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Smith and Carey win High Cascades 100

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Cary Smith

Cary Smith (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Men's podium

Men's podium (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Masters women's podium

Masters women's podium (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Chris Brandt

Chris Brandt (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Tinker Juarez

Tinker Juarez (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Amanda Carey

Amanda Carey (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Sue Butler

Sue Butler (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Masters men's podium 50

Masters men's podium 50 (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Masters men's podium 40

Masters men's podium 40 (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Singlespeed men's podium

Singlespeed men's podium (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Men's podium

Men's podium (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Clydesdale podium

Clydesdale podium (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)
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Women's podium

Women's podium (Image credit: Alan Brandt Photography)

The sixth annual High Cascades 100 marked the midway point of the 13-race National Ultra Endurance MTB Race Series with yet another sold-out NUE event. Held on the same weekend as the Cascades Classic road race, the host town was packed with cyclists and fans. Milder temps with a high in the low eighties contributed to a higher finish rate of 94% compared with 85% last year under much warmer conditions.


Following a two-year hiatus from the NUE Series following back-to-back series wins in 2010-2011, NUE Race Series Champion, Amanda Carey (Liv/Giant) returned to the High Cascades and proved that she still has what it takes by reaffirming her ultra-dominance, crushing the competition, and getting the win in 9:00:57. Carey headed home with plans to compete on her home turf at the upcoming Pierre’s Hole 100 in Alta, Wyoming on August 16.

Nineteen minutes later, Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) finished 9:19:28 to place second. Four minutes behind Butler, Erika Krumpelman (Team REP) captured third at 9:23:06. Sixteen minutes later, Karoline Droege (10 Barrell Brewing) took fourth in 9:39:24 with Muffy Ritz finishing 9:58:24, just seconds ahead of Julie Browning (CyclePath Racing) at 9:58:33, rounding out all of the women who finished sub-nine hours.


Cary Smith (The Hub/Enve/Gu) earned his third HC100 win on Saturday finishing 7:29:07.

The race began in earnest after nine miles of paved and gravel roads. Once the race hit the first rolling doubletrack, the pack quickly thinned out, leaving a lead group of five that stayed together until the first feed zone at mile 26.

After the feed zone, Brett Nichols (World Cycles) slowed slightly while the remaining four stayed bunched up until Tinker Juarez (Sho-Air/Cannondale) pulled away to rapidly open a gap of over a minute. Josh Oppenheimer (TruWhip Cycling) faded on the same climb, leaving Smith and Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaiphana (Champion System Adventure) working to close the gap to Juarez.

Smith separated himsel from Kiangchaipaiphana in the tight trees of Sector 16 as the Thai rider started feeling the effects of the altitude and dry conditions. At roughly 60 miles in to the race, Smith passed Juarez while he was adjusting his bike. Juarez jumped back on and the two rode together for about 10 minutes until Smith was able to break away in the beautiful Happy Valley, riding on everything from moon dust to mud to piles of snow still several feet thick on north-facing slopes. Nichols closed the gap to less than a minute to finish 7:30:02.

Juarez held on to finish third despite suffering from blurriness in one of his eyes aggravated by the dust on the course. He finished 14 minutes behind Nichols at 7:44:14.

"I had to dig deep to finish for third place. My eye feels better today and now it is time to return home and start resting up for the NUE Big Bear Grizzly 100 next weekend," said Juarez.

Three minutes later, Clint Muhlfield rolled into fourth at 7:47:44 with Josh Oppenheimer (TruWhip Cycling)was fifth.

Five-Time NUE SS Champion, competing in the geared category this year, Gerry Pflug (Rare Disease Cycling) took a nasty spill put him back into ninth place.

Jace Ives (Bear Creek Bicycle/Syntace/SQ Lab) earned his first win at the HC100 with six minutes to spare, finishing 8:01:02.

He raced with AJ Linnell and Ben Shaklee until the dropped him, but he caught back up to Shaklee at mile 45, then dropped him at mile 60.

At mile 65, Ives made it back to Linnell.

