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Schworm wins Lumberjack 100

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Race Director Rick Plite congratulates Men’s Open Winner Brian Schworm

Race Director Rick Plite congratulates Men’s Open Winner Brian Schworm (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)
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Left, Sonja Looney, Right Danielle Musto

Left, Sonja Looney, Right Danielle Musto (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)
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The front group come around a corner

The front group come around a corner (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)
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Mike Simonson lap 1 rides up the infamous hike a bike Fire Tower Hill

Mike Simonson lap 1 rides up the infamous hike a bike Fire Tower Hill (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)
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The women’s podium at the race

The women’s podium at the race (Image credit: Jack Kunnen)

The 2015 Founders Brewing Lumberjack 100 welcomed 450 racers under brilliant sunshine on an unseasonably cold Michigan morning. The pre-race buzz was filled with chatter and excitement about the legend, Two Time US Olympian, Tinker Juarez and world class ultra-endurance mountain bike racer Sonya Looney who were both competing in this year's race. Unfortunately, just two days before the race, Sonya crashed leaving her with a wrist injury that reluctantly forced her to pull the plug on racing.

The Lumberjack race course is located within the Manistee National forest which is just under a million acres of solid hardwood forest. The 33 mile loop is 90% singletrack with hard packed sandy soil and rolling hills that challenge racers with close to 3,000 feet of climbing per lap.

Even with the crisp morning temps it didn't take long for things to heat up as Juarez, Ridebiker Alliance, Mike Simonson, and Brian Schworm, Green's Toyota, kicked it up off the line with speeds pushing the upper 20's for the mile and a half roll out to the trail.

The lead group pushed a pace of 16.5 mph for the first lap and came through the start finish with a selection of 14 racers clustered together at 2:12. Christian Tanguy attacked on the second lap and tore a hole in the lead group whittling the lead group down to six racers. As they crossed the mat finishing lap two it was Tanguy, Juarez, Wakeley, Schworm, Vanias and Baker that were the sole survivors of the attack. Lap three saw more attacks on the hills leaving just Tanguy, Wakeley, Juarez and Schworm in tact at the mid lap aid station. With less than ten miles to go it was Brian Schworm who attacked, dropping Juarez and Wakeley, and continued to apply the pressure until he shook off Tanguy and cruised across the finish line at 6:27:39 (1:13 ahead of second place).

The women's open field saw Rhonda Stickle, Bike Zone Racing, decide to push the field apart on lap one and she came through the lap with a lead of over two minutes on second place Jill Martindale, Grand Rapids Bicycle Co., and more than a four minutes lead on third place Mari Chandler, Dart Nuun/Tecnu Racing. During lap two Chandler reeled in Stickle and they started the third lap only thirteen seconds apart and almost six minutes ahead of Martindale. It was Mari Chandler who caught Stickle early on lap three and rode her fastest lap finishing in 7:59:03 as the 2015 Women's Open Winner.

The Men's SS class saw Gordon Wadsworth, Blue Ridge Cyclery/Pivot Cycles, pin it from the start and was in the overall men's lead group through one lap with a time of 2:12:56. Second place Jan Roubal, Velorution, had a three and a half minute deficit and third place Aaron Fader came through the first lap almost ten minutes down on Wadsworth. In the end it was Wadsworth who had the legs and handily took the top spot with a time of 6:48:32

The Women's Single Speed Category saw Emily Korsch, Team Noah Foundation, build up an almost half hour lead through one lap on second place Lisa Thompson, LCR, and in the end it was Korsch in first place 9:26:52 and Thompson at 10:04:59

The Men's Master Category saw Jeff Wittbrodt, Specialized, and NUE defending champion Roger Masse, Rare Disease Cycling, battling it out on lap one hitting the lap mat just ten seconds apart with over three minutes on third place Jeff Clayton, Georgia Neurosurgical Institute. They pulled away from the rest of the single speed group when the came through after one lap with times of 2:22:32 and 2:22:42 respectively. Masse passed Wittbrodt on the lap and never looked back as he finished with a time of 7:19:23 for the 2015 Men's Masters Title.


