could see that the field was getting a bit tired so I put in a little kick.

"I left her on one of the descents after aid two and never saw her again. Apparently, she was feeling sick then. From then on I was just trying to keep it steady and I was climbing well. It was a lucky day for me."

Barclay, who sat tenth in the series before this race, has two fourth place finishes in the NUE Series this year at Cohutta and the Lumberjack 100. Her win at the 101 will, no doubt, significantly improve her standing this year. Barclay stated that she might do Fool's Gold and then the Shenandoah 100.

Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) had a great shot at the top three and she took it, placing second 34:51 down on Barclay. Simril was already ranked third behind Carey and Sornsen in the race for the title.

"It was really hot, of course, and I think everyone suffered some from the heat," said Simril. "My husband and I did ORAM last week, so I had no idea how I was going to feel. The legs were a little achey to start but they came around and I had a really good day.

"Karen Potter ( and I were going back and forth for what seemed like about halfway through the race but then, on one of the rocky downhills, she ended up slicing her tire. She had to stop so I got a little gap on her at that point.

"From then I was riding like a stalking cat. I never saw Vicki after the neutral start, she was on fire. It was an amazing day for her."

Karen Potter rounded out the podium finishing third, 58:46 back with Jessica Kutz (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Hubcap Cycles) taking fourth and Pam Frentzel-Beyme (Gripped Films) placing fifth.

Singlespeed Open: Domination by superhuman Pflug

Seven races into the season, the story continues to be defending champion and current NUE Series leader Gerry Pflug (Salsa/Notubes/Pro Bikes). The Pfluginator may be superhuman, able to recover with nothing more than a post-race beer while competing week-in and week-out.

He has become seemingly unstoppable now following another huge win at the 101, making it six wins out of seven races. The Pflug strategy appears to be, "Win all races and never allow a glimmer of hope". At the 101, he finished in 7:19:45 finishing more than 20 minutes on second place.

"It went real well out there. I had a perfect race today and was real happy with it," said Pflug. "Last year I flatted about 70 miles in and my teammate ended up winning," referring to Justin Pokrivka (ProBikes/Cohen Associates) who finished 13th this year.

"Up the first climb, through aid station one, I was able to ride with the fastest geared guys. After one, I stayed with them on the climb, went over the climb but it was a pretty fast descent and just being under-geared on a single speed I couldn't keep up. At that point I was pretty much by myself the rest of the way."

When asked what gearing he used, The Pfluginator responded, "34/19, it's bigger than what I've used in the past but it felt pretty good today. I think the course was better this year, it flowed a lot better. They took out the Poe trail this year, which, on a singlespeed is kind of tough because it had a lot of baby heads on it that will eat you up pretty good.

"They put in a pretty technical downhill which was fast but I felt pretty good. I didn't have any trouble on the descent and I rode a rigid fork today."

Pflug plans to compete again next weekend at the Pierre's Hole 100 in Alta, Wyoming. When asked about his rather demanding schedule and what he does in the middle of the week to recover from four straight 100 mile races, Pflug replied, "This week, I didn't do much, I was pretty spent. I was even wondering whether I was going to come here and be able to race today but it worked out pretty good. I felt pretty fresh this morning."

Mathematically, there is still a distant glimmer of hope for a challenger to emerge, however, with only four races remaining, it would appear that only superman himself could defeat the Pfluginator now. Matthew Ferrari (Freeze Thaw/Hubcap Cycles), arguably the second strongest singlespeed racer in the series, took second Saturday at 20:57 and remains the best chance for a late season upset. Jorden Wakeley (Einstein Racing) finished third at 22:50.

Masters 50+ Open: Masse makes his move at the 101

Roger Masse (Trek 29er Crew) put the smack down on Saturday as he finished in 7:58:48, more than 20 minutes ahead of the runner-up Mike Ramponi (Independent Fabrication). Masse has always been there, hanging near the top, ready to strike yet falling short of glory, but today was his day as he gained his first NUE Series win this year.

Masse has amassed just six points, with three second-place finishes in the NUE Series so far this year. Will a win at the 101 give Masse the momentum he needs to go the distance for the series victory? With just four races remaining, is there enough time for a late season streak that could put him ahead of the defending champion, Robert Herriman and the Hulk himself, Doug Andrews?