"We chatted for a second and then I decided to drop the hammer. Once I got onto the road, I stayed in the big ring and spun out all the way home, continually looking back for Gerry and AJ, but they never came within sight," said Ives.

Following back to back victories at the HC100 in 2012 and 2013, Linnell finished six minutes behind Ives at 8:07:17.

Shaklee (Jack's Bicycle Center/Homegrown Racing) finished third at 8:14:19.

Masters 50+

51-year-old Greg Golet (Team Chico) claimed victory with 26 minutes to spare despite a crash. His time was 8:10:38. 52-year-old Wayne Tonning (Multnomah Athletic Club) placed second at 8:36:14 while 53-year-old Gary Gardiner was third.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cary Smith (The Hub Bikes)7:29:07
2Brett Nichols (World Cycle)0:00:55
3Tinker Juarez (Sho Air/Cannondale)0:15:07
4Clint Muhlfeld (Hammer Nutrition)0:18:37
5Josh Oppenheimer (Truwhip Cycling)0:20:01
6Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)0:29:17
7Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaiphana (Champion System Adventure)0:30:12
8Adam Wirth0:31:54
9Gerry Pflug (Team Rare Disease)0:35:01
10Chris Brandt (Honey Stinger/Bontrager)0:42:34
11Kip Biese0:42:40
12John Weathers (Sunset Cycles)0:44:46
13Doug Krumpelman (Vertical Earth)0:45:10
14Todd Meier (Red Lantern Racing)0:46:41
15Zach Powell (Rhino Rush)0:51:05
16Andrew Filler (Team Eastside Cycles - Boise)0:55:14
17Joseph Jensen (Idaho Nordic)0:55:18
18Steven Williams (Georgetown Brewing)0:59:01
19Lauren Mccarthy (Sunnyside Sports)1:04:07
20Kevin Moynihan1:07:09
21Eric Kutter (Pauole Sport)1:08:52
22Kevin Cohen-Wallis (Cafe Racers)1:09:34
23Kevin Donovan (Set Coaching)1:15:35
24Ryan Heerschap (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs)1:17:11
25David Sjogren (Sunnyside Sports)1:18:51
26Cory Bolen (Team Eastside Cycles)1:23:21
27Adam Ward (Rolf Prima)1:26:24
28Joel Wilson (Rolf Prima)1:29:08
29Brian Bowling (Planet Ultra)1:31:22
30Jason Gulley (Green Ridge Physical Therapy)1:33:11
31Tony Buoncristiani1:33:51
32Rex Johnson1:34:44
33Javier Colton (Sunnyside Sports)1:38:34
34Alex Schultz (Cross Country Sports/Midwest Devo)1:38:49
35Dave Byers (Athlete36)1:42:23
36Matthew Reeves (North Of The Border Bikes)1:42:26
37Joe Feider (World Cycle)1:42:28
38Bradlee Herauf1:42:38
39Aaron Goodwin (Webcyclery)1:51:46
40Cameron Coker (Alliance P & O)1:53:00
41Doug Higley1:55:14
42Thor Loechell (Golden Bike Shop)1:55:17
43Mike Prochaska1:58:11
44Philip Mclain1:58:25
45Kip Mikler1:58:26
46Chad Quinn1:59:11
47Mike Pease (Iron Horse Brewery)1:59:37
48Stephen Ushy (Balance Point Racing)1:59:50
49Josh Kobobel (10 Barrel)2:00:35
50Royce Cassidy (Missoula Bike Source)2:02:04
51Klaus Fleischmann (Penvelo)2:03:10
52Chad Conzelmann2:03:49
53Marcus Biancucci (Tai/Pine Mountain Sports)2:03:56
54Martin Ayling (Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team)2:10:02
55David Heerschap2:11:48
56Greg Schutt2:12:16
57Erik Antink (Team Heinous)2:12:42
58Tomoichi Muto2:13:42
59Jim Zimmerman2:14:04
60Martin Kozera2:21:43
61Ed Daniels2:24:19
62Adam Short (Desert Orthopedics/Rebound Physical Therapy)2:24:20
63Lloyd Connelly (Dnr)2:24:32
64Stephen Benson (Mafia Racing Nw)2:28:48
65David Nader2:29:21
66Nels Larsen2:32:58
67Tony Daversa (Filth And Fury)2:34:16
68Keith Bell2:37:10
69Jonathan Kuipers (Cx Pistols P/B Cyclocross.Com)2:40:41
70Kevin Reinkensmeyer2:40:44
71Rodney Trepess (Deschutes Brewery)2:42:32
72Jake Szymanski (With Heart)2:46:42
73Jason Whitesides2:48:35
74Tom Oconnor2:48:36
75David Baker (Sunnyside Sports)2:48:59
76Jay Swavely (Camas Bike And Sport)2:49:05