Mens Open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Schworm (Green's Toyota)6:27:39
2Christian Tanguy (Rare Disease Cycling)6:29:52
3Jorden Wakeley (Quiring Cycles)6:31:29
4Tinker Juarez (Ridebiker Alliance)6:31:32
5Keck Baker (Champsys/cannondale P/b Battley Harley)6:39:55
6Alex Vanias (Team Oam Now/athletic Mentors)6:42:21
7Michael Simonson6:47:49
8Matt Acker (Sarma / Freewheeler Bike Shop)6:52:30
9Anthony Grinnell (Specialized Bicycles & Components, Dirtyharrys.Net, Highland)6:55:15
10Michael Naughton (Wheel Werks Bikes)6:57:35
11Mike Phillips (Adventure 212 / Specialized)6:59:05
12Scott Hoffner (Mavic/pivot/the Fraker Group)6:59:57
13Andrew Purcell (Ride On)7:06:35
14Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team / Trek)7:07:50
15Matt Silvia (Roscoe Village Bikes)7:08:39
16Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)7:11:55
17Kelly Magelky (Honey Stinger/bontrager/trek)7:15:26
18Rick Hatfield (Racing Greyhounds)7:18:25
19Kelly Sugg (Rbs Cycling Team)7:20:13
20Al McWilliams (Pivot / Mavic / The Fraker Group)7:21:50
21Michael Hemme (Adventure212)7:23:46
22Jeff Mandell (Finkraft Cycling Team)7:24:38
23Ross Anderson (Pure Energy - Scott Elite Cycling Team)7:25:18
24Charles Moore (Orange Krush Cycling Club)7:26:45
25Scott Morman (Stark Velo)7:27:42
26Cj Brish (Bk Training Systems)7:31:00
27Will Baker (Twisted Stone/latitude 45)7:34:50
28Rob Parrish (Main Street Bicycles)7:35:11
29Chad Mills (Village Bike And Fitness)7:35:12
30Chris Patterson (D2 Racing)7:35:16
31Mike Tuomi (Bk Training Systems)7:36:05
32Alex Tenelshof (Village Bike & Fitness)7:36:37
33Josh Zelinski (City Bike Shop)7:37:16
34Scott Quiring (Quiring Cycles 29+)7:37:36
35Karson Glass (Johnny Sprockets)7:37:52
36Pitbull Boggs (Racing Greyhounds)7:41:08
37Grant Matthews (92fifty/elevated Legs Racing)7:42:51
38Noah Yonker (Village Bike & Fitness)7:43:17
39Tom Stritzinger7:43:54
40Tyler Keuning (Grand Rapids Bicycle Company)7:45:36
41Brent Krmpotich (Velorution)7:47:25
42Ryan Burnette7:49:00
43Greg Fraze (Cecil's Printing)7:49:05
44Bradley Majors (Johnny Sprockets)7:49:15
45Matthew Setzer (Dundee Cycles)7:50:32
46Mitchell Deyoung (Twin Six)7:50:51
47Michael Gottfried (Trek Store Cincinnati)7:51:49
48Joe Fraas (West Liberty Cycles/ Maxxis Tires)7:54:23
49Cameron Bell (Racing Greyhounds)7:55:19
50Jeff Holland (The Bonebell)7:56:56
51Tyler Weston (Clark Logic)7:57:20
52Thomas Novitsky (Racing Greyhounds)7:59:39
53Ken Krebs8:01:50
54Dell Todd (Speed Merchants)8:02:00
55Michael Banks (The Edge Outdoors)8:03:48
56Jack Nielsen (Blackjack Bikes)8:06:06
57Aaron Davis (Team World Bicycle Relief)8:08:59
58Eric Hune (Team World Bicycle Relief)
59Wade Burch (Capfund Title / Sinas Dramis Law)8:09:54
60Jon Roobol (Team Jtree)8:10:39
61Chris Fellows (J&r Cycles)8:10:48
62Greg Rittler (Joe's Bike Shop)8:12:43
63Andrew Bowman (Twisted Stone/latitude 45)8:13:49
64Mark Fetzer (Bloomington Cycle And Fitness)8:13:51
65Brian McCabe (Twin Six)8:14:30
66Justin Hryckowian (Hammer Nutrition)8:17:21
67Jonathan Kloppenburg (Spidermonkey Cycling)8:19:09
68Nathan Schneeberger (Johnny Sprockets)
69Jan Van Nuffelen (Spidermonkey Cycling)