Michael Ramponi, (Independent Fabrication) is clearly capable of causing an interruption in the master's galaxy but finished second after reportedly suffering from tire problems. Not far behind Ramponi was Boston's own Mark Virello, (Hammer Nutrition) also no stranger to the podium. Virello finished second in the Masters at the Mohican 100k the last two years.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Schalk (Trek)6:26:25
2Christian Tanguy (Team CF)0:03:59
3Mike Simonson (RBS Trek MTB Team)0:22:39
4Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo)0:39:31
5Kevin Carter (My Wife)0:42:52
6Stephen Cummings (Team GPOA)0:49:15
7Peter Schildt (Keswick Cycles)0:52:57
8Drew Edsall (Super Cool Bike Shop/First Place Racing)0:56:33
9Morgan Olsson (GVC / Cycles de Oro)0:57:03
10Ian Spivack (DCMTB)0:58:25
11Travis Mullen (Shamrock Cycles)1:02:53
12Michael Tabasko (DCMTB)1:03:24
13Garth Prosser (Cannondale/ Ashford Surgical)1:09:10
14Mark McCormack (Clif Bar/Pactimo)1:11:47
15Andy Gorski (Pro Bikes)1:13:52
16Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's)1:14:21
17Zack Morrey (
18Stephan Kincaid (Philly Ciclismo/Cannondale/StansNotubes)1:16:12
19Daniel Atkins (Trek 29er Crew)1:20:00
20Joe Fish (Design Physics/Stijl Cycles)1:20:41
21Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft)1:21:57
22Greg Kuhn (RBS Mountain Bike Team)1:21:58
23Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)1:32:44
24Alex Hawkins (Not Yet)1:35:22
25Chris Beck (Team CF)1:37:03
26Madison Matthews (MBR / TheBicycleShop)1:38:48
27Timothy O'Shea (Syracuse Bicycles)1:39:39
28Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle)1:41:08
29Christopher Michaels (American Classic/Kenda/Tomac)1:41:09
30Ivan Temnykh (Penn State Cycling)1:42:21
31Brandon Draugelis (Team CF)1:46:14
32Petr Minar (NCVC/Caleva)1:47:03
33Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles)1:49:40
34Robert Marion (American Classic/Kenda/Tomac)1:49:41
35Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:50:31
36Hal Batdorf (D and Q Racing / Lone Wolf Cycling)1:51:32
37Scott Bower (O'Leary Paint)1:52:46
38Jared Janowiak (Gripped Racing)1:53:48
39Kyle Taylor (Indian Cycle Racing)1:56:22
40Theo Procopos (Keswick Cycle)2:01:11
41Noah Mabry (Mom & Dad)2:03:04
42Dr. Evil (Cupcakes)2:03:45
43Kevin Campbell (Spokes-n-Skis / LHORBA)2:04:40
44Matt Williams (iRideAdventures/
45Jeff Gilman (Bikebarn Racing)2:06:13
46Fred Harle (Team Ommegang - Syracuse Bicycle)2:07:24
47Colby Waller (Gripped Racing)2:11:28
48David Olsen (Rock Creek Bike Club)2:11:29
49James Mayuric (Team CF)2:12:33
50David Pike (Mom and Dad)2:12:39
51Kirk Slack (Courage Cycles)2:13:32
52Chris Coulston (Team Competitive Gear)2:13:54
53Terry Blanchet (North American Velo)2:15:33
54Don Gustavson (Cycle Center Stamford)2:16:21
55Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Bikeflights/Notubes)2:17:18
56Brian Wilson (
57Daniel Ellis (Upstate Velo)2:19:28
58Richard Brown (None)2:21:46
59Dennis Lessard (Aberdeen Bike)2:22:11
60James Kelly (Poor People)2:22:13
61Jeff Plassman (Design Physics / Stijl Cycles)2:22:29
62Dan Kotwicki (Trek 29er Crew)2:25:21
63Mark Drogalis (Team CF)2:26:14
64Dustin Manotti (Trek 29er Crew)2:31:56
65Pedro Salsanongrata (My Wife)2:36:32
66Joe Fotia (Mahoning Valley Cycling/Cycle Sales)2:38:01
67Bruno Pare (Lessard Bicycles)2:39:13
68Jason Stout (NMBA)2:42:29
69Jake Davidson (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)2:44:34
70Tyler Eusden (
71Nicholas Shaffer (Bikesport)2:45:49
72Andrew Sorey (Indian Cycle Racing)2:47:45
73John Furtak (Caffeinated Cyclist Racing)2:50:10
74David Funk (Green Mountain Cyclery)2:50:11
75Zach Petronic (Top Gear Bicycle Shop/Trek of Pittsburgh)2:53:20
76Douglas Pelko (Applied Security)2:54:56
77David Heerschap2:55:07
78Patrick Wallace (Ellicottville Bike Shop)2:56:35
79Mark Pohndorf (FinKraft Cycling Team)2:56:49
80John Posner (Race Pace/Trek)2:57:37
81Steven Harlacker (Yeah. Um...)2:58:23
82Adam Naish (RBS Trek MTB Team)2:59:32
83Greg Witt (RBS Trek MTB Team)3:01:56
84Philip Wright (Team Wayoh!)3:01:58
85Steven Nutt (Adventure for the Cure)3:03:47
86Brian Boring (Luv Cycles)3:03:49
87Joe Gabor (Cutters Bike Shop)3:03:55
88Ben Bower (Scholl's Bicycle Shop/Hammer Nutrition)3:06:00