77Pat Flanagan2:51:44
78David Buchler2:51:59
79Pete Super (Hagens Berman / Society Consulting)2:53:44
80Brad Bassi2:55:40
81David Dimarco (Slocum)2:55:53
82Eddie Joy (Helgate Cyclery Kent Bros Automotive)2:55:56
83Eric Newman (Team Guitar Lab)2:57:52
84Mark Peternell2:57:53
85Chip Sloan (Grundelbruisers)3:01:47
86Robert Lee (Filth And Fury)3:01:58
87Mark Kacmarcik (Team Dirt: 6'4"+)3:02:10
88Brian Roddy (Rolf Prima)3:02:28
89Michael Mcguffin (Cucina Fresca)3:03:51
90Jim Ransom3:04:02
91David Prause (Grí_Ndelbrí_Isers/Stewie Bicycles)3:08:01
92Nick Silverman3:08:57
93Bill Klingler (Beermongers Cycle Club)3:09:03
94Menno Jongsma (Miva)3:09:10
95Danny Weikel (River City Bicycles)3:09:30
96Michael Modica3:11:12
97Robert Rekward3:11:15
98Nate Magaret (Vc Roger)3:11:32
99Keith Doyle (Rock 'N' Roll)3:13:56
100Andy Kunkler3:13:58
101Jayeson Fairchels3:14:36
102Miles Pederson3:15:42
103Robert Estuar (Team Coho)3:17:50
104Terrence Gleason (Totalcyclist Mountain Bike Race Team)3:17:59
105Jeff Wallace3:20:00
106Andrew Wilcox3:24:51
107William Reinking (Bend Endurance Academy)3:24:59
108Jeff Cramer3:25:31
109Scott Whaley (No Team)3:25:54
110Chris Bryce (Wolf Pak Racing)3:25:58
111John Figueiredo (Team Coho)3:26:01
112Erik Anderson (Victory Velo Racing)3:26:44
113Derek Halvorson (Stumptown Cycling Club)3:27:12
114Scott Birdwell (Deschutes Brewery)3:34:50
115James Sipe3:34:52
116Chris Trask3:36:01
117Chapell Miller3:36:11
118Ryan Chase (Deschutes Brewery)3:36:16
119Matthew Schwartz (Metropolis Cycle Repair)3:36:24
120Robert Trombley (Team Bro)3:37:12
121Michael Ryba (Camba)3:37:41
122Darrell Finlayson3:38:39
123Jeff Logan (Hoppy Cycling Club)3:39:30
124Scott Mcknight (Crank)3:40:04
125Pat Kearney (Team Jackson Hole)3:40:07
126Eric Malsbary (Jack's Bicycle Center/Homegrown Racing)3:40:09
127Ben Mast3:42:51
128Chris Manfredi3:46:13
129Pete Wier3:50:18
130Derek Hayner3:50:23
131Spencer Cheng (North American Velo)3:51:27
132Andrew Powers3:51:28
133Christopher Merchant3:51:41
134Ken Sinclair3:51:44
135Daniel Sheerin (Hutch's Slocum Co-Motion)3:52:07
136Arthur Turlak3:52:29
137Chris Breemer3:52:58
138Greg Hamilton3:53:00
139Erik Denninghoff (Dnr )3:55:05
140Martin Wilcox3:56:01
141Wes Kapsa3:56:05
142Don Petersen3:57:41
143Steve Langenderfer (Cascade Couriers/Bend Velo)3:59:19
144Sean Fitzpatrick (Victory Velo)3:59:41
145David Matthews (Bikesale.Com)3:59:55
146Perry Brooks4:00:17
147Jason Bavuso (Bikesport Racing)4:00:19
148Mark Press (Kicking Cancer)4:01:54
149Steve Baptiste (Big Chief Racing)4:03:57
150Joseph Ecker (Concur Racing)4:03:58
151John Zakrajsek4:04:11
152Bob Stephens (Upper Echelon Fitness)4:04:43
153Andrew Strong4:04:46
154Russell Pochop4:04:47
155Matthew Huxley (Camas Bike And Sport)4:07:52
156Thomas Naab4:09:33
157Greg Devins4:09:54
158Brent Sumner4:10:31
159Eric Lamanna
160Eric Moll4:10:33
161Josh Kenyon4:11:15
162Chris Dock4:11:37
163Greg Pavellas
164Thomas Mankovich (Cbbc)4:11:59
165Eric Smith4:12:40
166Darin Cole (Om Mtb Club)4:14:06
167Rob Lavigne4:14:11
168George Peck4:15:14
169David Anderson (Boneyard Cycling)4:16:33
170Abe Long4:21:37
171Zach Vergillo (Camas Bike And Sport)4:25:00
172Scott Gerwig4:26:13
173Scott Classen (Team Coho)4:27:58
174Lorin Hayden4:28:52
175David Stonich (Alki-Rubicon)4:33:06
176Richard Warnock4:33:52
177Sam Costello (Team Double Check)4:35:34
178Dave Wooding4:36:04
179Quinn Jackson (Dnr Racing)4:43:05
180Michael Frank4:43:29
181Steve Cawley (Rock'n Road Bikes Kelowna)4:44:10
182Matt Dorgan4:50:04
183Lingstuyl Robert (Cut Throat Racing)4:52:24
184Christian Martin (River City Bicycles)4:54:43