70Matt Kretchmar (Freeze Thaw Cycle)8:20:11
71Tyler Trask (Transition Rack/mavic/zeal Optics)8:21:52
72Dave Demaegd (Inertia Cycle Works)8:22:15
73Eric Fernando8:22:40
74Ken Deitch (Cs Velo)8:23:33
75David Silvers (Silversmith, Inc.)8:25:02
76Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery)8:25:18
77Tony Gwin (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)8:25:22
78Jeramy Duffield (Speed Merchants)8:26:31
79Ulises Rabeiro (Twisted Stone/latitude 45 Racing)8:28:03
80Zack Staniak (Hometown)8:28:33
81Rodney Reed8:28:40
82Mark Quist8:30:10
83Chris Daniels (Bloomington Cycle Racing Team)8:30:17
84Cameron Wilson (Velorution)8:30:19
85Dustin Meyer (Central District Cyclery)8:30:20
86Matthew Gorski (Orange Krush)8:31:45
87Greg Giles (Racing Greyhounds)8:35:51
88Daniel Sterling (Racing Greyhounds)8:37:05
89Kevin Postma (Shoreline Cycling Club)8:38:19
90Thomas Klaver (Freewheeler Racing)8:38:23
91Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds)8:38:42
92Allen Wheeler (Grand Rapids Bicycle Company)8:39:02
93William Ott8:39:40
94Aron Snacker (Serendipity Cycles)8:40:19
95Lucas Seibel (Jus D'orange)8:42:10
96Bradley Green (Roll Models Racing)8:42:27
97Neil Long (Racing Greyhounds)8:43:13
98Davis Kuykendall (Virtuous Cycles)8:43:42
99Ryan Jarosz8:44:21
100James Plichta (West Michigan Coast Riders / Specialized)8:47:49
101John Beeson8:48:41
102Dean Murphey (City Bike Shop)8:49:31
103Felbert Edrada (J&r Cycle)8:49:44
104Scott Thomas (Waterloo Riders)8:50:00
105Christopher Barkow (Cheese Sammich)8:51:03
106Alejandro Pina (City Bike Shop Racing Team)8:52:33
107Kelly Jedynak (R-Bikes.Com)8:52:38
108Michael Campbell (Half Acre Cycling)8:52:43
109Bill Sloney (Klm / Cold Stone)8:53:20
110Steve Kunst (Freewheeler Racing)8:53:22
111Craig Anible (Team Apex Multisport)8:55:24
112Peyton Randolph
113Dan Dewaal8:59:07
114Russell Spaulding (Tfm_bc)8:59:38
115Mike Coffman (Waterloo Rider)9:01:00
116Tim Bochenek (Fusion/new Holland Brewing)9:01:27
117Kevin Leitner9:01:31
118Gordon Greenwood9:03:55
119Mark Wiederkehr9:06:53
120Scott Spoo (Wannabee Racing)9:07:12
121Joshua O'Connell -19839:07:51
122Billy Davis (Orangetheory Fitness)9:09:30
123Jerry Cross (Assenmacher Cycles)9:10:35
124Brandon Hajdo-Fernandez (North Country Cycle Sport Derailed)9:11:35
125Gregory McDaniel9:13:02
126Matthew Jarrett (Bloomington Cycle And Fitness)9:13:42
127Nick Demek (Trail's Edge Cyclery)9:13:49
128Andy Frey9:14:51
129James Malo9:16:34
130Chad Aiello (Racing Greyhounds)9:18:34
131Jesse Ramsey9:18:54
132Shane Hindenach (Team Apex Multisport)9:19:00
133Ken Booth (Twin Six)9:20:50
134Daniel Hryckowian9:22:10
135Michael Labadie9:23:28
136Alan Post (Speed Merchants)9:23:59
137Jeff Eckert9:24:03
138Jason Van Every (Fusion/new Holland Brewing)9:24:04
139Michael Adams (Racing Greyhounds)9:24:57
140Don Lee (Alger Racing)9:25:24
141Jeff Barrett (City Bike Shop)9:26:05
142Chris Swann (Sunshine Cycles)9:27:40
143John Pike (Cft-Sinas Dramis Law Cycling)9:30:46
144Webb Friedly9:30:51
145Peter Henry9:31:14
146Dennis Jensen9:31:15
147Todd McNeilly (Racing Greyhounds)9:36:56
148Robert Simetz (3 Girl Tribe)9:39:49
149Carlos Colmenares (Bloomington Cycle And Fitness)9:40:33