89Doug Milliken (Bike Doctor of Fredrick)3:06:57
90Stephan Borkoski (Race Pace Bicycles Coop)3:07:14
91Brandon O'Neal (
92Kent Baake (DCMTB / Continuum Solar)3:09:00
93Peter Phillips (Lebanon Pathology Associates)3:09:01
94Michael Bonsby (MBHVAC)3:09:02
95Mark Jackson (Just Riding Along)3:09:18
96Donovan Neal (What was I thinking?)3:10:29
97Rob Russell (Gripped Racing)3:10:31
98Kevin Conerly (
99Billy Bergen (
100James Burris (Black Dog Bikes)3:16:02
101Scott Fitzner (Team dirtShack)3:17:04
102Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)3:17:44
103Gary Morris (First Descents)3:18:47
104Charles Buki (Gripped Racing)3:19:13
105Andrew Christman (Team Me)3:22:13
106Bryan Vahjen (missing link racing)3:22:36
107Donald Cumming (MPI-Mainstreet Bicycles-Kuhnhenn Brewing)3:23:10
108Anthony DiNallo (The Bicycle Shop)3:25:24
109Peri Garite (Team Little P)3:27:56
110Per Heilmann (Jack Ass Adventure Team (JAAT))3:28:37
111Brian White (HoneyStinger)3:29:30
112Jeremy Larson (Cyclist Connection)3:29:32
113David Wrona (Family Bike of Massachusetts)3:30:30
114Cody Ryan Lacosta (Speedwell Racing)3:30:47
115Tom Newton (Cally Mom & Libby)3:31:08
116Nate Collamer (Flannel)3:32:28
117Milton Rojas (potomac velo club)3:32:31
118Rick Hall (Mom & Dad)3:32:55
119Chris Ruhl (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Cheap Beer)3:33:06
120Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle and Sport)3:33:42
121Dave Tavendale (Blue Ridge Cyclery)3:34:44
122Todd Enders (Bike Loft East)3:36:37
123Eric Model (Hammer Nutrition/High Gear Cyclery)3:38:23
124Steve Noiret (Cycle-Smart,Inc)3:46:05
125Michael Elton (Joe's Bike Shop)3:48:46
126Adam Duncan (Finkraft Cycling Team)3:49:08
127Otto Herr (The Herr-Haus)3:51:03
128Ed Krall (Team GPOA)3:51:46
129Thori Wolfe (Juggernaut)3:51:53
130Scott Sugent (Watchung Wheelmen/TMB Racing)3:52:18
131Wirun Sae-Lao3:53:36
132Joe Johnston (DarkHorse Cycles)3:54:30
133Steven Johnsen (myself)3:55:13
134Brad Beeson (Spin Bike Shop)3:55:50
135Jim Leikert (
136Stephen Wilson (Bikebarnracing)3:56:38
137Ron Shealer (Hubcap Cycles/ Freeze Thaw Cycles)3:59:53
138Charles O'Donnell (Baby Jo & Dean Chase)4:01:11
139Rodney Reed (Self)4:03:30
140Steve Iacoboni (West Newton Bike Shop)4:03:32
141Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery)4:05:39
142Brian Wurster (Applied Security)4:05:51
143Ken Heil (Flannel)4:05:58
144Robert May (Performance Bicycle Shop)4:07:46
145Andrew Goddard (Team GG)4:12:22
146Vasek Vancura (Self)4:13:57
147Mark Sinkovits (Team Sinkovits)4:15:06
148Jon Zerbe (WVU Cycling/Pathfinder/DURX)4:16:48
149Jeff Brown (Luv Cycles)4:18:49
150Myles McPartland (
151Ian Graves (big mistake)4:21:58
152Andrew Schmidt (Guy's Racing Club - DURX -)4:25:10
153Dean Rogers4:27:27
154Mark Liti (Dirty Harrys)4:33:56
155Bo Miller (Ellicottville Bike Shop)4:41:50
156Russell Petts (RACING GREYHOUNDS)4:43:43
157Taylor Valentine (Devils Gear Bike Shop)4:46:05
158Gary Mangee (Watchung Wheelmen)4:57:17
159William Hunt (Race Pace/Trek)4:57:22
160Jerry Jackson (BRCC Ghostriders)5:00:57
161James Carlisle (Bike Doctor of Frederick)5:03:38
162Mike Bender (Potomac Velo Club)5:09:26
163Keith Cordaro (no)5:11:29
164Peter Dunn (BUMs)5:11:59
165Steve Simmons (Gripped Racing)5:13:54
166Richard Rollier (None)5:22:09
167Saysana Inthavongsa (Swashbuckler Brewing Company)5:22:38
168Rob Alexander (Alexander Girls)5:32:52
169Ryan Kleman5:34:04
170Craig Cordaro (none)5:38:30
171Jason Zerbe (Spokes Bike Shop)5:39:32
172Paul Guttridge (1412 Velo Club)5:52:14
173Ben Lawrence ()5:56:31
174David Koehl (They Made Me Do It!)6:07:42
175Brian Schwanke (Ghostriders)6:10:56
176Ricardo Tenorio (Spokes Etc. Vienna)6:20:02
177Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing)6:25:35
178Greg Gorowski6:27:25
179Aaron Campbell (Spin Bike Club)6:40:09
180John Urkuski (Corps Fitness Rdg. PA)6:40:50
181Aaron Dietrich (The Little Egg Farm and Distillery)6:52:48
182David Juneau (TriFitness)6:52:53
183Glen Catalano7:24:29
184Kenneth Timm (Team Hello Kitty)7:32:32
185David Viens (The Bike Lane)7:43:14
186Dario Izquierdo (Two Nuts)7:43:17
187James Collins (Be Strong Fitness Training)7:43:20
188Jody Mazur (Cadre Racing)8:00:50
189Chauncy Cone (Team Holden)8:00:51