185Mike Conroy (Mox Multisport)4:56:40
186Chad Willkie4:58:20
187David Gudgel (20/20 Fuel)4:59:56
188Brian Carrico (Spokesmen)5:05:55
189Michael Thomsen5:07:59
190Brian Neyt (Rogue Valley Cycle Sport)5:09:28
191Michael Chun5:09:46
192Steve Montgomery5:11:08
193Benjamin Weaver (Ironclad Performance Wear)5:14:39
194Ben Brewer (Team 10 Barrel / Sufferfest Nw)5:16:58
195Tyson Hart (Civilian Velonauts)5:20:08
196Paul Kardosh (Mox Multisport)5:22:53
197Ertan Esmer5:26:05
198Jeremy Lanningham5:29:30
199Brett Luelling (Portland Bicycle Studio)5:30:11
200Tim Krigbaum5:30:16
201Pablo Ramirez (Team Mijos)5:30:21
202Mark Villegas (Bike Hugger)5:32:28
203Alan Heuberger5:36:43
204Joshua Hurwitz (Stacato Gelato)5:51:25
205Ryan Morrisey (The Spokesmen)5:57:58
206Jeremy Larsen (Rose Bike)6:01:00
207Mark Van Everen6:13:30
208Danial Zepplin
209Michael Thoen6:16:00
210Martin Rodden6:17:44
211Dale Pankey6:19:36
212Ryan Asman6:21:13
213Stevan Vinci (Boneyard Cycling)6:27:00
214Adrian Reyes (Larson)6:36:25
215Rob Barker (Cowichan Cycles)6:36:29
216Charles Patzner6:42:36
217Drew Holmes (Webcyclery.Com)6:44:32
218Mark Tindall7:20:32
DNFJoal Borggard (Cascade Waters 1)
DNFAlex Phipps (Broken Spoke Cycling)
DNFSean Jennart (Set Coaching/Hilti Nw)
DNFBill Thompson (Athlete's Lounge)
DNFKenny Wolford (Sunnyside Sports)
DNFDan Summerfeldt
DNFLandon Baron
DNFDavid Likosky (Fischer Plumbing)
DNFJohn Cunningham
DNFRoss Doyle (Rock 'N' Roll)
DNFDamon Roberts (Chinook Yakima)
DNFDavid Seifert (Eriks Bike Shop)
DNFOliver Van Everen
DNFSteven Gustafson (Team Eastside Cycles)
DNFDaniel Howard
DNFJohn Powers (Johnny Knows Best)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Carey (Liv/Giant)9:00:57
2Sue Butler (River City Bicycles)0:18:31
3Erika Krumpelman (Team Rep)0:22:09
4Mary Brown0:27:28
5Michelle Andersen0:30:32
6Jennifer Shulz (Trek/Balance Point Racing/Fresh Air )0:37:54
7Karoline Droege (10 Barrell Brewing)0:38:27
8Muffy Ritz0:57:27
9Julie Browning (Cyclepath Racing)0:57:36
10Emily Van Meter (River City Bicycles)1:15:22
11Cheryl Beatty1:29:07
12Kenda Super (Hagens Berman / Society Consulting)1:32:03
13Anne Poinier1:33:26
14Tara Pollock (Cowichan Cycles)1:42:14
15Niki Milleson (Rose Bike)1:48:08
16Pam Frentzel-Beyme (Rare Disease Cycling)1:50:26
17Angelica Ordoí±Ez (Katari)1:53:10
18Heidi Slominski (Webcyclery)1:54:10
19Cathy Dutton (Cowichan Cycles)1:56:43
20Jodie Ramey (Pauole Sport)2:10:49
21Carrie Ward (Rolf Prima)2:20:19
22Emily Pfeifer (Tensegrity Pt Cycling)2:23:13
23Susan Robinson (Audi Cycling Team)2:24:19
24Delia Massey (Spokeswomen Racing)2:42:18
25Cari Press (Kickin' Cancer)2:57:02
26Susan Warnick2:58:44
27Anne Marie Kessler (Alki-Rubicon)3:01:16
28Dawn Fidler (Fanatik Hot Flashes)3:03:42
29Kami Smith (Burlington Physical Therapy)3:23:14
30Erin Reis (Cascade Couriers/Bend Velo)3:26:07
31Sandra Uesugi3:30:28
32Erin Hooten (Tensegrity Pt Cycling)3:37:51
33Isabelle Fairchels3:42:23
34Kristin Wille (Ruckus Test Team)3:44:21
35Cathy Varland (Spokeswomen Racing)3:45:10
36Asha Dicharry3:46:32
37Carolyn Hope (Fanatik Hot Flashes)3:51:37
38Kathy Salisbury (Fanatik Hot Flashes)3:51:55
39Anne Linton (Sunnyside Sports)3:54:14
40Kim Snodgrass (Team Pbr)3:56:36
41Meagan Masten (Upper Echelon Fitness)3:58:21
42Mary Fordham (Spokeswomen)4:01:28
43Debra Mccurdy4:18:59
44Susan Rowlee (Mafia Racing Nw)4:20:34
45Kirsten Mcdaniel4:21:23
46Emily Coonrod4:39:58
47Lisa Guerrero4:44:35
48Zoe Barker (Cowichan Cycles)5:04:42
49Jennifer Woodruff5:16:58
50Susan Clementson (Fanatik Hot Flashes)5:25:49
DNFChristine Fonner (Roam Life)
DNFAmy Mcglothern