150Paolo Urizar (The Bonebell)9:42:23
151David Giefer (Rapid Wheelmen)9:42:25
152Craig Dittmer (Racing Greyhounds)9:47:35
153Mark McClanahan9:50:33
154Shawn O'Connell (Racing Greyhounds)9:53:58
155Arthur Haan (Drt Racing)9:54:49
156David Ford (Bloomington Cycle And Fitness Racing Team)9:55:14
157Richard Marr9:55:45
158Konrad Kucharski9:56:28
159Steven Ducomb (Racing Greyhounds)9:56:49
160Jeff Vander Maas (Cannondale Midwest Racing)9:57:34
161Marty Mrozinski (Speed Merchants)9:58:20
162Steffen Mueller9:59:59
163Tim McGrath (Pamba)10:08:34
164David Taylor (Roll Models Racing)10:10:10
165Joe Doyle (Embros Bicycle Club)10:15:15
166Troy Carr (Tnr)10:18:37
167Craig Nadel (Groove Labs/yeahmancables.Com)10:21:47
168Scott Bosley10:22:47
169Joshua Brown10:22:50
170Gerry Castro10:23:06
171Ben Dalbey (Forc)10:23:41
172Bill Hill (Team Apex Multisport)10:24:53
173Jason Mulligan (Racing Greyhounds)10:25:58
174Brian Bonner (Racing Greyhounds)10:29:45
175Nick Giordano (Racing Greyhounds)10:36:46
176Mike Dopke (Team Apex Multisport)10:37:23
177Samuel Haglund III (Phsycle Assasins)10:40:05
178Brian Wahl (Tbh)10:41:32
179Michael Albeza (Dayukdok Cycling)10:46:38
180Brian Parker (The Bonebell)10:53:31
181Joseph Pepples10:57:33
182David Tippy (Team Rjr)10:59:27
183Petri Du Plessis11:01:15
184Brian Opitz (J.A. King Mtb Team)11:02:40
185Nathan Schuster (Gfy!)11:02:41
186Ruperto Caminar11:08:55
187Benjamin Rau11:12:06
188Terry Gabbert11:12:07
189Chris Reed11:17:03
190Matt Schmuker (Team Apex Multisport)11:19:34
191Jerry Splitgerber (Team Pull My Finger)11:29:31
192Dan Archer11:40:28
193Jered Michael (Racing Greyhounds)11:40:38
194Sean Evans (Custer Cyclery)12:04:34
195Doug Bradley12:14:15
196Bryan Lewis (Fusionary)12:25:10
197Tim Porter
198Kevin Hopkins12:25:11
DNFRonald Catlin (Rbs Trek Cycling)
DNFSteve Bartzen (Farm Team Racing)
DNFArthur Whitney (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFAndrew Wisniewski (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFMatt Ewonus (Fresh Air Experience/balance Point Racing)
DNFAndrew Weir (Aavc)
DNFBen Singleton (Summit City Bicycles)
DNFAdam Sulkes (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFDavid Tuit (Ice4sure)
DNFSteven Terry (Framed Bikes/city Bike Shop)
DNFGreg Hughes (Cft-Sinas Dramis Law Cycling)
DNFScott Kuhns (City Bike Shop)
DNFNathan Vandenbroek (Blackfish Racing)
DNFTravis Hutchens
DNFJoe Barker
DNFBrett Ratner (Half Acre Cycling)
DNFTim Havens (Bike Stop Cycling)
DNFDan Socie
DNFDaniel Osterbaan (Team Apex Multisport)
DNFKevin Patmore (Disciple Sports)
DNFJake Peterson (All Spoked Up)
DNFDarren Steen (Little Belgium Bike Gang)
DNFScott McBain
DNFDennis Spada
DNFDave McVicar (Little Belgium Bike Gang)
DNFKurt Breitenbucher (Spidermonkey Cycling)
DNFDaniel Cole (Flying Dog Garage)
DNFHenry Loria (Lactic Acid)
DNFEric Dittrich
DNFKarl Freye
DNFBrian Yost (Michigan Mountain Bike Patrol)
DNFJason Bennett (Team Apex Multi Sport)
DNFChris Beggs (Team Apex Multisport)
DNFChuck Kovick (On 2 Wheels)
DNFDon Boersma (New Holland Brewery Cycling Team)
DNFRay Gowlett (Velorution)
DNFDouglas Schmidt (J'S Bikes /popeyes)
DNFGrant Hammons (J'S Bikes)
DNFBrian Klomp (Dte)