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Vicki Barclay (Stans NoTubes/Freeze Thaw/Honey Stinger)7:42:31
2Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)0:34:51
3Karen Potter (
4Jessica Kutz (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Hubcap Cycles)2:04:45
5Pam Frentzel-Beyme (Gripped Racing)2:16:23
6Amanda Rockower (Pennsylvania Furnace MTB Club)3:04:50
7Mara Miller (Team WE)3:07:04
8Christina Buerkle (Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling)3:17:48
9Beth Fulton (The Bike Lane)3:25:40
10Nicole Sheets (Bikesport)3:35:51
11Kathy Maziarz (Fine Whine)3:52:02
12Andrea Slack (Bike Lane)4:37:42
13Michelle Dulieu5:18:32
14Hannah Johnston (Revolution Cycles, NC)5:18:33
15Paula Baake (DCMTB / Continuum Solar)5:33:42
16Jesse Piersol (Downingtown Bike Shop/ Toal Time)6:09:57
17Sandie Reynolds (Mason-Dixon Velo)6:37:47

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gerry Pflug (Salsa/Notubes/Pro Bikes)7:19:45
2Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Hubcap Cycles)0:20:57
3Jorden Wakeley (EINSTIEN RACING)0:22:50
4Sean Leader (Team ED Racing)0:26:42
5Collin Snyder (Midwest Cycling Group/
6Montana Miller (Wilderness Voyageurs/Niner/I9)0:50:55
7Mark Tressler (Hoosac Hype (Believe it))1:06:05
8Aaron Shelmire (Pro Bikes / XXC Mag)1:08:09
9Michael Tressler (Hoosac Hype (believe it))1:08:11
10Dylan Johnson (Oasis Bike Works)1:08:54
11Aaron Anaya (Dark Horse Cycles)1:14:07
12Bill Alcorn (
13Justin Pokrivka (Pro Bikes / Cohen & Assoc.)1:16:33
14Jason Pruitt (29ercrew, LAS, Hodson Bay)1:21:13
15Kelly Klett (Trips for Kids Triangle)1:21:14
16Scott Green (Spud Racing)1:22:33
17Donald Powers (Pro Bikes / Twin Six)1:30:19
18Allen Runkle (Freeze Thaw)1:32:39
19Eric Nord (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:40:19
20Matthew White (Haymarket Bicycles / SEAVS)1:43:46
21Rob Lochner (Iron City Bikes)1:44:08
22Robert Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop)1:52:00
23Eddie Velasquez (Team Marty's)1:56:57
24Charles Kline (Team CF)1:59:23
25Gregory Bell (Revolution Cycles)2:04:47
26Craig Dupree (Team Hops)2:12:23
27Tim Burton (MTB29.COM)2:14:37
28Mike Cordaro (Rastafari Riders)2:15:30
29Allen Gracey (Solo)2:15:32
30Mark Riley (Bicycle Shop)2:23:01
31Scott Rath (Vegan Express)2:34:35
32Jonathan Scroggin (spud racing)2:45:19
33Scott Olmsted (West Chester Cycling Club)2:45:22
34Todd Smith (D-Town Crew/PaTH)2:45:24
35Kevin Stapleton (DCMTB/Family Bike Shop)2:46:51
36Tom Gagliardi (MTB29.COM)2:55:41
37Marc Mazzalupp (Jo Ja Ma Racing)3:20:53
38Andy Neal (Tomicog)3:24:23
39Larry Schlaline (Spod Racing)3:31:12
40Jonathan Wheaton (DCMTB Family Bike Shop)3:44:30
41Shawn Mccann (Mtb29)4:26:13
42Kirk Emig (Spud Racing)4:35:14