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jace Ives (Bear Creek Bicycle/Syntace/Sq Lab)8:01:02
2Aj Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Pivot Cycles/American Classic)0:06:15
3Ben Shaklee (Jack's Bicycle Center/Homegrown Racing)0:13:17
4Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles, Twin 6, Was Labs)0:24:56
5Jon Conway (Trinity Bikes)0:32:09
6Mark Schafer (Eastside Cycles)0:33:40
7Steven Mills0:43:22
8Robin Dutton (Cowichan Cycles)0:44:19
9Garrett Brady1:01:43
10Ben Landsman1:19:56
11Alex Ebright (Pcp Racing)1:26:50
12Mike Pollock (Cowichan Cycles)1:33:29
13Richard Long (Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team)1:33:30
14Ryan Gilles (Bikenhike)1:39:37
15Loren Gard (Cascade Couriers/Bend Velo)1:40:44
16Willem Boom (The Hub Cyclery)1:46:46
17Thomas Schulz1:57:23
18Tiago Reis2:30:45
19Aaron Lee (Staccato Gelato)2:42:29
20Roger Burton (Blue Roosters)2:48:02
21Jon Hansen (Pine Mountain Sports)2:48:04
22Sean Carline (Cxpistols P/B Cyclocross.Com)2:52:01
23Scott Kelley (Scotts Cycles)3:13:58
24Joshua Fonner (Roam Life)3:16:47
25Mas Despacio (Raymond James Financial Services)3:16:48
26Erik Weeman (Grí_Ndelbrí_Isers)3:19:20
27Tyler Campbell (Beeline Hawaii)3:38:37
28Patrick Reedy3:50:34
29Jason Mcclurg (Mafia Racing Nw)4:36:04
30Kyle Mills (Boneyard Cycling / For Baby Anna)5:11:53
31David Hewett (The Spokesmen)5:26:03