DNFMichael Remsburg (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFTodd Hecht
DNFSteven Carter
DNFJeff Phelan
DNFDavid Gable
DNFKarl Emmerich (Racing Greyhounds)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mari Chandler (Dart Nuun / Tecnu Racing)7:59:03
2Rhonda Stickle (Bike Zone Racing)8:04:56
3Jill Martindale (Grand Rapids Bicycle Co.)8:14:44
4Megan Doerr (McLain Race Team)8:28:05
5Gabriella Sterne (Racing Greyhounds)8:37:44
6Jessica Tomazic (Team Bicycle Hub)8:41:19
7Danielle Musto (Grbc/salsa Cycles)8:41:43
8Patricia Devost (Racing Greyhounds)8:47:25
9Sarah Temby (Rbs Cycling Team)9:02:00
10Marnie Tencate (Founders Racing)9:07:25
11Emily Korsch (Team Noah Foundation)9:26:52
12Shannon Ancel (Cycles De Oro)9:32:23
13Elizabeth Collins (Einstein Racing)9:33:55
14Stephanie Bonner (Racing Greyhounds)9:37:10
15Dana Meske (Rbs Cycling/313 Bicycle Works/vanderkitten)9:49:09
16Sarah Rice (Spidermonkey Cycling)9:58:26
17April Dombrowski10:03:39
18Melanie Splitgerber (Team Pull My Finger)10:03:52
19Lisa Thompson (Lcr)10:04:59
20Sondra Klipp (Janesville Velo Club)10:21:37
21Heather McNamara (Vanderkitten Vip)10:28:46
22Jenny Scott (Twinsix Metal)11:11:47
23Leslie Conrad11:25:42
24Helen Taylor (Roll Models Racing)11:29:16
25Wendi Willis (Racing Greyhounds)11:40:37
26Ellie Thompson12:25:09
27Jenny Schultz12:27:55
28Melissa Colflesh (Racing Greyhounds)6:37:13
29Dawn Cluchey (Freewheeler Racing)6:53:06
30Meghan Cochran (Grand Rapids Bicycle Co / Bros Of The Forest)8:49:47
31Amanda Hatfield (Racing Greyhounds)3:24:23
32Sophia Robinson (Tenspeed Hero)3:44:21
33Sarah Slater (Dte Racing)5:02:58
DNFMelissa Colflesh (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFDawn Cluchey (Freewheeler Racing)
DNFMeghan Cochran (Grand Rapids Bicycle Co / Bros Of The Forest)
DNFAmanda Hatfield (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFSophia Robinson (Tenspeed Hero)
DNFSarah Slater (Dte Racing)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gordon Wadsworth (Blue Ridge Cyclery/pivot Cycles)6:48:32
2Jan Roubal (Velorution)7:07:39
3Aaron Fader (Bloomington Cycle And Fitness)7:12:41
4Mike Bernhard (Twin Six Metal)7:14:15
5Peat Henry (Team Noah Foundation)7:32:47
6Igor Danko7:34:02
7Todd Ace (Trail's Edge Cyclery)7:35:20
8Peter Chrapkowski (Twin Six)7:51:44
9Jon Dub-Nine (Twin Six)7:54:40
10James Litzinger (Silverback Racing)8:01:09
11Joseph Stroz (Stroz Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab)8:02:27
12Trevor Smela (Velorution / Serendipity Cycles)8:03:58
13Jake Grevenstuk (Cms/clark Logic)8:10:52
14Jeff Bushong (Chicken Ranch Crew)8:19:10
15Evan Simula (Blackrocks Brewery)8:19:47
16Dan Packer8:21:01
17Hugh Smallwood8:29:42
18Brent Harlos (Hodsons Bay/crc)8:36:33
19Neil Nicholson (North Central College Cycling)9:01:18
20Kevin Soules (Team Apex Multisport)9:04:35
21Craig Van Renterghem9:16:10
22Brandon Inglehart (Serendipity Cycles)9:27:00
23Brian Bratney (Racing Greyhounds)9:29:09
24Anthony Cressey (Racing Greyhounds)9:51:45
25Alex Voorman (Grand Rapids Bicycle Co / Bros Of The Forest)9:58:37
26Asa Williams10:03:58
27Tom Crimp (Aux Racing)10:13:19
28Peter Gurney (Twisted Stone/latitude 45)10:27:09