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roger Masse (Trek 29er Crew)7:58:48
2Mike Ramponi (Independent Fabrication)0:22:47
3Mark Virello (Hammer Nutrition)0:40:57
4William Simms (Cycle Lodge)1:03:46
5David Belknap (Cycle Lodge)1:03:48
6Bill Nagel (Guy's Bicycles Racing)1:17:41
7Peter Collins (Petersons Bike Shop)1:30:12
8Jim Matthews (MBR / TheBicycleShop)1:32:11
9Paul Barsom (Hustle the Nobles)1:56:35
10Jim Miller (Ghostriders)1:57:40
11James Deschaine (2 Tired Cycling)2:00:29
12John Williams (Bike Line)2:11:43
13James Wilson (Team CF)2:22:03
14Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication)2:26:08
15Joseph Monga (Team Martys)2:37:48
16Steve Duckinfield (Downingtown Bike Shop)2:41:46
17Randy Miller (Mountain Peak Fitness/ Campmor)2:57:23
18Bill Holden (Holden Brothers)2:58:51
19Jon Mullen (DG Cycles)3:02:03
20Jack Ford (2 Tired Cycling Family Bike)3:04:13
21Sam Ward (no)3:24:23
22Dan Matthews (Fine Whine)3:35:36
23Chris Irving (Red Ant Racing P/B Vineyard Vine)3:36:12
24Michael Talbert3:44:33
25Matthew Davies (Bikeway)3:44:36
26Ed McCalley (Team Ed/ Bike Zoo)3:56:52
27Dennis Murphy (Founder's Alger Racing)4:01:43
28John Friel (Newtown Bike & Fitness)4:21:36
29Tim Weaver (Mason-Dixon Velo)4:28:29
30Harry Hamilton (Team Marty's)5:06:04
31Pat Mcfalls ()6:10:58

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoffel Prinsloo (CRCA/FinKraft Cycling Team)9:23:12
2Christopher Esnes (High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelmen/TMB)0:18:06
3Mike Albert0:19:13
4David Nembhard (Self)0:20:41
5Ed Husted (Big Wheel Racing/ Biciclista)0:24:01
6Mike Cusato (Trek of Fairfield)0:27:19
7Keith DeVore (Buckeye Cycling)0:34:40
8Raymond Campeau (TMB Racing)0:55:29
9Tad Fallon (
10Jeff Stickle (Black Bear Cycling)2:24:38
11Brian Fults (Bulldog Mountain Bikers)2:35:01
12Robert Webster (Grove Street Velo/Grove Street Bicycles)2:58:48
13Steven Hecht (Stoudt's Brewing Company/JB MTB)3:13:28
14Alasdair Gledhill (Bike Watch)3:30:54
15Ken Lucus (A1-Heating and Air Conditioning)3:40:22
16William Farwell (Hillbillies)4:12:53
17Roberto Galindo (Symantec / Galindo Inc)4:26:49

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