Masters men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Golet (Team Chico)8:10:38
2Wayne Tonning (Multnomah Athletic Club)0:25:36
3Gary Gardiner (Bountiful Bicycle Pb Mountain America Credit Union)0:38:07
4Tim Phillips (Broken Spoke Cycling)0:41:49
5Jeff Cummings (Homegrown Racing)0:43:59
6Chris Gardner (Broken Spoke/Twin Six)1:01:01
7Bob Grover (Etna Brewing Co./Desalvo Custom Cycles)1:04:31
8Alex Hawkins1:04:35
9Jerry Lentz (Hutchs)1:20:32
10Paul Niedringhaus1:33:04
11John Lauck (Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team)1:40:11
12Ron Hewitson (Cowichan Cycles)1:40:54
13Tom Hanrahan (Dmba Silent Sports)1:47:41
14Trevor Hall (Cucina Fresca)1:48:08
15Greg Castaneda (The Hub Cyclery)1:55:30
16Jesse Ferrer2:00:50
17Ron Dickenson (Victory Velo/Auburn)2:01:19
18Andrew Forbes2:22:21
19Chauncey Curl (Cyclepath Racing)2:22:33
20Michael Todisco (Minuteman Road Club)2:28:13
21Andrew Novikoff2:38:30
22Chad Greef2:38:31
23John Werdel2:40:43
24Warren Rice (Blazin Saddles)3:00:36
25Paul Brunner3:02:21
26Bill Lauer3:20:46
27Frank Brummer3:22:03
28Bill Nicholson3:23:14
29Michael Goudy (Spoke And Wheel Bike Shop)3:25:59
30John Dostal (Bigfoot Bicycle Club)3:26:01
31Mike Jensen (Providence)3:32:36
32Mark Williams (None)3:35:45
33Vincent Sikorski (Webcyclery)3:42:04
34Bill Sundermeier4:09:08
35Damon Toth4:13:16
36Mark Suderman (Hoppy Cycling Club)4:35:24
37Allan Beattie (Jr) (Attachmate Snoqualmie Valley Velo Club)4:41:46
38Michael Gaudio (North Bend Beer Bandits)4:41:50
39William Bellville4:44:53
40Jim Owen4:48:45
41Fred Christensen4:48:47
42Roger Mankus (The Elephants Perch)5:01:48
43Terry Patterson (Ico)5:20:41
44Warren F.X. Hurley (Hilti Nw)5:31:19
45David Lawrence5:32:50
46Stephen Crozier (Boneyard Cycling)5:52:46
47Ax Yewer (World Cycle)5:52:52
48Douglas Brown5:55:05
49Joel Burklund (Fischer Plumbing Racing)
50John Mackay (Pauole Sport)
51Mark Smidt
52Paul Priest (Recycled Cycles Racing)


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