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling)7:19:23
2Jeff Wittbrodt (Specialized)7:22:29
3Jeff Clayton (Georgia Neurosurgical Institute)7:24:38
4Jack Kline (McLain Race Team)7:36:37
5David Jolin (Stark Velo)7:49:01
6Mark Donakowski (Racing Greyhounds)7:50:03
7Chris Torrance (Racing Greyhounds)7:53:50
8Terry Blanchet (Nav - North American Velo)7:54:39
9Jeff Blodgett (Blazing Saddle Racing)7:59:59
10Dennis R Schueler Jr (Rbikes.Com/diagrind)8:08:29
11Gregory Danforth (Nccs)8:09:46
12Michael Seaman (Specialized)8:09:52
13Alain Simard8:20:48
14Jim Jordan (Blacksheep)8:21:01
15Mark Drogalis (Toasted Head Racing)8:23:31
16Todd Winget8:25:50
17Matt Curry (Team Nebo Ridge)8:28:04
18Mike Belanger (Racing Greyhounds)8:28:57
19Chuck Nicholson (Bk Training Systems)8:31:45
20Nate Cross (Blazing Saddle Racing)8:41:24
21Andre Odendaal (Higher Gear)8:46:19
22Mike Slade (Amphibian Multisport)8:53:52
23Dennis Murphy (Founder's Racing)9:05:46
24Kevin Hyde9:06:34
25Steven Geary (Inertia Cycleworks)9:13:48
26Jeffrey Scofield (Rapid Wheelmen)9:17:23
27Nick Perrow (Pamba/bushwhackers)9:17:49
28Michael Hirn9:18:10
29William Shaver (Niner Ambassador/freewheeler Racing)9:20:55
30Chris Ambler9:22:45
31Andy Ording9:23:36
32Duane Archambo (Boones Long Lake Inn)9:24:46
33Charles Cole (Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds)
34Brian Orwat9:25:33
35Kristopher Ouvry (Cannondale Midwest Racing)9:27:06
36Jim Cerva (Racing Greyhounds)9:32:36
37Michael Boruszok (Klm/coldstone)9:38:24
38Will Botens (Rbs Trek Cycling Team)9:42:02
39Craig Morris (Racing Greyhounds)9:42:28
40Craig Reynolds (J'S Bikes/popeye's)9:42:32
41Bob Wright (Team Apex Multisport)9:44:54
42Art Lilly9:51:02
43Ed McCalley (Team Ed/the Bike Zoo)9:51:34
44Kip Miller (Proform Racing)9:55:46
45David Lynch10:12:41
46Kim Lee10:17:53
47Mike Howard (Pamba/bushwhackers)10:19:07
48Steven Baars (Rapid Wheelmen)10:27:06
49Bradferd L Miller (City Bike Shop)10:30:43
50Larry Lynam (Michiana Velo)10:32:18
51Ron Harrison (Team Bent Chainrings)10:34:28
52Jeff Warner (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)10:34:42
53Tom Bestrom (Village Bike & Fitness)10:34:45
54Fred Jernigan10:43:43
55David Krupa (Double Crooked)
56Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling Club)10:51:09
57Gregory Worsnop10:56:17
58Dave McIntee11:01:45
59Ed Hoffman11:28:02
60Frederick Smith (Team Big Kahuna)12:04:34
61Tom Uber (Team Telemus/ Klm)12:13:01
DNFMatt Vander Sys (West Michigan Coast Riders)
DNFRobert Gaddis (Rogue Cycleworks)
DNFTad Peacock (Endoman Promotions)
DNFDoug Smith (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)
DNFJim Sarks (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)
DNFBob Anderson (Team Apache)
DNFRandy Knapp (Fusion/new Holland Brewing)
DNFMichael Iannone (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)
DNFCarl Urbon (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFJohn Cisler (Cft-Sinas Dramis Law Cycling Team)
DNFKurt Brushaber
DNFTodd Levitt
DNFJohn Swanberg
DNFAaron Burgess (Fraser Bike Club)
DNFSteve Hutchinson
DNFBrian Bartzen (Custer Cyclery)
DNFByron Bailey
DNFGreg Hodder (Wheels In Motion)
DNFDominic Borgialli
DNFJeff Doerr (McLain Race Team
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